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Home Depot Founder: Non-GOP Donors Minnesota Recount Begins

'Should Be Shot' with Coleman Lead
By Tommy Christopher (Political makes the story about the "Gotcha!" quote, greed in plain sight, framing it as an issue By Caleb Howe (Political Machine) which Franken's lawyers claim were
Machine) rather than the left's failure in messaging. of liberty. Conversely, Democrats have Submitted at 11/19/2008 7:10:00 AM
rejected on technicalities. The Coleman
Submitted at 11/19/2008 12:26:00 PM
The subject of that call was card check done an exceedingly poor job of pushing campaign is arguing that these ballots
legislation, which makes it easier for back against this. Filed under: Democrats, 2008 Senate should be counted only in the event the
Filed under: Republicans, Economy workers to organize into unions. For me, Frank is right when he observes that the Today the official recount begins in the result ends up in court, as is traditionally
Bernie Marcus, one of the founders of the real money quote from Marcus is people said, clearly, in this election that Minnesota Senate race between incumbent the way such things are handled.
Home Depot, has the blogosphere all this:"This is the demise of a civilization," they want to see more fairness in our Norm Coleman and challenger Al Franken. When the recount is complete, the results
atwitter over remarks he made on a moaned Bernie Marcus during an Oct. 17 economy. But it took far too long, and at The recount was triggered by the will be handed over to Ritchie, and the
conference call Monday. From Tom Frank conference call about card check. "This is 52%-46%, was far too close. Democrats narrowness of the margin between the two disputed ballots will be reviewed by the
of The Wall Street Journal:"If a retailer has how a civilization disappears. I'm sitting have to figure out a way to get out the candidates on election night. The margin Canvassing Board. Ritchie has set
not gotten involved with this, if he has not here as an elder statesman, and I'm message that it is not un-American to stand narrowed significantly, not to mention December 19th as the deadline for the final
spent money on this election, if he has not watching this happen, and I don't believe up for basic fairness, and that in a free questionably, over the week and half results.
sent money to Norm Coleman and these it." When a guy like Marcus is trying this market, workers have the same right to following the election. Yesterday, the The decision will be very important for
other guys," Mr. Marcus said, apparently hard to scare you, you must be doing leverage that companies do. Canvassing Board officially certified the Senate. With Ted Stevens out and only
referring to Republican senators facing something right. Private-sector union Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe co- Coleman as the winner by a margin of 215 two Senate races yet undecided, the size of
tough re-election fights, then those retailers membership peaked in the 70's at around host " Unusable Signal",on votes, over the objections of the Franken the Democratic majority on Capitol Hill
"should be shot; should be thrown out of 35%, and wallows below 10% today. BlogTalkRadio, Tues through Thurs at team.. hangs in the balance. Whatever the
their goddamn jobs." Bloggers everywhere Civilization seems to have a decent 10pm, and Fri, and Sat at 11pm. (Eastern) The recount can, and likely will continue outcome of the recount, considering the
are focusing on this"money quote," with cushion there. Click here for the Unusable Signal through to the December 5th deadline. The number of lawyers involved and the
snarky headlines about sanctioning Republicans have pulled off a neat trick homepage. hand recount will be a slow and amount of questions emerging even before
murder. To be sure, it's a grabber, and it over the past 30 years or so, convincing far Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| painstaking process, in which 2.9 million the recount begins, it wouldn't be a
nicely illustrates the hostility of too many Americans that huge Comments ballots will be reviewed and recounted. surprise to see this one end up in court in
corporations towards workers. corporations are victims of oppressive Observers on behalf of each campaign mid-December, particularly if Coleman
The problem with this approach is that it workers and consumers. They hide their have the opportunity to challenge any wins. Al Franken has to have something to
ballot and have it put before a panel of do with all those lawyers, after all.
judges headed by the highly partisan Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
Secretary of State Mark Richie. Comments
Not included in the recount are a number
of previously rejected absentee ballots,

McCain To Run Again

By Christopher Weber (Political much speculation that his failed according to a knowledgeable source, took
Machine) presidential bid would be his last place off the Hill in a private office(From
Submitted at 11/19/2008 7:00:00 AM
campaign, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has Roll Call, via Kos.)
decided to run for re-election to his Senate Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
Filed under: Senate, Republicans, John seat in 2010. Comments
McCain No, not for president. John McCain, 72, announced the decision
McCain says in two years he'll be up for re during a meeting Tuesday evening with top advisers Rick Davis, Charlie Black, Carla
-election for Senate in Arizona: After ally Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Eudy and other aides. The meeting,
2 Politico* World* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
Republicans strategise to
New Ethics Complaint Filed Against Sarah Palin win back Hispanic voters
following demographic's
By David Knowles (Political infraction. The complaint isn't about what government office.
Machine) she said, but where she said it? Palin's The standard here is something of a shift to Democrats on
response is that the interview in question-- stretch. Though Palin's interview with van
Submitted at 11/19/2008 8:11:00 AM
November 10th's heart-to-heart with FOX's Susteren may have had everything to do November 4
Filed under: Breaking News, Media, Greta van Susteren--took place when Palin with posturing the Alaska governor for a
Sarah Palin Via the Anchorage Daily was no longer a candidate, therefore it did run in 2012, it's hard to imagine any
By Daniel Nasaw (World news |
News, here's the latest dust-up involving not violate state law. interview that a public figure would give to
GOP star, Sarah Palin: It is unclear, however, just what the state the media that was not, in some way, Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:28:11 AM
As Sarah Palin settles back into her job will decide in this matter. More from designed to make said politician look If Republicans want to succeed in future
as the state's chief executive, a new ethics ADN: good. In other words, every utterance an elections, they will have to win over the
complaint filed Tuesday says she's already The state executive branch ethics rules elected official makes can be seen in terms large numbers of Hispanic voters who left
improperly mixing her official duties and say officials can't use state resources to of remaining in office and, gasp!, the the party in anger over its candidates' hard-
broader political ambitions. help or hurt a political candidate. Or a possibility of running for another. line stance on immigration, according to
The charge: That Palin broke state ethics potential candidate. That means, for Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Democrats, Republicans and non-partisan
rules by holding national television example, no fund-raising phone calls on breaking new ground. The rules don't spell Comments
out whether state officials can tell a Hispanic advocacy groups
interviews about her run for vice president the state dime and no making political
from the governor's office. fliers on government copiers. national television audience about their
Really, this seems like a pretty minor The latest complaint about Palin may be past political campaigns from their

Franken Making Dubious Ballot Obama's Cabinet Full of

Challenges Insiders, Rivals, and Old
By Caleb Howe (Political Machine)
Submitted at 11/20/2008 12:45:00 AM

