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Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines, Inc. (ORNAP) Northern Mindanao Chapter

The nursing profession since the dawn of its existence has been defined by Christian charity and a helping hand. This unconditional service to others makes our profession a vocation among chosen individuals. Through the years the operating room nurses have been the partner of doctors in giving quality care. With that we also extend our time to participate in missions in cooperation with other organizations to be able extend our helping hand and give back to our fellowmen in the spirit of service. As the partner of the Philippine College of Surgeons, we participated in their two day Operation Tuli held simultaneously in Lapasan and Patag Area last May 2011. Ms. Janoa Manganar, Ms Lilibeth Diana and volunteer nurses from NMMC joined in the mission. A lot of residents benefited greatly from the free operations done in those areas mentioned. Dr. Peter Quiaoit, PCS-NMC president, was indeed thankful for our continued support of their missions. Truly we all have one goal as an organization which was to give service and a calling to share our talents and profession to others in need. And that certain virtue of charity was again manifested by ORNAP NMC on the 13th and 14th of August this year. The Philippine Obstetrics and Gynecology Society conducted its Medical and Surgical Mission in Camiguin and upon the invitation of FPOGS, ORNAP NMC was there to support and offer service to our partners in the operating room. The group of perioperative nurses headed by ORNAP NMC Secretary Norlene Kiamco and ORNAP NMC BOD Richard Ongpoy accompanied by four other perioperative nurses from the Polymedic Medical Group.


Official Newsletter and the last procedure finished around 7 in the evening. A fulfilling and rewarding day. Even if it was a tiring endeavor, it was a humbling experience to help people said Mr. Richard Cenita as he was busy circulating around a hysterectomy procedure. Interactions with the locals were also observed, one woman stated that she was very much thankful for these professionals to visit her island and she hopes that this happen frequently to help those in need of health care. The mission ended with a fellowship activity to calm the distressed hardworking individuals. Physicians and healthcare workers gathered as they enjoyed the camaraderie and warmth of each others presence. Asked on what she thought of the experience, Ms. Norlene Kiamco said I have been invited to several missions over the years but this has got to be one of the most memorable for the presence and warmth of the people was very heartfelt and sincere. This was then seconded by Mr. Richard Ongpoy wherein he said that as long as the people and our partners need our help ORNAP will definitely lend our helping hand. Activities like these make the organization strong and in line with the goals and objectives of the chapter as a relevant organization especially for operating room nurses. Continually, we look forward to be in league with other organizations in our passion for service to others. Gideon Rey P. Acabo, RN Norlene A. Kiamco, RN

The team of nurses gladly sacrificed their time to aid and accompany our beloved doctors in their mission in the beautiful island of Camiguin. It was a stressful and hectic activity for these nurses for an ample of surgical cases were conducted two days straight. Such cases encountered on the said mission were total abdominal hysterectomies, vaginal myomectomy and bilateral tubal ligations. The first procedure started after lunch preceding their arrival to the area

CARAGAS FIRST: History in the Making

In June 19, 2011, the newly established ORNAP-CARAGA Chapter after its official separation from ORNAP- NMC had its very first regional convention with the theme: Working Together for the Abridgement of Perioperative Nursing Practice Towards Patient Safety and Quality Care. It was held at Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center in Butuan City. Ms. Faith M. Dumoran, the chapters first president opened the said event. The Dean of Butuan Doctors College, Ms. Purita R. Escobar, RN,MAN, DM, gave an insightful speech as the Keynote Speaker. After that the National president, Mr. Romeo Santarina, RN gave his introductory message to the participants. The Scientific sessions include: Laparoscopic Surgery by Dr. Richard B. Jugao, MD FPCS; Decontamination, Disinfection and Sterilization Processes by Ms. Hazel See; Trauma by Dr. Odelio Y. Ferrer, MD; The Value of Knowing Your Patients: Goal in Medication Handling by Dr. Adah June C. Robles, MD; Time Out: Patient and Practitioner Safety by Mr. Holden Rainer M. Gayta, RN MAN; and Loving Your Calling With Passion by Rev. Nolan Lloren. The Caraga Chapter is composed of the provinces previously under the Northern Mindanao Chapter namely: Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur. Although CARAGA's first convention came in conflict with ORNAP-NMC Chapter's 2nd update, we showed our utmost support to the independence of their new chapter by sending a representative, Mr. Peter Clen gen B. Sabandal, RN, the Nomelec Chairman. We are proud of the achievement of this new chapter. We fervently hope that this newfound chapter will prosper and continue to serve the operating room nurses in their area. Lastly, we will continue to give support to CARAGA for they were once a part of our chapter. Peter Clengen B. Sabandal, RN

