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Issue # 327 February 18, 2012
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· · · · · · · · · · · The Friend of My Enemy

· The Hack Line

Auletta is Ineligible

It’s is ok for Henry BoC to betray citisens, even berak the law. GA Attorney General Olens says just change the law. The Faces of Tyranny include local, state and national players.
We are working to remove a tyrannical dictatorship from Congress and the White House. Must we fight our local neighbors, members of our own church, people we once trusted to represent us in Henry County?

But Wait… they’ll change the law

· Georgia First!

Do You Know Fred, or BJ or Sam? BoC Still Violating the Law Friends of CRG Roark Meet & Greet Arley Lowe’s New Blog Support House Bill 853 You’ve Been Chopped I’m Just Sayin’

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The friend of my enemy….
Several titles were considered for this opinion/editorial. Among them were “Strange Bedfellows” and “Behind the Curtain.” In politics we often see alliances we did not expect. We too often must accept the consequences of shrewd manipulations perpetrated by those we trusted enough to elect as representatives. Watching the recent machinations of the Henry Board of Commissioners and a few people deemed as insiders, there is one admonition needed:

Wake up, smell the coffee and pay attention!

It is regrettable that Mr. Auletta has been co-opted by the ‘system.’ This article is not a personal attack on anyone, but observations of political events and actions within our county government. Remember that all of these events occurred between Monday and Wednesday of this week. It would be quite interesting to know all the plotting and planning that came before the “resignation” of former county manager Butch Sanders. The ripe aroma coming from the county administration building spells pure backroom politics. Using excerpts from County government’s announcement….

District 2 Commissioner Fred Auletta Steps Down to Take on Role as County Manager Financial Insight and Experience Make Him Ideal for Title
The sudden departure of Henry County’s former Manager, James C. ‘Butch’ Sanders on Monday in the midst of the budget planning process for FY2013 would have ordinarily been a serious setback, but as Commissioners contemplated how to keep the county on course, they realized the perfect, abundantly qualified candidate was right before their eyes. This is the second time in recent history that the elected commissioner from Henry’s District 2 has resigned the post early in the term to pursue other ventures. Rick Jeffares resigned to seek (and win) a seat in the Georgia Senate. Mr. Monroe Roark was appointed to fill the interim seat and generally performed well on behalf of the citizens. Now Mr. Fred Auletta has resigned in an apparent coup to replace the county manager, and again District 2 will get an appointed commissioner. Voters and citizens are again left out of the process and our elite governing class will simply tell us what is best for us. “Henry County is bracing for a double-digit decline in our tax digest,” explained Commission Elizabeth ‘B.J.’ Mathis. “We need someone with a strong finance background and exemplary leadership skills to guide us through this process. Auletta submitted his letter of resignation to the Governor’s office earlier this week. He is also stepping down from his position at Bennett International

Sweet. Parlay an elected position paying $47,000 annually into an employee position paying about $100,000. And this was not about the fiscal challenges our county government faces. It was a coup d’état at the local level. The commissioners acknowledge the budgetary problems require (1) cut spending, or (2) raise property taxes. Both options spell political peril for incumbents seeking re-election. The board’s refusal to cut spending that serves only to promote feel-good, vote buying programs is at the heart of the matter. The board’s insatiable appetite for purchasing properties we do not need for the function of government (on from which selected insiders profit) is at the heart of the matter. Purchases without true consideration of long term costs, like the golf course ($22 Million), a 200 acre farm ($8 Million) that was no more a Civil War battlefield than my in-laws’ property in upstate New York, another family farm ($4 Million) for an unnecessary police training facility, and the airport ($3 Million so far and no tally of true long term costs or impact) are at the heart of the matter. Please note that we citizens are handed yet another unanimous decision by the Board of Commissioners, proving the lockstep mentality we must endure. Nationally and locally we citizens are fighting the same armies of tax and spend politicians.