Filed under: Democrats, 2008 Senate,

Clinton Staffers
By Dave (Political Machine) Obama by now.
Scandal First, Obama needs some experienced
Submitted at 11/19/2008 3:15:00 PM
Al Franken, who wants to count for hands who know how the White House is
himself ballots which contain no selection Filed under: Democrats, Barack Obama, run - That's Rahm. Then he needs to pay
in the Senate race, is conversely, or Obama Administration Rob Kall is not off some supporters - That's Holder and
perhaps perversely, challenging votes going to be happy Daschle and many more to come. Then he
which do contain a selection. But, I fear, will Emanuel open the gates needs to offer some sops to rivals who
The recount has observers from both for a herd of Clinton vets to invade the have the potential of being a pain in the
campaigns on hand, who are able to White House? That would be a betrayal of you-know-where. That's Hillary Clinton
challenge ballots which they think are the millions of voters, who in the primary, and likely a few more.
unjustly being counted for an opponent. made a very clear non-Clinton choice. We There's a long list of these types of
According to The Skepticians blog, the need fresh blood, not Clinton people who people before we get to fresh faces and
below ballot was challenged by the were involved in supporting and defending new talent. But what did you expect?
Franken recount observers on the grounds NAFTA, the WTO and Clinton's effort to Change? A new day in DC? Please tell me
that the voter made an "X" inside the what oasisjennie meant. I've said before it pep talk to the vote recounters. One might move the Democratic party to the right. you didn't actually believe that! That was
bubble for Coleman. appeared a potentially coordinated effort deduce the subject was "how to determine Come on, President-elect Obama. Sure, it the campaign, this is the real stuff. This
Wow. Seriously? was underway in Minnesota to take the the outcome of the election," don't you makes sense to start with a few also means that Joe Lieberman gets a pass.
I am reminded of a blog I saw at election for Franken. With suspicious late think? experienced hands. But we hired you to He'll be less of a pain if he owes Obama
DailyKos, since deleted, where user vote updates and thousands of lawyers on The Senate race in Minnesota has been make change happen, not to recycle. than if he owes the GOP, and that's why
oasisjennie bragged about how important the scene, the air of mischief is overt. Now fraught with controversy. With the Rahm Emmanuel, Eric Holder, Tom they did it, and the leftroots can go pound
he or she was to the country, being a we hear from observers anxious to filibuster-proof majority now resting on Daschle, and possibly Hillary Clinton sand.
Franken recount observer. The best line "determine" the outcome of the election Franken's race, it seems we'll find out herself. former Clinton administration Welcome to DC.
was " what I challenge and don't challenge and we see reports of absurd challenges ... exactly what the Democrats are willing to staffers and a former senator. It's not Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
will determine the outcome of this the word theft drifts across the tongue. do to secure it. exactly change, but it's exactly what Comments
election." Oasisjennie, by the way, mentioned Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| everyone should have expected from
Looking at the above image, you can see Franken personally gave the informational Comments
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Key Stats: Janet Napolitano,
California Supreme Court You Can Literally Own a Obama's Pick for the
Department of Homeland
to Hear Proposition 8 Piece of Abraham Lincoln Security
By Michael Kraskin (Political
By Tommy Christopher (Political
Challenges Machine)
Submitted at 11/20/2008 12:16:00 AM
Submitted at 11/19/2008 11:57:00 PM
By Tommy Christopher (Political Filed under: Obama Administration
Machine) Filed under: Humor You think I'm
kidding? I'm not kidding. From The Wall Sources are saying that Janet Napolitano
Submitted at 11/19/2008 9:59:00 AM Street Journal: Ms. Artusa, a baseball-card has been tapped to head the Department of
collector since the 1970s, found something Homeland Security.
Filed under: Gay Rights, Supreme Court, Just who is this Janet Napolitano? Is she
Ballot Measures Proposition 8, the recently unusual in one pack -- a scratch-off code
that pointed her to a Web site. The site told just another Clinton insider, or will she
passed ban on same-sex marriage in finally bring that "change" Obama keeps
California, is headed for the state's her she had won something too delicate to
include in a regular pack: a single strand of talking about?
Supreme Court, reports Maura Dolan of To sort out just who this Napolitano is,
the LA Times: The California Supreme hair from the head of Abraham Lincoln.
"Abraham Lincoln? We thought maybe it here are a few key stats to help you get to
Court agreed today to review legal know the Arizona Governor.
challenges to Prop. 8, the voter initiative was a mistake," says the 57-year-old
accountant. You can also "win" strands of Age: 50, but she has a birthday in just 9
that restored a ban on same-sex marriage, days! Happy birthday Janet, here's a new
but refused to permit gay weddings to hair belonging to King George III, Marilyn
Monroe, George Washington, Ronald job!
resume pending a ruling. Place of Birth: New York City
Meeting in closed session, the state high Reagan, and more. A similar giveaway has
met with less than stellar success in the Considered Likely to Succeed By Her
court asked litigants on both sides for more High School Class: Yes
written arguments and scheduled a hearing restaurant industry.
The story goes on to say that Artusa sold Basketball Skills: Yes, she has guest
for next March. This is welcome news for coached the University of Arizona
both sides, as opponents of Prop 8 would the strand of hair for $30,000.00 on eBay.
It was probably purchased by an AIG one day, screaming a Soylent Green-esque, Women's Basketball team (PDF).
like to see it struck down sooner, rather "It's made from..." Plays Well With Republicans: Probably
than later, while supporters of the ban are executive who intends to construct a wig,
one strand at a time. Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe co- not. She was Anita Hill's attorney during
anxious to rip asunder those marriages that host " Unusable Signal",on that whole Clarence Thomas thing.
already exist in the state. When I was a kid, baseball cards came
with gum. Now, you get human remains. BlogTalkRadio, Tues through Thurs at Family Status: Single
At the heart of these legal challenges is 10pm, and Fri, and Sat at 11pm. (Eastern) Currently Employed By: The state of
the idea that Prop 8 is not merely an anything, it's that opponents of Prop 8 have That's progress. (The preceding was said in
Old Man Voice.) Click here for the Unusable Signal Arizona where she serves as Governor.
amendment to the Constitution, but a got a better chance in court than at the homepage. Connection to the Clintons: She was
revision to it, which would mean it would mercy of their supposed brothers and Here's what really frightens me: There's
only so much hair on a human head. What Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| appointed as U.S. Attorney for the District
take a 2/3 vote by the legislature in order sisters in California. Comments of Arizona by Bill Clinton.
to place the measure on the ballot. Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe co- happens when they run out? Do we need to
get bio-ethicists involved here? Will I be Homeland Security Experience: She is
If the judges had dismissed the suits, it host " Unusable Signal",on Governor of a border state, so when
would have added years to the time it BlogTalkRadio, Tues through Thurs at stretchered out of the Upper Deck factory
Mexican President Felipe Calderon rears
would take to settle these issues. 10pm, and Fri, and Sat at 11pm. (Eastern) Video: Bird migration over Mexico his head and comes into the air space of
In my view, this is a positive step for gay Click here for the Unusable Signal the United States of America, where do
rights. The passage of Proposition 8, while homepage. (World news | migration, the largest in the world, they go? It's Arzona.
clearly a wrong, mean-spirited move by Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:35:33 AM
watched by enthusiasts and See Also:
Californians, forces the question out of the Comments conservationists Eric Holder, Attorney General
realm of popular bigotry, and into the Winter in Veracruz is the time when 4.5 View Poll
arena of justice. If history has shown million birds of prey begin their annual Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|

George W. Bush Snubbed by World Leaders Anna Politkovskaya trial adjourned

By Michael Kraskin (Political at the G-20 Summit to discuss the financial shake Bush's hand, look him in the eye, or By Caitlin Fitzsimmons (World news men accused of involvement in killing
Machine) crisis. give him the time of day. And not a single | Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya has
... the 20 leaders are widely expected to one of them did. Submitted at 11/20/2008 9:15:05 AM
adjourned the case. By Caitlin
Submitted at 11/19/2008 8:22:00 AM
hammer out principles for strengthening Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Fitzsimmons
Filed under: President Bush Last week, regulations in the financial sector... Comments The judge in charge of the trial of three
still President Bush met with world leaders What they were not expected to do was
4 Business* World* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper

Analyst calls: HOTT, GYMB, DRL, ID, Sara Lee (SLE): A buy for
AWC, AMED, PAY, DCM, GPRO, BSX tough times
By Eric Buscemi (BloggingStocks) Analyst downgrades: from sales outside of traditional molecular By Steven Halpern (BloggingStocks) year-over-year to $3.5 billion.
Submitted at 11/20/2008 11:11:00 AM
• Credit Suisse downgraded Targanta testing areas. Shares were initiated with a Submitted at 11/20/2008 10:55:00 AM
"With its earnings announcement,
(NASDAQ: TARG) to Underperform from Buy rating and $21 target. management issued fiscal 2009 guidance.
Filed under: Analyst reports, Analyst Outperform following the FDA Panel's • Needham also initiated Gen-Probe Filed under: International markets, It expects net sales to grow 4-6% year-over
upgrades and downgrades, Boston rejection of Oritavancin. (NASDAQ: GPRO) with a Hold rating and Newsletters, Sara Lee Corp (SLE), -year to $13.7-14 billion and pro forma
Scientific (BSX), Analyst initiations, • Citigroup downgraded BASF AG expects market share gains for the Agriculture, Stocks to Buy earnings to grow 8-18% to 90-98 cents per
VeriFone Holdings (PAY) Analyst (OTC: BASFY) to Sell from Hold and sees company when PANTHER is approved in "Even in tough economic times, Sara share.
upgrades: no reason to own the stock following the 2010/2011. Lee(NYSE: SLE) should fair well thanks "Since issuing guidance, economic
• Societe General upgraded BASF AG company's profit warning. Shares were • William Blair believes Harbin Electric to its offering of non-cyclical goods," says conditions have deteriorated significantly.
(OTC: BASFY) to Buy from Hold. The also downgraded at WestLB to Hold from (NASDAQ: HRBN) is an "interesting" quantitative analyst Vahan Janjigian, editor This could lead to increased trading down
firm believes the bad news is out and that Add. opportunity for exposure to rapid growth in of The Forbes Growth Investor. activity to lower-priced brands or private-
BASF has a strong market position. • Deutsche Bank downgraded shares of infrastructure within the People's Republic "Sara Lee is a leading producer of label goods.
• Pali Capital upgraded Hot Topic Amedisys (NASDAQ: AMED) to Hold of China. The firm started shares with a branded foods, beverages, and personal "Also, the strengthening dollar has turned
(NASDAQ: HOTT) to Buy from Neutral from Buy and lowered its target to $53 Market Perform rating. care products. Roughly 50% of sales are the foreign exchange tailwind into a
based on the ongoing merchandise catalyst, from $75 on concerns over the company's • Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX) was generated outside of the U.S. Leading headwind. Yet food commodity and energy
the opportunity to reclaim the mainstream deteriorating A/R aging trends. initiated with a Buy rating and $11 target brands include Ball Park, Hillshire Farm, costs have fallen significantly, which could
kid and closing underperforming stores, • VeriFone Holdings (NYSE: PAY) and at UBS. Jimmy Dean, Sara Lee, State Fair, Earth provide margin relief for the company."
which create the most favorable conditions Navios Maritime (NYSE: NMM) were • NutriSystem (NASDAQ: NTRI) was Grains, and Senseo brand coffee products. Steven Halpern's
in the last 5+ years. lowered to Neutral from Overweight at JP initiated with a Neutral rating at Janney "Management launched a comprehensive offers a daily look at the latest market
• Stanford upgraded L-1 Identity (NYSE: Morgan. Montgomery. restructuring plan in 2005 to focus on core commentary and favorite stock picks and
ID) to Buy from Hold on valuation, and • NTT DoCoMo (NYSE: DCM) was • Ener1 (NYSE: HEV) was assumed at products and maximize operating investment ideas from the nation's leading
the firm sees little risk to the company downgraded at Citigroup to Hold from JMP Securities with an Outperform rating efficiencies. These actions yielded $218 financial newsletter advisors.
from the Obama Administration. Buy. and $9 target. million in annualized cost savings in fiscal Sara Lee (SLE): A buy for tough times
• Gymboree (NASDAQ: GYMB) and Analyst initiations: Analyst calls: HOTT, GYMB, DRL, ID, 2008. originally appeared on BloggingStocks on
Windstream (WIN) were raised to • Needham expects shares of Cepheid AWC, AMED, PAY, DCM, GPRO, BSX "Food commodity costs soared earlier this Thu, 20 Nov 2008 10:55:00 EST. Please
Overweight from Neutral at JP Morgan. (NASDAQ: CPHD) to be driven by originally appeared on BloggingStocks on year. However, SLE has been able to pass see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink|
• Doral Financial (NYSE: DRL) was continued market penetration in the Thu, 20 Nov 2008 11:11:00 EST. Please costs to customers through price increases. Email this| Comments
upgraded at B. Riley to Buy from Neutral. hospital acquired infection market, new see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Furthermore, it has benefited from growing
• Alumina (NYSE: AWC) was upgraded test introductions, GeneXpert Infinity Email this| Comments volumes. Fiscal Q4 net sales grew 12.2%
to Buy from Neutral at UBS. sales, and molecular diagnostics growth

Apple iPhone may be coming to Wal-Mart in just over a month

By Brian White (BloggingStocks) locations in about a month from now. forsaking the iPhone cool brand allure by and create the illusion of low prices against
Submitted at 11/20/2008 12:12:00 PM
Remember that the iPhone 3G must be offering it at the largest discounter in the the competition. The presumed launch
activated (unlike the original iPhone), so world. At this time, no. The iPhone 3G has date: December 28th. Get ready.
Filed under: Deals, Apple Inc (AAPL), only Wal-Mart locations that can use a been out in the world long enough for the Apple iPhone may be coming to Wal-
Wal-Mart (WMT) It was just a matter of specific ordering and activation system can iPhone to make its name. Offering it at Mart in just over a month originally
time. It looks like the Apple, carry the iPhone 3G. Some Sam's Club Wal-Mart now won't impact its reputation appeared on BloggingStocks on Thu, 20
Inc.(NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 3G will be locations will also carry the iPhone 3G, but nor affect Apple's cred. Nov 2008 12:12:00 EST. Please see our
coming to Wal-Mart sometime before the they also must use the Wal-Mart ordering Since Apple pretty much dictates pricing terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink|
end of the year, but probably after and activation system in-house (several to its retail partners, expect the iPhone 3G Email this| Comments
Christmas. According to the Boy Genius Sam's locations use a different wireless to sell for a dollar or two less than the
Report, which claims its sources are activation system). All in all, this will standard $199 and $299 pricing levels seen
reliable and to have come across some make the iPhone available to just about exposure to Wal-Mart than just about any at all other retailers. Say, something like
internal Wal-Mart correspondence, the every American (well, the ones with good other store. $197.48 and $297.48, as Wal-Mart is into
iPhone 3G will be sold in 2,500 Wal-Mart credit at least) as more U.S. shoppers have The question is whether Apple is non-standard retail pricing schemes to try
California supreme court to review lawsuits challenging gay marriage ban Extra 3,100 UN troops to be deployed to Congo
By McClatchy newspapers (World State's high court also intends to decide By Angela Balakrishnan (World UN Security Council has agreed to send
news | the fate of same-sex weddings performed news | 3,100 more peacekeeping troops to Congo
in the past five months
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Business* World* 5

