Topic: Organic Evolution: Natural Selection, Synthetic Theory & Mutation Theory

1- T.R.Malthus is famous for his essays on (A) Ecology (B) Genetics (C) Population (D) Geography

2- Mutation theory explaining ornaic evolution was proposed by (A) Hugo de Vries (B) Stebbins (C) August Weismann (D) Kettewell

3- Mutation theory does not explain (A) Connecting link 4- Mutation theory (A) Opposed natural selection (D) Opposed germplasm theory 5- Modern synthetic theory of evolution is based on (A) Genetic & chromosomal mutation (C) Reproductive isolation (B) Genetic recombination & natural selection (D) All of these (B) Does not rule out natural selection (C) contradicted Lamarckism (B) Adaptive radiation (C) Mimicry (D) Origin of new species

6- ‘Modern synthetic theory of evolution’ was designated by (A) Stebbins (B) Haldane (C) Dobzhansky (D) Huxley

7- Who wrote the book ‘Genetics and Origin of Species’? (A) Hugo de Vries (B) Th. Dobzhansky (C) J. Huxley (D) R.A. Fisher

8- The concept of evolution was given by (A) Darwin (B) Aristotle (C) Empedocles (D) Lamarck

9- Industrial melanism is an example of (A) Drug resistance (B) Protective resemblance with the surroundings (C) Darkening of skin due to

smoke from industries

(D) Defensive adaptation of skin against ultraviolet radiations

10- “Continuity of Germplam” theory was given by (A) De Vries (B) Weismann (C) Wallace (D) Malthus

11- Hugo de Vries worked on the plant (A) Pisum sativum (B) Lathyrus odoratus (C) Primula sinensis (D) Oenothera lamarckiana

12- Darwin was most influenced by (A) Lamarckism (B) Weismann’s theory of Germplasm (C) Wallace theory of origin of species

(D) Essay on Population by Malthus 13-Light coloured Peppered Moth/Bistom betularia gets changed to its darker carbonaria variety due to (A) Translocation of block of genes in response to heavy carbons
pollution Industrial carbon deposited on wings (B) Deletion of gene segment due to industrial (D)

(C) Mutation of single mendelian gene for survival in smoke laden industrial environment

14- Theory of Pangenesis was given by (A) Darwin 15- Which are immortal? (A) Germ cells (B) Somatic cells (C) Pituitary cells (D) Glomerular cells (B) Hugo de Vries (C) Haldane (D) Ampedocles

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