The cauldron of calamity and callousness in which this has been concocted is a recipe for disaster. The Ides of March came early to Henry Country; and I dare say the commissioners will inebriate themselves with this Witches brew of arrogance and stupidity! They have foolishly created their own recipe for disaster come the elections!!! ~ Comment by a Concerned Citizen

In the opinion of this reporter, it’s is not acceptable for an elected official to turn his back on the citizens he once chose to represent, especially under the unknown and dubious circumstances presented here. Add-on considerations include BJ Mathis, who would face two challengers in the July Primary for County Chair, secured approval from the other commissioners to offer the interim District 2 seat to a person who (1) is not her political enemy, (2) has never campaigned for the job of commissioner, and (3) will not upset her apple cart in the Primary or the November election. What comes of it? BJ Mathis would be protected from a contender. The remaining commissioners agreed to the conspiratorial1 removal of the county manager, with one of their own taking over the job – which was not posted as being available and no interviews were conducted to weed out those who do not possess the job qualifications – and chose an heir apparent. Conspiratorial, you say? See the email1 from Fred Auletta to BJ Mathis stating, “I did read this over the weekend and all I can say is she is going to chew him up with this response….and it is directly going to your opponent, Mr. Tommy [Smith], and between the two of them this will be all over the place…” Mr. Auletta was challenging the judgment of county manager Sanders, but was obviously participating in the protection racket for BJ Mathis. The voting public will never know details of discussions for an interim appointment. We are not supposed to question the effect this power shift has on Mathis’s bid for Chairmanship, nor who among sitting commissioners benefits politically.

NOW TELL ME this is transparent, representative government. The more one thinks about it, the angrier we should become. One of the conspirators actually stated privately, "With the mess the county budget is in the commissioners could not get an outside applicant to take the job. Fred really is the best man for the job." Such arrogance! The planned, discussed and executed shift in the county governing authority completely left citizens outside the process. The actions of our BoC have consequences that negatively affect transparency. The ability of citizens to choose our representatives is again thwarted, and as another Facebook comment states, “Clearly this has been boiling in the back room for a while.” The aroma, let’s say it, stench rising from our board of commissioners calls for Voting Out All Those Rascals. References:
1 Proof


of Right, by Joanie Scott


The Hack Line

it’s not an option if we may or could – we shall
Posted by cmob — February 18, 2012

While the county is reworking the ordnance to allow Fred Auletta to become the county manager they should also visit the ordnance which stipulates how they are compensated. In the meeting on Friday February 17, 2012 8:30 am Commissioner Warren Holder made a comment which seems to be in conflict of the Section 2-2-23 Henry County Ordnance on commissioner compensation and allowances. Going back to APRIL 18, 2006 when the BOC took action to freeze their salaries at the level they are today they amended the ordnance then with the adoption of the resolution. THE QUESTION OF AMBIGUITY ARISES ON THIS MATTER because the board never amended the local ordnance to reflect the resolution made on April 18, 2006. Continue reading at the Hack Line

Former Commissioner Fred Auletta INELIGIBLE for County Manager Position Does the Henry County Board of Commissioners EVER follow the rule of law? What the hell is wrong with these people?

HENRY COUNTY, GEORGIA, CODE OF ORDINANCES >> PART II – LOCAL ACTS >> CHAPTER 2-2 – ADMINISTRATION >> ARTICLE III. - COUNTY MANAGER: SECTION 2-2-51 “No person elected to membership on the board of commissioners shall, subsequent to such election, be eligible for appointment as county manager until one year has elapsed following the expiration of the commissioner term for which he was elected. “ One Henry County citizen wrote: The board has broken the law and now this should be brought before Tommy Floyd and the Grand Jury. This action is clearly a recipe for disaster and should even be brought before the Attorney General of the State. This type of collusion reminds one of the old days of the Chicago mob.

