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NOVEMBER 1, 1999


Invisible Chains That Bind MASS MIND CONTROL
Ongoing manipulation of our very thoughts by the Power Elite is a frightening idea—but REAL, nevertheless. As we watch “cellular telephone” towers spring up across our cities, as the “news” documents case after case of bizarre behavior (which somehow neatly lends itself to the agenda of the Power Elite), we must begin to realize the extent to which invisible-frequency programming is affecting us. We are affected, of course, in many other ways—from the lack of nutrition in our diets to television programming—but the focus of this special report is on the INVISIBLE chains that bind us. In an effort to keep this near the forefront of our thinking, we have assembled several writings from various sources. The composite picture is, well, mind numbing. It is absolutely chilling to perceive the state of the world today. The Power Elite have carefully fostered the implementation of “democracy” around the globe. Now, they only need the ability to control the masses—OOPS, SORRY, THAT ABILITY HAS EXISTED FOR SOME TIME ALREADY, as this report will clearly show. We begin this special report with an excerpt from John Coleman’s excellent resource, Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300. [QUOTING, captions added:] BACKGROUND Stanford Research Center (SRC) was founded in 1946 by the Tavistock Institute For Human Relations. Stanford was created to help Robert O. Anderson and his ARCO oil company, who had secured for the Committee of 300 the oil rights on the North Slope of Alaska. Basically, the job was too large for Anderson’s Aspen Institute to handle, so a new center had to be founded and funded. That new center was Stanford Research Center [aka: Stanford Research Institute, SRI]. Alaska sold its [oil] rights on a down payment of $900 million, a relatively small amount for the Committee of 300. The Governor of Alaska was steered to SRI for help and advice. This was no accident but the result of judicious planning and a process of long-range conditioning. Following the Governor’s call for help, three SRI scientists set up PRE-SORTED (Continued on page 2) FIRST-CLASS MAIL U.S. POSTAGE PAID MOJAVE, CA 93501 PERMIT NO. 110 Clearing The Decks For The Real 14 shop in Alaska, where they met with the Alaskan Secretary of State and the State Planning Office. Francis Greehan, who headed the SRI team, assured the Governor that his problem of how to handle the rich oil find would be safe in the hands of SRI. Naturally, Greehan did not mention the Committee of 300 or the Club of Rome. In less than a month, Greehan assembled a team of economists, petroleum scientists and new-science scientists numbering in the hundreds. The report SRI gave to the Governor ran to eighty-eight pages. The proposal was adopted virtually without change by the Alaska legislature in 1970. Greehan had, indeed, done a remarkable job for the Committee of 300. From this beginning, SRI developed into an institution employing 4000 people with an annual budget of $160 million plus. Its President, Charles A. Anderson, has seen much of this growth during his tenure, as has Professor Willis Harmon, director of the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policies, employing hundreds of new-science scientists, many of the top staffers having been transferred from Tavistock’s London base. One of those was RCA board chairman and former British intelligence agent, David Sarnoff, who was

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closely involved with Harmon and his team for twenty-five years. Sarnoff was something of a “watchdog” for the mother institute in Sussex. Stanford claims to make no moral judgments on projects it accepts, working for Israel and the Arabs, South Africa and Libya but, as one would imagine, by adopting this attitude it ensures an “inside edge” with foreign governments that the CIA has found most useful. In Jim Ridgeway’s book, THE CLOSED CORPORATION, SRI spokesman Gibson brags about SRI’s non-discriminatory stance. Although not on the Federal Contract Research Center lists, SRI is today the largest military think-tank, dwarfing Hudson and Rand. Among SRI’s specialty departments are chemical and biological warfare experimental centers. COUNTERINSURGENCY AIMED AT CIVILIANS One of Stanford’s more dangerous activities is counterinsurgency operations aimed at civilian populations—just the sort of 1984 things government is already using against its own people. The U.S. government pays SRI millions of dollars each year for this kind of highly controversial “research”. Following student protests against chemical-warfare experiments conducted at Stanford, SRI “sold” itself to a “private group” for just $25 million. Of course, nothing really changed, SRI was still a Tavistock project and the Committee of 300 still owned it, but the gullible appeared to be satisfied by this meaningless cosmetic change. In 1958 a startling new development arose. Advanced Research Products Agency (ARPA), a contracting agency for the Defense Department, approached SRI with a topsecret proposal. John Foster at the Pentagon told SRI that what was needed was a program to insure the United States against “technological surprise”. Foster wanted to perfect a condition where the environment became a weapon; special bombs to trigger volcanoes and/or earthquakes, behavioral research on potential enemies, and minerals and metals with potential for new weapons. The project was accepted by SRI and code-named “SHAKY”. The massive electronic brain in SHAKY was capable of carrying out many commands, its computers having been constructed by IBM for SRI. Twenty-eight scientists worked on what is called “Human Augmentation”. The IBM computer even has the capability to solve problems by analogy and recognizes and identifies scientists who work with it. The “special applications” of this tool can be better imagined than described. Brzezinski knew what he was talking about when he wrote THE TECHNOTRONIC ERA. Stanford Research Institute works closely with scores of civilian consulting firms, trying to apply military technology to domestic situations. This has not always been a success but, as techniques improve, the prospects for massive, allpervading surveillance, as described by Brzezinski, daily becomes more real. IT ALREADY EXISTS AND IS IN USE, EVEN THOUGH SLIGHT MALFUNCTIONS FROM TIME-TO-TIME HAVE TO BE IRONED OUT. One such civilian consulting firm was Schriever McKee Associates of McLean, Virginia, run by retired General Bernard A. Schriever, a former chief of the Air Force Systems Command, who developed the Titan, Thor, Atlas and Minuteman rockets. Schriever put together a consortium of Lockheed, Emerson Electric, Northrop, Control Data, Raytheon and TRW [Thomas R. White?] under the name of URBAN SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES, INC. The purpose of the consortium? To solve social and psychological “urban problems” by means of military techniques, using advanced

electronic systems. It is interesting to note that TRW became the largest credit-information-collecting company in the credit-reporting business as a result and an outcome of its work with Urban Systems Associates, Inc. This should tell us a great deal about just how far this nation is already under TOTAL SURVEILLANCE, which is the first requirement of the Committee of 300. No dictatorship, especially not one on a global scale, can function without total control over each and every individual. SRI was well on its way to becoming a key Committee of 300 research organization. By the 1980s, 60% of SRI’s contracts were devoted to “Futurism”, with both military and civilian applications. Its major clients were the U.S. Department of DefenseDirectorate of Defense Research and Engineering, Office of Aerospace Research, which dealt with “Applications of the Behavioral Sciences to Research Management”, Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology and the U.S. Department of Health. On behalf of the Department of Health, SRI ran a program called “’Patterns in ESDEA Title I Reading Achievement Tests”. Other clients were the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Of significance was the paper developed for NSF, entitled “Assessment of Future and International Problems”. Stanford Research, under the tutelage of Tavistock Institute in London, put together a far-reaching and chilling system it called “Business Intelligence Program”. In excess of 600 companies in the U.S. and abroad became subscribers. The program covered research in Japanese Foreign Business Relations, Consumer Marketing in a Period of Change, The Mounting Challenge of International Terrorism, Sensory Evaluation in Consumer Products, Electronic Funds Transfer System, Opto-Electric Sensing, Exploratory Planning Methods, the U.S. Defense Industry and Capital Availability. Among the TOP Committee of 300 companies who became clients of this program were Bechtel Corporation (George Shultz was on its board), Hewlett Packard, TRW, Bank of America, Shell Company, RCA, Blyth, Eastman Dillon, Saga Foods Corporation, McDonnell Douglas, Crown Zellerbach, Wells Fargo Bank and Kaiser Industries. CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN But one of the most sinister of all SRI programs, with the possibilities of doing tremendous damage in altering the direction in which the United States will go, socially, morally and religiously, was Stanford’s Charles F. Kettering Foundation’s “CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN”, under Stanford official reference “Contract Number URH (489)2150 Policy Research Report Number 4/4/74, Prepared by the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policy, Director Willis Harmon”. This is probably one of the most farreaching investigations into how man might be changed that has ever been conducted. The report, covering 319 pages, was written by 14 newscience scientists under the supervision of Tavistock and 23 top controllers, including B. F. Skinner, Margaret Meade, Ervin Lazlo and Sir Geoffrey Vickers, a high-level British intelligence officer in MI-6. It will be recalled that his sonin-law, Sir Peter Vickers Hall, was a founding member of the so-called conservative “Heritage Foundation”. Much of the 3000 pages of “recommendations” given to the Reagan administration in January 1981 were based upon material taken from Willis Harmon’s THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN. I was privileged to receive a copy of THE CHANGING

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
IMAGES OF MAN from my intelligence colleagues five days after it was accepted by the United States government. What I read shocked me, as I realized I was looking at a blueprint for a future America, unlike anything I had ever seen before. The nation was to be programmed to change and become so accustomed to such planned changes that it would hardly be noticeable when profound changes did occur. We have gone downhill so fast since THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY (the book title of Willis Harmon’s technical paper) was written, that today, divorce draws no stigma, suicide is at an all-time high and raises few eyebrows, social deviations from the norm and sexual aberrations, once unmentionable in decent circles, are now commonplace and excite no special protest. As a nation, we have not noticed how THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN has radically altered our American way of life, forever. Somehow, we were overcome by the “Watergate Syndrome”. For a while, we were shocked and dismayed to learn that Nixon was nothing but a cheap crook who hobnobbed with Earl Warren’s Mafia friends at the beautiful home they built for him adjoining the Nixon estate. When too many “future shocks” and news headlines demanded our attention, we lost our way, or rather, the huge number of choices with which we were and still are daily confronted, confused us to such a degree that we were no longer able to make the necessary choices. Worse yet, having been subjected to a barrage of crimes in high places, plus the trauma of the Vietnam War, our nation seemed no longer to want truths. Such reaction is carefully explained in Willis Harmon’s technical paper; in short, the American nation was reacting exactly as profiled. Worse yet, in not wishing to accept truth, we took matters a step further: We looked to government to shield us from the truth. The corrupt stench of the Reagan-Bush Administrations, we wanted covered with six feet of earth. The crimes committed under the title of Iran/Contra affair (or scandals), we didn’t want uncovered. We let our President lie to us regarding his whereabouts in the period October 20-23rd, 1980. Yet, these crimes far exceed in quantity and scope anything Nixon did while he was in office. Do we, as a nation, recognize it as going downhill with our brakes off? No, we do not. When those whose business it is to bring the truth to the American people: that a private, well-organized little government inside the White House was busy committing one crime after another, crimes which attacked the very soul of this nation and the republican institutions upon which it rested—we were told not to bother the public with such things. “We really don’t want to know about all this speculation,” became a standard response. When the highest elected official of the land blatantly put U.N. law above the Constitution of the United States— an impeachable offense—the majority accepted it as “normal”. When the highest elected official of the land went to war without a Congressional declaration of war, the fact was censored out by the news media and, again, we accepted it, rather than face the truth. When the Gulf War, which our President plotted and planned, began, not only were we happy with censorship of the most blatant kind, we even took it to our hearts, believing that it was “good for the war effort”. Our President lied, April Glaspie lied and the State Department lied. They said the war was justified because President Hussein had been warned to leave Kuwait alone. When Glaspie’s cables to the State Department were finally made public, one United States Senator after another went

