BOARD OF DIRECTORS is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a company or organization.

A board's activities are determined by the powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to it or conferred on it by an authority outside itself. These matters are typically detailed in the organization's bylaws. The bylaws commonly also specify the number of members of the board, how they are to be chosen, and when they are to meet. Typical duties of boards of directors include:[4][5]
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governing the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives; selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the chief executive; ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources; approving annual budgets; accounting to the stakeholders for the organization's performance. setting their own salaries and compensation

The legal responsibilities of boards and board members vary with the nature of the organization, and with the jurisdiction within which it operates. For public corporations, these responsibilities are typically much more rigorous and complex than for those of other types. Typically the board chooses one of its members to be the chairman, who holds whatever title is specified in the bylaws. The board of directors is appointed to act on behalf of the shareholders to run the day to day affairs of the business. The board are directly accountable to the shareholders and each year the company will hold an annual general meeting (AGM) at which the directors must provide a report to shareholders on the performance of the company, what its future plans and strategies are and also submit themselves for re-election to the board. The objects of the company are defined in the Memorandum of Association and regulations are laid out in the Articles of Association. The board of directors' key purpose is to ensure the company's prosperity by collectively directing the company's affairs, whilst meeting the appropriate interests of its shareholders and stakeholders. In addition to business and financial issues, boards of directors must deal with challenges and issues relating to corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and corporate ethics. GENERAL MANAGER The General Manager is responsible for the administration, management and delivery of all public social housing programs, services and properties within the community under the terms and conditions of the Management Agreement between the Housing Organization. The General Manager reports to the ACRRA Housing Organization Board of Directors and has a functional reporting relationship with the housing community. The Manager is

In many communities a large proportion of the available housing is through public social housing programs. He is responsible for managing a staff of ACRRA housing corporation and directly supervises the following positions: Contract Manager  Project Manager  The General Manager is also responsible for fulfilling the duties of the Contract manager and the Project Manager (please see respective position descriptions. territorial and national meetings  Manage and supervise contracts and contractors  Respond to and manage crisis and/or emergency situations  Access other funding opportunities and prepare proposals for funding  Prepare and implement strategic and operational plans  Manage office procedures. Housing is recognized as a critical need in the Tacloban Territories. The General Manager is responsible for ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of all social housing properties within the community. ensure that filing systems are maintained and comply with the  Access to Information Act 2. The General Manager is also responsible for meeting the reasonable needs of tenants and ensuring that tenants comply with ACRRA and local housing policies and procedures. Manage and administer all financial responsibilities and obligations in order to ensure that the . The Manager must work within the terms and conditions established in the Management Agreement between the LHO and the ACRRA housing corporation. difficult and/or unhealthy living conditions for tenants and a general lack of credibility and political embarrassment for the LHO and the ACRRA housing corp. Manage and administer all social public housing programs.  Represent the ACRRA at local.responsible for the provision of all public social and staff housing programs and services within the community. Failure to effectively manage programs and properties could also Lead to financial hardship for the LHO. The General Manager also has a dramatic impact on the health of the community as a whole and on community development initiatives.) Due to the overall importance of public social housing to the health and wellness of the community. The work of the General Manager directly impacts on the quality of life for tenants in public social housing as well as those who have applied for public housing. services and properties in order to ensure they are delivered and maintained in an effective and efficient manner: Main Activities Administer the Housing Management Agreement between the ACRRA and the LHO  Implement and administer policies and procedures  Manage properties and programs  Build relationships and liaise with other organizations  Consult and negotiate with the LHO Board of directors. particularly for those businesses and organizations that provide services to the LHO. He/she must also comply with all relevant legislation in general and the Residential Tenancy Act in particular. failure to successfully complete all tasks could have a dramatic effect on tenants and community residents alike. regional. The Manager is responsible for housing units and an annual budget of the company. RESPONSIBILITIES 1.

