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Huawei is a leader in providing next generation telecommunications networks. The company is committed to providing innovative and customized products, services and solutions to create long-term value and potential growth for its customers. E v e n t s G S M > 3 G A f r i c a C o m 2 0 0 7 Publication Communicate Beyond Technology

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such as softswitch. Huawei mobile softswitches serve more than 470 million subscribers in over 70 countries worldwide. IP local networks. Migrating from 2G to 3G does not require any hardware to be replaced and the software does not need to be upgraded. and now serves 31 of the world's top 50 operators. CDMA2000 1xEV-DO/CDMA2000 1X. and all-IP core network together for global carriers. network products(FTTx. Ltd ("Huawei"). LAN Switch). TD-SCDMA. Utilizing unique resource sharing and load balancing technologies utilize network capacity effectively and improve the network efficiency by more than 30%. NGN ). packet-based voice and complete IP-based networking. Currently. providing significant new capabilities for next generation mobile core networks. Huawei's enhanced mobile softswitch solution will pave the way for transformation from traditional networks to future-proof IP networks for telecom operators.. which does not require any upgrade in the access layer. BOSS). as well as .·eMagazine ·Wallpaper ·Headquarters ·Communicate ·Huawei People ·Huawei Service Huawei Enhanced Mobile Softswitch Solution Debuts in China [Shenzhen China–02 Nov 2007] Huawei Technologies Co. Routers. supporting the transformation to IP transit layers. which is available now. core network products ( IMS. xDSL. The company is committed to providing innovative and customized products. WiMAX). applications and software(IN. a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world." Corporate Information Huawei Technologies is a leader in providing next generation telecommunications networks. Optical. allows full Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) services to be deployed today. In addition. Zhang Xinyu. services and solutions to create long-term value and growth potential for its customers. Working closely with leading carriers worldwide. Huawei's products and solutions encompassing wireless products(HSDPA/WCDMA/EDGE/ GPRS/GSM. To embrace the opportunities provided by next-generation mobile communications. we will continue to lead the way towards unified All-IP networks that improve user communications and operator effectiveness. The enhanced solution is based on innovative IP technology that unifies 2G/3G networks and allows the connection between the core network and the access layer to be completely IP. It allows carriers to not only bring high-quality broadband voice services to customers but also optimize their current assets and help them seize opportunities quickly in multimedia markets. The Huawei solution. carriers are moving quickly to improve their network capabilities to enter the converged service market. unlike other solutions. the enhanced solution continues to support Huawei's innovative MSC Pool. protecting 100% of the investment of carriers. vice president of Huawei core network product line stated: "Focusing on the opportunities and challenges of carriers. along with over one billion users worldwide. The Huawei enhanced mobile softswitch solution integrates multiple capabilities. IMS. mobile data service. Mobile Softswitch. recently rolled out its enhanced version of its popular mobile softswitch solution in China.

Huawei will develop more steadily in an international and professional direction.000 employees. Huawei's global R&D centers are located in Bangalore in India. and harmony. low operating costs. Major products are designed based on Huawei's ASIC chipset and utilize shared platforms to provide quality and cost-effective products. Customer Focus Strategy • • • • Serving our customers is the only reason Huawei exists. create a favorable environment and share the benefits of the value chain. Shenzhen. At the end of June 2007. conveying Huawei's sincere commitment to helping its customers realize network transformation and launch a variety of competitive services through continuous innovation and an enterprising spirit. Shanghai. Hangzhou and Chengdu in China. Vision & Mission Vision To enrich life through communication. Silicon Valley and Dallas in USA. based organization operation for ensuring high quality end-to-end delivery. and giving top priority to meeting Continuously performing management transformation to realize efficient processDeveloping with our peers in the industry as both competitors and partners to jointly fundamental driving force of our development. and grow in a healthy way by creating a harmonious business environment together with its customers. With the introduction of the new visual identity. Stockholm in Sweden and Moscow in Russia in addition to those in Beijing. Customer-focus The radiating shapes of the icon are focused on the bottom center and indicate Huawei's commitment to creating long-term value for our customers based on our . focus increasingly on customers. Huawei has over 62. customer requirements to enhance their competitiveness and profitability. steady and sustainable growth. innovation. Mission To focus on our customers' market challenges and needs by providing excellent communications network solutions and services in order to consistently create maximum value for customers. • • Brand & Logo Huawei's logo reflects its principles of customer-focus. Customer demand is the High quality.terminals(UMTS/CDMA). of whom 48% are dedicated to R&D. Download the logo Huawei's logo is an extension of the company's core values. excellent service. Nanjing. partners and peers.

