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ANNEX 1 - 3) Description of Services SERVICE DETAILS RESPONSIBILIT Y 1) Contact Details & Availability Dr. Richard Airportcar-Mietwagen GmbH Stromstrasse 11 1200 Wien Office at Airport Vienna 1300, Wien-Flughafen Arrival hall Obj. 107, BZ005 Tel: +43 1 330 1505 Fax: +43 1 7007 33377 Email: Website: registered with Commercial Court Vienna, FN 72092v UID: ATU14797200 General Manager: Mr Libor Bures Operations responsible: Mr Mario Eger Working hours Headquarter Mon Thu 08.00 17.00 Fri 08.00 13.00 Office at the airport Mon - Sun 06.00 - 24.00 Service phone numbers Service line +43 1 330 15 05 VIP-service line +43 676 843 650 888 Emergency line 24h/7d: +43 1 330 15 05 or +43 676 843 650 888 Contractor OMV contact: Ms Sonja Bassler Trabrennstrasse 6-8 1020 Wien Tel: +431 4044022685

2) Service Standards
Cars Contractor The car fleet is composed of high standard cars and mini vans. ECO CAR: Opel Zafira, Ford Grand C-Max, VW Touran,

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Seat Alhambra ECO BUS: VW Caravelle, MB Vito, Ford Transit BIZ CAR: MB E-Klasse, BMW 5, Audi A6, VW Sharan BIZ BUS: MB Viano, VW Caravelle, MB Vito All cars are cleaned on a regular basis and are well maintained. All cars are in excellent condition All cars are equipped with a hands free communication system. All cars are fully insured and are inspected by a regular dealer on a regular basis (see also point 6 safety measures plan) Proper equipment is aligned with climate conditions ( use of winter tires, ) The service provider does not transport passengers other than those of OMV (Petrom, Borealis) in one and the same vehicle. In case of technical problems with a vehicle, the service provider will take the necessary measures to replace the vehicle and to provide the Customer with an appropriate vehicle within maximum 30 minutes inside the city and max. 120 min outside the city. The following technical equipment is provided in all vehicles used to provide the services to the Customer: ASR, ABS, ESP; Air condition; CE Standard 3-point seatbelts according to the requirements, for all seats; For passenger cars not less than 6 air bags (Curtain type air bags in rear); minibuses: standard air bag configuration GPS navigation system (to assist journey management) Head rest for all passengers EU standard tires (also a policy for winter tires) 5 star ENCAP collision rating for the vehicles Fire extinguishers & safety triangles High vis vests for all passengers and driver EU standard First aid kit Flash light Automatically central locking doors (good to have) In vehicle monitoring device (IVMS) to allow driver behaviour monitoring and reporting to client upon request. Contractor

Drivers The Contractor will use only experienced drivers with adequate practice of at

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least 3 years. They must be medically and psychologically fit, with no recorded history of legal violations or serious car accidents by own fault (upon request, the Customers representative will be provided with driving and security records of each driver) (see also point 6 safety measures plan) Drivers have to wear appropriate outfit (business casual) and behave in a correct manner towards the passengers (polite; e.g. not interfere in conversation between passengers unless specifically requested) The dispatchers/reservation agents/drivers must be able to communicate properly with the passengers in English. The service provider undertakes to ensure full working capacity of the drivers before starting the transportation, in compliance with work and rest times Smoking in the cars is prohibited at all times. VIP Services VIP persons will be transported by a selected number of high level drivers appropriately dressed for this type of service English-speaking at a high communication level Excellent manners VIP passenger status will be indicated when making the booking (in the comment box when booking online) Reception of traveller at the airport Travellers will be expected by the drivers in the arrival hall with a sign which indicates the name of the travellers.




3) Bookings
Bookings are made in general via the online booking tool which is accessible via a special link OR OMV / Contractor

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via e-mail (in case online booking tool is not available) The following data is mandatory. The data marked with *) is also required to be stipulated by the Contractor on the report attached to the invoice: Full name of passenger*) Contact details (telephone, e-mail-address) Pick-up and Drop-off-Details (route, date, time)*) Type of service requested (Standard, Business) Taxi pooling yes/no*) Arrival and/or departure data (flight, train..) Number of persons to be transported Form of payment* Company & Department * Cost Center*

Without the above-mentioned data the Contractor should not confirm any services. For every booking a confirmation is sent by e-mail. Bookings by phone should only be accepted by the supplier in very urgent cases and should be confirmed by e-mail by the supplier.

Bookings can be made in general 7 days / 0-24 h Bookings can be made until 2 hours before pick-up The earliest pick-up for a booking made on the same day is
08:00 am (= booking made until 06:00 am)


Changes can be made until 2 hours before pick-up free of

charge. Changes have to be made in the online booking tool. If the online booking tool is not available, changes can be sent by e-mail to the Contractor. If changes are made by phone the Contractor should confirm them by e-mail. Cancellations of bookings are free of charge until 60 minutes before pick-up. Cancellations can be made via the online booking tool or via e-mail. In case the cancellation is made by phone, the Contractor confirms the cancellation by e-mail to the traveller.


