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hpcvl5-sc0:sms-svc:35> redx -x ?

redx redx - POST debugger for SMI Sun Fire 12/15/20/25K.

v. 1.6 Generic 124319-01 Nov 16 2006 09:18:24 (200611160918) v. 1.6 Generic 124319-01 Nov 1 2006 04:20:35
"? <keyword>" or "? all" for info on specific commands.
"apropos <string>" searches all help info for <string>, prints matches.
"tutorial <topic>" for general help info, see "? tutorial" for topics.

=== Hardware State Examination Commands:

dumpf shamx shar shaxq shbbc shcsbbbc shcbh shclk
shcbr shdarb shdcds shdmx shdx shepld shioc shrmx
shproc shscm shsdc shsdi shwci seepr wfail mstop1

=== Hardware State Peek and Poke Commands:

cbusrb cbuswb scpcirb scpciwb i2cr i2cw i2crm i2cwm
sysclk iohubr setfscan

=== Built-In Self Test Commands:

ibist lbist cp_shorts

=== Processor/Bootbus/Sram Commands:

port proc core safreset trst xir symt bba
bbh bbcon bbdbg bbdcb bbcpuldcd bbldd bbpmbx bbspd
bbsram bbxir bbxircmd bbgdcd bbldcd bbretm bbwb bbfill
fpa fph fpdis fprom bbcrr bbcrw wcirr wcirw
wcisr wcisw lpeekb lpokeb elfmload memmap memjump memcall
obpcall obpcheck xircheck xirrearm

=== Utility Commands:

hlocks loggerlev trace lpverblev parse pcd l1type

=== User Buffer Commands:

ubuf uba ubh ubdis ubwb

=== Script and Symbol Commands:

@ source which set setl unset unsetl

=== Control Flow Commands:

if elseif else while repeat { } break
continue trap

=== Command Interpretation Control Commands:

alias unalias shift path

=== Lexical and Test Commands:

strlen strchr substr sprintf test

=== Input/Output Control Commands:

logf outwin quiet verbose againkey hist fecho
=== Miscellaneous Commands:
delay sys base echo necho
=== Help and Program Exit Commands:
help ? apropos tutorial exit bye lo
redxl> wfail load /var/opt/SUNWSMS/SMS1.6/adm/A/dump/dsmd.rstop.070316.0734.02
All master SDIs in this dump indicating valid error info [3FFFF]
indicate the first error was Rstop for EXB EX15.
SDI EX15/S0 Master_Stop_Status0[31:0] = F0040308
MStop0[3]: SDI is Recordstopped
SDI EX15/S0 Recordstop0[31:0] = 04018400
Rstop0[16]: R DARB texp request Recordstop (M)
Rstop0[26]: R 1E Slot0 asserted EccErr, enabled to cause Rstop (M)
EPLD SB15 Ecc_Err: Mask= F7 Err= 08 SDC reports EccErr
SDC SB15 EccStatus[31:0] = 4091E082
EccSt[15]: Safari port 0/1 Ecc error logged.
Received by DXs from local Safari port 1, read operation.
DX SB15/DX2 Ecc_Syndrome[31:0] = 0000002D
Syndr[ 8: 0]: P01 Data: 02D: Probable Double-bit UE within a nibble
Syndr[ 15]: P01 Direction: 0: Safari port to DX (Incoming)
DX SB15/DX3 Ecc_Syndrome[31:0] = 0000002D
Syndr[ 8: 0]: P01 Data: 02D: Probable Double-bit UE within a nibble
Syndr[ 15]: P01 Direction: 0: Safari port to DX (Incoming)
ECC uncorrectable errors detected from Processor Port SB15/P1, no corresponding
parity error in DXs or DCDSs. For multibit errors, the lack of
parity error is not sufficient to infer that the error originated
in memory, it could be from the processor or DCDS/DX link.
But it _could_ be a memory error, so the lower-cost Dimms
are recommended as the primary service FRU rather than the SB.
FAIL Port SB15/P1: Rstop detected by DXs/SDC.
Primary service FRU is All memory on Port SB15/P1.
Secondary service FRU is Slot SB15.
DARB C0: enabled ports (expanders) [17:0]: 3FFFF
DARB C0: exps request Rstop [17:0]: 08000
DARB C0: other darb req Rstop for exps [17:0]: 08000
DARB C1: enabled ports (expanders) [17:0]: 3FFFF
DARB C1: exps request Rstop [17:0]: 08000
DARB C1: other darb req Rstop for exps [17:0]: 08000