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January 23, 2012

Dear Students, I hope this email finds you well-rested after the holiday break, and ready for a productive and successful Spring 2012 semester! I’d like to offer a few important notes and reminders regarding the Spring semester ahead: The Registrar’s Office has temporarily relocated to the Wunsch Building (2nd Floor) until Friday, January 27. On January 30, we will return to Jacobs Building Room 256. Feel free to visit or email us with your registration questions. Classroom locations are available in PeopleSoft Self-Service. Classrooms and course schedules may change during the first two weeks of the semester, so check your schedule regularly via PeopleSoft Self-Service for updates. “Half-Semester” registration is now online! Starting this semester, students will be able to add/drop 1st/2nd half FRE & MA courses via PeopleSoft SelfService according to the following deadlines:
1st Half Math & FRE (Jan. 23 – Mar. 19) Add/Drop Deadline: Jan. 30 Withdraw Deadline: Feb. 23 2nd Half Math (Mar. 20 – May 15) Add/Drop Deadline: Mar. 27 Withdraw Deadline: Apr. 19 2nd Half FRE (Mar. 27 – May 15) Add/Drop Deadline: Apr. 3 Withdraw Deadline: Apr. 27

January 30th is the Add/Drop deadline. You may not add courses after January 30. Dropping a course after January 30 will result in a W grade and tuition liability. February 17th is the May graduation application deadline. If you plan to complete your degree requirements this Spring semester, you must apply for graduation via PeopleSoft SelfService by this deadline. February 20th is Presidents’ Day, so classes will not meet. March 12th -16th is Spring Break, so classes will not meet. April 9th is the Withdrawal deadline. You may not withdraw from courses after April 9. April 16th will be the first day of Fall & Summer 2012 registration (not all students are eligible for registration on the first day)

Dropping below full-time status may affect your financial aid or Visa eligibility! Always consult with Financial Aid & OISS before dropping below full-time status! May 2012 graduation applications are being accepted until February 17! If you plan to complete your degree requirements this Spring semester, apply for graduation online via your PeopleSoft Self-Service account.


You may view the Academic Calendar online for a full listing of important dates & events.

Elizabeth Kienle-Granzo Registrar

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