Innovation Vivacious and contemporary. • Correct Proportions The Huawei Brand Signature has been developed as a balanced whole and at no time may the shape. and acts as a metaphor for Huawei's open-minded attitude and partnership strategy. Always use the preferred vertical version over the horizontal version. When selecting a background color. indicating that Huawei will maintain its healthy growth and create a harmonious business environment. . The Brand Signature must never be modified in any way (i. configuration. The characters in the Brand Signature have been created for our exclusive use. stretch or try to re-draw it). Harmony Adopting a graduated tone while keeping symmetrical. It must appear against a correct and uncluttered legible colored background. Learn more about our letter to customers regarding change of logo. Consistent use of the Brand Signature helps maintain the integrity of the brand and ensures greater brand recognition. the new logo conveys a sense of maturity and steadiness in a professional and international manner. or proportions be altered. Steady-and-sustainable growth A confident and optimistic symbol.customer-oriented strategy.e. and jointly face the challenges and opportunities of the future together with our customers.The Brand Signature includes an icon and the name. customized and competitive products and solutions for our customers with an enterprising spirit. • The Brand Signature The Huawei Brand Signature exists in both vertical and horizontal formats. care should be taken to ensure legibility. the new logo indicates that Huawei will continue to provide innovative. The grid shown here demonstrates the correct propotions of the Huawei Brand Signature in a vertical and horizontal format. do not squash. the new logo looks more natural and compatible. except in special circumstances. HUAWEI.

The "x" "y" height is respectively equal to the vertical and horizontal HUAWEI typeface as indicated. no element should compete with the Brand Signature or appear within the Restricted Zone. . the size of restricted zone change accordingly. the width and height of the restricted zone is one "x". a minimum amount of space called the Restricted Zone is to be left around it. the width and height of the restricted zone is "0.• Preferred Vertical Brand Signature • Horizontal Brand Signature Restricted Zone For the Brand Signature to communicate clearly and effectively. clear of text. When the signature size changes. In horizontal brand signature. If the Brand Signature appears on a multicolored image or background. In vertical brand signature. symbols and other related graphic elements.5y".

broadband network. We have built up product portfolios including mobile network.• • • • Minimum Size The minimum size of the Brand Signature to be used for various printing processes isspecified below. Using the mark any smallerthan indicated will reduce legibility andquality of reproduction. and terminal. anywhere. Huawei is committed to enriching people's life through communication. telecom value-added service. Vertical Brand Signature Minimum Size: 8mm Horizontal Brand Signature Minimum Size: 25mm Our Businesses Huawei will continue to invest and play a leading role in provision of ALL IP-based FMC solutions to ensure that end users are able to experience consistent communication services at anytime. optical network. IP-based. Huawei has an advantage in the transition toward future-oriented development and can provide competitive communication solutions and services for our customers. .

. Contract sales reached USD11 billion in 2006.Financial Highlights Our company has a stable and healthy financial situation. a 34% increase from last year 65% of the contract sales was from the international market which has become the major drive of sales growth.