(Mr. Auletta’s photo was omitted from this publication because he is no longer an elected official. As a private citizen and county employee, he could file law suit against this publication for telling the truth!!)

that the Henry County Attorney should have done and educated the Board members on their own County Code which clearly states that former Commissioner Fred Auletta is NOT eligible to hold that position.

In a stunning display of arrogance, instead of actually following this existing law, it appears the BOC’s solution to this debacle they’ve created will be to… wait for it… wait…


the law!

The plan (now enacted) is to allow to Auletta take some sort of interim assistant manager position until they can amend the County Code in order to magically make him eligible. In what world do they live in where it’s considered acceptable to break the law, get caught, then change the law to make their action suddenly legal? Unbelievable.

Citizens Respond . . . .


Across the nation and locally

Local government affects our every day lives and this is larger than
what happens in Washington for this very reason. ~ Christi Tate

we citizens must battle with the armies of tyranny. We are working to remove a tyrannical dictatorship from Congress and the White House. Must we fight our local neighbors, members of our own church, people we once trusted to represent us in Henry County? ~ Henry Citizen

To change the code for self-purposes is Bogus and WILL NOT BE
TOLERATED. I will make it my life's mission to have you unelected personally. ~ Len Brewer


know it is not a real word, but it just keeps getting interestinger and interestinger. I thought that was why you had a County Attorney, to keep you out of these messes. Larry and I don't always agree, but this time I do agree. Where was the transparency? At a called meeting? No advertisement, no applications? Fred may be the right guy, but it was done wrong. ~ Arley Lowe

become the Deputy County Manager while they amend the ordinance to fit their needs. You got to appreciate the high level of competent legal representation that our tax money affords us! We will present a perpetual need to amend every law and or ordinance to fit every whim, thought, or "cover up" need. A tip of the hat to Joanie! ~ Mike Eddy


The Herald has a story on, as they mention, a snag. Now Fred will

You cannot commit a crime and later change the law to give yourself immunity. When the act was
committed it was a violation of law - and they are culpable. Period. I cannot tolerate this board's total lack of respect for the law - and lack of respect for the people of Henry County. It is not in me to accept any more excuses and lame justifications. I pray competent contenders qualify for District 2 this year... We already have good, principled people qualified for Chairman and District 1. AT ALL COSTS, we must replace the incumbent commissioners. Then, just like the dictator now in Washington, a new board will be able to repeal and reverse the tyranny imposed by the worthless people now in office. ~ Larry Stanley References: Proof of Right: HENRY BOC SET TO WAVE MAGIC WAND TO MAKE AULETTA ELIGIBLE HTTP://PROOFOFRIGHT.WORDPRESS.COM/ Proof of Right: Former Commissioner Fred Auletta INELIGIBLE for County Manager Position HTTP://PROOFOFRIGHT.WORDPRESS.COM/2012/02/16/FORMER-COMMISSIONER-FRED-AULETTA-INELIGIBLE-FOR-COUNTYMANAGER-POSITION/ Facebook: HTTP://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/#!/LARRYSTANLEY.HCCITIZEN

What is the value of your Voice, Your VOTE, when the scoundrels change the law to
cover illegal activity and shuffle the deck at will? Do You Know Fred? Do you really know BJ Mathis or Sam Olens?
Mr. Fred Auletta is a good man. He is honest and very intelligent. He is the type of person we citizens need on the board of commissioners. His supporters are loyal. Fred Auletta has betrayed the trust of those voters. He not only resigned the elected seat he sought, campaigned for and won, but participated in a coup d'état wherein he stepped into a higher paying job.