Directing the training. Consulting product development department on product specifications like design. Evaluating financial aspects of product development like expenditures. Negotiating contracts with distributors and vendors in managing product distribution. Marketing manager evaluates market conditions.  MARKETING MANAGER job involves developing. color. promotional and marketing activities of the company. establishing and maintaining marketing strategies to achieve the objectives of an organization. packaging. . return-on investment and profit-loss projections. developing distribution strategies and setting up distribution networks. working with promotion and advertising managers. developing. Manage the ongoing maintenance of public social and staff housing units in order to ensure that all housing is safe and maintained within established codes and standards. based on knowledge of organizational objectives. Indentifying. terms and conditions: Main Activities Provide required financial information to the ACRRA housing corporation concerning formula  funding arrangements Prepare and submit budgets for Board approval  Manage and administer accounts and reserve funds  Establish and maintain internal financial controls  Manage the accounts payables and receivables and payroll and benefits  Analyze financial reports and conduct financial analysis  Assist with completion of audits and follow up on Auditor’s recommendations  3. and developing and research appropriations. directing and coordinating marketing policies and activities to promote services and products. products. cost and markup factors and market characteristics. Assess and prioritize work in conjunction with the Housing Project Engineer  Supervise the maintenance management program  Review and analyze maintenance reports and unit condition ratings  Maintain internal controls and standards concerning maintenance and repairs  Identify operational requirements and ensure required measures are taken  Implement the modernization and improvement program. evaluating marketing strategic plans. Using sales strategic planning and forecasting to ensure profitability and sale of lines. customer research. Their key role is to manage effectively the advertising. budget. Duties and Responsibilities • • • • • • • • Developing price strategies upon balancing customer satisfaction and firm objectives. or services.ACRRA housing corporation is operating within established financial legislation. Formulating. hiring and performance evaluation programs of sales and marketing staff and supervise their day-to-day activities. supervising market trends and analyzing business developments. competitor data and implements the changes in marketing plan as required.

Requisitions furnishings and furniture for housing units. theater. Housing Project Manager Job Description Directs operations of housing project to provide low-income or military families. and assigns building and grounds maintenance personnel to specific duties. and local factors that affect the purchasing and selling of services and products. Plans long range schedule of major repairs on units. May direct activities of other management personnel in housing project having commercial shops. Conferring legal staff for resolving problems. such as royalty sharing and copyright infringement with outside distributors and producers. selection of tenants and assignment of dwelling units are in accordance with rules and regulations. Prepares operational budget requests and receives accounts for and disburses funds. Directs work activities of office and clerical staff in processing applications. library. Studies housing demands occupancy and turnover rates and accommodation requirements of applicants to recommend policy and physical requirement changes. housing project personnel. Conducts analyses of management and maintenance costs to determine areas where cost reductions can be effected. and persons of the community. working with production mangers. such as reroofing or painting exterior of dwellings. and recreation. Promotes harmonious relations among tenants. or other eligible individuals with furnished or unfurnished housing in single or multiunit dwellings or house trailers: develops and implements plans for administration of housing project and procedures for making housing assignments.• • • • • • • • Compiling lists that describe service or product offerings. concessions. national. collecting of rents and accounting for monies collected. Selecting accessories and products to display at special production or trade shows. welfare recipients. . Conducting commercial and economic surveys to identify prospective markets for services and products. Consulting purchasing personnel to gain proposal with regard to the expected types of services and products that are in demand. and developers to market company services and products. Reviews occupancy reports to ensure that applications. Initiating market research cases and analyzing their findings. Conducts surveys of local rental rates and participates in setting of rental rates according to occupants' income and accommodation requirements. advertisers. Coordinating and participating in trade shows and promotional activities. Supporting business and other units by advising on international.

Social Care and Regeneration schemes. cost efficient and reputable vendors. 2. PURPOSE OF THE JOB · The purpose of the PFI Contracts Manager role is to take a lead role in establishing and delivering the successful procurement of complex PFI and other PPP contracts for Housing. the production manager job description may include the following responsibilities: negotiate project price and delivery dates with clients. The PFI Contracts Manager is responsible for developing. with a total value exceeding £100m under the Council’s standing orders and EU procurement processes where appropriate. DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE TO · Head of Affordable Housing Development 3. FUNCTIONALLY RESPONSIBLE TO · Head of Affordable Housing Development 4. time and quality parameters and that risks are effectively managed The PFI Contracts Manager has a key role in providing strategic input into the delivery of the Council’s affordable housing delivery and regeneration targets and priorities. RESPONSIBLE FOR · ACRRA PROJECT MANAGER All ACRA Projects include the appointment of external legal. The post holder will need to directly manage these appointments during the negotiation and implementation stages of each contract.Purchasing Manager Job Description • Some of these items. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES · The post holder must at all times carry out her/his duties with due regard to the Council’s Customer Care. · To be part of the Affordable Housing Development Unit’s management team and represent the . The post holder will take a lead role in developing performance. technical and financial advisors. In such an environment. negotiating and managing the construction works programme for new schemes and service delivery contracts. An essential requirement in a purchasing manager's job description is the ability to research potential suppliers to determine the most reliable. determine the necessary mechanical specifications and information to complete jobs and approve proofs before presentation to clients. 5. · To lead on and support the Head of Affordable Housing Development in developing strategies and service operational plans in order to support wider corporate and housing objectives. finance. Equal Opportunities and Best Value Policies and incorporating the Council’s Core Competencies. • CONTRACT MANAGER 1. payment and contract management systems that are essential in ensuring that PFI and PPP housing contracts are delivered within costs. may be purchased for further processing and resale. These companies are likely to work with one individual who provides detailed cost estimates for all creative and special projects. particularly crops.