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
charging to defend Glaspie, the harlot. It mattered not that they came from both the Democrats and the Republicans. We, the people, let them get away with their vile lies. In this public attitude of the American people, the wildest dreams of Willis Harmon and his teams of scientists became a reality. The Tavistock Institute was elated at its success in destroying the self-respect and self-esteem of this once great nation. We are told that we won the Gulf War. What is not yet perceived by the vast majority of Americans is that, in winning the war, it cost the self-respect and honor of our nation. That lies rotting in the desert sands of Kuwait and Iraq, alongside the corpses of the Iraqi soldiers we butchered in the agreed retreat from Kuwait and Basra—we could not keep our word that we would abide by the Geneva Conventions and not attack them. “What do you want,” our controllers asked us, “victory or self respect? You can’t have both.” THE ONSET OF TOTALITARIANISM One hundred years ago, this could not have happened, but now it has happened and excites no comment. We have succumbed to the long-range-penetration warfare waged against this nation by Tavistock. Like the German nation, defeated by the Prudential Bombing Survey, enough of us have succumbed to make this nation the kind that totalitarian regimes of the past would have only envisaged in their dreams. “Here,” they would say, “is a nation, one of the largest in the world, that doesn’t want the truth. All of our propaganda agencies can be dispensed with. We don’t have to struggle to keep the truth from this nation; they have willingly rejected it of their own volition. This nation is a pushover.” Our once-proud Republic of the United States of America became no more than a series of criminal front organizations, which history shows is always the start of totalitarianism. This is the stage of permanent alteration we were at in America as 1991 drew to a close. We live in a throw-away society, programmed not to last. We do not even flinch at the 4 million homeless nor the 30 million jobless, nor the 15 million babies murdered thus far. They are “throw-aways” of the Age of Aquarius, a conspiracy so damnable that, when first confronted with it, the majority will disavow its existence, rationalizing these events as “times have changed”. This is how the Tavistock Institute and Willis Harmon programmed us to react. Dismantling of our ideals goes on without protest. The spiritual and intellectual drive of our people has been destroyed! On May 27th, 1991, President Bush made a very profound statement, the thrust of which appears to have been totally misused by most political commentators: “The moral dimension of American policy requires us to chart a moral course through a world of lesser evils. That is the real world, not black-and-white; very few moral absolutes.” What else could we expect from a President who is most probably the most evil man ever to occupy the White House? Consider this in the light of his order to the military to bury alive 12,000 Iraqi soldiers. Consider this in the light of his ongoing war of genocide against the Iraqi people. President Bush was delighted to characterize President Saddam Hussein as the “Hitler of our times”. He never bothered to offer a single scrap of proof. It was not needed. Because President Bush made the statement, we accepted it without question. Consider this in the bright light of truth, that he did all of these things in the name of the American people, while secretly taking his orders from the Committee

of 300. But, more than anything else, consider this: President Bush and his controllers feel so secure that they no longer deem it necessary to hide their evil control of the American people, or to lie about it. This is self-evident in the statement that he, as our leader, will make all manner of compromises with truth, honesty and decency, if his controllers (and ours) deem it necessary. On May 27th, 1991, the President of the United States abandoned each and every principle embodied in our Constitution and boldly proclaimed that he was no longer bound by it. This is a great victory for the Tavistock Institute and the Prudential Bombing Survey, whose target changed from Germanworker housing in 1945 to the soul of the American people in a war that began in 1946 and runs through to 1992 [the date of this writing]. Increased pressure on this nation for change was applied by Stanford Research Institute in the early 1960s. SRI’s offensive gathered power and momentum. Switch on your television set and you will see Stanford’s victory in front of your very eyes: talk shows featuring heavy sexual details, special video channels where perversion, rock-androll and drugs reign supreme. Where once John Wayne ruled, we now have a made-over apology for a man (or is he?) called Michael Jackson, a parody of a human being who is held up as a hero, as he gyrates, shuffles, mumbles and screams his way across television screens in millions of American homes. A woman who has been through a series of marriages gets national coverage. One filthy, half-washed, drugridden, decadent rock band after another has hours of air time devoted to its inane sounds and mad gyrations, clothes fashions and language aberrations. Soap operas showing, as near as “dammit” is to [“damn it”], wearing pornographic scenes, draw no comment. Whereas in early 1960 this would never have been tolerated; today, it is accepted as normal. We have been subjected and we have succumbed to what Tavistock Institute calls “future shocks”—whose future is NOW—and we are so numbed by one cultural shock after another that to protest seems like a futile gesture and, therefore, logically we think, it does no good to protest. In 1986, the Committee of 300 ordered the pressure turned up. The U.S. was not going down fast enough. The United States began the process of “recognizing” the butchers of Cambodia, the criminal Pol Pot regime, selfconfessors to the murder of 2 million Cambodian citizens. In 1991, the wheel turned the full circle. The United States went to war against a friendly nation that had been programmed to trust the Washington traitors. We accused President Hussein of the small nation of Iraq of all manner of evil, NONE OF WHICH WAS EVEN REMOTELY TRUE. We killed and maimed its children; we left them to starve and to die of all manner of diseases. In the same breath, we sent the Bush emissaries of the Committee of 300 to Cambodia to RECOGNIZE THE EVIL MASS-MURDERERS OF 2 MILLION CAMBODIANS, who were sacrificed by the Committee of 300’s depopulation-of-cities experiment, which the big cities of the United States will experience in the not-too-distant future. Now, President Bush and his Committee of 300ridden administration say, in effect, “Look people, what do you want from me? I told you that I will compromise where I see fit, even when that means sleeping with the Pol Pot murderers. SO WHAT—KISS MY HIPS.” The level of pressure for change will reach its peak in 1993, and we shall witness scenes such as we would never have thought possible. Punch-drunk America will react, but ever so slightly. Not even the latest threat to our freedom,

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the personal computer card, disturbs us. Willis Harmon’s THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN would have been too technical for most, so the service of Marilyn Ferguson was obtained to make it more easily understood. THE AGE OF AQUARIUS heralded nude stage shows and a song which made the top of the charts: The Dawning of the Age of the Aquarius swept the globe. The personal computer card which, when fully distributed, will deprive us of our familiar environment and, as we shall see, environment means a lot more than the usually accepted meaning of the word. The United States has gone through a period of intense trauma such as has never been visited on any other nation in the history of the world, and the worst is yet to come. WHEN TRUTH IS NO LONGER SELF-EVIDENT Everything is going according to what Tavistock ordered and what the social scientists at Stanford (SRI) mapped out. Times do not change; they are made to change. All changes are preplanned and come as the result of careful action. We have been changed gradually, at first, but now the pace of change is picking up. The United States is being transformed from “One Nation Under God” to a polyglot of nations under several gods. The U.S. is no longer one nation under God. The framers of the Constitution have lost the battle. Our forebears spoke a common language and believed in a common religion, Christianity, and held common ideals. There were no aliens in our midst; that came later in a deliberately-planned attempt to break up the United States into a series of fragmented nationalities, cultures and beliefs. If you doubt this, go down to the East Side of New York, or the West Side of Los Angeles on any given Saturday and look around you. The United States has become several nations struggling to coexist under a common system of government. When the floodgates of immigration were opened wide by Franklin D. Roosevelt, a cousin of the head of the Committee of 300, the cultural shock caused great confusion and dislocation and made “One Nation” an unworkable concept. The Club of Rome and NATO have exacerbated the situation. “Love thy neighbor” is an ideal that will not work unless your neighbor “is as yourself”. To the framers of our Constitution, the truths they laid out for future generations were “self-evident”—to themselves. Being unsure that future generations would also find the truths to which they bound this nation selfevident, THEY SET ABOUT SPELLlNG THEM OUT. IT SEEMS THAT THEY WERE AFRAID OF A TIME THAT MIGHT COME WHEN THE TRUTHS THEY ESPOUSED WOULD NO LONGER BE SELF-EVIDENT. The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations has made sure that what the framers feared might come to pass has, indeed, come to pass. That time has arrived with Bush and his “no absolutes” and his New World Order under the Committee of 300. This is part of the concept of social changes forced upon Americans which Harmon and the Club of Rome said would make for severe trauma and a great building-up of pressure. The social upheavals that have taken place since the advent of Tavistock, the Club of Rome and NATO will continue in the U.S. for as long as the limit of absorption is ignored. Nations are made up of individuals and, like individuals, there is a limit to their ability to absorb changes, no matter how robust they may be. This psychological truth was well proven by the Strategic Bombing Survey, which called for saturation bombing of German-worker housing. As mentioned earlier,

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the project was the work of the Prudential Insurance Company, and no one doubts, today, that Germany suffered its defeat because of this operation. Many of the scientists who worked on that project are working on saturation bombing of America, or else they have passed on, leaving their skilled techniques in the hands of others who followed behind them. The legacy they left behind can be found in the fact that we have not so much lost our way as a nation, but that we have been steered in a direction opposite to that which the framers of the Declaration guided us for over 200 years. We have, in short, lost contact with our historical genes, our faith, which inspired countless generations of Americans to move forward as a nation, benefiting from the patrimony left to us by the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. That we are lost is clear to all who seek the truth, as unpleasant as it may be. With President Bush and his “no absolute morals” guiding us, we blunder ahead, as lost nations and individuals tend to do. We are collaborating with the Committee of 300 for our own downfall and our own enslavement. Some sense it—and feel a strong sense of unease. The various conspiracy theories they are familiar with do not seem to cover it all. This is because they know nothing of the Conspirators’ Hierarchy, The Committee of 300. These souls who feel a deep sense of unease and that something is radically wrong—yet cannot put their collective fingers on the problem—walk in darkness. They look to a future they see slipping away from them. The American Dream has become a mirage. They place their faith in religion but take no steps to help that faith along by ACTION. Americans will never experience a retracing of steps such as the Europeans experienced when at the height of the Dark Ages. By determined ACTlON, they awoke in themselves a spirit of renewal, which resulted in the glorious Renaissance. WHO IS THE ENEMY? The enemy that has directed them to this point, decided to make a strong move against the United States in 1980, so that Renaissance of America would be impossible. Who is the enemy? The enemy is no faceless “they”. The enemy is clearly identifiable as the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, NATO and all of its affiliated organizations, the think tanks and research institutions controlled by Tavistock. There is no need to use “they” or “the enemy”, except as shorthand. WE KNOW WHO “THEY”, THE ENEMY, IS. The Committee of 300, with its Eastern Liberal Establishment “aristocracy”, its banks, insurance companies, giant corporations, foundations, communications networks, presided over by a HIERARCHY OF CONSPIRATORS—THIS IS THE ENEMY. This is the power that brought to life the reign of terror in Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, the fall of Rhodesia, South Africa, Nicaragua and the Philippines. This is the secret, upperlevel government that brought into existence the controlled disintegration of the U.S. economy and deindustrialized what was once the greatest industrial power, for good, that the world had ever known. America today can be compared with a soldier who falls asleep in the thick of battle. We Americans have fallen asleep, given way to apathy caused by being confronted with a multplicity of choices, which has confused us. These are the changes that alter our environment—break down our resistance to change—so that