Can a Saudi prince save Financial Felons: Nick Can the Fed
Citi? Leeson fight deflation?
By Peter Cohan (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 11/20/2008 10:25:00 AM
Level 2 and 3 assets -- which total$36.8
trillion, $1.2 trillion, and $1,195 billion
By Amey Stone (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 11/20/2008 10:40:00 AM
(88.6% of total assets) respectively -- Citi By Peter Cohan (BloggingStocks)
Filed under: Citigroup Inc. (C) is impossible to value. Filed under: Law, Scandals Submitted at 11/20/2008 12:27:00 PM
As a Citigroup(NYSE: C) shareholder I Meanwhile, the steps that Citi has taken This post is part of a feature in which we
know that Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal are not going to be enough to help it wonder whatever happened to some Filed under: Economic data, Federal
made a killing back in 1991 when he survive. Sure it has raised $75 billion by notorious financial felons. See all 17. Who Reserve, Recession, Financial Crisis
backed up the truck and bought shares of selling assets and equity stakes since better understands the roots of the current Based on October wholesale and
Citi at what was then a low price of $10 a December and plans to cut 52,000 jobs. financial crisis than the man who single- consumer price reports, July 2008 marked
share -- $2 adjusted for splits. He is no But Citi has only $98.6 billion in common handedly brought down Barings Bank back a shift from inflation into full-blown
doubt unhappy with the 90% drop in the equity, and unfortunately, an 8% decline in in 1995? Back then, Nicholas Leeson lost deflation. This has much to do with the
value of the stock since its September 2000 the value of those Level 2 and 3 assets will $1.4 billion in unauthorized trading and declining price of oil, which in turn is
peak of $57.50. Now he's trying for a wipe that out. Things are not good for Citi rendered Britain's oldest bank insolvent. It related to the collapse of speculative
repeat of his previous success by boosting and that does not bode well for Alwaleed was eventually sold for one pound to ING, buying of oil while shorting the dollar; the
his share of Citi from 4% to 5%. or Citi's other shareholders. a Dutch Bank. decline in demand resulting from a global
Unfortunately, it won't work this time. Peter Cohan is President of Peter S. Leeson now lives in Ireland with his downturn; and the failure of producers to
Alwaleed's stock holdings have Cohan & Associates. He also teaches family and is CEO of Irish football club cut supply fast enough.
plummeted. For example, his Riyadh- management at Babson College and edits Galway United. Although he is available However, as I posted, there's a vicious
based Kingdom Holding Co. has lost 63%, The Cohan Letter. He owns Citigroup for speaking engagements, he's been in cycle underway which leads to:
wiping out $13 billion in value. Citigroup, stock. relative obscurity until recently when he • Excess inventory,
his largest holding, has fallen by more than Can a Saudi prince save Citi? originally has re-emerged to comment on today's • Price cuts,
75% since January 15, when Alwaleed appeared on BloggingStocks on Thu, 20 financial crisis. • Capacity and job reductions,
increased his stake. His concept that Citi is Nov 2008 10:25:00 EST. Please see our He's been pretty prescient. In a column in • Less spending power,
dramatically undervalued does not hold terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| the U.K.'s Independent back in January, he • Lower demand -- followed by a return
much water. The reason for that is that Email this| Comments wrote that the financial crisis would only more fun," opines one Scottish news site. to step 1.
given its complexity and exposure to get worse, mainly because regulators, Even more to his credit, that site points And with jobless claims at 542,000 and
derivatives, off balance sheet entities and central banks, and the investment bankers out, Leeson actually went to prison, the price of oil down below $50, it's pretty
Wildfires and Wall Street woes did not understand the potential market serving four years in a Singapore prison. clear that this cycle is well underway.
impact of the financial instruments in play. Will any of today's financial ne'er-do- What can the Federal Reserve do to turn
push up US unemployment Leeson correctly predicted both a "crisis wells do time? this vicious cycle into a virtuous one? It is
figures of confidence" in leadership and that the Financial Felons: Nick Leeson originally likely to cut the Fed Funds rate to zero or
financial crisis would "get a lot worse appeared on BloggingStocks on Thu, 20 very close to it -- 0.25% -- in January. But
By James Doran (World news | before it starts to get any better." Hey Nov 2008 10:40:00 EST. Please see our in a 2002 speech, Bernanke said that there Nick, have we reached bottom yet? terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email are other ways the Fed could try to boost
Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:55:16 AM Compared to today's bumbling financiers this| Comments overall demand, which would reverse the
who threaten to bring down the entire deflationary cycle.
America's weekly jobless numbers hit a global financial system with their ill-timed Continue reading Can the Fed fight
16-year high bets, Leeson seems "like a cheap date and deflation? How?
Can the Fed fight deflation? How?