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4) Taxi Pooling
Taxi pooling is organized by the Contractor. The traveller has to state in his booking if he accepts taxi pooling for his request. If various employees of the Customer arrive on the same flight and they all have the same destination the Contractor checks in his systems which of the travellers accept taxi pooling and pools the bookings proactively. OMV and Petrom should be pooled separately. (= OMV and Petrom employees in one vehicle is NOT possible) The total rate is divided by number of passengers per booking. Payment only directly in the car: One passenger pays total amount in cash or by credit card NO invoice payment for pooling for OMV companies! Exception: Petrom Romania Criteria for taxi pooling: Same date Same arrival time (arrival with same aircraft) at airport / same destination OR Same departure / same destination Same service level (Economy and Business NOT to be mixed!) Taxi pooling accepted by traveller in the booking request Max. waiting time for taxi pooling (for missing traveller):15 minutes If employees from the same company are pooled, a vehicle upgrade is possible (minibus instead of car if more than 3 persons are pooled.) If employees from various companies are pooled, no vehicle upgrade will take place (pooling of max. 4 persons in a car) Contractor Contractor Contractor OMV Contractor

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5) Payment
Payment is in general made directly at the point of sales by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex) in cash by cash card Payment can also be made via bank transfer after receipt of invoice. Invoices can be requested on monthly basis (collective invoices) or by booking. Invoices will also be sent to foreign countries (e.g. Petrom in Romania or Petrol Ofisi in Turkey) Invoice payment is not possible for Taxi pooling for OMV companies excluding Petrom Collective invoices should include the monthly report with booking details per transfer service. Contractor

The HSSE safety rules of the Customer will be applied. Defensive Driving Training All drivers and/or coordination personnel of the service provider involved in to a contractual relation with the Service providers, have to attend a proactive defensive driving training in purpose to adopt a proper driving behavior in line with the Customers philosophy adopted also for his own employees. Deadlines for the evaluation and training of the drivers have been agreed in the Quality management concept. Journey management EU Regulations on maximum allowable Driving hours will be respected in accordance with in force specific regulations and recordings of (IVMS and/or tachograph if is case for mini vans or minibuses) will be systematically analyzed by the coordination personnel of service provider from driving/rest hour and speed point of view being also available in case of inspections or Contractor

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audits. Use of Seat Belts The driver must wear an effective and appropriate seat belt and make sure that all passengers in the vehicle also do so before and while moving the vehicle. The service provider has to ensure that seat belts are working properly. All vehicles must be equipped with three point attachment seatbelts as a minimum. Vehicle Safety Equipment All transportation vehicles must be equipped with a means of communication such as radio or mobile phone, safety triangles, a first aid kit and fire extinguishers as well as the necessary tools for tire changing and basic vehicle roadside maintenance. Speed Drivers must respect the local speed limits. The use of radar detectors is not permitted. Cellular Phones and Radios Drivers while driving, on the entire route, are not allowed to initiate or answer to the phone especially in case of people transport. Use of Hands free devices are permitted only in following terms: Drivers may only answer a phone call whilst driving and as soon as possible after answering the driver must pull off the road into a safe position to continue the conversation or terminate the call immediately. Baggage Storage It is absolutely forbidden to transport loose articles in the passengers area in a personnel transportation vehicle. Any van or vehicle with a luggage or cargo area must be equipped with cargo protection mesh or its equivalent in order to separate the cargo or luggage area from the passenger area. Any heavy article transported within the unit, such as tools, fire extinguishers, jacks etc., must be firmly anchored. Unauthorized Passengers Personnel transportation vehicles must not transport unauthorized passengers, except in case of emergency, or when local authorities require them. Accident Statement/Report Any incident or accident must be reported in conformity with legal requirements but also to the Customers representative in writing in less than 24 hours after the event. Internal Investigations The Contractor must permit and participate actively in all

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investigations in the event of an incident or an accident and provide the Customers Representative with all information reasonably required by them. Inspections/Audits The Contractor will allow the Customer to verify, whenever it deems necessary, the technical state of vehicles and compliance with the agreed safety requirements, will provide performance data (e.g. from mistery shopping) regularly, and other data regarding cars and drivers on request.

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7) Reporting
The Contractor will provide reports on monthly or quarterly basis for the Customer. The reports will include the following information: Passenger name Requested route (from/to) Requested service (Eco or Business) Number of passengers Pooling accepted (yes/no) Pooling took place (yes/no) Cost center (or order number) Company name Additional costs (2nd address, waiting time, changes at short notice, no-show)

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