we become dazed, apathetic and, eventually, fall asleep in the thick of battle. There is a technical term for this condition. It is called “long-range-penetration strain”. The art of subjecting a very large group of people to continued long-rangepenetration strain was developed by scientists working out of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and their U. S. subsidiaries, Stanford Research and Rand Corporation, and at least another 150 research institutions here in the U.S. Dr. Kurt Lewin, the scientist who developed this fiendish warfare, has caused the average American patriot to fret over various conspiracy theories, leaving him or her with a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity, isolated and perhaps even afraid, as he searches, but fails to understand the decay and rot caused by THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN, unable to identify or combat the social, moral, economic and political changes he deems undesirable and does not want, yet which increase in intensity on every hand. Dr. Lewin’s name will not be found in any of our establishment history books, which, in any event, are a record of events mostly from the side of the ruling class or the victors of wars. Therefore, it is with pride that I introduce his name to you. As mentioned before, Dr. Lewin organized the Harvard Psychological Clinic and the Institute for Social Research—under the auspices of the Tavistock Institute. The names do not give much indication of the purpose of the two organizations. This reminds me of the infamous bill to reform coinage and mint laws passed in 1827. The title of the bill was harmless enough, or sounded harmless, which was the intention of its backers. Through this Act, Senator John Sherman betrayed the nation into the hands of the international bankers. Sherman allegedly sponsored the bill “without reading it”. As we know, the bill’s true purpose was to demonetize silver and give the thieving bankers unlimited power over the credit of our nation; powers to which the bankers were clearly not entitled under the clear and unmistakable terms of the U.S. Constitution. Kurt Lewin gave the Tavistock Institute, the Club of Rome and NATO unlimited power over America, to which no organization, entity or society is entitled. These institutions have used the usurped powers to destroy the will of the nation to resist the plans and intentions of the conspirators to rob us of the fruits of the American Revolution and steer us on a course leading directly to a New Dark Ages under a One World Government. Lewin’s colleagues in this long-range-penetration objective were Richard Crossman, Eric Trist, H. V. Dicks, Willis Harmon, Charles Anderson, Garner Lindsay, Richard Price and W. R. Bion. Again, these names never appear in the evening news; in fact, they only appear in scientific journals—so very few Americans are aware of them and not at all aware of what the men behind the names have done and are doing to the United States. President Jefferson once said he pitied those who thought they knew what was taking place through reading the newspaper. Disraeli, the British Prime Minister, said much the same thing. Indeed, down through the ages, rulers have delighted in running things from behind the scenes. Man has always felt the need to dominate, and nowhere and at no time is the desire more prevalent than in this modern era. If it were not so, why all the need for secret societies? If we are ruled by an open system run by democraticallyelected officials, why the need for a secret Masonic order in every village, town and city across the United States? How is it that Freemasonry can operate so openly and yet keep

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
its secrets so well hidden? We can’t ask the Nine Unknown Men of the Nine Sisters Lodge in Paris that question, nor can we ask it of their nine fellows in the Quatuar Coronati Lodge in London. Yet, these eighteen men form part of an even more secret government, the RIIA [Royal Institute for International Affairs], and beyond that, the Committee of 300. How is it that the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry could brainwash John Hinckley to shoot President Reagan? Why do we have such secret orders as the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, the Round Table, the Milner Group and so on down line-upon-line of secret societies? They form part of a worldwide chain of command and control running through the Club of Rome, NATO, the RIIA and, finally, right up to the Conspirators’ Hierarchy, The Committee of 300. Men need these secret societies because their deeds are evil and must be hidden. Evil cannot stand in the light of truth. In this book we shall find an almost complete list of the conspirators, their institutions, fronts and publications. In 1980, the Aquarian Conspiracy was in full swing, and its success can be seen in every facet of our private and national life. The overwhelming rise in mindless violence, serial killers, teenage suicides, the unmistakable signs of lethargy—“long-range penetration” is a part of our new environment, as dangerous [as], if not more than, the polluted air that we breathe. THE AGE OF AQUARIUS The coming of the Age of Aquarius caught America totally unprepared. We, as a nation, were not prepared for the changes about to be forced upon us. Who ever had heard of Tavistock, Kurt Lewin, Willis Harmon and John Rawlings Reese? They were not even on the American political scene. What we would have noticed, if we bothered to look at all, was a falling-off of our ability to withstand futuristic shock, as we became more fatigued and distressed and, eventually, entered a period of psychological shock—followed by widespread apathy—as an outward manifestation of long-range-penetration warfare. The Age of Aquarius was best described by Tavistock Institute as the vehicle for delivering turbulence: “There are three distinct phases in the response and reaction to stress displayed by large social groups. First, there is superficiality; the population under attack will defend itself with slogans; this does not identify the source of the crisis and therefore does nothing to address it, hence the crisis will persist. The second is fragmentation. This occurs as the crisis continues and social order breaks down. Then, there is the third phase, where the population group goes into ‘self realization’ and turns away from the induced crisis and there follows a maladaptive response, accompanied with active synoptic idealism and disassociation.” Who can deny that with the huge increase in drug usage—“crack” making thousands of instant new addicts each day—the shocking rise in the murder of infants each day (aborticide), which by now far exceeds casualties suffered by our armed forces in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam, the open acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism, whose “rights” are protected by more and more laws each year, the terrible plague we call “AIDS” washing over our towns and cities, total failure of our education system, the stunning increase in the divorce rate, a murder rate that shocks the rest of the world into disbelief, satanic serial killings, the disappearance of thousands of young children, snatched off our streets by perverts, a virtual tidal wave of pornography accompanied by “permissiveness” on

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
our television screens—who can deny that this nation is in crisis, which we are not addressing and from which we are turning away. Well-meaning people who specialize in these things blame a lot of the problem on education, or what passes for it in the United States. Criminals now abound in the age group 9-15. Rapists are quite commonly as young as 10. Our social specialists, our teacher’s unions, our churches say it is all due to a faulty education system. Witness how test scores keep dropping. The specialists bewail the fact that the United States now ranks around 39th in the level of education in the world. Why do we bemoan what is so obvious? OUR EDUCATlON SYSTEM WAS PROGRAMMED TO SELFDESTRUCT. THAT WAS WHAT DR. ALEXANDER KING WAS SENT HERE BY NATO TO ARRANGE. THAT IS WHAT JUSTICE HUGO BLACK WAS ORDERED TO ARRANGE. THE FACT IS, THE COMMITTEE OF 300, WITH THE APPROVAL OF OUR GOVERNMENT, DOES NOT WANT OUR YOUTH TO BE PROPERLY EDUCATED. The education that Freemason Justice Hugo Black, Alexander King, Gunnar Myrdal and his wife came to give the children of the United States is that CRIME PAYS, EXPEDIENCY IS WHAT COUNTS. They taught our children that United States law is unequally applied, and that is perfectly in order. Our children were properly educated by a decade of corrupt examples; Ronald Reagan and George Bush were ruled by greed and became totally corrupted by it. Our education system hasn’t failed. Under the guidance of King, Black and the Myrdals it is actually a great success, but it all depends from whose point of view we look at it. The Committee of 300 is DELIGHTED with our education system, and will not allow one comma of it to be changed. According to Stanford and Willis Harmon, the induced trauma of long-range penetration, of which our education is a part, has been going on for 45 years, yet how many are aware of the insidious pressures being applied to our society and the constant exposure to brainwashing that goes on every day? The mysterious gang wars that broke out in New York in the 1950s are examples of how the conspirators can create and stage-manage any type of disruptive elements they like. Where those gang wars came from nobody knew until the 1980s, when researchers uncovered the hidden controllers who directed the so-called “social phenomena”. GANG WARFARE Gang wars were carefully planned at Stanford, deliberately designed to shock society and cause ripples of disturbances. By 1958, there were in excess of 200 of these gangs. They were made popular by a musical and a Hollywood movie, West Side Story. After making the news for a decade, suddenly, in 1966, they disappeared off the streets of New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Chicago. Throughout the near decade of gang violence, the public reacted according to the profiled response Stanford expected; society as a whole could not comprehend gang warfare, and the public responded in a maladaptive manner. Had there been those wise enough to recognize in gang wars a Stanford experiment in social engineering and brainwashing, the conspirators’ plot would have been exposed. Either we did not have trained specialists who could see what was going on—which is highly unlikely— or else they were threatened and remained silent. The cooperation with Stanford by the news media brought to

light a “new age” attack on our environment, just as predicted by the social engineers and new-science scientists at Tavistock. In 1989, gang warfare, as a social conditioning to change, was reintroduced to the streets of Los Angeles. Within a few short months of the first incidents, gangs began to proliferate—first in the scores, then in the hundreds, on the streets of the East Side of Los Angeles. Crack houses and rampant prostitution proliferated; drug dealers dominated the streets. Anybody who got in their way was gunned down. The outcry in the press was loud and long. Stanford’s targeted, large-population group began defending itself with slogans. This is what Tavistock called the first phase, with the targeted group failing to identify the source of the crisis. The second phase of the gang-war crisis was “fragmentation”. People not living in the areas frequented by gangs said, “Thank God they are not in our neighborhood.” This ignored the fact that the crisis continued with or without recognition, and that social order in Los Angeles had begun to break down. As profiled by Tavistock, those groups not affected by gang war, “broke away to defend themselves”, because the source of the crisis was not identified, the so called “maladaptation” process— the period of disassociation. Apart from the proliferation of drug sales, what is the purpose of gang wars? First, it is to show the targeted group that they are not safe, i.e., insecurity is generated. Secondly, it is to show that organized society is helpless in the face of such violence and, thirdly, to bring about recognition of the fact that our social order is collapsing. The present wave of gang violence will go away just as quickly as it started, once the three phases of the Stanford program are completed. THE BEATLES An outstanding example of social conditioning to accept change, even when it is recognized as unwelcome change by the large population group in the sights of Stanford Research Institute, was the “advent” of the BEATLES. The Beatles were brought to the United States as part of a social experiment, which would subject large population groups to brainwashing, of which they were not even aware. When Tavistock brought the Beatles to the United States, nobody could have imagined the cultural disaster that was to follow in their wake. The Beatles were an integral part of THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, a living organism which sprang From THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN, URH (489)-2150-Policy Research Report No. 4/ 4/74; Policy Report prepared by SRI Center for the study of Social Policy, Director, Professor Willis Harmon. The phenomenon of the Beatles was not a spontaneous rebellion by youth against the old social system. Instead, it was a carefully-crafted plot to introduce by a conspiratorial body, which could not be identified, a highly destructive and divisive element into a large population group targeted for change—against its will. New words and new phrases—prepared by Tavistock—were introduced to America along with the Beatles. Words such as “rock” in relation to music sounds, “teenager”, “cool”, “discovered” and “pop music” were a lexicon of disguised code-words, signifying the acceptance of drugs, and arrived with and accompanied the Beatles wherever they went, to be “discovered” by “teenagers”. Incidentally, the word “teenagers” was never used until just before the Beatles arrived on the scene, courtesy of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.

