WAJ3102 English Language Proficiency 1



This module intends to help course participants to revise and analyse the three main tenses and forms in English. Learning Outcomes    To enable CPs to identify tenses used in texts. Use correct and appropriate language structures in different types of writing Assess own language progress through self and peer evaluation

Content Forms Simple Progressive Perfect

Tenses Present Past Future

eat/s Ate will/shall eat

am/is/are eating was/were eating will be eating

have/has eaten had eaten will have eaten

1.PRESENT TENSE Present tense expresses a general truth, habitual action and talks about something existing at the time of speaking. Example The Earth is round Every morning, I brush my teeth. I hear the train coming. 2. PAST TENSE Past tense expresses an action or situation that begins and completes at a particular time in the past. Most past tense verbs end in –ed. The irregular verbs have special past tense forms which must be memorized. Example The students arrived in class before the

Meaning A fact. The truth Recurring action / Habitual action Happens at that particular time frame.

Form Regular –ed past form
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WAJ3102 English Language Proficiency 1

teacher Shiela went to the hospital yesterday morning. 3. FUTURE TENSE

Irregular form

-Future tense expresses an action or situation that will occur in the future. This tense is formed by adding will/shall with the basic form of the verb. e.g The Prime Minister of Malaysia will speak at the opening ceremony tomorrow.

Try out this exercise. A : Complete the sentences with DO,DOES, IS or ARE. Put a (-) in the blank wherever not needed . 1. Jack __________ not work at his father’s office. 2. Kate ___________sells flowers at a stall. 3. ________ you plan to get a job, too? 4. ________ a lizard a reptile? 5. A mosquito ___________ flying around Sam’s head. 6. Denise and Scott usually __________work together on small construction jobs. 7. __________ mosquito repellent work? 8. Almost all reptiles __________ lay eggs. 9. Look outside!. It _________ raining. I’m feeling cold. 10. They _______ late for class because of the rain.


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WAJ3102 English Language Proficiency 1

B: Identify and underline the present tense forms in the following text. Use the following to indicate: SP(simple Present), PProg(Present Progressive) and PP (Present Perfect ). TEXT 1 WAYS TO MAKE WATER TASTE BETTER Many packaged drinks are quite expensive. The cheapest drink out there is water. The main reason that people don’t drink water is that it is tasteless and not very ‘fun’ to drink. On the other hand, water is definitely healthier than soda, so now there is an entire category of packaged drinks that is basically bottled water with added colouring, vitamins, and flavour. Instead of buying these, there are many things you can add to water at home to make it more exciting to drink.

1. Add herbs such as mint, lemongrass and parsley to the water. If you want to release the flavour, you can crush the plants a little before putting them into your water.

2. Adding vinegar to water is similar to adding citrus. You will get wour water that has vitamin C. When I was a kid. I like adding apple cider vinegar to the water before drinking it.. 3. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “electrolytes” in the marketing for energy drinks. Electrolytes are little more than just ions that can be found in common table salt. Adding a little bit of salt to water helps your body absorb the liquid more quickly. As long as you don’t go overboard with the salt, the water should be very quenching. It is great for workouts, since the body loses salt through water.

Readers Digest Nov 2010


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WAJ3102 English Language Proficiency 1

B: Identify and underline the present tense forms in the following text. Use the following to indicate: SP(simple Past), PProg(Past Progressive) and PP (Past Perfect ).

TEXT 2 They had eaten the barbecued lamb, the grilled steaks and the green lettuce.

Through crispy, aromatic smoke which spread thinly across the flood-lit lawn, they had picked at the satay with their teeth and sipped glasses of wine and beer. Loud laughter frequently burst forth from a few tables followed by moments of unnatural quiet. The talk at one table was about a bomb explosion outside the house of Wan Nurudin, SecretaryGeneral to Housing Minister a few days previously. His gate was blasted open and a security guard killed. That’s why the dinner was being held at Panglima’s house and Wan Nurudin, though present, was in the background. The lady who provided the details, Esther fu, had plucked eyebrows which had been painted over in two semicircular black lines. That’s what she had heard. She explained that there had been a top level meeting; a new policy towards the disorder in the town had been drafted. “You’ll see, “ she said. “We’ll soon be able to walk safely in the streets.”

Green is the colour – F. Lloyd.

Do visit the following websites for further exercises to try out or as references .
http://www.bbc.co.uk http://www.englishexercise.com http://www.nonstopenglish.com


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WAJ3102 English Language Proficiency 1

Xin Lu.(2010), November.ways to make water taste better. Readers Digest. Lloyd Fernando , Green is the Colour,rdasia.com Betty Schrampfer Azar, Donald A,Azar (1999), Fundamentals of English grammar. 2 ed : Longman.


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