Henry Commission Chairman Elizabeth “B.J.” Mathis, on Thursday, said she spoke with Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens, for advice on the matter. “He agreed that the simplest, and easiest way, to clear up any questions about the intent of that sentence [in the county’s ordinance] was to appoint Mr. Auletta as Deputy County Manager, advertise the change to the ordinance, and simply change his title to County Manager, once the amended language is adopted,” said Mathis. ~ Henry Daily Herald

What so we call people who betray us? Those who commit illegal activity and simply cover it up? What occurred in Henry County is now documented fact. It cannot be changed by a stroke of the pen. The words of one crook (Sam Olens) does not reverse illegal actions of another (Henry BoC). This is simply honor among thieves - one lies and the other swears to it. It is interesting that we have a candidate for President of the United States whose description sounds just like Fred. He is a good man. He is honest and very intelligent. He is a businessman who knows how to make the hard decisions. What we have learned is that loyalty and honest dealings are a myth to people like this. To all those citizens defending Fred and the merry band of crooks with whom he conspired, WE THE PEOPLE are dismayed with the lack of representation so long denied to District 2. And frankly, we are more than miffed that a Chicago-style, mob rule type of guy will serve as our county manager.


New post on Proof of Right

Henry BOC Still Ignoring the Law; And About That “Blessing” by Attorney General Sam Olens

“(d) The board of commissioners may designate a person or persons to perform the functions and duties of the county manager during his absence, disability, or suspension. Vacancies in the office of county manager shall be filled by the board of commissioners as early as practicable and, until such vacancy is filled, the board of commissioners shall have full powers to make a temporary appointment or to perform the functions and duties of his office.”

No matter though. The BOC announced yesterday they will forego all of this and instead make up their own rules and appoint Former District 2 Commissioner Fred Auletta, who resigned that position this week, to the position of “Deputy County Manager” The Board is ignoring the law by leaving vacant the County Manager position. Fred Auletta is AND UNEQUIVOCALLY INELIGIBLE to hold the position of County Manager until January 1, 2014.


The Citizen Comment: There is no ambiguity about willfully subverting and violating our laws. The
BoC insistence they are almighty and powerful to do as they please cannot be tolerated!

Friends of the CRG
We have added to our video page a video of Stockbridge Black History Month Presentation By Dr. Mike Moon. We hope you find this educational and interesting . Here is a link to the video:

Should have more updates soon. Alfred Britt Founder CRG

Monroe Roark, candidate for Henry County Commission Chair, will host a meet-and-greet
Visit his web site at

Tuesday, Feb. 21, from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Ted Strickland Community Center in downtown Stockbridge (next to the fire station). for more information about his candidacy.

Arley Lowe of Hampton now authors a new blog
This web presence caught our attention in part because of Mr. Lowe’s years of public service. Reading his ‘Disclaimer’ we knew you would also appreciate the content.


Welcome to my opinions, thoughts and ramblings. I, of course, think they are incredibly insightful and important. You, however, might not think so, but that is your prerogative. There is a newsletter purporting to be the ‘conservative voice’ of Henry County. I don’t dispute that it is conservative, but I all too often find that it is TOO conservative. I hope to present a slightly not so far right view on some issues.

A lot has been said by very few lately about me blogging. Motives have been questioned and defended from unlikely sources. Let me say that the opinions are MINE, unless I state otherwise. For 8+ years when I spoke most people thought that I was speaking for the City of Hampton. In most cases, I was. I seldom had the luxury of speaking MY mind. When you are an elected official, if you are conscientious, you temper some of the things you say by weighing it against the good of those you represent. There are times when you might very much disagree with some other elected official’s actions or words, but you temper your response. No one wants to have someone in the County government or State make a negative decision about the City you represent because that loud mouth down there said such and such. Now I speak for me. The opinions on this blog are mine and in no way represent any official opinion of the City of Hampton or any other organization. One final thought. To paraphrase something a friend of mine said, at least I hope he is a friend, ‘Everyone is entitled to my opinion’.

The Board of Commissioners just announced at a called meeting, of course we had NO advance notice, that, our used-to-be District 2 Commissioner has been hired as the new County Manager. I wish Fred all the luck in the world, but I have to admit, I do feel betrayed. We were sorta left in the lurch when Rick Jeffares left to bigger and better things. Well, Fred has left us also. What is it with District 2? Are we always destined to be the red-headed step child of the County?