Next stop for the Dow: Back to 1997 levels? originally appeared on BloggingStocks on
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 12:27:00 EST. Please
see our terms for use of feeds. Read|
By Carol Vinzant (BloggingStocks) spent the last six years putting money few months ago. the Dow was at 7,161. Permalink| Email this| Comments
Submitted at 11/20/2008 11:26:00 AM
away in your 401(k), depending on what After that, 2002 has a low of 7,286. To If that happens, it would mean that a lot
dividends you got, you may as well have get there the Dow would have to fall 711 of the gains of the late 90s have been
Filed under: Major movement, Bad news, put your money in a money market fund. points or 8.8% from Wednesday's close. wiped out. An entire decade lost. It may be
DJIA Yesterday, we were all surprised to We've got about 450 points to go in Once that happens, though, the floor drops just a number and just psychological, but it
see the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall 2003. The lowest it got that year was 7,524 out. I'm not talking about technical support will certainly bum me out.
back below 8,000. The Dow finished down in March. In the olden days, 450 points on here, just psychological and historical Next stop for the Dow: Back to 1997
427 points to land at 7,997. In other words, the Dow would seem like an improbable support. See, if the Dow drops below levels? originally appeared on
just enough to freak people out at being swing, taking weeks or months. Not so in 7,286, then we're heading into 1997 BloggingStocks on Thu, 20 Nov 2008
below 8,000. Everyone noticed that it highly volatile 2008. A 450-point-drop territory. That's the last time the Dow was 11:26:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
hadn't been this low since 2003, nearly six would represent about a 5% drop -- a below 7,286. If it breaches that threshold, of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments
years ago. In other words, if have you higher percentage loss than it was just a we're heading back to October, 1997, when
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Buffett is 12% poorer than Bulls vs. Bears battle for Shrinking
yesterday Dow 8,000 continues Citi
By Peter Cohan (BloggingStocks) By Joseph Lazzaro ( Top 5)
Submitted at 11/20/2008 11:55:00 AM
Submitted at 11/17/2008 5:30:00 AM
Submitted at 11/20/2008 10:10:00 AM
Filed under: General Electric (GE), C utting 50,000 jobs is a curious way to
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), Goldman Filed under: Forecasts, Indices, Technical
Analysis, DJIA, Recession Once again, improve employee morale, but for Vikram
Sachs Group (GS) Pandit it is a last-ditch effort to turn
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: Dow 8,000 has come back into focus.
For those investors who may not follow Citigroup around.
BRK.A) stock fell 12% on Wednesday -- At a " town hall meeting" to rally the
dropping by $11,550 in one day. The stock indices closely, the 8,000 level has a
psychological but not technical support, troops, the giant bank said that it would
has not fallen this much on a percentage eliminate 50,000 jobs, or about 14 percent
basis since the 1987 crash. (It fell 18.51% the latter of which measures such things as
the number of investors who are buying / of the workforce as of the end of
on October 19, 1987 -- down $720 that day September. It also plans to cut expenses by
to $3170.) Last month, Warren Buffett was selling, whether investors are committing
more money to the market etc. 20 percent and to continue to reduce assets.
advising Americans to back up the truck The cuts are a bold step by an executive
and buy stock. Since then, Berkshire has look so great now. He did get a nice 10% Even so, right now, a battle is taking
place between the bulls and the bears: the who has been criticized in some quarters
lost 30% of its value and the S&P 500 has yield, but the conversion prices of the for moving too slowly and too cautiously.
tumbled 14%. This does not inspire warrants he took on were much higher than bears argue the worst economic news
stemming from the financial crisis is yet to Since taking over last December, Pandit
confidence. their current prices -- $22.55 and $14.45 has moved to cut back the bank's risky
Last December -- when Berkshire peaked for GE and $115 and $55.18 for Goldman, come; the bulls argue that the worst news
is behind us, and that government stimulus, informed investment decision / conclusion assets and to raise capital. The
at $151,650 -- I questioned whether the respectively. regarding where the Dow is headed, near- management ranks have been reshuffled
stock was overvalued. But I did not think it Continue reading Buffett is 12% poorer fiscal and monetary, will get the U.S.
economy moving again. term. and costs were already being cut. In the
would fall to its $84,000 Wednesday close than yesterday Continue reading Bulls vs. Bears battle most recent quarter, Citigroup eliminated
(BRK.A is falling again today -- over 8% Buffett is 12% poorer than yesterday The Dow Jones Industrial Average
Wednesday closed below 8,000 at 7,997. If for Dow 8,000 continues 11,000 jobs and shed some $50 billion in
to $77,000). originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Bulls vs. Bears battle for Dow 8,000 assets.
Buffett has since made deals to buy Thu, 20 Nov 2008 11:55:00 EST. Please the bears can keep the Dow below 8,000
and then push it through 7,800, then 7,600, continues originally appeared on But now Pandit has sharply raised the
stakes in General Electric see our terms for use of feeds. Read| BloggingStocks on Thu, 20 Nov 2008 ante. The pressure on him grew last week,
Company(NYSE: GE) and The Goldman Permalink| Email this| Comments it will not be a pleasant time for investors.
Let's do a condensed, cross-methodology 10:10:00 EST. Please see our terms for use when Citigroup's stock price sank into the
Sachs Group(NYSE: GS), which don't of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments single digits for the first time since the
analysis to see if we can arrive at an
financial colossus was created in 1998.
Over the last four quarters, the bank has
Recession hits Intuit (INTU), but prodcut Seal and Heidi lost more than $20.2 billion.
Even in good times, Citigroup was
Klum's Secrets to stumbling under its own weight, suffering
diversification helps Romance from high costs, a lack of coordination
among operations, and underinvestment in
technology and businesses. The collapse of
By Tom Taulli (BloggingStocks) positions and customer loyalty. getting credit to start up businesses. (ETonline - Breaking News)
Unfortunately, it looks like the U.S. Finally, there are slowdowns in segments the subprime mortgage market and the
Submitted at 11/20/2008 11:41:00 AM Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:15:00 PM
economy is getting worse - and that means like real estate and Quicken. resulting credit crunch has raised questions
Filed under: Earnings reports, Intuit Inc some more weakness for Intuit. Going into Continue reading Recession hits Intuit How do Seal and Heidi Klum keep their about how long it can go on staggering.
(INTU) the next quarter, the guidance is for (INTU), but prodcut diversification helps romance sizzling after four years of Pandit is betting that a leaner (one of the
Despite a slowing economy, Intuit revenue growth of 3% to 5%. Recession hits Intuit (INTU), but prodcut marriage? Read on to find out! slides in the town hall presentation is titled
Inc.(NASDAQ: INTU) continues to eke Essentially, there are three main drags. diversification helps originally appeared on Singing star Seal, 45, tells People "Getting Fit—Fast!"), better-capitalized
out growth. In the latest quarter, revenues First, there has been a fall in merchant BloggingStocks on Thu, 20 Nov 2008 magazine that when he heads out on the Citi is in a position to capitalize on its
increased 8% to $481 million. transaction volume, which is probably a 11:41:00 EST. Please see our terms for use road, Heidi packs "beautiful notes in my global presence. The U.S. economy may
The good news is that the company has a result of the deterioration of consumer of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments luggage that I discover." He adds, "She's be moribund for months to come, but
diversified array of revenue streams - such spending. Next, the number of new always doing sweet things." nearly half of Citigroup's business is
as with tax preparation, payroll and small QuickBooks users has fallen -- perhaps a Seal also reveals that he and Heidi try to outside the United States, with nearly 35
business software - that have strong market key reason is that people have a difficulty make time for a date night once a week. percent in emerging markets.
And when they need some mommy-daddy Related Links
vacation time away from the kids, they Citi Under Siege
send Leni, 4; Henry, 3; and Johan, 1, off to Hoping for a Fed Encore
stay with grandma and grandpa! Citi's Desperate Straits
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Spammers Trying To
Big Three's Uphill Drive Regain Control Over
( Top 5) need to be banished, Brad Sherman, a pointedly repeated: "Maybe I'm dense. at a separate committee hearing Tuesday.
Submitted at 11/19/2008 12:00:00 PM
California Democrat, asked the
panel—Rick Wagoner of G.M., Alan
How much money do you need to survive
from today until March 30?"
Other lawmakers questioned why a tax
break to consumers for buying cars wasn't
Cut Off Spam Bots
WASHINGTON — The chief executives Mulally of Ford Motor, and Robert The G.M. chief conceded that under "the a better idea than infusing that money into By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
of Detroit's Big Three are doggedly trying Nardelli of Chrysler as well as the worst-case scenario, it would be $5 billion a dying industry. Submitted at 11/19/2008 6:32:00 PM
to turn back what seems to be a rising tide president of the United Automobile a month if the market doesn't turn around." Another Republican, Patrick McHenry of
in Congress against spending billions of Workers, Ron Gettelfinger—"raise your So, Kanjorski retorted, "You will be out North Carolina, tried to unearth what Last week, there was a lot of attention
dollars to rescue the domestic auto hand if you flew here commercial." of money then?" bankruptcy plans the automakers over the shutdown of McColo, a hosting
industry. Not one hand was raised, and Sherman Wagoner, who said G.M.'s forecast is have—but the manufacturers swatted that company that was apparently used by a
Fresh from a skeptical Senate audience honed in: "Are you willing to sell the jet based on selling cars at the current off, insisting they would survive. Later, huge number of spammers to control some
the day before, the auto chieftains spared here and fly back commercial?" level—and not lower—said, "We think we Jeffrey Sachs, of Columbia University, of the largest zombie botnets out there.
no effort to persuade the House Financial Nobody ventured a peep, let alone a have a good shot to make it through next excoriated the idea of bankruptcy, arguing While we were initially skeptical of just
Services Committee, fielding a phalanx of hand. Wagoner, looking pained, gave a year." that it simply could not work given the how big an impact this had (the press and
Michigan lawmakers to argue for approval slight shrug as Sherman said: "I don't During repeated questioning, Wagoner absence of markets. some antispammers have "cried wolf" way
of what they called a loan, not a bailout. know how I go back to my constituents and his counterparts insisted that the But Jackie Speier, Democrat of too many times in the past on the impact of
The executives looked positively elated and say the auto industry has changed." problem was the flailing economy and California, noting that Congress "has shutting down certain spam operations),
to hear Carl Levin, senator of Michigan, It didn't take lawmakers long to focus on credit crunch that has stymied car loans, become the people's bank of the United the evidence in the days that followed
warn that "time is shorter than short." The one of the hottest issues—executive not their management. States" quoted from Deutsche Bank and suggested, indeed, that an awful lot of the
Democrat acknowledged the need for compensation. And it was a "It's not G.M., but the economy that has other analyses of the auto industry, which world's spam was controlled via McColo.
stringent conditions on any government Republican—Peter Roskam, of Illinois, landed us in such a precarious position," he said bailout costs would likely rise to $30 The Washington Post, which kicked off the
rescue, but asked his colleagues not to who challenged the auto executives to maintained. "Our industry needs a bridge billion. She tried—in vain—to get the Big shutdown by presenting evidence of
"throw millions of jobs…overboard in work for $1 a year. over a financial chasm." Three to commit to fuel-efficient vehicles McColo's spam connections to its upstream
your frustration." "Those things really matter, and they set a "Many people have a picture of G.M. that ahead of their current schedule. providers, is now digging deeper into how
Encouragement among the House panel's tone," he said. But his query produced an does not reflect what it has been doing" to Barney Frank, the Massachusetts the whole operation worked.
lawmakers, however, was scant. The first unenthusiastic response. Wagoner of G.M., shave costs, pare product lines, and reduce Democrat who chairs the committee, raised Burying the lede a bit, the article notes