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As in the case of gang wars, nothing could or would have been accomplished without the cooperation of the media, especially the electronic media and, in particular, the scurrilous Ed Sullivan, who had been coached by the conspirators as to the role he was to play. Nobody would have paid much attention to the motley crew from Liverpool and the 12-atonal system of “music” that was to follow, had it not been for an overabundance of press exposure. The 12-atonal system consisted of heavy, repetitive sounds, taken from the music of the cult of Dionysus and the Baal priesthood by Adorno and given a “modern” flavor by this special friend of the Queen of England and, hence, the Committee of 300. Tavistock and its Stanford Research Center [Institute] created trigger words, which then came into general usage around “rock music” and its fans. Trigger-words created a distinct, new, break-away, largely young, population group which was persuaded by social engineering and conditioning to believe that the Beatles really were their favorite group. All trigger words devised in the context of “rock music” were designed for mass control of the new targeted group, the youth of America. The Beatles did a perfect job, or perhaps it would be more correct to say that Tavistock and Stanford did a perfect job, the Beatles merely reacting like trained robots “with a little help from their friends”—code words for using drugs and making it “cool”. The Beatles became a highly visible “new type”—more Tavistock jargon—and, as such, it was not long before the group made new styles (fads in clothing, hairstyles and language usage) which upset the older generation, as was intended. This was part of the “fragmentation-maladaptation” process worked out by Willis Harmon and his team of social scientists and geneticengineering tinkerers and put into action. The role of the print and electronic media in our society is crucial to the success of brainwashing large population groups. Gang wars ended in Los Angeles in 1966 as the media withdrew its coverage. The same thing will happen with the current wave of gang wars in Los Angeles. Street gangs will wither on the vine once media saturation coverage is toned down and then completely withdrawn. As in 1966, the issue would become “burned out”. Street gangs will have served their purpose of creating turbulence and insecurity. Exactly the same pattern will be followed in the case of “rock” music. Deprived of media attention, it will eventually take its place in history. Following the Beatles who, incidentally, were put together by the Tavistock Institute, came other “Made in England” rock groups which, like the Beatles, had Theo Adorno write their cult lyrics and compose all the “music”. I hate to use these beautiful words in the context of “Beatlemania”; it reminds me of how wrongly the word “lover” is used when referring to the filthy interaction between two homosexuals writhing in pigswill. To call “rock”, music, is an insult; likewise is the language used in “rock lyrics” [insulting]. PHASE TWO Tavistock and Stanford Research then embarked on the second phase of the work commissioned by the Committee of 300. This new phase turned up the heat for social change in America. As quickly as the Beatles had appeared on the American scene so, too, did the “beat generation”, trigger words designed to separate and fragment society. The media now focused its attention on the “beat generation”. Other Tavistock-coined words came seemingly out of nowhere: “beatniks”, “hippies” and “flower children”

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became part of the vocabulary of America. It became popular to “drop out” and wear dirty jeans, go about with long, unwashed hair. The “beat generation” cut itself off from mainstream America. They became just as infamous as the cleaner Beatles before them. The newly-created group and its “lifestyle” swept millions of young Americans into the cult. American youth underwent a radical revolution, without ever being aware of it, while the older generation stood by helplessly, unable to identify the source of the crisis, and thus reacting in a maladaptive manner against its manifestation, which were drugs of all types, marijuana, and later Lysergic Acid, “LSD”, so conveniently provided for them by the Swiss pharmaceutical company, SANDOZ, following the discovery by one of its chemists, Albert Hoffman, how to make synthetic ergotamine, a powerful mind-altering drug. The Committee of 300 financed the project through one of their banks, S.C. Warburg, and the drug was carried to America by the philosopher, Aldous Huxley. The new “wonder drug” was promptly distributed in “sample”-size packages, handed out free of charge on college campuses across the United States and at “rock” concerts, which became the leading vehicle for proliferating the use of drugs. The question that cries out for an answer is, what was the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) doing at the time? There is compelling circumstantial evidence that would appear to indicate that the DEA knew what was going on but was ordered not to take any action. With very substantial numbers of new British “rock” bands arriving in the U.S., rock concerts began to become a fixture on the social calendar of American youth. In tandem with these “concerts”, the use of drugs among the youth rose in proportion. The devilish bedlam of discordant heavy-beat sounds numbed the minds of listeners, so that they were easily persuaded to try the new drug on the basis that “everybody is doing it”. Peer pressure is a very strong weapon. The “new culture” received maximum coverage from the jackal media, which cost the conspirators not one single thin dime. Great anger was felt by a number of civic leaders and churchmen over the new cult, but their energies were misdirected against the RESULT of what was going on and not against the CAUSE. Critics of the rock cult made the same mistakes that had been made in the prohibition era: They criticized law-enforcement agencies, teachers, parents—anybody but the conspirators. Because of the anger and resentment I feel toward the great drug plague, I make no apology for using language which is not customary for me to use. One of the worst drug slobs ever to walk the streets of America was Alan Ginsberg. This Ginsberg pushed the use of LSD through advertising, which cost him nothing, although under normal circumstances it would have cost millions of dollars in TV advertising revenues. This free advertising for drugs, and LSD in particular, reached a new high in the late 1960s, thanks to the ever-willing cooperation of the media. The effect of Ginsberg’s mass-advertising campaign was devastating; the American public was subjected to one cultural future shock after another in rapid succession. We became over-exposed and over-stimulated and, again, may I remind you that this is Tavistock jargon, lifted from the Tavistock training manual, overwhelmed by its new development and, when we reached that point, our minds began to lapse into apathy; it was just too much to cope with, that is to say, “long-range penetration had taken hold of us”. Ginsberg claimed to be a poet, but no greater rubbish was ever written by anyone who ever aspired to becoming a poet. Ginsberg’s designated task had little to do with poetry; his main function was to push the new

subculture and force acceptance of it upon the large, targeted, population group. To assist him in his task, Ginsberg coopted the services of Norman Mailer, a writer of sorts who had spent some time in a mental institution. Mailer was a favorite of the leftwing Hollywood crowd and so had no problem with getting maximum television time for Ginsberg. Naturally, Mailer had to have a pretext—not even he could blatantly come out with the true nature of Ginsberg’s television appearances. So, a charade was adopted: Mailer would talk “seriously” on camera with Ginsberg about poetry and literature. This method of getting wide television coverage at no cost to themselves was followed by every rock group and concert promoter who followed the example set by Ginsberg. The electronic media moguls had big hearts when it came to giving free time to these dirty, verminous creatures and their even dirtier products and filthy ideas. Their promotion of horrible garbage spoke volumes and, without abundant help from the print and electronic media, the drug trade could not have spread as rapidly as it did in the late 1960s-early 1970s, and probably would have been confined to a few, small, local areas. Ginsberg was able to give several nationally-televised performances extolling the virtues of LSD and marijuana, under the guise of “new ideas” and “new cultures” developing in the art and music world. Not to be outdone by the electronic media, Ginsberg’s admirers wrote glowing articles about “this colorful man” in the art and social columns of all of America’s largest newspapers and magazines. There had never been such an across-themedia-board, free, advertising campaign in the history of newspaper, radio and television, and it cost the promoters of the Aquarian Conspiracy, NATO and the Club of Rome not one red cent. [END QUOTING] With John Coleman’s excellent background in place, it becomes a lot easier to understand how, next, the MILITARY would take up the use of mind-control weapons; first, against an external enemy in the “Gulf War” (which is NOT yet over, as we know) and then, horribly, against the population-at-large—all, again, to further the agenda of the Satanic Power-Elite. We quote next from an article written by Judy Wall for Nexus magazine’s October/November 1998 issue, on the topic of “Military Use of Mind-Control Weapons”. (Note that the author writes in “English”, as opposed to “American English”, so some spelling might seem a little unconventional.) [QUOTING:] MILITARY USE OF MIND-CONTROL WEAPONS “Governments deny the existence of military devices that can alter brain waves and emotions, and so they have no official controls over how these technologies are deployed.” For years, rumours have persisted that the United States Department of Defence has been engaged in research and development of ultra-sophisticated, mind-altering technology. Confirmation of this came to me recently in the form of two ITV News Bureau Ltd (London) wire-service bulletins. The March 23, 1991 news-brief, High-Tech Psychological Warfare Arrives in the Middle East, describes a U.S. Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) tactic directed against Iraqi troops in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm. The manoeuvre consisted of a system in which subliminal, mind-altering technology was carried on

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
standard radio-frequency broadcasts. The March 26, 1991 news-brief states that among the standard military-planning groups in the centre of U.S. war-planning operations at Riyadh was “an unbelievable and highly-classified Psy-Ops program, utilising ‘silent sound’ techniques”. The opportunity to use this method occurred when Saddam Hussein’s military command-and-control system was destroyed. The Iraqi troops were then forced to use commercial FM radio stations to carry encoded commands, which were broadcast on the 100-MHz frequency. The U.S. Psy-Ops team set up its own portable FM transmitter, utilising the same frequency, in the deserted city of Al Khafji. This U.S. transmitter overpowered the local Iraqi station. Along with patriotic and religious music, Psy-Ops transmitted “vague, confusing and contradictory military orders and information”. Subliminally, a much more powerful technology was at work: a sophisticated electronic system to speak directly to the mind of the listener, to alter and entrain his brainwaves, to manipulate his brain’s electroencephalographic (EEG) patterns and artificially implant negative emotional states—feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness. This subliminal system doesn’t just tell a person to feel an emotion, it makes them feel it; it implants that emotion in their minds. I noticed that the ITV wire service was from outside the United States. Readers of Resonance may recall that in the Electromagnetic Weapons Timeline in issue no. 29, reference is made to the documentary video, Waco: The Big Lie Continues, which contained video footage of three EM weapons. This segment of the film was from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). I wondered if there was any significance to this. At the library, I pulled up back issues of my local newspaper for the same time-period of the Gulf War to see what the American wire services had said, if anything, about the use of this special Psy-Ops weapon. There was nothing said about it directly, but three news articles seemed related. In a news release from Associated Press during the same time-frame of the Gulf War truce, I read: “The American pilot who shot down the second Iraqi warplane in 45 hours said Friday that continued Iraqi flights suggested that U.S. warnings were not filtering down to Iraqi pilots…He said he hopes Saddam gets the message now. It’s really too bad that these people have to die for their unwillingness to heed our warnings…‘What I really think is, they don’t communicate down to the people,’ he said. ‘If they have a communications problem, I suggest they fix it.’” That may have been coincidence, but two earlier news articles, dated March 1, 1991, apparently have a common origin with the ITV news bulletin. The first article tells us that approximately 100 members of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division, fluent in Arabic, talked the enemy into surrendering. These soldiers rode in the Apache helicopter gunships that were involved in the longest helicopter-borne assault in history. They told the Iraqi troops that they would be slaughtered if they didn’t give up. “They got the point,” one soldier is quoted as saying. This all sounds very unremarkable, except when you read the editor’s note: “The following dispatch was subject to U.S. military censorship.” Now why would they want to censor such a mundane tactic, except out of embarrassment that the U.S. Army fighting forces had fallen to the level of a cheer-leading squad (?)—in which case they would have nixed the thing entirely. But upon rereading the article, we may pick out certain key phrases (emphasised in

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
italics): “He (the soldier interviewed) was one of dozens of Arabic speakers that played a key role in the allied ground attack against Iraq, and part of an attempt by the U.S. Army to use finesse, intelligence work and tactics to complement brute strength.” If we fill in the missing blanks with such descriptions as “the megaphone was used to direct psycho-acoustic frequencies that engaged the neural networks of the enemy’s brain, causing him to think any thought and feel any emotion that the Americans chose to lay on him,” then it starts to make sense. And it would no longer seem so surprising that one soldier could talk 450 enemy soldiers into surrendering. The possibilities are there and, as the next article documents, that is exactly what happened. Iraqi troops gave up, en masse. We quote: “They were surrendering in droves, almost too fast for us to keep up with...”; “...two Iraqi majors, both brigade commanders, who gave up their entire units...”; and “ of them gave up to an RPV (remotely-piloted vehicle). Here’s this guy with his hands up, turning in a circle to give himself up to a model aeroplane with a camera in it.” Irrational? Not if there was also a voice being beamed into his head from that little flying toy, saying, “Give up, give up!” Otherwise, how do we account for the editor’s note at the beginning of the article: “The following is based on pool dispatches that were subject to military censorship.” Without that note, we could smugly think that the Iraqi soldiers were cowards or crazy, but why censor that idea? MIND CONTROL WITH SILENT SOUNDS The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology: the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS sometimes called “S-quad” or “Squad”). It was developed by Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia and is described in Patent #5,159,703, “Silent Subliminal Presentation System”, dated October 27, 1992. The abstract for the patent reads: “A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio-frequency range, or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude-or frequency-modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly, in real-time, or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.” According to literature by Silent Sounds, Inc., it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyse human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these “emotion signal clusters” on another computer and, at will, “silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being”. Silent Sounds, Inc. states that it is interested only in positive emotions, but the military is not so limited. That this is a U.S. Department of Defence project is obvious. Edward Tilton, President of Silent Sounds, Inc., says this about S-quad in a letter dated December 13, 1996: “All schematics, however, have been classified by the Government and we are not allowed to reveal the exact detail...we make tapes and CDs for the German Government, even former Soviet Union countries! All with the permission of the State Department, of course...The system was used throughout Operation Desert Storm (Iraq)

