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Alleviating Miscommunication in the Family

In miscommunication. One of the most basic needs is the need to have answers and the need for reasons and explanations. which is often fear-based. Background for Research and Description of Related Works . But what exactly causes conflicts? Many people will pick as the primary factor of conflicts is miscommunication. The conflict triangle includes miscommunication taking the first side. People know that everyone have different interpretations. believing it as truth. II. the mind will fill in the missing information with its own creative insight. therefore. The mind needs logical explanations to events. How does miscommunication happen? It happens when one side doesn t communicate enough information and misinterpreted the real meaning of their words. the other person can get different meaning than what the other intended to say. People always fear the worst outcome. Assumption. Introduction Miscommunication is the root of many conflicts. fulfils the need for a logical explanation for the unexplainable event and tends to become locked into that assumption. the mind switches to a fear-based mode where it can satisfy the needs for answers with that of assumption.I. in this case. Absent those needs. fear taking the second side. This leads to miscommunication. when two people are communicating to each other. Why? Because it opens up the triangle of other factors that inevitably leads to conflict. Assumption is a derivative of fear because people always assume the worst based on their fears and insecurities. People often neglect the real meaning to the real meaning of what have been said and probably confront them in the negative way without listening and that would lead to conflicts. and assumption taking the third part.

John wanted Stacy to stay at home. cooked. even if life was hard at times. or maybe their mother or father or friend. Stacy on . and was very Second example. When John and Stacy got married. you word very hard. or give you the best are unappreciated. Money is tight. Stacy loved her family. goes out and buys you a new outfit. They simply have two different ways of looking at the same situation. and spent time with the children. His father was the bread winner. it is communication that is the leading factor of problems and fights. This situation has all the potential in the world for a relationship problem. The spouse may in turn fell like their efforts to do something special. but you are making it. miscommunication is not so much as I said this time you thought that situation. Often tines. and neither is wrong. First. etc. john grew up in a home where his mother stayed at home and made the home a comfortable and happy place to be. and as far as Stacy could remember she had to be reliant on herself. The housework was shared among the family. You work long hours at your job. get dinner on the table. but a different set of ideals governing the way two people work. and very expensive. She did laundry. is going to find it thoughtless of the spouse to spend their hard earned money in something expensive. shopped. For example.livestrong. Her mother had been divorced 3 times.In relationship in any kind. Stacy grew up in a single parent home. He had a very happy life. and in order to do something nice for you. the person working very hard. and eventually be there to take care of their children. Instead of being angry they might simply advise their spouse to budget the money and just buy the affordable clothes. top of the line. Neither is right. everyone pitched in to make ends meet. and frequently put in over time. The clothes are very nice. Your spouse sees how hard you are working. http://www.

Veronica and Shane both reveal that they suffered from the frustrations of their parents from the mistakes done by their elder siblings.Most girls in their peer group are busy completing their thesis. are both starting to act upon a tougher challenge at the age of 19. but now I have a daughter to look after. Stacy felt they should split both responsibilities equally. gave birth to a baby out of wedlock. She was brought to tears after the delivery because her family. was pressured by her parents not to follow the footsteps of her elder sister who got pregnant at the age of 19. but Veronica and Shane (not their real names). They hardly had personal conversations with them during the moments wherein they were at most confused. Shane shared in the dialect. Stacy could be in charge of the household duties like cooking and cleaning. and that she did not trust his ability to be the sole breadwinner. As a teenager. but she too. wanted to work outside the home and have some independence. Philippines .com/article/172304-a-lack-of-communication-in-the-family/ CEBU. At night I could even barely sleep. John felt if he provided income.Shane. Veronica just delivered a baby girl and is worried about the expenses of a Caesarean Section operation due to the baby s breech presentation. http://www. My . on the other hand. and that she found it degrading to be solely responsible for house duties. Stacy felt that John did not understand her need for independence. John felt like Stacy did not appreciate his attempt to be a good husband and provider for their family.the other hand. cannot help her boyfriend in paying the hospital bills. I used to go out freely with my friends. My life is a lot more different compared to how it was before. who has other expenditures to take care of.livestrong. I felt that I was controlled and misunderstood.