shot across the bow came from the who grew increasingly flushed under the benefits and health-care costs, Wagoner the sticky issue of whether there is "a that McColo actually came back online
committee's ranking Republican, Spencer questioning, said he had given up cash argued. He insisted that American double standard for blue-collar employees briefly this past weekend, and apparently
Bachus of Alabama, who said that G.M.'s bonuses in three of the last four years, and automakers are "matching, or besting, our being judged by a standard that is different spammers very quickly worked to transfer
$75 average hourly wage was "three or had voluntarily reduced his salary. But foreign competitors." than white-collar employees." data to Russian servers while trying to
four times what my constituents are when Roskam persisted, asking him He argued that closure of automakers "The average A.I.G. (American update various botnets to take commands
making." whether he would work for $1, he would be a devastating blow to the International Group) worker makes a good from those servers, rather than the cut off
Auto industry management should "not demurred. American economy in terms of lost jobs, deal more than a blue-collar worker," he McColo servers. There's some speculation
kick the can down the road," he said, but Mulally tried to dance around the benefits, and tax revenues—arguments that said. Noting that "bankruptcy has become that McColo tried to time the reconnect to
first sit down "and hash out a solution to question, but when Roskam repeated it, he are not new but seemed to touch some the new spectator sport, with people weekend hours when most working stiffs
make these companies competitive." replied: "I think I'm okay where I am." lawmakers, especially those whose perfectly willing to let others go through wouldn't notice. However, Swedish telco
Democrats weren't any easier on the Big When it came to his turn for questioning, districts are involved in U.S. automaking. it," Frank said the idea that it's acceptable TeliaSonera, who provided the connection
Three executives. Paul Kanjorski, a Democrat of Gettelfinger—who spoke much less than to rescue financial-industry workers but (thanks to an old agreement the two firms
"There's a delicious irony that there are Pennsylvania, tried to pin down the elusive the auto chieftains—argued that the union not their blue-collar counterparts" is had) pulled the plug within hours of being
private luxury jets landing in Washington specifics of the industry's financial was continually negotiating, and had made something that needs to "be confronted notified.
with people who have tin cups in their condition. a number of concessions on wages and honestly." It's also worth noting that McColo hasn't
hand," shot Gary Ackerman, the New York "When will General Motors run out of benefits—including slashing the wages of Related Links made any public statements since this
Democrat. "It's like seeing people show up money?" he asked Wagoner. newly hired workers. Ugh, What a Feeling, Toyota whole situation came about, which
at soup kitchens in top hats and tuxedos. "We don't have the luxury of a lot of Not everyone was convinced. Donald Motor Skills certainly raises questions about how much
Couldn't you have downgraded to first time," Wagoner parried. Manzullo, Republican from Illinois, Detroit Needs a Miracle the folks who ran the company knew about
class or pooled jets?" Undeterred, Kanjorski pressed: "How questioned why car loans were so difficult how their network was being used. Even
Underscoring public opinion that not just much money do you need until March 30?" to get if community and other banks have though it sounds like spammers may not
hefty pay packages but upscale perks also Wagoner equivocated, and the lawmaker plenty of money for loans as they testified have been able to regain full control over
their botnets, it seems likely that they did
Should It Be Illegal To Sell A Keylogger? Or Just To Use It? regain some control, and spam levels are
likely to get back to where they were in
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) ruling probably makes sense under the sale of such programs, because if they're belong to those who actually use the rather short order.
current FTC law, but it does raise some sold, they're perhaps more likely to be software for illegal purposes? Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
Submitted at 11/19/2008 3:46:00 PM
questions about whether it really makes used. However, it still seems wrong to Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
A court has issued an injunction sense to ban the sale of such a program, make it illegal to sell some software
temporarily banning the sale of a versus just the use of one. I can certainly because that software can be used for
keylogger product called RemoteSpy. The understand why you might want to ban the illegal activities. Shouldn't the liability
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Mind Reader Publishers Teetering
( Top 5) Presumably, the real product will be That finding may offer clues to how around the equipment in the anteroom.
Submitted at 11/18/2008 9:00:00 PM
smaller and less fragile.
NeuroVigil, which plans to sell the
humans dream.
Low's company also recently won
Several weeks later, I received my
results. I was normal except for a funny
On The Brink
I'm in a bathrobe clutching a stuffed otter iBrain to researchers, physicians, hospitals, $250,000 in seed funding from the annual alpha wave that sometimes suggests By Carlo Longino (Techdirt)
trailing wires while seven strangers watch businesses, and consumers, will analyze West Coast 250K Venture Challenge alcoholism or a debilitating muscle Submitted at 11/19/2008 8:20:00 PM
me climb into bed. the brain waves it picks up using a offered by the Silicon Valley venture firm disorder. But Low says that the wave
Trailing from the fuzzy animal's rear end patented algorithm also developed by Low. Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson. Low says he has pattern was more likely caused by the A few times a year, I find a copy or two
are two wires. One leads out of my hotel The program, he says, uses grids to detect turned down millions of dollars from placement of the electrode. Here is of Yellow Pages directories sitting on my
bedroom and into an anteroom where the structural changes that occur in a sleeping venture capital firms and funded the NeuroVigil's report on my brain while doorstep. Never mind that I haven't used
people now saying good night have set up person's brain and can reveal neurological company using credit cards. He has sleeping: one in several years, they just keep on
monitors and laptops. The other is attached disorders. attracted several prominent scientists to its "Patient had a good Sleep Efficiency coming, from multiple publishers.
to an electrode affixed to my forehead. "We are using sleep as a microscope to advisory board. (92.7 percent). Sleep Onset Time was Personally, it's far easier -- and better -- to
I'm at the Estancia resort in La Jolla, study brain activity," Low said. The company hopes to begin selling the normal. Distribution of sleep stages was just search online for whatever I'm looking
California, where researchers at a San With long, wavy-black hair, a penchant iBrain within a year, and have not yet typical. ... The patient is not likely to suffer for. There's the easy access to maps, or the
Diego start-up company called NeuroVigil for European-cut suits, and a charismatic priced the device or their service. "We from depression or sleep apnea. ... Total ability to go to a site like Yelp and get
are investigating what my brain is doing intensity, Low came to the Salk in 2001 at want lots of people to use this, so it won't wake time for the bedtime period was other people's feedback and opinions on
during the one-third of my life that I spend the invitation of Nobel laureate Francis be too expensive," says Low. short. In-depth analysis of sleep stages various businesses. While I imagine there's
asleep. Crick, the co-discoverer of the double Low tells me that the iBrain technology using SPEARS [Low's algorithm] revealed still a fair amount of people that use their
The founder of NeuroVigil is Philip helix structure of DNA. Low and Crick and his algorithms could be used to detect no sign of pathologic brain rhythm Yellow Pages books, it's hardly surprising
Low, a young neuroscientist who also worked together on sleep until Crick's not only neuro-abnormalities that can generation." Taking this test was fun, to read that several of the different
holds a chair at the Salk Institute, which death in 2004. cause shifts in how the brain performs in though I wonder if this product could face publishers are close to going out of
sprawls out just to the north of the Still in his twenties, Low finished his EEGs much in advance of cognitive some of the issues that confront genetic business. Shares in two of the bigger
Estancia, abutting the beach and the Ph.D. in 2007, which he said was just one symptoms. testing if employers, the government, or companies, Idearc and R.H. Donnelley,
Pacific Ocean. page in length, with a very long footnote He believes the device will be added to insurers use it in the wrong way to screen have dropped 99 percent in the last year,
Low and his team are experimenting titled, "A New Way to Look at Sleep: the growing pantheon of diagnostic tools for abnormalities and behavioral quirks. reflecting their deteriorating business and
with a prototype of a new invention called Separation & Convergence." Last year, he that range from cholesterol levels to Low acknowledges the potential for the lack of faith investors have in their
the iBrain, which uses a single electrode leapfrogged ahead of most researchers his genetic profiles, and that one day scanning abuse. "Like any test of this sort, we would ability to survive. In some way, this is
attached to the forehead that measures age to be named to a moneyed chair at brain waves with his portable device will need to protect people from abusing this pretty interesting: the publishers for so
brain activity during sleep. Salk, the one previously held by Crick. be routine for everyone from transportation technology," he says. long had valuable businesses with more
Most sleep-measurement devices are When I met him, Low was getting a lot workers to soldiers. I thought of one more use for the extensive relationships with local business
multiple electrode caps that need to be run of publicity for using his iBrain technology He even sees applications for detecting iBrain—dating services such as owners than anybody. But perhaps they
in a controlled setting, such as a hospital. to test brain waves in songbirds. Using pandemics and bioterrorism threats, that offer an iBrain vetting of took that for granted, assuming that those
The iBrain, when it is finished, will be some of his new algorithms, Low analyzed although he wouldn't elaborate, he says prospective dates. If this happens, relationships would carry them through the
used in a person's home—or, in my case, E.E.G.'s of zebra finches and discovered a coyly, for proprietary reasons. however, I suggest losing the otter. rise of the internet. But their web sites
in the bedroom of this rather posh suite. previously unknown similarity between This was the first time they had tested This story is derived from the upcoming have generally been miserable, especially
The finished iBrain will be wireless, says birdbrains and mammalian brains—periods the device outside of a hospital or a clinic, book Experimental Man: What One Man's when compared to the business directories
Low, and will report data during the night of rapid-eye-movement (R.E.M.) sleep, so they brought in traditional sleep- Body Reveals About His Future, Your created by internet companies. While some
to NeuroVigil's data centers via one's own slow-wave sleep (S.W.S.), transition monitoring devices to make sure they were Health, and Our Toxic World, which is due of the publishers are trying to beef up their
laptop, via the internet, or perhaps via the stages, and quick E.E.G. transitions. getting a strong signal from my snoozing out March 16, 2009. online efforts, it's unlikely they'll be able to
device itself. "No one thought that birds, which lack a brain. Related Links make up for their shriveling print revenues,
But will the commercial version be neocortex, would show these patterns," he Low worried that I would have trouble Eat Roo meaning the Yellow Pages will soon be
imbedded in a stuffed otter, as this one is? said. His Chicago lab also was able to falling asleep with an electrode stuck on A Whale of a Sale little more than memory.
Low says probably not; the otter was record patterns in the sleeping finch's my head and connected to the fluffy otter. Nassim Taleb and the Ubiquity of Moral Carlo Longino is an expert at the Insight
added at the last minute to protect the brains that were identical to when they But he didn't know how easily I can Hazard Community. To get insight and analysis
ungainly iBrain prototype from being were awake and singing, suggesting they snooze. I fell asleep soon after they turned from Carlo Longino and other experts on
squashed if I roll over in my sleep. might have been dreaming about singing. out the light, while the team gathered challenges your company faces, click here.
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The 'Twilight' Power Players

