ImagineFX issue 77 with DVD | 3.

8 Gb Format: PDF | Quality: HQ | 116 pages | DVD Content Language: english | Genre: Fantasy & Sci-fi Digital Art Genre: Video Training ImagineFX is the only magazine for fantasy and sci-fi digital artists. Each issue contains an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews. About Future Publishing Limited Future plc is an international special-interest media group that is listed on the London Stock Exchange (symbol FUTR). Founded in 1985 with one magazine, today we have operations in the UK, US and Australia creating over 180 special-interest publications, websites and events for people who are passionate about their interests. We hold market-leading positions in games, film, music, technology, cycling, automotive and crafts. Our biggest-selling magazines include T3, Total Film, Classic Rock, Guitar World, and Official Xbox Magazine. Our websites include,,,, and Future sells 3.2 million magazines each month; we attract more than 23 million unique visitors to our websites; and we host 27 annual live events that attract hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts. In addition, Future exports or syndicates publications to 90 countries internationally, making us the UK’s number one exporter and licensor of monthly magazines. Overview Shifting our digital gaze to Asia, this month's ImagineFX brings a wealth of colour, culture and creativity from China, South Korea, Japan and... Denmark?!

The Q&A section includes tips from the pros on how to paint a female warrior's hair. and there's loads of video workshop files. His fellow countryman Wenjun Lin is the subject of this month's Master of Art. and South Korean artist Young-june Choi takes a sketch from a lined notebook to a great finished interpretation of a fantasy character. whilst we look at his bigger body of work in our Artist Portfolio feature. Ruan Jia leads us through an epic dragon painting with minimum fuss. a water-based character in motion. Hiro Usada works from initial 3D 'sketches' to create a 2D manga scene. a detailed look at the artist's professional and personal artwork to date. . test software and Asian-inspired DAZ 3D pack on our DVD to help you get the most of the magazine.Lorland Chen uses a variety of software and good old-fashioned model studies in a workshop of his arresting cover image. and an object interacting with glass. Inspired by the mythological Chinese character. Danish traditional artist Jesper Ejsing has produced a moonlit Monkey King for out workshop section.

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