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Emma Sorensen

1414 30th Street Apt. 2, Des Moines IA, 50311 Phone: (952)-693-1124 E-Mail:

Be in a position to help students grow as a learner and as a person in their community.

Drake University, Des Moines IA Bachelor of Science in Education: Elementary Education Endorsements: Reading, Unified, ESL Graduation Date: May 2012, GPA: 3.54 International School of Minnesota, Eden Prairie MN Graduated in June of 2008. Fall 2000 Spring 2008 Fall 2008 Spring 2012

Student Teaching

Spring 2012

First placement at Perkins Academy in Des Moines in 3rd grade. o Teaching full time for two weeks with a gradual build up.

Second placement at Saydel Head Start in Pre-school. Summer 2011 - Fall 2011

BlueView Team Leader


The student representative for the Office of Information Technology at the summer orientation sessions. Assisted in giving and monitoring placement exams for math. Aided in the registration process for students in the College of Arts and Science. Organized and led three students to help get first year Drake students access the university network and download required software. Working with the Office of Information Technology, re-created the BlueView function and tools lost as the result of a re-organization. Summer 2009 Fall 2011

BlueView Team

Assisted first year Drake students access the university network and download required software. Administered math placement exams and facilitated the registration of students for their classes. September 2006 May 2008

Extended Day Worker (After school and full day care)

Looked after children from pre-school to grade five for two and a half hours after school had finished during the school year. o o Assisted students with homework and help students with learning activities provided. Kept students safe and assisted injured students if needed.

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Looked after children from pre-school to grade five all day during breaks except summer break. Accompanied students on trips to various locations during the day. o Accompanied students on educational fieldtrips where supervision and group management was key.

Aided injured students after the school nurse had left for the day. Fall 2008 Fall 2011


Was placed in a variety of school to have teaching experience. o Moultin Elementary School (Kindergarten and 1st grade behavior classroom), Park Avenue Elementary (half day pre-school with ELL students), St. Anthony School (3rd grade), King Elementary (5th grade)

Have had a range of experiences with student situations and have learned an enormous amount from the placements. o Students with low socioeconomic status who have come to school without proper winter clothing or food for lunch. Students with high behavior needs. Spring 2010 Spring 2012

Kappa Delta Pi

Active member from Spring 2010 Spring 2012. Treasurer from Spring 2011 to Spring 2012. Spring 2010 Spring 2012

Drake Education Association


Active member from Spring 2010 Spring 2012. On the board from Spring 2011 Spring 2012 Spring 2009 Spring 2012

Drake University Optimist Club


Founding President in May 2009. President from Spring 2009 until Fall 2011. Treasurer from Fall 2011 Spring 2012. Fall 2010 Spring 2011

Donald V. Adams Leadership Academy

Seminars on being a leader and performed volunteer work at the Boys and Girls Club by Drake University. December 2011

Student panel to interview professors

Was asked to be on a panel of students to interview candidates for teaching positions at the School of Education at Drake University. Sat on two panels.

Functionally fluent in Spanish. Versed in the use of the Microsoft Suite Knowledge of the use of Elmos, Mimios, Smartboards, and projectors.