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TORTI ase ET TEMP GTOMETDAAYASANY The Sourcebook Of Magic A Comprehensive Guide To The Technology Of NLP L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. & Barbara P. Belnap, M.S.W. Crown House Publishing Limited First published in the UK by’ Crown House Publishing Limited Crown Buildings Bancyfelin Carmarthen Wales S433 5ND UK @L. Michael Hall & Barbara P. Belnap The right of L. Michael Hall & Barbara P. Belnap tobe identified as the authors of this work has been asserted by them in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. First published 1999 Reprinted 2000 All rights reserved. Except as permitted under current legislation no part of this work may be photocopied, stored in a retrieval system, published, performed in public, adapted, broadcast, transmitted, recorded or reproduced in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of the copyright owners. Enquiries should be addressed to ‘Crown House Publishing Limited. “Neuro-semantics” and “Meta-states” are registered trademarks of the Institute of Neuro-Semantics British Library of Cataloguing-in-Publication Data ‘A catalogue entry for this book is available from the British Library. ISBN 1899836225 Printed and bound in Wales by WBC Book Manufacturers, Waterton Industrial Estate, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan. Table Of Contents Of Figures The Basic Patterns Acknowledgments Preface Foreword Part One: NLP—The Model Of The Magic Chapter | introduction To NLP Magic Magic Has Structure Chapter 2 The NLP Model Design, Language, And Components 15 Part Two: NLP Patterts—The Incantations For Transformation And Growth Chapter 3. The Basic Patterns Patterns For Running Other Patterns (Meta-Patterns) Chapter 4 PARTS: Apart Of The Whole—Warring Parts Patterns For incongruity Chapter 5 IDENTITY: Inventing & Re-inventing “Self” Patterns For Building Empowering Self-Tmages Chapter 6 Emotional States The Art Of Managing Neuro-Linguistic Siates Chapter 7 Languaging Patterns For Languaging Realily With Precision, Clarity, And Empowerment Chapter 8 Thinking Patterns Sorting Patterns That Govern Thinking Chapter 9 Meanings And Semantics Patterns Far Enhancing Neuro-Semuantic Reality Chapter 10. Strategies Patterns For Building Empotwering Action Plans Part Three: Pattern Applications—Thinking Like A Magician Chapter 11. ‘Thinking In Patterns Pattern Thinking As An Art And A Skill Chapter 12 Figuring Out Magic To Do At What Times Chapter 13. Domains Of Use Hints For Using NLP tn Busincss, Education, Therapy, Sports, Healt, Relationships, Etc. 33 57 75 m 14 157 179 197 27 23, 255 Epilogue Appendices ‘A Eye Accessing Cue Chart B. Calibration Exercise For Agree /Disagnee or Yes/No There “Is” No “Is” D NLP As Therapy: In A Managed Care World E List OF NLP Centers: USA UK Bibliography Glossary Of NLP Terms Index List Of Figures 21 The Representational Systems Of Modalities And Submodalities 267 m m3 283 203, 201 a 22. Specific Qualities And Distinctions In Each Representational System 19 23. The NLP “Information Processing” Model 24 Logical Levels Within The Representations 25. The NLP Algorithm 31 The Structure Of Meaning 5.1 “Time” Orientations 52 “Time” Styles 6.1 Chart For journaling States (Bubble Journaling) 62 Charl For State Identification And Analysis 63 Meta-Level Structure Of “Pleasure” 71 The Meta-Medel Of Language 81 NLP Mela-Programs (Processing/Serting Styles) 82 Mote-Programs And Meta Meti-Programs 83. Cognitive Distortions As Disempowering Thinking Patiems 84 Enipoering Thinking Patterns 10.1. The Forgiveness Continuum 10.2 States And Meta-States In Forgiveness 12.1 Change Quadirants 13.1 The NLP Algorithm (Figure 2.5 repeated) 88 8B 121 12 134 146 161 164 174 176 204 204 246 263 The Basic Patterns Foundational Patterns #1 Well-Formed Outcomes #2, Pacing Or Matching Another’s Model Of The World #3 Calibration To Someone's State #4 Checking The Ecology Of A Patiern #5. Flexibility Of Responses #6 State Elicitation #7. State Induction #8. State Interrupt #9 Anchoring #10 Accessing Positive Intention Primary NLP Patterns For Transformation And Excellence Patterns For Incongruity Of “Parts” #11 Collapsing Anchors Pattern #12 Parts Negotiation Pattern #13 Six-step Reframing Pattern #14 Aligning Perceptual Positions Pattern #15 Agreement Frame Pattern #16 Aligned Self Pattern #17 Resolving Intemal Conflict Pattern #18 Advanced Visual Squash Pattern Patierns For Identity And “Self” #19 Belief Change Pattern #20 Dis identification Pattern #23 Change Personal History Pattern #24 Swish Pattern #25 Circle Of Excellence Pattern #26 Decision Destroyer Pattern #27 Core Transformation Pattern #28 The Meta-Transformation Pattern #29 Making Peace With Your Parents Pattern #30 Loving Yourself Pattern #31 Self-Sufficiency Pattern #32 Receiving Wisdom From Your Inner Sage Pattern 39 40 a1 50 31 34 58 59 61 63 66 58 71 76 