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Demonstrated & Witnessed by

1 2 3 PASSED
Grade 1
 Assist with setting out and removal of equipment
 Demonstrate independent thinking
 Start to accept responsibility for tasks assigned by
the teacher

Grade 2
 Get equipment ready safely for staff and students
 Able to work in a small group
 Work co-operatively and take some responsibility in
a small group
 Show an awareness of health and safety in sporting
 Show awareness of STEP principle

Grade 3
 Set out and clear away equipment safely
 Work independently on set tasks
 Select and captain teams during game play
 Help other students to improve

Grade 4
 Lead warm ups and cool downs
 Assist Leaders with Lunchtime activities
 Observe and give feedback to help other students to
 Help referee/officiate in lessons

Grade 5
 Referee small sided games in lesson or at organised
 Supervise pupils at school events and/or after school
 Coach teams during game play
 Plan and lead skill practices/routines
 Explain lesson tasks to other students

Grade 6
 Manage students at events/displays
 Officiate a full sided game
 Plan/choreograph a safe activity and deliver to
younger students
 Mentor younger students
 Working towards or completed sports leader level 1
and/or NGB course
Demonstrated & Witnessed by
1 2 3 PASSED
Grade 7
 Provide leadership support to others through
 Gain sport specific awards
 Support G&T and/or multi skills sport sessions
 Assist with school holiday camps/activities
 Lead after school practices
 Lead primary school practices
 Demonstrate Knowledge of Progressive Activity

Grade 8
 Lead training for Playground Leaders in Primary
 Organise a sports event/festival at a Primary school
 Take on a role within a school sports club i.e. coach,
official, reporter, photographer, teacher assistant
 Working towards or completed community sports
leader level 2 and/or NGB course
 Support at Pyramid festivals, taking a lead with at
least one task.

Excellent Performer

 Organise and perform different roles at a cluster

festival including officiating, coaching and scoring
 Organise sports day at a Secondary school including
invites, risk assessment and results correlation
 Take on role of ambassador for school to increase
 Coach in junior section at a sports club outside
school hours
 Mentor other leaders to lead
 Support SSCo with organising festivals and extra –
curricular activities.