Multi channel Leakage Monitoring unit


Multi channel Leakage Monitoring Unit USERS MANUAL

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.ME Multi channel Leakage Monitoring unit SETO TEKNOLOG PRIVATE LIMITED Multi channel Leakage Monitoring unit USER’S MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1.…………............... INSTALLATION & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS… (With safety precautions) 2 .. 3. DESCRIPTION ………………….. 4........ 2........ TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION .................. GENERAL INFORMATION....

2.ME Multi channel Leakage Monitoring unit SETO TEKNOLOG PRIVATE LIMITED 1. The terminals are of Stainless steel for water/rust resistance conducting material. The change in the resistance of the moisture element. Moisture Element is a two electrode device used for the detection of water Spillage in various selected areas. when immersed in water is the parameter which is measured to indicate the presence of water.0 Description: Moisture element: Construction : This is a two terminal device.Wiring Unhealthy – LED Color Amber Flashing The sensors electronics provides indication of all three status for each of the moisture element connected. The sensor electronics along with the moisture element detect the presence of water in the area being monitored. Geometry : Suitable for mounting on a metallic sheet connected to system ground Insulation resistance in dry condition Sensor electronics: Sensor electronics is able to detect the change in resistance of moisture element when the element becomes wet ( typically between 1kilo ohms to 50 kilo ohms) . The sensor electronics detects three levels of resistance a) Dry Element –LED Color Green b) Wet Element – LED Color Red c) Open . The Moisture element is mounted in the area that needs to monitored for water spillage or seepage.0 GENERAL INFORMATION The Multi channel leakage monitoring unit has two components a) moisture element and b) sensors electronics. A reference resistor( typically 100 Kilo Ohm ) is connected across the moisture element in the field so that the dry resistance is finite and also to detect field wiring’s health . to be better than 100 Meg Ohm at 500 V dc 3 . The Sensor electronics is a wall mounted unit that is mounted in a covered area . The terminals are separated from each other by an insulating material. The voltage/current used for detecting the change in resistance has alternating polarity to prevent electrolysis effect .

5K) ALARM STATE WET: zero ohm < R <= 50 K ohm (+/. of Different modules Moisture Element sensor module (BSM-I & II) Microcontroller module .10 % .1 No each PSNM – Power Sensor Module Power Supply Module: PSM5(M7) PSM15 (M9) PSM15(M10) +5V . 150mA -15v .5K) OPEN: R>=155Kohm (+/. The sensor electronics operates from 240 V ac ( +/.5K) No. No.1 No .3% ) power supply . 150mA 4 . ) 50 hz ( +/. The sensor electronics have capacity to detect a maximum of 4 elements . out of which 2 elements are used for internal diagnostic purpose.ME Multi channel Leakage Monitoring unit SETO TEKNOLOG PRIVATE LIMITED It also provides two potential free contacts to indicate Normal / Alarm condition.wiring unhealthy These contacts are fail safe in nature and operates in case of any one element is wet or any one element wiring is unhealthy (Open) respectively. 3. a) Moisture element wet b) Open. of Moisture Elements : 2 Moisture Element s + 2 Diagnostic Moisture Element sensing Voltage : 10V AC Mounting: 500(W) X 500(H) X 300mm(D) . 500mA +15 V.0 Technical Specification: Moisture Element Sensitivity: Moisture Element Resistance: NORMAL STATE DRY: 55 K Ohm <= R < 150 K Ohm (+/.

ME Multi channel Leakage Monitoring unit SETO TEKNOLOG PRIVATE LIMITED LED Indication: Moisture Element status ( Including Diagnostic Moisture Element s)-Bicolor LED’s STATUS OF BEETLE DRY WET OPEN COLOUR OF LED Green steady Red steady AMBER flashing FMU Healthiness: FMU HLT On. Alarm state can be DRY to WET or WET to DRY or DRY to OPEN or OPEN to DRY The dynamic energisation is for 200 ms 5 . Power Supply + 15 V or -15 V failure PSNM VAC ( Moisture supply) failure Diagnostic Moisture element failure (WET or OPEN LED not in its state) Relay output One Relay output for 2 Moisture Element s (Dynamic for alarm condition).Relay is energized.Electronics Healthy FMU UNH on. -Relay de-energies. Normal state Alarm state . 1. 2.Electronics unhealthy FMU UNH (Electronics unhealthy) LED can be ‘ON’ because of following conditions. 3.

2. The board must be handled carefully. +15V. 15V. Ensure that Moisture element Probe #1 contacts are connected across TS 3/5 & 6. Connect 230V AC. including component or connector pins. 6 . shall glow steadily indicating the presence of power supplies used. Ensure that Moisture element Probe #2 contacts are connected across TS 3/7 & 8.ME Multi channel Leakage Monitoring unit SETO TEKNOLOG PRIVATE LIMITED 4. 50 Hz mains supply to terminal TS 3 . Do not remove any of the instruments covers. SAFETY PRECAUTONS The various boards used in the system contain components that are sensitive to Electrostatic discharge (ESD). As far as possible. so as not to subject it to ESD. To avoid injuries always disconnect power and discharge circuits before touching the components. indicating healthy status of Wet & Open diagnostic Moisture elements respectively. do not touch any conducting part on the board.0 Installation & Operating Instructions. this may damage parts of the board permanently. connectors or modules while system is in operating condition. The LED ‘WET’ glows RED steadily & LED ‘OP’ (open) AMBER flashes. Ensure that required voltages are available at the tip jacks of the power supply module. 1. LED ‘B-1’ (Moisture elements 1) through ‘B-2 Moisture elements ’ glow Green steadily indicating the normal (dry) state of Moisture elements. Ensure that Wet Diagnostic beetle TS 1/1 & 2 is connected to a resistor of value less than 39 Kohm and Open diagnostic beetle TS 1/3 &4 is kept open Switch ON the Mains Power of ‘Multi channel Leakage Monitoring unit’. Ensure that all modules of ‘Multi channel Leakage Monitoring unit’ are fixed properly & flat cable connectors are connected properly. The LEDs VAC.