quite successfully.” The graphic illustration, “Induced Alpha to Theta Biofeedback Cluster Movement”, which accompanies the literature, is labeled “#AB116-394-95 UNCLASSIFIED” and is an output from “the world’s most versatile and most sensitive electroencephalograph (EEG) machine”. It has a gain capability of 200,000, as compared to other EEG machines in use, which have gain capability of approximately 50,000. It is software-driven by the “fastest of computers” using a noise-nulling technology similar to that used by nuclear submarines for detecting small objects underwater at extreme range. The purpose of all this high technology is to plot and display a moving cluster of periodic brainwave signals. The illustration shows an EEG display from a single individual, taken off of left and right hemispheres simultaneously. The read-outs from the two sides of the brain appear to be quite different but, in fact, are the same (discounting normal leftright brain variations). CLONING THE EMOTIONS By using these computer-enhanced EEGs, scientists can identify and isolate the brain’s low-amplitude emotion signature clusters, synthesise them and store them on another computer. In other words, by studying the subtle, characteristic, brainwave patterns that occur when a subject experiences a particular emotion, scientists have been able to identify the concomitant brainwave pattern and can now duplicate it. “These clusters are then placed on the Silent Sound carrier frequencies and will silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being!” SYSTEM DELIVERY AND APPLICATIONS There is a lot more involved here than a simple subliminal sound system. There are numerous patented technologies, which can be piggybacked individually or collectively onto a carrier frequency to elicit all kinds of effects. There appear to be two methods of delivery with the system. One is direct microwave induction into the brain of the subject, limited to short-range operations. The other, as described above, utilises ordinary radio and television carrier frequencies. Far from necessarily being used as a weapon against a person, the system does have limitless positive applications. However, the fact that the sounds are subliminal makes them virtually undetectable and possibly dangerous to the general public. In more conventional use, the Silent Sounds Subliminal System might utilise voice commands, e.g., as an adjunct to security systems. Beneath the musical broadcast that you hear in stores and shopping malls may be a hidden message which exhorts against shoplifting. And, while voice commands alone are powerful, when the subliminal presentation system carries cloned emotional signatures, the result is overwhelming. Free-market uses for this technology are the common self-help tapes; positive affirmation, relaxation and meditation tapes; as well as methods to increase learning capabilities. In a medical context, these systems can be used to great advantage to treat psychiatric and psychosomatic problems. As a system for remediating the profoundly deaf, it is unequalled. (Promises, promises. This is the most common positive use touted for this technology

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over the past 30 years. But the deaf are still deaf, and the military now has a weapon to use on unsuspecting people with perfectly normal hearing.) OFFICIAL DENIALS In fact, the U.S. Government has denied or refused to comment on mind-altering weapons for years. Only last year, U.S. News and World Report ran an article titled “Wonder Weapons”—basically a review of the new so-called “non-lethal” or “less-than-lethal” weapons. Not one word about S-quad, although the technology had been used six years earlier! Excerpts from the article read: “Says Charles Bernard, a former Navy weapons-research director: “I have yet to see one of these ray-gun things that actually works...”; and...“DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) has come to us every few years to see if there are ways to incapacitate the central nervous system remotely,” Dr. F. Terry Hambrecht, head of the Neural Prostheses Program at NIH, told U.S. News, ‘but nothing has ever come of it,’ he said. ‘That is too science-fiction and far-fetched.’” It may sound “science fiction and far-fetched” but it is not. However, that is just what the powers-that-be want you to believe, so as to leave them alone in their relentless pursuit of—what? The idea behind non-lethal weapons is to incapacitate the enemy without actually killing them or, in the case of riot control or hostage situations, to disable the participants without permanent injury, preferably without their knowing it. The electromagnetic mind-altering technologies would all fall into this class of weapons but, since they are all officially non-existent, who is to decide when and where they will be used? And why should selected companies in the entertainment industry reportedly be allowed access to this technology, when the very fact of its existence is denied to the general public? As recently as last month (February 1999), this stonewall approach of total denial or silence on the subject still held fast, even toward committees of the U.S. Congress! The Joint Economics Committee, chaired by Jim Saxton (R-NJ), convened on February 25, 1998 for the “Hearing on Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation: Potential Impact on the Economy”. Invited testimony included statements by several authorities from the military: Dr. Alan Kehs, of the U.S. Army Laboratories, discussed the overall RF threat. Mr. James O’Bryon, Deputy Director of Operational Testing and Director of live-fire testing for the Office of Secretary of Defence at the Pentagon, discussed the role of Live-Fire Testing and how it plays a role in testing military equipment with RF weapons. Mr. David Schriner, Principal Engineer of Directed Energy Studies with Electronic Warfare Associates, and recently retired as an engineer with a naval weaponstesting facility, talked about the difficulty in building an RF weapon and about the terrorist threat. Dr. Ira Merritt, Chief of Concepts Identification and Applications Analysis Division, Advanced Technology Directorate, Missile Defence and Space Technology Centre, Huntsville, Alabama, discussed the proliferation of RF weapons primarily from the former Soviet Union. Although these statements gave information of technical interest, they are perhaps more important for the information they did not give: information on the existence of radio-frequency weapons that directly affect

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the human brain and nervous system. KGB PSYCHOTRONICS This technology did not spring up overnight. It has a long history of development and denials of development—by the U.S. Government, and probably half of the other governments of the world, as well. We know that the former Soviet Union was actively engaged in this type of research. In a previous article we reported that, during the 1970s, the Soviet KGB developed a Psychotronic Influence System (PIS) that was used to turn soldiers into programmable “human weapons”. The system employed a combination of highfrequency radio waves and hypnosis. The PIS project was begun in response to a similar training scheme launched in the U.S. by President Carter, according to Yuri Malin, former security adviser to USSR President Gorbachev. In my Electromagnetic Weapons Timeline I covered a period of 60 years of interest and development in EM weapons—information gathered from the many articles and news clippings sent in by readers of Resonance. In my article on synthetic telepathy, I traced the development of the “voice-in-your-head” technology dating back to 1961, all my references coming from the open scientific literature. POWER OF THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Jan Wiesemann has written an apt description of the situation which now exists in the United States, about the “forces-that-be” and how the situation came about: “During the Cold War, the United States not only engaged in a relatively open nuclear-arms race with the Soviet Union but also engaged in a secret race developing unconventional weapons. As the intelligence agencies (which prior to the Second World War had merely played a supporting role within the government) continued to increase their power, so did the funds spent on developing techniques designed to outsmart each other. “And, as the U.S. intelligence community began to grow, a secret culture sprang about which enabled the intelligence players to implement the various developed techniques to cleverly circumvent the democratic processes and institutions... “Like many other democracies, the U.S. Government is made up of two basic parts, the elected constituency, i.e., the various governors, judges, congressmen and the President; and the unelected bureaucracies, as represented by the numerous federal agencies. “In a well-balanced and correctly-functioning democracy, the elected part of the government is in charge of its unelected bureaucratic part, giving the people a real voice in the agenda set by their government. “While a significant part of the U.S. Government no doubt follows this democratic principle, a considerable portion of the U.S. Government operates in complete secrecy and follows its own, unaccountable agenda which, unacknowledged, very often is quite different from the public agenda.” Jan goes on to quote one of the United States’ most popular war heroes, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who served as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces during World War II and was later elected 34th President of the United States. In his farewell address to the nation in 1961,

President Eisenhower said: “We have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this, three-and-a-half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations. “This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence—economic, political, even spiritual—is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. “In the councils or government, we must guard against acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, in the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or our democratic processes.” INTERNATIONAL CONCERNS OVER NEW WEAPONS The United Nations was established in 1945, with the aim of “saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war”. In 1975, the General Assembly considered a draft first proposed by the Soviet Union: “Prohibition of the Development and Manufacture of New Types of Weapons of Mass Destruction and New Systems of Such Weapons”. In 1979, the Soviet Union added a list of some types of potential weapons of mass destruction: 1) Radiological weapons (using radioactive materials) which could produce harmful effects similar to those of a nuclear explosion; 2) Particle-beam weapons, based on charged or neutral particles, to affect biological targets; 3) Infrasonic acoustic-radiation weapons; 4) Electromagnetic weapons, operating at certain radio-frequency radiations [sic], which could have injurious effects on human organs. In response, the U.S. and other Western nations stalled. They gave a long, convoluted reason, but the result was the same. In an article entitled Non-Lethal Weapons May Violate Treaties, the author notes that the Certain Conventional Weapons Convention covers many of the non-conventional weapons—“those that utilize infrasound or electromagnetic energy (including lasers, microwave or radio-frequency radiation, or visible light pulsed at brainwave frequency) for their effects”. Harlan Girard, Managing Director of the International Committee Against Offensive Microwave Weapons, told me he believes the strategy behind the government’s recent push for less-than-lethal weapons is a subterfuge. The ones that are now getting all the publicity are put up for scrutiny to get the public’s approval. The electromagnetic mind-altering technologies are not mentioned but would be brought in later under the umbrella of less-than-lethal weapons. These weapons were recently transferred from the Department of Defence over to the Department of Justice. Why? Because there are several international treaties that specifically limit or exclude weapons of this nature from being used in international warfare. In other words, weapons that are barred from

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
use against our country’s worst enemies (notwithstanding the fact that the U.S. did use this weapon against Iraqi troops!) can now be used against our own citizens by the local police departments against such groups as peaceful protesters of U.S. nuclear policies. TOWARDS GLOBAL MIND CONTROL The secrecy involved in the development of the electromagnetic mind-altering technology reflects the tremendous power that is inherent in it. To put it bluntly, whoever controls this technology can control the minds of men—all men. There is evidence that the U.S. Government has plans to extend the range of this technology to envelop all peoples, all countries. This can be accomplished—is being accomplished—by utilising the nearly-completed HAARP project for overseas areas and the GWEN network now in place in the U.S. The U.S. Government denies all this. Dr. Michael Persinger is a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada. You have met him before in the pages of Resonance where we reported on his findings that strong electromagnetic fields can affect a person’s brain. “Temporal lobe stimulation,” he said, “can evoke the feeling of a presence, disorientation and perceptual irregularities. It can activate images stored in the subject’s memory, including nightmares and monsters that are normally suppressed.” Dr. Persinger wrote an article a few years ago, titled On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms. The abstract reads: “Contemporary neuroscience suggests the existence of fundamental algorithms by which all sensory transduction is translated into an intrinsic, brain-specific code. Direct stimulation of these codes within the human temporal or limbic cortices by applied electromagnetic patterns may require energy levels which are within the range of both geomagnetic activity and contemporary communication networks. A process which is coupled to the narrow band of brain temperature could allow all normal human brains to be affected by a subharmonic whose frequency range, at about 10 Hz, would only vary by 0.1 Hz.” He concludes the article with this: “Within the last two decades, a potential has emerged which was improbable, but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species, without mediation through classical sensory modalities, by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed. “The historical emergence of such possibilities, which have ranged from gunpowder to atomic fission, has resulted in major changes in the social evolution that occurred inordinately quickly after the implementation. Reduction of the risk of the inappropriate application of these technologies requires the continued and open discussion of their realistic feasibility and implications within the scientific and public domain.” It doesn’t get any plainer than that. And we do not have open discussion, because the U.S. Government has totally denied the existence of this technology. Acknowledgements: I would like to give special thanks to: Jan Wiesemann for sending the Silent Sounds statement and patents, which were the keystone of this