In 2006.1% in three consecutive years. France.1 in MSAN market (Infonetics) Global Operations . with continuous growth in the overall market share. We also achieved significant breakthroughs in Japan and the US market. Up till 2006. BT. As a top 3 equipment vendor in the global emerging market.2 in broadband convergence routers (Gartner)   No. IP network and telecom value-added services ("VAS"). Telefonica and FT/Orange and China Mobile.1 in IP DSLAM (Infonetics)   No.   No. In 2006. Achieved overall market growth in all telecoms business fields and keep pace with the future development trend of market and network Of all of Huawei's products. have selected Huawei as their cooperation partner. Strong performance has been witnessed in all product areas including fixed network. Germany. In 2006. mobile products take the biggest proportion in its total sales.1 in Mobile Softswitch (In-Stat). 31 of the world's top 50 telecom operators including Vodafone. Huawei's products and solutions have been widely deployed in European countries including the UK.Huawei's global brand kept getting enhanced Huawei has established a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with world-leading operators. Huawei secured a stable increase in its market share in 2006. etc.   No. Huawei won 28 UMTS/HSPA commercial contracts. The compound increase rate of GSM sales exceeded 74. Huawei boasted 21% of market share in the global GSM market. Holland.1 in the global NGN market (Infonetics). 2 in Optical Network (Ovum-RHK)   No. Spain. Huawei ranked   No.

ranking amongst the top five in the world. MSAN. hardware. ETSI. thereby offering our customers distinct advantages to face network convergence. UMTS. Board Member of IEEE CaG etc. we have established 12 R&D centers around the world such as in the Silicon Valley and Dallas of the United States. Huawei provides complete end-to-end solutions in areas including the service and application layer. we have developed over 100 types of ASIC . Stockholm in Sweden and Moscow in Russia to ensure global R&D with outstanding people. We firmly believe in localizing our global operations. in anticipation of future network convergence and industry transformation. 68% of our contract sales was from the international market. chair of 3GPP SA5 . Huawei had filed 22. Huawei is becoming more and more internationalized. This not only enhances our understanding of the local market. vice chair of 3GPP2 TSG-C WG2/WG3. In addition. By the end of 2006. IP DSLAM. IP telecom network. At present. Meanwhile. super-long-haul DWDM. IETF. vice chair of OMA GS/DM/MCC/POC . core routers and switching. vice chair of RAN2/CT3. In addition. we have invested heavily in the development of our ASIC chips. allowing the development of our products to be driven by our customers' success. intelligent network and signaling network. Huawei has already made the transition from being technology-oriented to being driven by customer requirements. and terminals. and we have set up more than 100 branch offices in order to provide quick services to our customers. from solely providing products to offering complete end-to-end solutions.chair of ITU-R WP8F Technical Group .After years of hard efforts. In addition. they need solutions that can bring them success in their business. Huawei has already successfully rolled out products and solutions in areas including FMC. Our products and solutions are deployed in over 100 countries and serve over one billion users worldwide. 3GPP2. 3. and contributed over 2. core layer. In 2006. WiMAX and IPTV. Huawei's representatives have been elected to positions in various organizations. but more importantly. 3GPP. especially in less developed regions. including vice chair of ITU-T SG11. with 10% of that investment used for pre-research to stay at the forefront of new technologies and breakthroughs.695 patent applications. TMF. 3G terminals. OMA. access layer. By 30 June 2007. Bangalore in India. MSTP. At present. we had held 7% (133 patents) of the world's UMTS essential patents. Also. Huawei has been investing a minimum of 10% of our annual revenue into R&D. but also contributes to the local economy by increasing employment. we have 28 training centers worldwide to help our customers and local people to study advanced management. We continuously work towards improving our ability to innovate based on our customers' needs. we have re-structured the organizational framework of our product line. Huawei has also become one of the leading providers in CDMA. vice chair of TSG-A WG2 . Research & Development Not only do customers need products and technology. Huawei actively participates in 78 international standardization organizations including ITU. technologies and so on. NGN. we currently hold leading positions in areas such as mobile softswitch. and make it a point to hire local employees. Huawei has formed core technology systems for systems architecture. IEEE.900 articles in 2006 alone. intelligent optical network ASON. Also. bearer layer. IMS. software and ASIC design. By focusing on key network technologies. FSAN and DSLF.335 of which had been approved.