(ETonline - Breaking News) Gathegi and Rachelle Lafevre(with mere were always trying to be like these around, with people helping us walk, and surprise up his sleeve in later chapters...
Submitted at 11/19/2008 6:37:00 PM
mortal Taylor Lautner to balance them out) graceful gods," recalls Rachelle, "but we falling over."
-- are spilling the beans on their characters had these contact lenses in where you had Edi and Rachelle play bad vamps
There must be balance in the vampire and favorite moments on set in the hit tunnelvision, so you couldn't see anything Laurent and Victoria, respectively, while
universe; there is no good without evil, and phenomenon, in theaters Friday! around you. ... When [they'd] turn the Taylor plays Jacob Black, friend to Bella
now two key 'Twilight' vamps -- Edi "I thought it was really funny the way we cameras off, we would be stumbling Swan ( Kristen Stewart) who may have a
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Hank Gets No Thanks No Bonus, Less Onus

( Top 5) this week—whether to bail out the auto "You took it upon yourself to absolutely ( Top 5) may be illegal under New York State law.
Submitted at 11/18/2008 10:00:00 AM
industry. Paul Kanjorski, Democrat of ignore what Congress wanted," she said, Submitted at 11/17/2008 4:30:00 AM
Representative Henry Waxman, Democrat
Pennsylvania, complained about the lamenting that she lobbied for passage of of California, has also pledged to look at
WASHINGTON—Federal lawmakers, administration's reluctance to fend off the rescue bill. T his year, the Wall Street bonus must die Wall Street pay.
frustrated and unhappy, pulled few "potential collapse of our auto industry." "I am disappointed you haven't utilized so that the bonus can live again. Yet little is changing on pay other than a
punches in pummeling Treasury secretary "Do you consider the loss of the auto the authority, and you have divorced Goldman Sachs is offering up martyrs to recognition that this year is different.
Hank Paulson at a hearing today for what industry a systemic risk or don't you?" he yourself from dealing with that." the year-end bonus season, recognizing Goldman and Morgan Stanley may have
they believe is a failure to use the financial pressed Paulson. " If we are going to build That was not the only scolding that that the public is not in any mood to read transformed themselves into bank holding
rescue money to benefit homeowners who confidence, it seems we have to be little Paulson received. As he was beginning to about huge multimillion-dollar paydays at companies, but there is still competition
are in mortgage trouble. more forthcoming." respond to Waters, Frank chastised him a time when the economy is in trouble and among those firms and hedge funds and
Paulson retreated to lengthy, defensive Paulson conceded, "I don't think it would loudly, saying "Briefly"—indicating his Wall Street is being bailed out by the others for top traders and bankers.
explanations—and many platitudes—to not be a good thing to have one of the auto unhappiness with Paulson's windy federal government. The calculus for talent remains he same:
defend the switch this week in the plan companies fail during this time. Any responses. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman's chief Make huge returns and you will be
from buying up troubled assets to buying solution needs to meet the long-term Under the barrage of criticism, Paulson executive, and six other top executives showered with wealth that year; make big
into banks to shore up capital. stability." argued, "I think we're on the right track. have asked the compensation committee of losses and you can pack up you desk and
Barney Frank, the Massachusetts This was Paulson's first appearance on a Remember, we're in early days. The capital Goldman's board that they not receive leave.
Democrat who chairs the House Financial panel with Sheila Bair, chairwoman of the has gone out…we're stabilizing the system bonuses this year. And the committee has Is there an alternative rewards system on
Services Committee, demanded to know Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., who has from any collapse." agreed. the horizon? One that uses longer time
why billions were used to prevent the differed with Treasury officials over But he conceded, "there is still at lot of "They believe it's the right thing to do," a frames than a fiscal year? Or one involving
collapse of giant insurer American alleviating the mortgage mess. work that needs to be done for recovery to Goldman spokesman, Lucas van Praag, clawbacks when the next year is horrible?
International Group, but little has been Bair detailed how the F.D.I.C. was get capital flowing again." told the New York Times. "We can't Not much chance of that. In 2010, Wall
done to help homeowners. modifying troubled mortgages from failed Even so, Paulson didn't paint an ignore the fact that we are part of an Street could be back to the same dice table.
He challenged Paulson's assertion that California bank IndyMac, which is now optimistic picture, noting that the economy industry that's associated with ongoing The Munificent Seven will receive the
his options were limited by law, and under the government's control. is changing quickly, and credit markets are economic distress." base salary for Goldman executives who
zeroed in on the discrepancy between the "As many as 1.5 million foreclosures" still tight. He warned that it would take Goldman is far more savvy about its are "partner managing director" or above:
billions spent to bail out A.I.G. versus the could be avoided by 2009, she testified. months for government funds to filter into public image than American International $600,000. That level of pay for the C.E.O.
equivocation on spending for homeowners. This would mean "a half a trillion dollars the markets. Group, which seems baffled about why of the leading Wall Street firm is not going
Some $26 billion could be used to will remain in consumers' pockets." Trying to present a united front, Federal lawmakers are making so much noise to be sustainable for very long. In 2007,
alleviate the mortgage crisis—"40 percent But she cautioned there could be as many Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke tried to about putting up independent agents at Blankfein made $68.5 million. For the
of what you invested in A.I.G.," Frank as five million home foreclosures in the tamp down concerns over policy splits, fancy resorts or paying failed executives entire firm, Goldman paid out $20.2 billion
said. "You can find that money, why can't next two years if no action were taken. noting that he "congratulates" the F.D.I.C. huge exit packages. in compensation and bonuses last year.
you find $24 billion for mortgage Bair's specifics were lauded by several on its simple and effective plan. However, The move by Goldman's "Munificent Jeffrey Goldfarb on
foreclosure?" lawmakers, including Maxine Waters, he noted that there are different Seven" will certainly put pressure on other is more optimistic. "The heads-I-win-tails-
"This is in the program," Frank said, Democrat of California, who "came up approaches, and warned of the risk of loan Wall Street firms to follow suit, Morgan you-lose bonus structure looks more
referring to the measure Congress passed. with a way to modify loans." She modifiers later defaulting and costing the Stanley in particular. John Mack, the chief anachronistic than ever," he says. The
"The argument that it isn't does not hold contrasted Bair's actions with Paulson's, government as much as $100,000 per executive of Morgan Stanley, gave up his moves announced by Goldman and by
water." noting that "I am very troubled about the home. 2007 bonus. Executives at UBS and European banks "are closer to the cultural
Afterward, Frank told reporters, "It's a direction Secretary Paulson has taken Related Links Deutsche Bank have already announced revolution that banking compensation
mistake not to carve out the $26 billion for about the $700 billion. It is very clear no Sign of a Bottom? they will forgo 2008 bonuses. urgently needs."
mortgages." matter how the Secretary describes it, we Play Ball The political scrutiny of Wall Street Related Links
During the hearing, no time was wasted gave him the authority for a foreclosure- Uncle Sam the Shareholder bonuses, meanwhile, is growing. The Wall Street Kings, Crowned
in focusing on Congress's main concern mitigation effort." attorney general of New York, Andrew Insider Trading Suspects Settle Up
Cuomo, last month sent letters to nine Wall Street's Most Convenient Bank
banks that have received investments from
the Treasury warning that bonus payments