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
article; Mike Coyle, whose computer search turned up many more related patents; Harlan Girard, who has provided numerous official government documents; and to the many who have provided news clippings and articles, moral and financial support to Resonance, without which we’d have ceased publication long ago. About the Author: Judy Wall is Editor and Publisher of Resonance, the Newsletter of the Bioelectromagnetics Special Interest Group. TECHNOLOGY TO BOGGLE YOUR MIND This is a listing of various technologies available which can be combined for use in direct or subliminal mindcontrol systems. Please note that these are mainly private inventions, intended for positive uses, but could be applied for negative purposes as well. We have no idea what the government may have in classified research. [Ed: This listing has been considerably edited due to space considerations.] • Silent Subliminal Presentation System, U.S. Patent #5,159,703, Oliver Lowery, October 27, 1992. A silent communications system in which non-aural carriers in the very low or very high audio-frequency range, or in the adjacent ultrasonic-frequency spectrum, are amplitudemodulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement into the brain. • Hearing System, U.S. Patent #4,877,027, Wayne Brunkan, October 31, 1989. A method for directly inducing sound into the head of a person, using microwaves in the range of 100 MHz to 10,000 MHz, modulated with a waveform of frequency-modulated bursts. • Psycho-Acoustic Projector, U.S. Patent #3,568,347, Andrew Flanders, February 23, 1971. A system for producing aural psychological disturbances and partial deafness in the enemy during combat situations. • Noise Generator and Transmitter, U.S. Patent #4,034,741, Guy Adams and Jess Carden, Jr, July 12, 1977. An analgesic noise-generator. • Method and System for Altering Consciousness, U.S. Patent #5,123,899, James Gall, June 23, 1992. A system for altering the states of human consciousness involving the use of simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferably sounds, having differing frequencies. • Subliminal Message Generator, U.S. Patent #5,270,800, Robert Sweet, December 14, 1993. A combined subliminal and supraliminal message generator for use with a television receiver; permits complete control of subliminal messages and their presentation. Also applicable to cable television and computers. • Superimposing Method and Apparatus Useful for Subliminal Messages, U.S. Patent #5,134,484, Joseph Wilson, July 28, 1992. Method of Changing a Person’s Behaviour. • U.S. Patent #4,717,343, Alan Densky, January 5, 1988. A method of conditioning a person’s unconscious mind in order to effect desired change in the person’s behaviour, and which does not require the services of a trained therapist. Auditory Subliminal Message System and Method. • U.S. Patent #4,395,600, Rene Lundy and David Tyler, July 26, 1983. An amplitude-controlled subliminal message may be mixed with background music. • Auditory Subliminal Programming System, U.S. Patent #4,777,529, Richard Schultz and Raymond Dolejs, October 11, 1988. • Apparatus for Inducing Frequency Reduction in Brain Wave, U.S. Patent #4,834,70l, Kazumi Masaki,

May 30, 1989. • Ultrasonic Speech Translator and Communication System, U.S. Patent #5,539,705, M. A. Akerman, Curtis Ayers, Howard Haynes, July 23, 1996. A wireless communication system, undetectable by radio-frequency methods, for converting audio signals, including human voice, to electronic signals in the ultrasonic-frequency range, transmitting the ultrasonic signal by way of acoustic-pressure waves across a carrier medium, including gases, liquids and solids, and reconverting the ultrasonic acoustic-pressure waves back to the original audio signal. This invention was made with government support under Contract DE-ACO5-840R2l400, awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy to Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. • Non-Audible Speech Generation Method and Apparatus, U.S. Patent #4,821,326, Norman MacLeod, April 11, 1989. • Apparatus for Electrophysiological Stimulation, U.S. Patent #4,227,516, Bruce Meland and Bernard Gindes, October 14, 1980. • Method and Recording for Producing Sounds and Messages to Achieve Alpha and Theta Brainwave States and Positive Emotional States in Humans, U.S. Patent #5,352,181, Mark Davis, October 4, l994. • Method and Apparatus for Translating the EEG into Music to Induce and Control Various Psychological and Physiological States and to Control a Musical Instrument, U.S. Patent #4,883,067, Knispel et. al., November 28, 1989. • Method of and Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness, U.S. Patent #5,356,368, Robert Monroe, October 18, 1994. Improved methods and apparatus for entraining human brain patterns, employing frequency-following-response (FFR) techniques and facilitating attainment of desired states of consciousness. • Method of Inducing Mental, Emotional and Physical States of Consciousness, including Specific Mental Activity, in Human Beings, U.S. Patent #5,213,562, Robert Monroe, May 25, 1993. • Device for the Induction of Specific Brain Wave Patterns, U.S. Patent #4,335,710, John Williamson, June 22, 1982. Brainwave patterns associated with relaxed and meditative states in a subject are gradually induced without deleterious chemical or neurologic side effects. • Method and Apparatus for Repetitively Producing a Noise-like Audible Signal, U.S. Patent #4,191,175, William Nagle, March 4, 1980. • Apparatus for the Treatment of Neuropsychic and Somatic Diseases with Heat, Light, Sound and VHF Electromagnetic Radiation, U.S. Patent #3,773,049, L. Y. Rabichev, V. F. Vasiliev, A. S. Putilin, T. G. Ilina, P. V. Raku and L. P. Kemitsky, November 20, 1973. (Don’t let the nice title fool you. This is the patent for LIDA, the infamous Soviet brainwashing machine.) • Non-Invasive Method and Apparatus for Modulating Brain Signals through an External Magnetic or Electric Field to Reduce Pain, U.S. Patent #4,889,526, Elizabeth Rauscher and William Van Bise, December 26, 1989. • Nervous System Excitation Device, U.S. Patent #3,393,279, Gillis Patrick Flanagan, July 16, 1968. A method of transmitting audio information via a radio frequency signal modulated with the audio info through electrodes placed on the subject’s skin, causing the sensation of hearing the audio information in the brain. • Method and System for Simplifying Speech Waveforms, U.S. Patent #3,647,970, G. Patrick Flanagan, March 7, 1972. A complex speech waveform is simplified so that it can be transmitted directly through

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earth or water as a waveform and understood directly or after amplification. • Means for Aiding Hearing, U.S. Patent #2,995,633, Henry Puharich and Joseph Lawrence, August 8, 1961. Means for converting audible signals to electrical signals and conveying them to viable nerves of the facial system. • Means for Aiding Hearing by Electrical Stimulation of the Facial Nerve System, U.S. Patent #3,170,993, Henry Puharich, February 23, 1965. • Hearing Device, U.S. Patent #4,858,612, Philip Stocklin, August 22, 1989. A method and apparatus for simulation of hearing in mammals by introduction of a plurality of microwaves into the regions of the auditory cortex. [END QUOTING] The next writing comes from no lesser authority than Commander Hatonn, as He comments, in January 1995, on a well-researched article that had previously appeared in Youth Action News, edited by C.B. Baker. This writing is from the Foreword to Journal #120, which remains unpublished at this time. [QUOTING, Commander Hatonn, from the Foreword to Journal #120:] I believe this writing comes from YOUTH ACTION NEWS in Alexandria, VA; (but we cannot be sure because it first comes from other documentation), P.O. Box 312, Alexandria, Virginia 22313. Now some will tell you that Youth Action News is nothing but a ragsheet of fear-mongering or a “tool of the Elite” and thus and so. Who cares? Truth is truth—and the Elite WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW STRONG THEY ARE—SO THAT YOU MEET YOUR ENSLAVEMENT WITHOUT INCIDENT. It matters not a whit on “whose side” the truth is presented. YOU HAD BETTER PAY ATTENTION. [QUOTING:] GWEN TOWER VLF NETWORK FOR SOFTENING-UP THE PATRIOTIC RESISTANCE NOW IN FULL OPERATION The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) was begun in the 1980s by the U.S. Government. The system was allegedly designed for the purpose of maintaining defense communications in case of a nuclear war. However, the entire network is highly vulnerable to destruction from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by a high-altitude nuclear explosion, according to Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., (co-author of THE BODY ELECTRIC and author of CROSSCURRENTS: The Perils of Electropollution). After the 9/93 YOUTH ACTION NEWS report, Weatherwar Deluge Over America, exposed the role of the GWEN system in electromagnetic weatherengineering, the Government suddenly announced that it was temporarily curtailing construction for a one-year moratorium that just ended. The present 58-tower GWEN system is still functioning and cannot be turned off or dismantled without specific legislation from Congress. The GWEN towers transmit electromagnetic waves in the VLF (Very Low Frequency) range between 150 and 175 Khz. Dr. Becker reported, “The VLF range was selected because its signals travel by means of ground waves—electromagnetic fields that hug the ground— rather than radiating into the atmosphere. [H: This means, readers, that they are designed to assault, along with the other intentional transmitting systems gridworks—YOU, with whatever low frequency

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messages and damage is desired by the puppetmakers. The puppets, of course—are YOU.] The signals drop off with distance, and a single GWEN station transmits to a 360-degree circle radiating out from it to a distance of about 250 to 300 miles.” Unlike the thousands-of-miles long-range ELF (Extra Low Frequency) waves, the higher frequency VLF waves transmitted by the GWEN system have a limited range of only a few hundred miles. The GWEN towers will play a KEY ROLE in the Clinton Regime’s UN mind-control operations, because they have the ability to selectively zap SPECIFIC geographic locations, while leaving other areas unaffected. In this way, the population in selected regions of the nation can be mentally softened-up. Expected resistance to UN occupation forces from the militias of loyal Americans can be significantly reduced by having the GWEN system in targeted areas transmit specific psychotronic signals that encourage DEPRESSION AND SUBMISSION. In CROSSCURRENTS, Dr. Becker stated: “GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance (the type of system utilized in the new HAARP ELF transmitters), FOR PRODUCING BEHAVIORAL ALTERATIONS IN THE CIVILIAN POPULATION in the time of war.” [H: Or ANYTIME it is desirable to control your actions, your intentions or your thoughts.] The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place-to-place across the United States. Therefore, IF ONE WISHED TO RESONATE A SPECIFIC ION IN LIVING THINGS IN A SPECIFIC LOCALITY, one would require a SPECIFIC FREQUENCY FOR THAT LOCATION. [H: I am here to tell you NOW, that by ion capability of transfer—a DNA, virus— ANYTHING can be introduced and “shot” into any BODY or thing. The very fluke or other parasite ALREADY WITHIN A BODY CAN INSTANTLY BECOME THE PRODUCER OF THE MASSIVE DISEASE NETWORK WHICH COULD WIPE OUT NATIONS. THIS, BY THE WAY, IS THE “CARRIER” OF CHOICE—AND WHY “THEY” DON’T WANT YOU TO EVEN KNOW ABOUT PARASITES; WHICH ARE NORMALLY HOSTED BY EVERY BODY, LIVING OR CONSIDERED “DEAD”. Get rid of the “carriers” and stay rid of them and the Puppet Masters can’t infect you with those diseases of choice for annihilation and debilitation. It is your choice, of course but, until you get rid of parasites, you are going to have an infection factory working full-time right within. Do it incorrectly, however, and you will simply grow bigger, stronger and more powerful PARASITES.] The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States allows such specific frequencies to be “tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area”. [H: It also allows for total integration with the already-present systems pulsing you, but adds flexibility as to what is “carried as ions” targeted at you without changing the mind-control frequency. This is WHY you have at all times, now, a ringing in the ears of multiple-frequency tones. It is not “ringing in the ears” you have, citizens—it is pulsed tones carrying messages directly to your brains and carrying ions to implant within your minds and bodies.] Prior to the construction of the GWEN system, the government conducted experiments on the use of