78 81 36 89 93 95 97 98 101 103 106 107 108 Patterns For Neuro-Linguistic States #33 Visual /Kinesthetic Dissociation Pattern (Phobia Cure) 112 #34 Accessing And Managing Resourceful States Pattern #35 State Of Consciousness Awareness Pattern #36 “As If” Frame Pattern 437 Chaining States Pattern +438 Submodality Overlapping Patten. #39 Threshold Patter or Compulsion Blowout #40 Transforming “Mistakes” Into “Learnings” #41 Becoming Intentionally Compelled The Godiva Chocolate Pattern #42 Decision-Making Pattern #43 Pleasure Pattern #44 Reducing Enjoyment Pattern or Anti-Addiction Pattern #45 Breaking Up Limiting Synesthesias Pattern #46 Filing Away Memories As Part Of One's Learning History Patterns For Languaging And Re-Languaging #47 Meta-Modeling Pattern #48 The Pattern Of Meta-Model IT #49 Denominalizing Patter 450 Problem Defining / Formulating Pattern Patterns For Thinking Patterns, Meta-Programs, And Cognitive Distortions #51 Identifying And Pacing A Person's Meta-Programs #52 Recognizing And Challenging Limiting Meta-Programs #53 Meta-Programs Change Pattern #54 Identifying And Disputing Cognitive Distortions Patterns For Meanings/Semantics 455 Content Reframing Pattern #56 Context Reframing Pattern #57 Submodalities Reframing Pattern #58 Six-step Reframing Pattern As A Meta-States Pattern #59 Pulling Apart Belief Synesthesia Pattern #60 Establishing Your Value Hierarchy Patter #61 Kinesthetic Hierarchy Of Criteria Pattern #62 Thought Virus Inoculation Pattern ne 120 123 124 126 17 128 130 131 133 135 137 138 144 149 150 152 158 159 71 174 180 183 183 187 188 189 192 193 Patterns For Strategies #63 New Behavior Generator Pattern #64 Forgiveness Patter #65 Allergy Cure Pattern #66 Grief Resolution Pattern 467 Pre-Grieving Pattern #68 Healthy Eating Pattern #69 Resolving Co-dependence Pattern #70 Assertive Speaking Pattern #71 Responding To Criticism Pattern #72 Establishing Boundaries Pattern #73 Magical Parents Pattern #74 Transforming Mistakes Into Learnings Pattern #75 Thinking /Evaluating Wisely And Thoroughly Pattern (SCORE Model) #76 A Creativity Strategy (The Walt Disney Pattern) #77 Spinning Icons Pattern (Integration Pattern) 199 202 206 208 21 212 213 215 27 220 222 223 25 27 229 Acknowledgments First, we want to acknowledge those directly responsible for the birth of NLP as wwe have it today: John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier, and Leslie Cameron-Bandler. Second, we would like to dedicate this work to two Magicians who further pioneered the NLP Model: ‘Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith And third, we would like also to acknowledge the numerous other untiamed NLP trainers who have likewise extended this field, and those who will continue to do so, Preface Welcome to “Solution Land!” Swing the doors open wide and step right up to the next level of helping both yourself and those you choose to assist to a double portion of the most powerful and dynamic changework and action strategies known to mankind. Herein lies a wealth of resources, strategies, and skills that will assist you, the agent of change, in making your life more powerful, pleasurable, and productive than you thought possible. What you will find within these pages will enable you, the NLPer, to effect deep and pervasive change and transformation in yourself and others from the inside out. How many times have you asked yourself, “Just how can I help myself or another to really attain a better or higher quality of life, to achieve the wants and needs, desires and dreams that are possible in life?” How often have you searched and sought after techniques, skills and strategies to do just this?—those tried and proven to work, My search for answers has led me to study many different technologies and the developers who created them. Originally, 1 began seeking an understanding of problems and what caused the problems. Later, it became clear to me that what I had true interest in concerned solutions, not problems. 1 wanted to know what actions a person could take to make improvements, “additions and editions,” in their lives. What I found along this path to what Tcall “Solution Land” was the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming—NIP—and its trail of resources, strategies, and skills, Yet, had difficulty in finding a clear and precise handbook, a guide, that would provide me with the essence of what we now recognize as NLP. Iwas seeking a work that made the key distinc tions empowering me, the helper or the “helpee,” to have ready access to sequential solutions when I needed them most. In this work you will access strategies and skills with which to launch and accelerate your results and accomplish what you may not have even thought possible—real and long-lasting, pervasive improvement in quality of life, change, not as a result of talking about what you want or don't want, but “Taking Action” to make it happen!