This is the reason why they have to be firm in the values they inculcate and they have to keep their communication lines open within the family. With the fast paced lives that we seem to be leading these days. I could no longer handle it. By Patricia Andrea D. A lack of patience can be one of the biggest downfalls when it comes to the levels of closeness of most families too.parents were so strict because they didn t want me to follow my older brother and sister who left home for good. spouses too. Parents face a lot of competition from their children s friends. Pateña ABComm/MeC-III Saint Theresa's College III. It was as if every frustration was built up on me. Situational Analysis Lack of Time for Each Other: Not so much of a shocker. Makes sense if you really think about it. and low self-esteem.Ms. don't have much time for each other. Veronica expressed. said that aside from the effects of teenage alcoholism. is it? The lack of time for members of the family is invariably a reason that leads to communication problems in families. peer pressure. Parents hardly have the time for children. Orozco stated. and even from the media. it hardly comes as a surprise that the lack of time for each other is one of the key aspects leading to family problems. the lack of open communication between parents and children is among the leading causes of teens giving in to premarital sex. Lack of Patience: This is yet another largely contributing factor leading towards family communication problems. A snappy parent or even a snappy child can be . Theresa s College (STC). The family is the basis for the formation of values of children. and it s almost heart breaking to see family's lose their closeness due to reasons that would seem almost trivial. head of the Psychology Department at St. Ditas Orozco.

What's worse is. always think about what and how to communicate with this person thoroughly. thus leading to a constantly disharmonious atmosphere within the family. learning to empathize. IV. this could go way out of hand when he/she gets older. People may have only one chance in a lifetime to say the right things to someone and be sure not to mess this one chance up due to miscommunication. The starting point to good . More effective communication can be developed through individuals learning to communication can be developed through individuals learning to communicate their real feelings. Lack of Discipline: This is the worst problem in terms of communication problems with children.quite a hassle to handle under certain circumstances. Le your thoughts and feelings be spoken with clear intent. not to mention what maybe could have been for both. while parents may have some semblance of control when the child is little. listening quietly and responding appropriately. like a tornado waiting to happen. because it is a much simpler escape route. one wrong word or expression can cause a serious misunderstanding and shut down all communication if not careful. If this relationship is important. People don t want to find out down the road that a relationship ended on a bad note due to a simple misunderstanding or miscommunication. Time Frame Good communication is important. As can be seen. A breakdown or lack of communication. The easiest way out in situations like that then is ignoring the person in question. A badly behaved child could ruin the peace of a family. especially in the family context has significant implications for all family members. This would be an awkward and hard thing to deal with. so miscommunication will never have to become a factor in getting point across precisely.

it shouldn't border on interference in any way. Bear in mind though. so rather than working on . being presumptuous about the behavior and attitude of the younger ones can lead to problems. It would be natural to see juvenile behavior being displayed by the younger members of a household. This one goes more for the seniors of a family. that is a given. very evidently the solution is developing the virtue of patience. It is therefore essential to have quality family time with one another. so this must be worked on with a certain balance. even these problems can be put to rest. while being in on the other person's life is a good thing. Procedure If there are problems. there are solutions. Not being in on each other's lives can vastly cause communication problems too. Hearing out what the children have to say on a certain matter. If worked on the right way. This process should continuously be implemented until all who are experiencing this kind of problem can feel a change and everyone has been comfortable in opening up their true feelings. but it is up to the elders. A hot headed adult can make situations worse. Also. Spend time together. to control the atmosphere and keep it calm. If the lack of patience is one of the causes of communication problems. V. or even consulting the significant other in issues where their consent is required is one way to start. An overdose of time spent with each other too can lead to problems.communication begins with not with the lament that he or she should take the responsibility to understand me better but with each person taking the responsibility to develop the necessary skills to communicate and to relate more effectively. be it parents or siblings. Stay focused and don't assume. Be patient.

This will act well in favor of the family. VI. everyone will feel comfortable to all types of people they are dealing with. A comfortable environment will help allow truth from them too. References http://www.aspx?articleId=507826&publicationSubCategoryId=111 .livestrong. And above all.assumptions. VIII. At the end of the day it is important to maintain the best relations possible with your family. because if not for so every person need to practice effective communication. Working on them could help to a great extent. there is nobody else to act as a real support system to you. so. we cannot make the right or appropriate attitude in dealing with them. VII. we can enjoy our everyday living knowing that the people us around understand what we want to say and especially what we really feel. talk things http://www.ehow.philstar. Most of what was given above was some of the most common problems that most families are faced with. When communication misery and even war. Potential Importance This action research is applicable to everyone for a reason that everybody has unique personality. it will lead to sadness. People cannot read the minds of other people they are dealing with. Expected Results If all would follow this kind of practice.html http://www.

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