ETT4 Task 1 ETT4 602.3.

5-01 Task 1 Content Structuring


ETT4 602.3.5-01 Task 1 Instructional Presentation- Content Structuring Michael Burton #102530 Western Governors University

2 . The use of a visual aid is of proven importance and academic gain. This paper addresses several types and their inclusion into classroom pedagogy.ETT4 Task 1 Abstract This paper addresses the use and creation of graphic organizers and their use in the classroom.

graphs. By using different types of organizers: templates. and assimilate key concepts and related details. The use of a template is a wonderful way to expose students to the use of a graphic organizer.ETT4 Task 1 3 Explain how to introduce and organize instructional content using a graphic organizer to help students identify. (Rubric A) The use of a visual aide such as that of a graphic organizer can enhance student knowledge in a substantial and measureable way. Introduction by exposure and modeling are two ways to identify the graphic organizer to students. diagrams and graphs add depth to a lesson and further assimilate the idea of organization to students (Slavin. diagrams. pictorial processes.) . It is extremely useful in science and the math related to the problems of science. tables. note taking outlines. While students in my instructional age range of grade 9-12 have been given note taking lessons the augmentation with a graphic organizer enhances and models this continued learning. While math may not lend as easily to the use of the graphic organization of material it does provide a foundation of flow and method. Specify a measurable learning objective and describe how you would use a graphic organizer to help students organize specific lesson information for that objective. organize. 2009). It is through this exposure and modeling that students fully assimilate the tool into their learning practice. Pictures. etc… it exposes students to the many ways graphic organization can take place. (Make sure to include the instructions you would give the students. The template models the use to different extents based on its creation.

(Rubric D) . 20 total contributions” I would ask the class to identify the things we need to know or find out. 4 From there comments and my leading questions I would begin to assemble a visual pictorial in a technology based tool called INSPIRATION and project it on the screen as we work tighter as a large group on the development of the graphic organizer (Inspiration. 2010). While there are many ways to create a graphic organizer I am using software to expose the students to a program that is specially created for making visual and graphic organizers. faster and very efficient when using these types of tools.ETT4 Task 1 (Rubric B) I am using for this task the following objective: “What are 2 major contributions to mathematics in each century of the last 1000 years.) (Rubric C) The graphic organizer has been created and exported in a word processing format and attached to the task in Tasksteam. I would then ask them to discuss ways in which we can arrange the material to both show and complete the task. Provide a copy of the graphic organizer you would use. I think that with today’s technology the ability to make a graphic organizer is easier. Include an explanation of why the graphic organizer you used is well-suited to the lesson content. (Save the graphic organizer as a word processing document or as an Adobe document.

retrieved from www. . two blanks spaces in each century to keep the student on track and towards completion. (2010).ETT4 Task 1 I think anything created in a collaborative effort by all the users is a well suited success. This organizer takes an “elephant” and “eats it one part at a time”. NJ: Pearson Education Ltd. 2011. E. Educational Psychology Theory and Practice (9th ed. on Feb.). It has chronologically the last 10 centuries and. Upper Saddle River.inspiration. Inspiration Software Inc. Slavin. Aside from a group effort to create the graphic organizer and the exploration of new technology software the usefulness of the organizer is that it works for the objective and allows for the task to be completed fully and easier through its use. (2009). 5 References (Rubric E) Inspiration (Version 9) [Software]. 10. The task asks for 2 mathematical contributions from each century for the last 1000 years so we have 10 centuries we need to cover and the organizer keeps the student on track.

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