Human Genetics: Sex Chromatin,Inheretence related to Sex

1- Sex chromatin was discovered by (A) Barr & Bertram (B) Jacob & Monad (C) Beadle & Tautam (D) Morgan & Bridges

2- Sex chromatin was discovered in (A) Dog 3- Barr body is found in (A) Male somatic cells (B) Male germinal cells (C) Female somatic cells (D) Female germinal cells (B) Cat (C) Monkey (D) Man

4- Barr body is associated with (A) X-chromosome (B) Autosome (C) Y-chromosome (D) Male sex only

5- Barr body of a mammal represents (A) All heterochromatin in female cells
the somatic cells of male (B) All heterochromatin in male & female cells (C) The Y-chromosome in

(D) One of the two X-chromosome in the somatic cell of the females

6- The foetal sex can be determined by examining cells from amniotic fluid looking for (A) Chiasmata (B) Barr bodies (C) Chromosomes (D) Kinetochore

7- The traits whose genes located on X-chromosomes are known as (A) Sex-linked (B) Sex-controlled (C) Sex-limited (D) Sex-influenced

8- Women rarely experience sex-linked defects because they must be (A) Homozygous (B) Carrier (C) Heterozygous (D) Develop immunity

9- A single recessive trait which can express its effect should occur on (A) Any autosome (B) X-chromosome of male (C) Any chromosome (D) X-chromosome of female

10- Which of the following traits in human is sex-linked? (A) Diabetes (B) Colour of eyes (C) Night blindness (D) None of the above

11- Sex-linked characters are usually (A) Lethal (B) Recessive (C) Dominant (D) Pleiotropic

12- Who studied sex-linked inheritance for the first time? (A) Mendel (B) Pasteur (C) Morgan (D) Khorana

13- A child gets sex-linked traits from (A) Father (B) Mother (C) Both father & mother (D) None of these

14- The number of Barr bodies and Y spots in XXXXXYY karyotype are (A) 5& 2 (B) 4 & 2 (C) 5 & 1 (D) 4 & 1

15- Drumstick is the sex chromatin present in (A) Basophil of females (B) Eosinophil of females (C) Neutrophil of females (D) Eosinophil of males

16- Colour blindness in man is (A) Dominant character (B) Sex-limited character (C) Sex-linked character (D) Sex-influenced character

17- Inheritance of blue blindness is (B) Y-linked (B) Autosomal (C) X-linked (D) None of these

18- Daughter would be colour blind only if

(C) Only father is colour blind

(B) Only mother is colour blind

(C) Mother is carrier & father normal

(D) Mother is carrier & father colour blind

(E) Mother is normal & Father colour blind

19- A colour blind father may have a normal daughter but again a clour blind grandson through her.This indicates that the gene responsible for colour blindness is located on (A) Y-chromosome & recessive (D) Y-chromosome & dominant (B) X-chromosome & recessive (C) X-chromosome & dominant

20- Ram is colour blind. What is the chance, his son will inherit colour blindness from him? (A) 0% (B) 25% (C) 50% (D) 100%