platform. Most of our software development research institutes have already passed CMM level-5 certification. the Hay Group. router chips. we also introduced the fundamental ideas of CMM into our hardware quality management system. Meanwhile. Huawei also promotes standardized. introduced the industry's best practices. Through the Marketing-PMTIPMT-IRB framework. With an asynchronous development method. and has participated in 70 international standardization organizations including the ITU and 3GPP. we established a technology sharing system that comprises various layers such as system design. greatly improving the system's capabilities and thus enabling us to offer unique advantages at a lower cost. We continuously invest in patents to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. No. Through consistent implementation of management transformation.335 Management Systems For years.chips including UMTS baseband and HSDPA chips. manage the time-to-market of our products and speed up our response time to market demands. we established a large and sophisticated software engineering management system. modules and components. financial management and quality control. Through our active participation in these groups. Integrated Supply Chain (ISC). In terms of Integrated Product Development (IPD).695 3. In addition. where communications and networking services are genuinely merged together. we have undergone comprehensive transformation. Standards & Patents Huawei understands the significance of standards in the technology industry. . optical network chips. Huawei is committed to realizing the vision of network convergence. and simplified the structure of our systems and organizational framework to prevent the leakage of technology. With the experience gained from eight years of CMM implementation. we coordinate development progress at various levels. we have gradually perfected our operation and management processes. Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). PwC and FhG to carry out management transformation in order to keep abreast with international industrial benchmarks. we have managed to strike a balance between our company's size. ranking amongst the top five. Huawei changed our product development and planning process. component-based and platform-specific management in our research and development. and gradually solved challenges involving the effectiveness of decision-making. Integrated Product Development (IPD). and established IT-supported management platforms. Using CBB (a hardware and software sharing module). Huawei holds 7% of the world's 3GPP essential patents. and cultivating our expertise. We are introducing the world's best R&D management models into our company and strengthening the support of our broad and shared platforms. human resources management. Process Realignment With the introduction of practical industry benchmarks that are implemented through processes such as Marketing Management (MM). Huawei has been working with leading consultancies such as IBM. of Patents currently held by Huawei by 30 June 2007: Patent applications Authorized Patents 22. business profitability. and broadband access chips.

we aim to create greater value for our global customers. strengthen partnerships with major suppliers. we carried out transformation of the Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) to ensure that new processes and systems were implemented effectively. Product System Management Team. TQRDCE.complemented by the transformation of our financial management and human resources management (Hay Group). and win-win development framework. In addition. Huawei has ensured the efficient implementation of an overall strategy that is driven by customer needs. Financial Management Huawei has established a financial management and monitoring system. we have also initiated multi- inTouch Lab Experiences for a better life Learn more . In the past few years. and established a system for worldwide financial monitoring and management. we have completely transformed our business processes and established an IT platform to support such transformation. Organization Transformation Starting from the product lines. suppliers and leading players in the industry to face challenges together through a win-win strategy is essential in today's business world. secure. and carried out supplier certification procedures based on the industrial benchmark. Operation & Delivery Management Team and various other supporting teams. In addition. enhanced purchase performance management. Quality Control and Production Process Huawei's production process system including the 3D warehouse. We have also formulated pertinent supply guarantee strategies and built flattened manufacturing organizations that allow us to meet market demands efficiently and flexibly. Partnerships Huawei believes that cooperating with customers. We have also developed partnerships with principal suppliers. The new system reduced the need for transportation of materials and decreased production time. Supply Chain Huawei has developed a flexible supply chain. Huawei's Executive Management Team and "Strategy and Customer Standing Committee" strengthened the decision-making ability of the marketing system for understanding customer requirements and planning Huawei's strategic direction and business development. and also introduced quality engineering technologies to continuously improve supply chain capabilities and customer service. codes and monitoring. Through this. we will further cooperate with our industry peers on many levels to set up a future-oriented. procedures. With the help of the Investment Review Board (IRB). the automatic warehouse and the entire production line layout was designed by FhG of Germany. implemented and unified financial regulations. Marketing Management Team. we will enhance our position in key international markets. We strive to build more stable partnerships with our customers and suppliers and reinforce strategic cooperation with international and domestic mainstream operators. cost-effective and quality supply. and improve our response speed and service advantages in our supply chain. which has enhanced our competitiveness in terms of providing fast. thereby increasing the all-round efficiency and quality of production. Furthermore.