GWEN-type Very-Low-Frequency transmissions. Walter H. Bowart’s famous 1978 book, OPERATION MIND CONTROL, described how federally-funded scientists studied “the effects of Very Low Frequency (VLF) as an instrument of war. Research revealed that there is a natural wave guide between the ionosphere and the Earth which could be used to propagate very-lowfrequency radiation and guide it to selected locations on the Earth. Studies showed that low-frequency sound subtly affected the electrical behavior of the brain. “The alpha-wave frequency of the human brain is from eight to twelve hertz (cycles per second). The ionospheric wave guide oscillates at eight hertz, making it a good harmonic carrier of low-frequency sound (LFS) waves. These are such long waves that they are virtually impossible to detect. Pentagon reports apply LFS to demobilizing the productive capacity of a civilian population in time of war. [H: OR ANY TIME! And you ARE AT WAR—you just don’t know your enemy—but THEY have their own signals. If a flag of the U.S. is “flown” with a gold fringe—it means you are at “war”, NOW. If a UN Flag is flown with that fringed flag—you are not only at war but YOU ARE UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE UNITED NATIONS FORCES. THAT SERIES OF FLAGS IS NOW BEING FLOWN OVER MANY, MANY AREAS OF YOUR NATION, AND WE WILL OFFER A PICTURE TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF HOW SUBTLE IT IS, THIS PARTICULAR ONE COMING IN FROM A CITIZEN IN FLORIDA!] [Ed: Unfortunately, this particular picture is not available at this time.] “Dr. Frank Barnaby, Director of the Stockholm Peace Research Institute, stated: ‘If methods could be devised to produce greater field strengths of such low-frequency artificial means, then it might become possible to IMPAIR THE PERFORMANCE OF A LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE IN SELECTED REGIONS OVER EXTENDED PERIODS.’” In his earlier 1980 article, The New Mental Battlefield, the Federal Government’s “NON-LETHAL” psychotronics weapons Tsar, Col. John B. Alexander, wrote: “Mindaltering techniques designed to impact on an opponent are well-advanced. Researchers suggest that CERTAIN LOWFREQUENCY EMISSIONS POSSESS PSYCHOACTIVE CHARACTERISTICS. THESE (ELF & VLF) TRANSMISSIONS CAN BE USED TO INDUCE DEPRESSION OR IRRITABILITY IN A TARGETED POPULATION.” [END OF QUOTING] Along with the waves of impact will come symptoms not only of depression, but also sickness in the form of general distress, nausea (even severe vomiting) and flu-like symptoms even to increased temperature changes. YOU ARE IN TROUBLE, WORLD. Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn Host Command IGFFC-PSC January 9, 1995—“The Year of the Patriot” (???) [END QUOTING] The following text is extracted from a web-site established by the “International Movement for the Ban of Radiofrequency Weapons Controlling the Human Mind”. While grammar and English usage are less than perfect, the article contains a wealth of information and resources for anyone wishing to do additional research. Full text is available on the Internet at URL: http:// webpage.htm. [QUOTING:]

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
IGOR SMIRNOV’S DEVICE AND THE THOUGHT CONTROL In the years 1993 and 1994 American weeklies Defense Electronics (56), Newsweek (57) and Village Voice(58) published the information that Igor Smirnov from Moscow Academy of Medicine demonstrated—for the U.S. secret services and FBI experts—a device which was capable to subliminally implant thoughts in people’s minds and in this way control their actions. According to that news, the FBI considered the use of this device against David Koresh during the siege in Waco. In reaction to this publication of the Russian National Security Information, first the Russian newspaper Pravda(59) wrote on March 6, 1994: “Village Voice printed ‘scandalous news’ that Russians are capable to control human behavior...”. Two weeks later, the Russian weekly, Moscow News (60) , printed a long article on Igor Smirnov. The author writes that Igor Smirnov uses, for medical purposes, a device broadcasting into the human ears “noises” which contain questions. Those questions are not audible for the patient but perceptible to his brain, and the brain answers those questions. The answers are registered by the electroencephalograph and analyzed by a computer. In this way, Igor Smirnov performs a very fast psychoanalysis. Then, again using the “noises”, played together with music, the healing messages are sent into the human brain, which the patient will obey. According to the author of the article, Igor Smirnov added: “Do not forget, in your denigrating note, to precise our goals—to heal and to teach. And do not assign us others— inhuman ones.” A participant in the meetings with Igor Smirnov in the USA (wishing to remain in anonymity) is quoted in the article in Defense Electronics as saying: “The intelligence agencies...had been tracking Smirnov for years...we know there is evidence the Soviet Army’s Special Forces used the technology during the conflict in Afghanistan.” Anyway the article in Moscow News does not explain in which way Igor Smirnov creates the noises broadcasted into the brain. The French doctor, Alfred Tomatis, played into the ears of children—suffering from autism, hyperactivity etc.—the voice of their mother and other sounds in the frequencies higher and lower than those that can be heard, and it was a successful treatment(8). In 1984, the American House of Representatives had forbidden the use of high-frequency inaudible messages in an East Coast chain of supermarkets. Mixed into the music they played to customers [were] inaudible messages of the kind: “Do not steal. Make a lot of shopping.” Within 9 months, they saved in this way 600,000 dollars. Most probably this is the way Igor Smirnov creates his “noises”. But there is still another possibility how to deliver them into the human brain— and this is electromagnetic transmission. It cannot be a very complicated problem to transcode those highfrequency messages into electromagnetic signals, just the same way the radiofrequency sound can be transmitted into the human brain. When the journalist from Moscow News asked Igor Smirnov whether he could make people vote for a certain person in the elections, he replied: “In principle it can be done. And it is not difficult. But not interesting.” He could have in mind either placing of ultrasound “noises” into the radio or TV broadcasting (this technology was used by the U.S. troops during the Persian Gulf War against Iraquian [Iraqi] soldiers

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
listening to their military radio broadcasting—they were surrendering even to American journalists—see Newsweek, July 30, 1990, pg. 61) or, as well, electromagnetic implanting of those noises into brains by means of special radars. About his participation in Waco, Igor Smirnov narrated: “I suggested that voices of children and families inviting the suicidal people back home could be mixed with the noise of police-car engines” (the building was surrounded with them). FBI then did not proceed with his proposition when he guaranteed only 70% of a chance for success. This account is in keeping with what Defense Electronics wrote. Half a year later, Newsweek wrote: “Sources tell Newsweek that the FBI consulted Moscow experts on the possible use of a Soviet technique for beaming subliminal messages to Koresh. The technique uses inaudible transmissions that could have convinced Koresh he was hearing the voice of God inside his head”(57). Let us assume that “inaudibility” meant that no one else would hear the voice of God but Koresh, and that even he would hear it only inside his head. When Allan Frey did his experiments with beaming sounds into people‘s brains, they located them inside their heads or just behind it. So, in Newsweek’s account, David Koresh would hear inside his head electromagnetic broadcasting of the “voice of God”. A month later, the deputy chief of the FBI’s technical services division, Steve Killion, told the journalists from Village Voice: “In the normal course of your negotiation with the individual by telephone, you can impress a coded message...It is not realized consciously by the individual, but subconsciously, subliminally they understand it.”(58) This time it could have been done again by means of “noises” played into [the] telephone. Another half-a-year later, in August 1994, Newsweek published an interview with Igor Smirnov. In the introduction, they write that [the] FBI asked advice from Smirnov during the siege at Waco and the solution proposed by Smirnov they describe as follows: FBI wanted to “pipe subliminal messages from sect members’ families through the telephone lines into the compound. For David Koresh, the group’s leader...the FBI had in mind a special voice: God, as played by the venerable actor Charlton Heston.”(61) In this case, the sect members would be influenced by “electromagnetic” (otherwise, they would not be transmitted through the telephone lines) high-frequency voices of their relatives, and David Koresh would hear in his head the radio broadcasting of the voice of God, played by Charlton Heston. The FBI would have to find the individual [brain] frequencies of the sect members, if the idea was to work out. The electromagnetic broadcasting of inaudible speech could have been used in the experiment of J. F. Schapitz. He spoke about electromagnetic transmission. But since he wanted, as an introductory experiment, to record brain waves of a man who took drugs and then emit those waves back into the brain of this man, instead of the drugs, it seems possible that he had in mind, transmission of thoughts from one brain into another. In October 1994 appeared, again in Moscow News(62), an article on American non-lethal weapons, where we can find the following lines: “The FBI, in 1994, studied the possibility of the use of non-lethal technologyy against David Koresh. FBI then informed Russians about technology that enables them to transmit

to Koresh subconscious signals. In this way, the FBI wanted to assume the role of the voice of God.” The author of the article gives as his source of information the American and French press. It is possible that at Waco, two different technologies were considered: one American and the other Russian. But, as well, it is possible that those lines served as a warning for Americans that the Russians, too, may disclose the American national-security information. I am not aware of another breach of this Russian national-security information in the American massmedia since then, until April 5, 1999, when The New York Times, probably in reaction to the split with Russia over the crisis in Yugoslavia, wrote: “Under a top-secret project known as Bonfire, Soviet scientists in 1989 discovered ‘a new class of weapons’…that could ‘damage the nervous system, alter moods, trigger psychological changes and even kill’ (The New York Times, April 5, 1999, William J. Board, Judith Miller: Defector tells of Soviet and Chinese Germ Weapons). (To be complete, according to the article in Defense Electronics, the rights to Igor Smirnov‘s technology [were] bought [by] the American Psychotechnologies Corp. in Richmond, Virginia.) In the same issue of Moscow News—where the interview with Igor Smirnov appeared—there was another strange article(63). In the introduction is printed the invitation letter from the deputy director of the factory producing for the Russian Department of Defense. The deputy director writes: “In the course of the last 20 years, our enterprise specialized in the production of psychotronic apparatus for defense systems, design of navigation equipment for intercontinental missiles and cosmic apparatus...”, and he invites the journalists to get acquainted with “biophysical reinforcer (metatron) Miranda, designed with the use of the newest fundamental discoveries in the area of psychotronics”. During the visit the people from the management of the factory told the journalists that Miranda is one of the side products of psychotronic weapons, and the deputy director of the medical research center of the factory, Vladimir Niestierov, told them that it is produced in the American licence on basis of the agreement signed by KGB and CIA on September 24, 1990, providing for joint research in the area of psychotronics. The Miranda device emits on the patient, sound electromagnetic impulses and, in case that his body does not resonate with them, it starts with the diagnosis of his ailment. However, the representatives of the factory invited the journalists to get acquainted with a machine which was not in working order—when the journalists asked for the demonstration of the machine, they were told that Armenia does not supply one important part of the machine.