ensuring that all contracts are properly awarded and managed in accordance with the council’s standing orders and EU procurement rules. To develop. . ensuring new schemes champion high quality design. · To lead on ensuring that all contract documentation. · To evaluate and assess any financial.Head of Affordable Development and the Unit in carrying out corporate or service objectives as appropriate. method statements and the payment mechanism. · To fully appraise and assess project finance requirements for each scheme before preparing detailed capital and revenue funding bids for the Council’s approval or on behalf of the Council to enable external funders (such as the Home and Communities Agency. · To oversee the procurement and tendering and management of new and existing ACRRA contracts (with a combined value exceeding Php100m). which include project agreements. kept up to date and continues to be relevant to the project for the duration of the contract. are continually reviewed. breaches and termination are effectively monitored and managed by the Council and the Contractor through the development and maintenance of robust and secure monitoring and management systems and processes which allow for corrective and preventative or termination action to be taken as soon as possible in order to minimise the Council’s financial or reputational risks. · To oversee the development of project and contract documentation supporting high value ACRRA contracts in order to ensure that the contract supporting documentation properly and accurately reflects that the Council’s and Contractor’s obligations and service and performance requirements. budget and to the contractual specification and that any agreed contractual variations are administered through the approved contractual process. service quality or reputational risks and costs that arise from the contract ensuring that any notices to be received or served by the Council (for example. so that they continue to be achieved. delivery targets and performance requirements that have been set by the funding authority or the Council. housing and property management services. · To monitor and co-ordinate the delivery of a works or construction programme to ensure that the contractor is performing and delivering the scheme to timescale. finance agreements. · To identify. · To ensure all contract documentation is drafted and approved in accordance with the Council’s standing orders and approvals process and that all necessary consents are obtained from elected representatives or government departments and agencies as required. Communities and Local Government and other funding agencies) to evaluate funding bids in line with bidding timescales. output specifications. meet identified housing needs and comply with the council’s housing and regeneration strategic objectives. implement and monitor detailed and complex project plans that ensure that a coordinated approach is taken towards achieving a commercial and financial close for new and existing ACRRA housing schemes. supported and intermediate housing through ACRRA mechanisms. meet the council’s sustainability objectives. To take a lead role in developing and taking forward negotiations on the construction works and property acquisitions programmes and for housing and facilities management services that apply to existing or newly funded ACRRA contracts. · To ensure contractor performance. develop and evaluate proposals to maximise the supply of affordable. · To maintain regular and effective liaison with development partners in order to manage and monitor performance and to take responsibility for resolving issues and problems affecting the construction works delivery programmes.

other consultation events or other meetings (sometimes outside of normal office hours). · To lead on scoping the services required from technical. surveyors. undertaking the appointments. general reports or Committee Reports in respect of new development schemes or Council disposal sites and to attend committee meetings. to inform key business decisions affecting the performance and delivery of the contracts. variations or termination) are considered and administered in a timely and accurate manner. to senior managers during the construction and operational phases of the contract. · To promote best practice in affordable housing and to undertake research into a range of development matters including for example. · To scope. in line with the Council’s contractual obligations. design and monitor the development of robust systems which accurately record key financial information against the approved business model for each contract. . design and the technical and operational outputs that need to be incorporated into the development and maintenance of data and performance management systems so that accurate performance monitoring information and reports can be provided. in particular cash flows. · To undertake responsibilities for any temporary or permanent staff management ensuring that any direct reports are managed through regular supervision. including (but not limited to) architects. financial models and the payment mechanism. by commissioning financial.contract changes. · To establish and manage multi-disciplinary consultancy and project teams comprising all relevant staff. extensions. developed and motivated in accordance with the corporate standards and those specified by Investors in People. appraisal and assessment of training needs and performance and that staff are appropriately empowered. partners and professionals. · To provide briefings. financial and legal advisors. in respect of projects. benchmarking development costs and achieving high standards of performance against local and best value performance indicators. supported. and monitoring and managing the consultant performance throughout the negotiation and services commencement phases of each contract and lead on addressing any underperformance issues in accordance with terms of engagement. · To take a lead role in reviewing and assessing of financial information so that budgetary risks can be managed in a timely and effective manner and to ensure that all staff and external advisors with responsibility for monitoring and maintaining financial systems are properly trained. · To instruct external advisers. legal and technical advice where necessary. engineers and cost consultants in order to ensure scheme can secure detailed planning in order to be incorporated into the contract. joint commissioning and related protocols. comparative standards. authorised and supervised so the integrity of the systems is not undermined. contractors and staff on the scope. planners.

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