Texas Instruments. IBM. Microsoft. sales and services of TD-SCDMA in order to further advance its development. To improve our corporate management. we set up a UMTS research center in Shanghai. . Milestones 2006 • On 8 May 2006. Hay Group. We have also set up a joint venture with Siemens which focuses on the research. • Huawei accepts 3Com's bid offer to purchase its stake in H3C. Network in Spain. and have established an IT-based management system by implementing industry-leading practices. Agere. and harmony. Infineon. Huawei is the global No. innovation.level cooperation in several fields including technology. IBM. quality control and so on. SUN. Qualcomm. We also join hands with a large number of prestigious companies such as Intel. Microsoft. Freescale Semiconductor. production. Huawei Technologies introduced new visual identity (VI). Huawei has formed numerous partnerships with leading companies. As a leader in the mobile Vodafone selected Huawei to build the radio access part of its UMTS/HSDPA Motorola and Huawei announced a new collaboration to bring an enhanced and EMOBILE selected Huawei as a key 3G equipment supplier for the rollout of its new softswitch industry. which is Japan's first IP-based HSDPA Radio Access Network. Sun Microsystems and HP and set up joint laboratories. ADI. Intel. steady and sustainable growth. Agere Systems. products and marketing in order to face risks and challenges together. financial management. Oracle and HP to improve the time to market of our products. UMTS and High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) network. Motorola. The new VI reflects Huawei's core values of customer-focus. PwC and FhG since 1997. We work closely with leading multinationals such as TI. We also carried out radical reforms in human resource management. and cooperates with them on the foundation of our self-developed technologies. we have been cooperating with world-leading management consulting companies such as IBM. and to incorporate the latest technologies and best management practices into our company. Altera. introducing advanced processes like IPD (Integrated Product Development).1 provider of softswitch products. Huawei Mobile Softswitch Subscribers Exceed 100 Million. • • • • • Huawei showcased its ALL IP-based FMC Solutions at ITU Telecom World 2006. which is engaged in providing global customers with more powerful UMTS products and solutions and HSPA. extensive portfolio of UMTS and HSPA infrastructure equipment to customers worldwide. Jointly with Motorola. ISC (Integrated Supply Chain).

According to the contract.. voice (including Voice over IP). . Huawei will deploy a CDMA 3G network for Leap to support its Cricket® wireless services in Spokane. Boise. According to the agreement. the company's global development plans.• Huawei Announces a 3G Agreement with Leap Wireless. Secured a loan of USD 360 million with 29 banks over a three-year term to expedite Selected to rollout a UMTS network for Dutch operator Telfort. Huawei Technologies signed a contract with China Telecom to build more than 1. with each party paying for its own legal fees incurred. 2004" by Frost & Sullivan. 2003 • Cisco Systems alleged that Huawei Technologies had infringed some of Cisco's technology patents. Cisco withdraw the lawsuit and both companies resolved all patent litigation. The purpose of this project was to optimize Guangdong provincial 163 backbone network. • Selected as a preferred 21 Century Network("21CN") supplier by British Telecom to provide multi-service network access (MSAN) components and transmission equipment for the BT 21CN network. Huawei Technologies high-end router NE5000 won 100% market share of the TSR procurement contract and successfully entered into two super nodes of the national backbone.2 million ADSL lines. 2005 • • Provided USD 5 million cash plus equipment donation for the Tsunami-affected Selected by Optus Australia as a DSL partner to provide DSL-based access countries. a global market research company that provides consulting information and intelligence on emerging high-technology and industrial markets.. Meanwhile. • Awarded the "Most Promising Vendor of the Year. which further consolidated the company's position as the biggest strategic partner of China Telecom. WA. ID. Huawei Technologies gigabit switching router NE80 won 75% market share in this project. NV. • • • Selected by Emtel to commission the first African UMTS commercial network. 2004 • • Established a joint venture with Siemens to develop TD-SCDMA mobile Huawei Technologies won China Telecom's national backbone optimizing contract. However. 2004" and "Asia Pacific Broadband equipment Vendor of the Year. and Reno. communication technology targeted for the China market. Asia Pacific. equipment capable of supporting high-speed data. • Won the licence to produce and sell mobile phones to consumers in China. video multicasting and business services.