This week, House

Bill 853 was introduced in the General Assembly.

It states: No county, municipality, consolidated government, or local government authority shall prohibit or require any permit for the growing or raising of food crops or chickens or rabbits in home gardens, coops, or pens on private residential property so long as such food crops or animals or the products thereof are used for human consumption by the occupant of such property and members of his or her household and not for commercial purposes. This is a victory for the thousands of people in Georgia that have had their constitutional rights stripped away in the name of progress. However, this is only the first step. This bill is in committee and needs our support to move it along. Please contact your Legislators and the members of the Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee and tell them that you want your rights back! There is a website set up to help in this cause: Please write your Senators and House of Representative members regarding this important bill. Below is a sample letter related to bees: Dear Congressman, HB 853 limits the ability of municipalities to prohibit individuals from raising their own animals for food. While my particular interest is in bees, and the bill does go much further than that, I am worried enough about our bee population and the implications of colony collapse syndrome that I support the entire bill.

As you may know, starting a few years ago bee colonies starting dying in huge numbers. No one knows why, but it is a continuing process. While in our urban environment we do not think much about bees, they are critical to the pollination of not just our food supply in rural regions, and also to the flowers and many of the other plants in our yards. Fewer bees, fewer plants . . . . Bees are almost perfect neighbors. Unless you are within 20 or 30 feet of a bee hive, you probably do not have any clue that it is there. Honey bees – not to be confused with their distant cousins yellow jackets, hornets and wasps – pretty much tend to their own business and only in the rarest of circumstances do anything other than travel between their hives and food sources in the most efficient manner. In those rare instances where they do “swarm,” they almost always end up in a tree or on a telephone poll where a bee-hobbyist is happy to come and remove them. HB 853 is a good bill and I hope that you will support it. Brink Dickerson, Henry County Beekeeper

Georgia First
Ray McBerry Enterprises, Inc., will launch KBN Television in the Atlanta market, March 5, at 9 p.m., on Charter Cable Channel 22. The channel’s acronym stands for the Kairos Broadcasting Network.
McBerry said the channel will initially broadcast in Henry County and surrounding areas south of Atlanta, with the potential to reach about 250,000 viewers. “Plans have already been made to expand the coverage area to include more of the Atlanta market, and rural Georgia, within the next two years,” McBerry said. “The goal of KBN Television is to provide quality, family-friendly programming to the fastest-growing region in the Southeast.” The anchor program for KBN Television will be the “Georgia First” show, hosted by McBerry. The program will consist of political issues and current events, from what McBerry called “a traditional, constitutional viewpoint,” which focuses on state sovereignty and local self-government.

Tune in Monday, March 5th at 9:00pm to view the inaugural Showcase, filmed at Bench Warmers in Stockbridge. Ray entertained a gathering and interviewed several guests for this premier show. Immediately afterward, at 9:30pm, the first edition of Georgia First will air. NOT Atlanta... NOT Washington... but GEORGIA FIRST!

You’ve Been Chopped
By June Knieriem Dined at Just Loaf' N in Stockbridge tonight. Take my word and save yourself the trip.

We ordered an appetizer, entree, and dessert. All three courses arrived at the same time. Nothing was warmer than lukewarm and served in Styrofoam dinnerware. Upon second requests, we received glasses full of ice for our canned drinks and a bag to put leftovers in to take home. The gumbo wasn't even left over; it was not warm enough to eat - just taking it home to eat another day when we could heat it properly. OK you're thinking, must not have cost much. Wrong - $70+ for two!

I ain’t sayin’ nothin’. I’m just sayin’ No Hospital Records of Obama's Birth – Mothers Social Security Number is Still Active and in Use

Attorney Orly Taitz, at the National Press Club on Dec 8th, stated that no hospital in Hawaii has any record of Obama or his mother ever being a patient. Obama's mother Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, was reported to have died in Hawaii from cancer in 1992, yet her social security number is still active and in use.

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