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The Sleeping GOD : A Spiritual Quotient

Today is ASHADHI EKADASHI . Its beginning of Ashadh month according to Indian Vedic Calendar . Ekadashi is the eleventh day of the Lunar phase which is either on rising phase of Moon called Shukla Paksha ( begins with Crecent moon to Full moon on the fifteenth day ) ; The fading phase of the moon is called Krishna Paksha ( Full moon to No moon or Amavasya also on the fifteenth day) . This celestial event happens every fortnight of the month . Hence Ekadashi occurs twice every month. What is the significance of eleventh day ? Our body consist of Five Sensory representations which connects us to the rest of the world . Seeing , Hearing , Touching , Smelling , Tasting form our core assets . Five Active representations which activates our senses towards attaining our perceived result . Movements , Speaking , Grasping(holding on or acquiring ) , Reproduction , Excretion. The eleventh element that governs all this ten representations is our Mind. Nothing changes unless you change the sensation of the experience in your Mind. As Survival always remains the prime function of our existence . Hence in the Lunar cycle ,the major chunk of ten days are allotted to use the Ten vital assets for our being and strive for well being .However on the eleventh day we shud dissociate the survival instinct and interospect on thoughts beyond mere survival instinct . That eleventh day signifies the day where your Mind will ponder for all the important things in life which are beyond our self interests . Contemplation , Philanthropy , Being oneness with Nature , Reading scriptures of Life , Worshiping your belief with no expectations or claims ; Now that sounds Rejuvenating Is nt it ? Exactly that day you celebrate the day for your Mind which is the store house of your excellence. This eleventh day of your thoughtful existence is EKADASHI. Its a well structured and deserved break ,which re-charges your energies for yet again your daily work . However among all the 24 Mindful days annually or Ekadashi s the one celebrated on commencement of Ashadh month has a greatest importance , not only to the God worshipers but also to all who belief in Work as Worship . Its a belief that for next four months GOD goes to sleep and is on a sabbatical holiday. How could God sleep ? Lets explore the possibility on When any one sleeps ? When you are tired , when you get bored by a dull speech or presentation , When the opposite speaker sounds monotonous , When we would like to avoid someone. There could be multiple reasons and situations going un-challenged for one to sleep. However can you imagine a high motivation derived from sleep ,and that to sending the worlds greatest motivator GOD to sleep.

It just tends to rock our belief that the all mighty who governs every action of the universe will be sleeping during the crucial period of next four months . One would even feel like rubbishing the illogical idea , as a spurious religious dogma. However this very thought is celebrated by millions as Chaturmas ( four months) marking the commencement on Devshayani ( God Sleeping) Ashadi (month) Ekadashi . It sounds paradoxical ,as this four months are vital for all human beings ,as all the Food and water requirement for the entire year is been created in these four most important Monsoon months . However this paradox is created to evoke our rational mind to break the monotonous patterns of Belief system. As most of our beliefs are accumulation of several generalizations derived from the good or bad experiences , which are not always or most of the times not our own . The very thought of God sleeping gives us the free and undisturbed mind to calibrate our belief which governs our behavior . Just think about the period when god sleeps, when nature is at the peak of beauty when you can see the color green in myriad shades and intensity sprinkled over the backdrop of panoramic dusky skyline. Our very cause of survival is been cultivated in this season. The utmost ingredient of human body, Water is been supplied and refurbished for the entire year . For the harvesting farmers monsoon reaffirms their faith on the magical return on investment of Mother Nature, which grows one seed to multiple grains. The farmer is overwhelmed by the blessing bestowed by the un-expecting nature. Gratitude is the virtue which adds aroma to our life as we being humans can only appreciate rationality of this wonderful attribute. However if we cease to practice this highest virtue, we tend to loose our differentiating identity of being called the most rational and intelligent and not mere animal. When the farmer is grateful for all the happiness showered during this period, and when he expresses his faith in the almighty god. However to his surprise God says he was sleeping during this period and all the credit goes to your hard work and perseverance. The very thought depicts the depth in how one should look at the Work. When you closely associate your entire energy and creativity while performing the work, and dissociate yourself while claiming the credit of the end result. Thus you are not affected by the bolstered self-esteem. The sleeping god gives the opportunity for the man to ponder and reaffirm its faith in his self .Because the lack of faith gives rise to Fear. Faith begets Peace and you can sleep well when you are at peace. The greatest happiness for a man is he gets a undisturbed and peaceful sleep at the end of the striving day. This four months when God sleeps is the time to train your Mind to beware all the distractions and contemplate on the effort and not the end result ; As Proficiency in performance is achieved when we dissolve the clutter of self focus and crave for results Lets revisit the Ekadashi, while the GOD sleeps.