Became a member of the International Telecommunications Union("ITU"). 1998 • • Obtained patent for the product Digital Micro-Cellular Server Control Switcher. Successfully launched a nation-wide UMTS service for Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) in December. Achieved No. ("UL" ) 2001 • • • • Commercially deployed 10Gbps SDH system in Berlin of Germany. 1999 • • Selected as the principal supplier for China Mobile's nationwide CAMEL Phase II Established Bangalore R&D centre. million. Established Nanjing R&D center which achieved CMM Level 4 accreditation in June 2003. • • Huawei Technologies passed TL9000 Quality Management System authentication by Selected by China Mobile to launch the world's first mobile wireless LAN.65 billion with overseas sales exceeded USD 100 Established R&D centers in the Silicon Valley and Dallas of United States. a subsidiary of Huawei Technologies to Emerson for USD 750 million. Certified as ISO 14001 compliant by DET NORSKE VERITAS (" DNV" ). 2000 • • Contracted sales exceeded USD 2. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. 2001 and CMM level-5 accreditation in 2003.• • • • Set industry record with the deployment of 100 million ports of C&C08 worldwide. Established a joint venture with 3Com to deliver enterprise data network. currently the largest and most advanced network of its kind in the world. Products. . 2002 • Recorded strong growth of 68% in international sales from USD 328 million in 2001 to USD 552 million in 2002 despite a global decline in the investment of telecom infrastructure by 50%.1 market share across Asia Pacific for the company's Optical Line Sold Avansys. which achieved CMM level-4 accreditation in compliant IN. according to RHK. reinforcing Etisalat's position as a technology leader while enabling Etisalat to become the first organization in the Middle East and the Arab World to introduce a third generation network.

Towers Perrin. • Since 1997. human resource management. Infineon and Microsoft. 1993 1989 1988 Launched C&C08 digital switch. Here at Huawei. Therefore. sustainable development is now no longer just about the need to balance economic and social progress with concern for the environment. IBM. Researched the PBX independently. but also encompasses human and social factors. Intel. financial management and quality control. resulting from unbalanced social and economic development. Sun Microsystems. we offer innovative communication solutions to people worldwide. We cooperate with these leading multinational consultancy firms to keep in line with the best practices in the industry. Corporate Citizenship The rapid rate of development and modernization in the last century has come at the expense of our natural resources. lncorporated and established its headquarters. in order to help people . employee stock option plan. 1995 • • Established the company's IPR (Intellectual Property Right)Department. There is also an ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor. utilize and share information and knowledge. The declaration of the WSIS (the World Summit on Information Society) describes an Information Society "where everyone can create.1997 • • Launched GSM equipment. Established joint R&D labs with Texas Instruments . IBM. and they are being increasingly depleted. including the fight against poverty. Established Beijing R&D center which successfully achieved CMM Level-4 accreditation in 2003. access. communities and peoples to achieve their full potential in promoting their sustainable development and improving their quality of life". PricewaterhouseCoppers("PwC")and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft("FhG") have been acting as Huawei Technologies' consultants respectively on process transformation. Certification in 2004. As of June 2005. Agere Systems. Altera. Qualcomm. 1996 • • • Launched HONET integrated access network and optix SDH equipment. enabling individuals. Huawei Technologies has a total of 10 joint research labs. the Hay Group. Motorola. Won the first overseas contract from Hong Kong's Hutchison-Whampoa to provide Established Shanghai R&D center which successfully achieved CMM Level-5 fixed-line network products.

