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Marketing Management
Sr. No. 1. 2. A study of Sales Promotion Strategies of a specific product 3. Distribution Management of a company 4. An empirical study of Product lines of a family Brand 5. A study of Product diversification 6. Brand extension :An analytical analysis 7. A study of consumers perception towards shopping Malls 8. Analysis of market Potential of a product 9. A comparative analysis of existing brands of a specific product. 10. Buying behavior w.r.t. Life Insurance :A study 11. Role of Print and Electronic media in positioning of a product. 12. A study of Target Market w.r.t. a specific product 13. A study on retail marketing of products 14. Merchandising practices of showrooms. A study 15. Analysis of marketing of Insurance sector 16. E-marketing. A study 17. A comparative study of U.S.Ps of similar products 18. A study of sales Budget 19. A study of Market segmentation w.r.t a specific product. 20. A Comparative study of after sales services of electronic goods. Title of the topic

A Critical evaluation of consumer Behavior w.r.t a consumer goods

Human Resource Management

1. SWOT analysis applied to performance Appraisal System of an organizationA study 2. A study of Training and Development programmes used for employees. 3. Participative Management: A case study of an organization. 4. A study of welfare activities of an organization. 5. Human Resources planning A Case Study 6. A study of conflict Management 7. Motivation at work: A critical appraisal 8. Reward system of an organization-An empirical analysis. 9. Compensation Management :A case study 10 Communication at work: An analysis 11. Quality of work life: A study 12. HR Audit :An empirical analysis 13. Human Resource Information system :An assessment 14. A study of Job analysis 15. A study of Grievances Handling Procedure 16. Change Management : A study 17. New paradigms of OD interventions 18. A study of Recruitment Process of an organization. 19. Absenteeism and employees turn over: A study 20. HR climate: A case study of an organization 21. A comparative study of Induction Process of a company.

Finance Management
1. A comparative study of equity schemes in the Mutual Fund Industry 2. Analysis of changing banking needs of the customers 3. A study of risk evaluation and mitigation procedures for non-performing assets with special reference to IDBI 4. Estimation of market potential of Life Insurance as an investment option 5. 6. 7. 8. Computerization of Accounting System 9. Study of financial inclusion in Indian banking industry 10. Risk management in syndicated loans. 11. General ledger management 12. Analysis of Portfolio management services 13. Cost benefit analysis report of particular industry 14. A study of long term financial resources in particular industry 15. A study of auditing practices with special reference to 16. A Comparative analysis of mutual funds 17. A Credit appraisal of housing loans 18. A study of retail banking for small a medium enterprises 19. Analysis of indirect taxation system. 20. A comparative study of loan schemes by various Banks. 21. 22. A comparative study of insurance schemes A study of non performance assets in banking industry Working capital Management in xyz co. A study of capital structure of particular corporate Study of six sigma level attained by Banking sector