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Bismil Laahir Rahmaanir Rahim In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

School of Quran

Dua for forgiveness derived from Quran

And when My servants question thee concerning Me, then surely I am nigh. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he crieth unto Me. So let them hear My call and let them trust in Me, in order that they may be led aright. (Quran 1:186)

Wa qalu sami'na wa at-a'na ghufranaka rabbana wa-ilaykal maseer The messenger believeth in that which hath been revealed unto him from his Lord and (so do) believers. Each one believeth in Allah and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers- We make no distinction between any of His messengers- and they say: We hear, and we obey. (Grant us) Thy forgiveness, our Lord. Unto Thee is the journeying. (Qur'an 2:285)

Rabbana-gh r lana dhunuubana wa israfana amrina wa thabbit aqdamana wansurna 'alal qawmil ka reen Their cry was only that they said: Our Lord! forgive us for our sins and wasted efforts, make our foothold sure, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk. (Quran 2:147)

Rabbana innana amanna fagh r lana dhunuubana wa qinna 'adhaban-Naar Those who say: Our Lord! Lo! we believe. So forgive us our sins and guard us from the punishment of Fire; (Quran 3:16)

Rabbanagh rlana thunoobana wa israfana fee amrina wa thabbit aqdaa mana wan surna alal qawmil ka reeen. Their cry was only that they said: Our Lord! forgive us for our sins and wasted efforts, make our foothold sure, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk. (Quran 3:147)

Rabbanaa fagh r lana thunoobana wa kar 'anna sayyiaatinaa wa tawaanaa ma 'al abraar. Our Lord! Lo! We have heard a crier calling unto Faith: "Believe ye in your Lord!" So we believed. Our Lord! Therefor forgive us our sins, and remit from us our evil deeds, and make us die the death of the righteous. (Quran 3:193)

Rabbana thalamnaa anfusanaa wa illam tagh r lanaa wa tar hamnaa lanakoo nunna meen al khasireen. They said: Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If thou forgive us not and have not mercy on us, surely we are of the lost! (Quran 7:23)

Subhanaka tubtu ilayka wa anna awwalul Mu'mineen And when Moses came to Our appointed tryst and his Lord had spoken unto him, he said: My Lord! Show me (Thy Self), that I may gaze upon Thee. He said: Thou wilt not see Me, but gaze upon the mountain! If it stand still in its place, then thou wilt see Me. And when his Lord revealed (His) glory to the mountain He sent it crashing down. And Moses fell down senseless. And when he woke he said: Glory unto Thee! I turn unto Thee repentant, and I am the rst of (true) believers. (Quran 7:143)

Lain lam yarhamna rabbuna wa yagh r lana lana kuunanna minaal khasireen And when they feared the consequences thereof and saw that they had gone astray, they said: Unless our Lord have mercy on us and forgive us, we verily are of the lost. (Quran 7:149)

Anta Waliyyuna fagh r lana war-hamna wa anta khair-ulghg reen And Moses chose of his people seventy men for Our appointed tryst and, when the trembling came on them, he said: My Lord! If Thou hadst willed Thou hadst destroyed them long before, and me with them. Wilt thou destroy us for that which the ignorant among us did? It is but Thy trial (of us). Thou sendest whom Thou wilt astray and guidest whom Thou wilt: Thou art our Protecting Friend, therefore forgive us and have mercy on us, Thou, the Best of all who show forgiveness. (Quran 7:155)

Rabbi inni a'udhubika 'an as'alaka ma laysa li bihi 'ilm. Wa 'illa tag r li wa tarhamni 'akum minal khasireen He said: My Lord! Lo! in Thee do I seek refuge (from the sin) that I should ask of Thee that whereof I have no knowledge. Unless Thou forgive me and have mercy on me I shall be among the lost. (Quran 11:47)

Rabbana gh r li wa li wallidayya wa lil Mu'mineena yawma yaqumul hisaab Our Lord! Forgive me and my parents and believers on the day when the account is cast.