Local Community Huawei's activities have an impact on the societies in which we operate. labor standards. Our Vision Huawei endeavors to increase access to information and communication technology. Our Employees Managing Corporate Responsibility We are working harmoniously together with telecom peers around the world to share the benefits along the value chain and create an even better global business environment. We continually strive to carry out our responsibilities as a corporate citizen. we continue to apply our spark of innovation. Corporate Responsibility Strategy As part of Huawei's efforts to fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen. we have joined the Global Compact. Environment Environmental protection is a crucial part of sustainable development. quality. we are committed to supporting local communities worldwide by increasing access to technology. and environmental protection. education and opportunities. . and a Green World". and we firmly believe in the need to give back to society. the United Nations initiated the Global Compact program in 1999. an initiative advocated by the United Nations to promote corporate citizenship worldwide. in order to ensure sustainable development. we place great emphasis on sustainable development and the bridging of the digital divide.around the world gain access to the Information Society. We also hope to continue enriching the lives of people through communications. We are fully committed to fulfilling our responsibility as a global corporate citizen by providing people with better career opportunities. efficiency and collaboration to help realize the potential of the telecoms industry and bring innovative ideas to life. Our Role in Society As an integral part of the society in which we operate. That's why at Huawei. as a responsible corporate citizen and member of the United Nations Global Compact. What's more. In addition. Managing Corporate Responsibility Huawei endeavors to increase access to information and communication technology. Supply Chain Huawei takes effort to ensure that its suppliers are also responsible corporate citizens by establishing a Social Accountability Management System (SAMS) based on the SA8000 standard. we place great emphasis on sustainable development and the bridging of the digital divide. Green Communication. and Huawei's environmental motto has always been: "Green Huawei. higher standard of living and education. Huawei firmly believes in contributing back to the local countries and communities in which we operate. Our Vision Huawei endeavors to increase access to information and communication technology. which arise due to globalization. United Nations Global Compact In order to address issues with regards to human rights. In addition.

Member companies are expected to observe. environmental protection and anti-corruption are now an integral part of Huawei's corporate culture.Corporate Responsibility Strategy As part of Huawei's efforts to fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen. labor. promote and execute certain principles in the areas of human rights. we plan to contribute to local communities worldwide by increasing access to technology. Huawei's activities have an impact on the societies in which it operates. United Nations Global Compact In order to address issues with regards to human rights. To comply with international environmental standards and local rules and regulations. participating in natural disaster relief efforts. or what is known as the digital divide. labor standards. the United Nations initiated the Global Compact program in 1999. be it socially. and we firmly believe in the need for sustainable development through the efficient usage of resources. The ten principles of the Global Compact on human rights. we have joined the Global Compact. To provide our suppliers with CR training and certification services. We encourage our staff to take on an active role in donations and voluntary community activities. To contribute to local communities by providing help to people in need and actively To carry out worldwide social welfare activities including providing assistance for the To integrate eco-design into our Research & Development process. As such. Huawei joined the Global Compact and started to incorporate its principles into the company's corporate culture and business activities. Our suppliers also have to meet the certain Corporate Responsibility requirements. donations. • • • • • • • • To develop the telecoms infrastructure in less developed countries and provide To contribute to local economies worldwide through our global network of R&D To provide training and education in order to build a skilled local workforce. factories and representative offices. labor rights. education and opportunities. and environmental protection. our natural resources today are being depleted at an increasingly rapid rate. training centers. in order to provide the less privileged with a ticket to a better life. centers. an initiative advocated by the United Nations to promote corporate citizenship worldwide. customized solutions which adapt to difficult environments. disabled. and the environment In 2004. With increasing globalization and modernization. economically or environmentally. we strongly believe in the need to not only act responsibly. but also contribute back to local communities. Here at Huawei. which arise due to globalization. to ensure that future generations get to enjoy the natural environment which we take for granted today. As a leading player in the global telecommunications industry. there is a widening gap between those who have access to technology and those who do not. In addition. and education by establishing the "Charity Association" .

