OPPORTUNITY FOR THE FREELANCER HR(Recruitment) Grab it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Initial Contact Date: ___/___/___ DD MM YY Name: Serial No: _________

Date Of Birth: _/_/_ DD MM YY

Age :

Sex : M : _ F :_

Marital Status: Married: __ Single: ___ Name of Spouse: _____________________ Name Of Children: ______________________________ Age: ____ Yrs _______________________________ Residence Address: _ City: Office: _______________ Mob: Age: ____ Yrs

School/Institution From Yr To Yr Highest Qualification Attained Education Records (To attach copies of certificates) : Graduate: Scholarships/Awards: ______________________________________ .

SIB FORM Date: Time: Paste your photo This set of questions will aid you in the evaluation of prospective recruitments. Time limit-30 minutes Read the questions carefully before answering. for which company? . NOTE: All questions are compulsory. QUESTION1 Are you satisfied with your job or not? QUESTION2 From where you came to know about us? QUESTION3 Have you ever worked as a Freelancer Recruiter/Hr exe? If yes. These questions should be asked to the applicant and the effective responses recorded in the space provided.

QUESTION 9 How much you want to earn per month from recruitments? a)0-10000 b)10000-20000 c)20000-50000 d) 50000+ QUESTION 10 How much % commission you want on business revenue? a)0-10 b)10-20 c)20-30 d)30-40 QUESTION 11 How much business you can give in a month ? (Minimum commitment according to you) . win-win situation for booth employer as well as employees? If yes then brief it out.QUESTION4 Why do you want to work from home? Will u work as a full time freelancer or part time freelancer? And how many hours you can devote on daily basis? QUESTION5 Why should our company hire you? QUESTION6 Do you have any experience in internal or third party Recruitment/Hiring? Which is best according to you? QUESTION7 How many interview you conduct/take in a day/week/ month by mail (written test/calling (telephonic round) quality interview In house as well as third party recruitment? QUESTION8 Do you know anything about final offer for hiring like salary package negotiation.

--.DIZZY SPELLS --.--.--DIABETES --.ASTHMA --.--.--.--NO.EPILEPSY --.--.COLOUR BLINDNESS (APPLYCABLE FOR ALL CANDIDATES) --. successful person and commitment?(full definition according to you) QUESTION 16) According to you person should be hire if answer is blank on commitment? If yes then why? If no then why? QUESTION 17 Do you have problem of : SPEECH --.--.--.(ONLY FOR DELHI NCR CANDIDATE) . Phone:Email:QUESTION 14 How much time will you take to join us (if selected)? QUESTION 15) Define recruitment.HGH/LOW BLOOD PRESSURE --.ALLERRGY ----.--HEARING --. QUESTION 13 Please provide the phone no.--. NIGHT BLINDNESS --.TUBERCULOSIS --. and e-mail id that you’ll be using as a FHR.a) 0-25000 b)25000-50000 c)50000-1 lakh d)1-2 lakh+ QUESTION 12 Give three reason (fits your background) for freelancer recruiter/HR exe/Manager HR.SKIN DISEASE --.

O.B OCCUPATION CURRENT RESIDENCE QUESTION 19 Fill in the career track record belowName of the company From month/year CTC Designation QUESTION 20 Fill in the character reference table belowName Landline no. Occupation Years known to you .If yes then give the details. QUESTION 18 Fill in the details about your family members NAME RELATIONSHIP D. Mobile no.

DLF Phase-II Gurgaon. Thanks & Regards Sanjay Kumar Sharma Director & HR Head Mob: 9711993312. Basement.Have a nice day.com .com.9971186009 Jobsicon Incorporate LEADING HR CONSULTING FIRMS IN DELHI AND NCR Plot No-k-3/85. Haryana-122002.jobsicon. Website:-www. India. Mail:sanjay@jobsicon.

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