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Among the main features of the system is its ability to heat the ionosphere and in this way change its altitude. By this kind of manipulation of the ionosphere, it is possible to bounce the electromagnetic waves back from the ionosphere to whichever region on the planet. According to the official information by the U.S. government, the system HAARP is designed for scientific research. Anyway, there are too many facts suggesting that the major reason for its construction is for military purposes. The building of the system started the E-Systems Corporation which, in 1992, made 2.1 billion dollars in sales, out of which $1.8 billion were for classified projects. The whole project is financed by the American Navy and Air Force. The main patent of Bernard J. Eastlund (number 4,686,605) proposes the use of the system, among others, for destruction of navigation systems of airplanes and missiles, wherever in the atmosphere, interference with all communication systems, wherever on the planet (remember the CNN programme on Russian electromagnetic weapons), the global weather control and creation or repair of the ozone holes. Other patents connected with the system propose the use of the system for induction of detonations to the extent of nuclear explosions (again, recall the CNN programme) and other military uses. In 1995, the U.S. government stopped financing of the project until the Army will develop the application of the system for the Earth-penetrating tomography. In this application, the system HAARP should be able to find, using extra-low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, deposits of minerals underneath the Earth’s surface but, as well, the underground shelters, factories, tunnels and other facilities. At the end of 1995, the authors of the book, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, visited the director of the HAARP program, Hecksher. He told them that, in this application, the HAARP system will use frequencies between 12 and 20 Hz, or perhaps 1 Hz. Those are frequencies which affect the human nervous system. It is true those waves are too long to make it possible to aim them at human beings, and most probably they will not carry the biological information to affect human brains, but still their effects on human nervous system are not altogether predictable. Anyway, with the versatility of the system, it is no problem to emit pulsed microwaves, with the intention to influence the human psyche. The inventor of neurophone, Patrick Flanagan, in the foreword to the book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, wrote: “As a result of...personal research experiences, I am acutely aware of the potential misuse of HAARP technology for the implementation of global, electronic mind control.”(22) THE AMERICAN SYSTEM—HAARP—COULD BE The European Parliament, in its resolution of USED FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF January 28, 1999, is apparently addressing, also, this capability of the HAARP system. This resolution of the GLOBAL MIND CONTROL European Parliament is a result of the testimony In 1992, the Independent Moscow Institute for presented to European Parliament by Nick Begich, the Foreign Affairs published in the weekly, Stolitsa, the author of the above-mentioned book. communication by Victor Sedletski that already in 1982 the USSR began the development of the new radar THE SECRET CONFERENCE ORGANIZED BY system, which could be used to create “psychotronic THE AMERICAN NATIONAL LABORATORY (64) fields for mind control” . IN LOS ALAMOS At the end of 1994, the first tests of the most powerful radar system in the world were carried out in In 1993, in the December issue of the American Alaska. This year [1998?], its power should reach 10 bimonthly Microwave News(65), appeared the report that billion watts. in November of the same year, at the Johns Hopkins

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University (engaged in research of radiofrequency radiation—for example, Samuel Koslov, one of the researchers in the Project Pandora, replicated their experiment where rabbits exposed to microwave radiation, developed corneal cataracts (41)), a secret conference took place, sponsored by the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, involved in the development of non-lethal weapon systems. In the invitation to this conference, we read: “The purpose of this conference is to bring together industry, government and academia to explore the potential of non-lethal defense and identify requirements, so that the defense community can work together in leveraging the non-lethal concept. Industry, particularly, will benefit from a more precise understanding of requirements and operational constraints regarding non-lethal defense technologies. All attendees will have the opportunity to embrace a new perspective in international relations.” In simple words, the objective of the conference was to convince the industry about the lucrativity of the production of non-lethal weapons which will be used in international relations. On Wednesday, November 17, 1993, at 9:00 a.m., the lecture by Dr. George Baker from the Defense Nuclear Agency was scheduled. The lecture was entitled “RF Weapons: A Very Attractive Non-Lethal Option”. At 11:10 AM of the same day, Dr. Clay Easterly from Oak Ridge National Laboratory lectured on “Application of Extremely-Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields to Non-Lethal Weapons”. Clay Easterly told Microwave News that, since the conference was closed to anyone without security clearance, he could not discuss the specific effects he referred to in his talk, but he admitted that his presentation dealt with the possibility of developing measures that would affect people. On the lecture by Dr. George Baker, Microwave News commented that “it is difficult to know, based on unclassified information, whether this ‘option’ has ever been used”, and “That there were also allegations that non-ionizing radiation was used against the women’s peace-activist encampment at Greenham Common in the U.K. in the mid-1980s.” Since four-and-a-half years have passed since that conference, it is logical to suppose that the mass production of those weapons was launched in the USA, as well as in Russia, according to Victor Sedletski… …In June 1995, the article “On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms” appeared in the monthly, Perceptual and Motor Skills(43). The author, Dr. Michael Persinger, from the Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory at Laurentian University in Canada, was mentioned by Paul Tyler in his lecture at the conference on Emerging Electromagnetic Medicine(15). In his experiment, he exposed students to 5 Hz fields, which had for consequence diminution of perspiring, drought in the mouth, stomach pains and increased relaxation. According to unconfirmed reports, he was employed on the U.S. Army project “Sleeping Beauty”, directed towards the battlefield use of mind-altering electromagnetic weapons. In his article, Michael Persinger describes the ways how the individual differences among human brains can be overcome and comes to a conclusion: “Within the last two decades...a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly, the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the

human species, without mediation through classical sensory modalities, by generating neural information within a physical medium, within which all members of the species are immersed. The historical emergence of such possibilities...resulted in major changes in the social evolution that occurred inordinately quickly after the implementation. Reduction of the risk of the inappropriate application of these technologies requires the continued and open discussion of their realistic feasibility and implications within the scientific and public domain”… REFERENCES: 1) The New York Times, August 2, 1977, Private Institutions Used in CIA Efforts to Control Behavior, pages 1 and 16 2) ibid. 3) Gordon Thomas: Journey into Madness, the True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse, 1989, Bantam Books, USA, ISBN 0-553-05357-4 4) John Ranelagh: Agency, The rise and Decline of the CIA, 1987, USA, Touchstone Books, ISBN 9-67163994-3 5) Jose M. R. Delgado: Physical Control of the Mind, Toward a Psychocivilized Society, 1969, USA 6) John Stanton Yeomans: Principles of Brain Stimulation, Oxford University Press, 1990, Great Britain, ISBN 019-506-1381 7) (see reference 3) 8) Michael Hutchinson: Megabrain Power, Transformation un Bewusstseintechnologien, Die Revolution de grauen Zellen, Jungerman Verlag, Paderborn, 1996, ISBN 3-87387-248-x 9) Report on the Attorney General’s Conference on LessThan-Lethal Weapons, by Sheri Sweetman, March 1987, U.S. Department of Justice (quoted from ref. 22) 10) H. Wachtel, R. Seaman, W. Jones, 1975, Effects of Low Intensity Microwaves on Isolated Neurons, Annals of New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 247, pp 42-62 11) Jurij A. Chlodov, 1966, The Effect of Electromagnetic and Magnetic Fields on the Central Nervous System, Washington D.C. (Translation NASA TLIF-465) (quoted from ref. 19) 12) S. Baranski, Z.Edelwejn, 1968, Studies on the Combined Effect of Microwaves and some Drugs on Bioelectric Activity of the Rabbits, CNS, Acta Physiologica, Poland, vol. 19, pp 31-41; M.S. Bychkov, I.S. Dronov, 1974, Electroencephalographic Data on the Effects of Very Weak Microwaves at the Level of the Midbrain-Reticular Formation-Hypothalamus-Cerebral Cortex Level, Springfield, (transl. in the report NTIS No. JPRS 63321); J. Gillard, B. Servantie, G. Bertharion, A.M.Servantie, J.K.G. Obrenovitch, 1976, Study of the Microwave Induced Perturbations of the Behavior by the Open Field Test in the LWhit Rat (in Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Waves, Symposium Proceedings, Boulder, October 1975, Rockville, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, pg. 693 (FDA, Public, HEW-FDA 77.8010 Vol. 1); M.S. Bychkov, V. Markov, V. Rychkov, 1974, Electroencephalographic Changes: The Influence of Low Intensity Chronic Microwaves Irradiation, Springfield, (transl. in the report NTIS No. JPRS 63321) (quoted from ref. 15) 13) James C. Lin: Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications, Charles C. Thomas publisher, Springfield, Illinois, USA, ISBN 0-398-03704-3 14) H. Merrit, R.H. Hartzell, J.W. Frazer, 1976, The Effects of 1.6 GHz Radiation on Neurtransmitters in

NOVEMBER 1, 1999
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NOVEMBER 1, 1999
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55) Those Russian newspapers are not available in the Czech Republic, the quotations are from Magazine 2000, a European magazine—perhaps you can order a German version. 56) Defense Electronics, July 1993, DOD, Intel Agencies Look at Russian Mind-Control Technology, Claims FBI Considered Testing on Koresh 57) Newsweek, February 7, 1994, Soon Phasers on Stun 58) Village Voice, March 8, 1994, Mind Control in Waco 59) Pravda, March 6, The Art to Control the Crowd 60) Moskovskie Novosti, March 20 to March 27, 1994, Shall we Succeed to Change the Lie Detector into the Detector of Truth? 61) Newsweek, August 22, 1994, You Will Read this Story 62) Moskovskiie Novosti, September 26 to October 1, 1994, Non-lethal Weapon 63) (see ref. 60) The Experts from the Defense Factory State that they Produced Psychotronic Weapons 64) Stolitsa, no. 43, November 2, 1992, Alexei Myasnikov, MC-Ultra programme, pg. 40, quoted from Russian Press Digest—RusData Dialine (after Cheryl Welsh) 65) Microwave News, November/December, 1993, Military on Non-lethal Weapons: A Very Attractive Option 66) Frankfurter Allegmeine Zeitung, Germany, November 18, 1986, Mit gebalter Fist 67) (see ref.41), Order and Structure in Living Systems, E. Del Giudicce, S. Doglia, M. Milani. pp 47-487 68) quoted from Cheryl Welsh 69) The Moscow Times, July 11, 1995, Owen Matthews, Report: Soviets Used Top Secret “Psychotronic” Weapons, from Lexis Nexus Computer Database, after Cheryl Welsh 70) (see ref. 41), Friedman Kaiser: EntrainmentQuasiperiodicity-Chaos-Collapse: Bifurcation Routes of Externally Driven Self-Sustained Oscillating Systems, pp 393-412 71) Steven Metz, James Kievit, The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War, U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA 170135050 72) Mlada Fronta Dnes, March 28, 1997 (the Czech newspaper) 73) Nature magazine, Advances in Neuroscience May Threaten Human Rights, vol. 391, January 22, 1998, pg. 316 74) Cheryl Welsh can mail you a copy of the letter: [END QUOTING] To wrap up this special report, we present a simple, admittedly incomplete list of major, KNOWN, mind-control projects. Of course, in all likelihood, the most active programs at present are probably NOT included in this list, but this should give the reader some idea of JUST HOW CONTROLLED WE ARE. We give thanks and appreciation to Leading Edge Research for posting this information in the public domain on the Internet. [QUOTING:] MAJOR ELECTROMAGNETIC MIND-CONTROL PROJECTS

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Purpose: tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operations Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B. Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA: Drugs, electronics and electroshock Targeting: short range Frequencies: VHF-HF-UHF, modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception: local production Purpose: programming behavior, creation of “cyborg” mentalities Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion Subprojects: many Pseudonym: Project Artichoke Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M. Project Orion, 1958, USAF: Drugs, hypnosis and ESB Targeting: short range, in person Frequencies: ELF modulation Transmission and Reception: radar, microwaves, modulated at ELF frequencies Purpose: top-security personnel debriefing, programming, ensure security and loyalty Pseudonym: “Dreamland” Project MK-DELTA, 1960, CIA: Fine-tuned, electromagnetic, subliminal programming Targeting: long range Frequencies: VHF-HF-UHF, modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception: television antennae, radio antennae, power lines, mattress spring coils, modulation on 60 Hz wiring Purpose: programming behavior and attitudes in general population Effects: fatigue, mood swings, behavior dysfunction and social criminality Pseudonym: “Deep Sleep”, R.H.I.C. Project PHOENIX II, 1983, USAF, NSA: Location: Montauk, Long Island, NY Electronic multi-directional targeting of select population groups Targeting: medium range Frequencies: radar, microwaves, EHF-UHF modulated Power: gigawatt through terawatt Purpose: loading of Earth Grids, planetary quieting to stave off geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population programming for sensitized individuals Pseudonyms: “Rainbow”, ZAP

Project TRIDENT, 1989, ONR, NSA: Electronic directed targeting of individuals or populations Leading Edge International Research Group Targeting: large population groups, assembled Display: black helicopters flying in a triad —from the Internet formation of three Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA: Power: 100,000 watts Electronic implants in brain and teeth Frequency: UHF Targeting: long range Purpose: large group management and behavior Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during control, riot control abduction Allied Agencies: FEMA Frequency range: HF-ELF transceiver implants Pseudonyms: “Black Triad”, A.E.M.C.

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