A access to the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network and the world's first successful end-to-end Voice Over IP (VoIP) call in Shanghai.. • Product Launch 12 Nov 2007 Huawei Quidway® AR19/29/49 Series Router V300R001 is generally available now 07 Nov 2007 The Huawei iManager N2000 DMS V300R003 and Huawei iManager NSM V200R005 is generally available now 30 Sep 2007 End of Marketing (EOM) for the Huawei MA5600 V300R001 Software Version 25 Sep 2007 Huawei iManager T2000 V200R005 (EMS/SNMS) is generally available now More...• • • To provide our employees with equal opportunities. a healthy working environment and effective labor protection. 13 Nov 2007 Huawei and Qualcomm Successfully Complete Commercial Test of CDMA2000 1x EV-DO VoIP based on IMS Huawei announced a successful testing. • Picture News 13 Nov 2007 Huawei Showcases Innovative Technologies at Mobile Asia Congress 2007(13 Nov 2007) Press Releases 13 Nov 2007 Huawei Showcases Innovative Technologies at Mobile Asia Congress 2007 Huawei today announced that it has showcased its innovative wireless solutions at the "Mobile Asia Congress 2007" in Macau from 12 to 15 November 2007. News Press Releases 13 Nov 2007 Huawei Showcases Innovative Technologies at Mobile Asia Congress 2007 13 Nov 2007 Huawei and Qualcomm Successfully Complete Commercial Test of CDMA2000 1x EV-DO VoIP based on IMS 09 Nov 2007 Huawei Selected as "Next Generation Network Vendor of the Year" and "Business Development Strategy Leader" by Frost & Sullivan 02 Nov 2007 Huawei Enhanced Mobile Softswitch Solution Debuts in China More. Mobile. Huawei reinforced its leadership in mobile networks to IP through a series of demonstrations and real life service experiences... 09 Nov 2007 Huawei Selected as "Next Generation Network Vendor of the Year" and "Business Development Strategy Leader" by Frost & Sullivan Huawei today announced that it has received two "Best Practices Awards" . in collaboration with Qualcomm. of an overall solution for CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Rev.. Convergence". • Media Coverage 20 Nov 2007 Operators to deploy Huawei femtocell next year 20 Nov 2007 China's Huawei expects sales to beat target 20 Nov 2007 Telecom Italia to link with China's Huawei on southern Italy network 26 Jul 2007 Huawei Among the Six Most Respected Telecom Companies in the World More. With the theme of "ALL IP.

("Huawei"). Indonesia Huawei Tech Investment.. Huawei Deploys the World's first IP BSS Commercial Network Huawei today announced that it has successfully built the world's first Internet Protocol-based base station system (IP BSS) commercial network for China Mobile. Huawei showcased the solution at PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2007 in Beijing. a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world. Jakarta. with integrated 4G mobile technologies that can provide operators with 30% cost-savings on base stations while doubling their system capability.Indonesia Tel: 0062-21-5713188 Fax: 0062-21-5713178 E-mail: Indonesia@huawei.Jakarta 10210. helping the operator reduce its capital and operating expenditures by network transformation from GSM towards an All IP infrastructure. BT's 21CN pilot project (core network transformation award). Huawei Hosts Global IMS Summit Huawei today announced that it successfully hosted its Global IMS Summit in Beijing.02 Nov 2007 31 Oct 2007 31 Oct 2007 29 Oct 2007 29 Oct 2007 25 Oct 2007 17 Oct 2007 from Frost & Sullivan.Sudiman kav. and PCCW's Mobile TV launch (mobile TV award) .20th Floor. China. Huawei reinforces its leading position in LTE Huawei today announced that it has showcased its 100Mbps Long Term Evolution ("LTE") application at PT/Expo Comm China 2007 by demonstrating multiplex HDTV services and mutual gaming with a transmission speed of 100 Mbps. providing significant new capabilities for next generation mobile core networks.Jend.com . Ltd.44-46.JI.BR II Building. Huawei Receives Prestigious Industry Accolade Huawei today announced that it has received three Global Telecom Business (GTB) Innovation Awards. Huawei was recognised for its outstanding performance in KPN's All-IP project (end-to-end network transformation award). the Growth Consulting Company: the "Next Generation Network Vendor of the Year" and the "Business Development Strategy Leadership Award". Huawei Launches New Generation WiMAX Commercial Solution Huawei recently rolled out its New Generation WiMAX commercial solution. Huawei Enhanced Mobile Softswitch Solution Debuts in China Huawei recently rolled out its enhanced version of its popular mobile softswitch solution in China. in recognition for excellent performance in the highly competitive NGN equipment market and outstanding business strategy implementation in Latin America. Huawei Joins Hands with ITU to Promote ICT Development Huawei Technologies Co. today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to jointly promote ICT development in developing countries.

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