La 'ilaha illa 'anta subhanaka 'inni kuntu min adh-dhalimeen And (mention) Dhu'n-Nun, when he went off in anger and deemed that We had no power over him, but he cried out in the darkness, saying: There is no Allah save Thee. Be Thou Gloried! Lo! I have been a wrong-doer. (Quran 21:87)

Rabbana amanna fagh r lana warhamna wa anta khayrur Rahimiin Lo! there was a party of My slaves who said: Our Lord! We believe, therefor forgive us and have mercy on us for Thou art Best of all who show mercy; (Quran 23:109)

Rabbi agh r warham wa anta khayrur Rahimiin And (O Muhammad) say: My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, for Thou art Best of all who show mercy. (23:118)

Rabbi inni dhalamtu nafsi fagh r li faghafara lahu innahu huwaal ghafur-ur raheem

He said: My Lord! Lo! I have wronged my soul, so forgive me. Then He forgave him. Lo! He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. (Quran 28:16)

Rabbi igh r lee He said: My Lord! Forgive me and bestow on me sovereignty such as shall not belong to any after me. Lo! Thou art the Bestower. (38:35)

Rabbana wasi'ta kulla shay'in rahmatan wa'ilman fagh r lilladhina tabu wat-taba'u sabilaka waqihim 'adhabal-jaheem Those [angels] who carry the Throne and those around it exalt [ Allah ] with praise of their Lord and believe in Him and ask forgiveness for those who have believed, [saying], "Our Lord, You have encompassed all things in mercy and knowledge, so forgive those who have repented and followed Your way and protect them from the punishment of Hellre. (Quran 40:7)

Rabbi awzi'ni an ashkura ni'matak-kal lati an'amta 'alayya wa'ala walidayya wa an a'malas-salihan tardahu wa-aslih lee dhurriyyati inni tubtu ilaiyka wa inni minal muslimeen And We have commended unto man kindness toward parents. His mother beareth him with reluctance, and bringeth him forth with reluctance, and the bearing of him and the weaning of him is thirty months, till, when he attaineth full strength and reacheth forty years, he saith: My Lord! Arouse me that I may give thanks for the favour wherewith Thou hast favoured me and my parents, and that I may do right acceptable unto Thee. And be gracious unto me in the matter of my seed. Lo! I have turned unto Thee repentant, and lo! I am of those who surrender (unto Thee). (Quran 46:15)

Rabbanagh rlanaa wa li ikhwaa ninallatheena sabaqoonaa bil eemani wa la taj'al fee quloobinaa ghillall lillatheena aamanoo rabbanaa innaka raoofur raheem. And those who came (into the faith) after them say: Our Lord! Forgive us and our brethren who were before us in the faith, and place not in our hearts any rancour toward those who believe. Our Lord! Thou art Full of Pity, Merciful. (Quran 59:10)

Rabbana 'alayka tawakkalna wa'ilayka anabna wa ilaykal maseer There is a goodly pattern for you in Abraham and those with him, when they told their folk: Lo! we are guiltless of you and all that ye worship beside Allah. We have done with you. And there hath arisen between us and you hostility and hate for ever until ye believe in Allah only - save that which Abraham promised his father (when he said): I will ask forgiveness for thee, though I own nothing for thee from Allah - Our Lord! In Thee we put our trust, and unto Thee we turn repentant, and unto Thee is the journeying. (Quran 60:4)

Rabbana atmim lana nurana wagh r lana innaka 'ala kulli shay'in qadeer O ye who believe! Turn unto Allah in sincere repentance! It may be that your Lord will remit from you your evil deeds and bring you into Gardens underneath which rivers ow, on the day when Allah will not abase the Prophet and those who believe with him. Their light will run before them and on their right hands; they will say: Our Lord! Perfect our light for us, and forgive us! Lo! Thou art Able to do all things. (Quran 66:8)

Subhana rabbina inna kunna dhalimeen They said: Gloried be our Lord! Lo! we have been wrong-doers. (Quran 68:29)

Rabbi agh r li waliwalidayya waliman dakhala baiti mu'minan walilmu'mineena walmu'minati wala tazid ad-dalimeen illa tabaran My Lord! Forgive me and my parents and him who entereth my house believing, and believing men and believing women, and increase not the wrong-doers in aught save ruin. (Quran 71:28)

Alhamdulillah rabbil alamin.