A second update was conducted by the Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines Northern Mindanao Chapter (ORNAPNMC) last June 19, 2011 at the Marigold Hotel of Cagayan de Oro City. The said activity was entitled The Magic of Science: The Current Trends in Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Kevin Ho, a plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon from Australia gave exemplary discussion on shark attacks. He emphasized that contrary to many belief, only few sharks are dangerous to human beings. However, some sharks can hurt or kill people. Dr. Ho showed numerous slides on shark bites. The audience was in awe when the native doctor from Sydney presented the diameter of the wounds, the shape, and the depth of the bites. The most fascinating discussion however was on the process of reconstructing the body part that was bitten by the shark. It was great to see the astounding result and the amazing recovery of the victims of shark attacks after the surgery. The survivors after the surgery are now living a normal life according to Dr. Ho. He continued by saying that the traumatic incident did not stop those victims from going to beaches still. The second noteworthy topic was made by Ms. Gail Amarrado. She presented the updated trends and standards on instrument care. Ms. Amarrado, a nurse from the UP PGH and a clinical specialist for Johnson and Johnson Philippines, talked about the complexities and significance in caring for surgical instruments. Her talk started out with the reasons for sterilization, its different methods and the cycle of sterilization, the different sterilizing agents and the proper storage. Ms. Amarrados talk enlightened the delegates and changed the way how perioperative nurses manage and handle instrument sterility. Questions and hands rose as the delegates were eager to know and clarify the new information presented by the speaker.

Lastly, she disclosed the proper use, storage, transport, sterilization and monitoring; assembly and packing; lubrication and treatment; inspection and decontamination; and cleansing and disinfection of surgical instruments. She explained further to the perioperative nurses that in every step in caring for instruments, it should be done sequentially, correctly and appropriately. These are just the bits of wisdom taken from Ms. Ammarados talk: Carefully inspect the joints and all movable parts. Damaged or defective instruments should not be used. Distilled water is best used in rinsing surgical instruments. Delicate surgical scissors require special handling to prevent damage to the tips. Use fiber-free sponge to remove all the blood and dirt during cleaning and sterilization. Do not immerse instruments in hot water, alcohol or disinfectant to avoid body fluids and blood concreting. Two hours is the maximum time in which instruments are immersed Hand wash the instruments using a lowsudsing, neutral pH(7), protein dissolving detergent. Totally immerse instruments during cleaning to prevent aerosolization. Lubricate all movable parts with an antimicrobial, water soluble instruments lubricant such as instrument milk. Store the instruments in sterilization trays to prevent damage to the instrument. Keep the stored instruments on carts on shelving in a storage area free of dust, insects,

MAGIC EXPOSED: ORNAP NMCs Second Update Revealed!


chemical vapors and extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

The audience was given a nice treat in the half day seminar, as they have learned from two sought after speakers in their own field. The ORNAP NMCs second update for the year 2011 was indeed a success with delegates leaving the venue with much appreciation. One notable feedback was by Ms. Christy Dablo, a clinical instructor from Xavier University College of Nursing, wherein she said I am very much thankful for ORNAP NMC and Ms. Amarrado for organizing this seminar, for the things learned today were very much significant to our profession and big contribution to the academe. It was a humbling experience also for the ORNAP NMC officers to see such gratitude from their colleagues. This just shows that ORNAP NMC is sincere and dedicated to its advocacy and will continue their unconditional service to their colleagues and the Filipino people for the years to come. We are again happy with the support of the members, amidst the short notice, they still came and attended the event. Parc Roberto Abejuela, ORNAPNMC President said. The event was made possible in cooperation with Johnson and Johnson Philippines and InterplastAustralia. Janoa B. Manganar, RN Gideon Rey Acabo, RN

Last July 2011, the Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines Northern Mindanao Chapter officers together with other delegates form Cagayan de Oro attended the 37th annual convention and scientific meeting. INSTITUTIONAL VISIT

July 1, the group arrived at Manila for the pre-registration. But prior to that, the group had an institutional visit at the Philippine Heart Centre where they had a tour of the operating room and gained insight on the system and practices in the facility. THE PAVILION The two-day convention, from July 2-3, was held at the Fiesta Pavilion of the Manila Hotel. With this years theme Preserving and Protecting the Epitome of Perioperative Nursing Practice Towards Quality Care and Patient Safety. Mr. Romeo Santarina, the ORNAP president opened the said event. And the keynote speaker was Hon. Enrique Ona, MD the Department of Health Secretary. The scientific sessions include: Operating Room Safety/ Fire Prevention in the Operating Room by Ms. Caroline R. Valdepenas, RN; iWrite: Perioperative Nursing Documentation by Ms. Camposano, RN and her team of the OR Department, SLMC; Medical Error in the Operating Room: To Err is Human by Atty. Antonio Alejandro D. Rebosa; Passionate Leadership: Personal Journey of Laughter and Tears by Ms. Lirio Ongpin Mapa; PhilHealth Accreditation Informantion by Ms. Clementine A. Bautista, MD; Endovascular Aneurysm Repair by Dr. Edgar S. Tuazon; Research Initiatives in the Operating Room by Ms. Cynthia Mariz Uy and Godwin Malabanan; Proper Waste Management of Disposables by Egnr. Mary Ann E. Artates; Embracing Spiritual Care in Perioperative Nursing Practice by Rev. Fr. Gilbert Emmanuel P. Levosada, SJ; Current Trends in Anesthesia by Dr. Maria Minerva P. Calimag. Tanya Kristie S. Banaynal, RN

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