Kentucky Appeals Court Tells Kentucky To Hold Off Seizing Domains

By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) the state of Kentucky, other than being won't be done in the interim. filed by the state's Secretary of Justice and even the Attorney General of the state
Submitted at 11/19/2008 4:59:00 PM
available on internet connections there There's one other interesting note in the Public Safety (there's some question if it's wants nothing to do with the lawsuit,
(and everywhere else), an appeals court article, which is that Kentucky's Attorney legal for this person to bring the suit). perhaps it's time for the state to admit it
While a lower court in Kentucky had has now issued an injunction to stop the General appears to be trying to distance Either way, the AG's name was on the overstepped some legal bounds.
agreed to allow the state to seize 141 state from seizing the domains until the himself from the case. Even though most case, but he's now specifically asked to Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
domain names as being "illegal gambling appeal can be heard. While we still have to state actions are normally taken by the have his name removed from the case.
devices" despite having nothing to do with wait for the full appeal, at least damage AGs office, in this case, the lawsuit was That seems like quite a statement. When
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Fed Fright Yang's Yahoo No More

( Top 5) take up the slack. "Business expenditures loan losses and a further deterioration in ( Top 5) Microsoft earlier this year for $34 per
Submitted at 11/19/2008 12:00:00 PM
also probably would be held back by a financial conditions." Submitted at 11/17/2008 6:00:00 PM
share, Yang presided over Yahoo as its
weaker sales outlook and tighter credit Even after coordinated global stock plummeted to just $10 per share.
From bad to worse...and beyond. conditions," the minutes said. government efforts to recapitalize banks, J erry Yang, the embattled chief Talks with Google over a search deal and
Anyone looking for solace in the minutes Across the board, Fed policy makers flood markets with liquidity, and guarantee executive of the equally embattled search with Time Warner over its AOL division
of the Federal Reserve's most recent "significantly" reduced their forecasts for bank deposits, this self-perpetuating spiral giant he helped found, will step down from ultimately ended in failure. Yahoo is being
policymaking committee was sorely the economy, citing "the worsening "could persist for a while longer." his post as soon as Yahoo's board of forced to cut costs, and employees are
disappointed today. financial situation, the slowdown in growth The Fed released its gloomy outlook directors is able to find a replacement. bracing for layoffs amounting to at least 10
Before the Federal Open Market abroad, and incoming information on hours after the Commerce Department said Once his successor is in place, Yang will percent of the workforce next month.
Committee announced a half-percentage economic activity." consumer prices actually fell last return to the post of Chief Yahoo he held With Yang finally stepping down, all
point rate cut on October 29, its staff "While economic activity had evidently month—testimony to weak demand—and before assuming chief executive title at the eyes will turn to his successor for hope that
economists had lowered their forecasts for already been slowing over the summer," the Labor Department reported that behest of the board of directors last the company can either be rebuilt or attract
economic activity not only this year, but in the minutes noted, "the turmoil in recent housing starts fell 4.5 percent in October, summer. a suitor like Microsoft again.
2009 and 2010 as well. weeks had apparently resulted in tighter to an annual rate of 791,000 units. That's In a memo to employees, complete with According to Kara Swisher at
"With growth below its potential rate for financial conditions and greater uncertainty 38 percent below the number reported a the omission of uppercase letters as is his, inside sources speculate
an extended period," the minutes said, among businesses and households about year ago. email style, Yang said he "will always that the new chief executive will almost
summarizing the economists' views, "the economic prospects, further limiting their The confluence of bad news rattled bleed purple," referring to the company's certainly be recruited from outside the
unemployment rate was expected to rise ability and willingness to make significant investors and sank markets. The Dow logo. company. Yahoo said it has retained
significantly through early 2010." spending commitments." Jones industrial average shed more than "since taking on the ceo role, i have had Heidrick & Struggles for the search.
In addition to growing joblessness, the Fed officials warned that "financial 400 points, or in excess of 5 percent; other an ongoing dialogue with the board about Some possible candidates Swisher
Fed said, "the declines in stock-market strains" could "intensify" if hedge funds widely watched stock indexes fell even succession timing. thanks in large measure proposes are News Corp.'s chief operating
wealth, low levels of consumer sentiment, and other big investors were forced to sell further.Related Links to your tireless efforts, we have created a officer Peter Chernin, former AOL head
weakened household balance sheets, and assets to meet margin calls from nervous The Fed Sandwich more open, competitive yahoo! and we Jon Miller, former eBay C.E.O. Meg
restrictive credit conditions were likely to lenders. The Song Remains the Same believe the time is now right to transition Whitman, and former Yahoo C.O.O. Dan
hinder household spending over the near They spoke of a "negative spiral" in Will 2 Percent Be the Floor? to a new ceo who can take the company to Rosensweig.
term." which "financial strains lead to weaker the next level." Despite attempts by Yang Related Links
Industry and commerce are unlikely to spending, which in turn leads to higher and chairman Roy Bostock to spin Yang's Yahoo for Sale: Ballmer Says No
tenure at the helm as a success, it is Ballmer: Microsoft "Done" With Yahoo

Don't Mess With Mamma difficult to see this announcement as

anything but an end to a very ugly chapter
for the struggling internet giant. After
Buyout Talks
Yang's Remorse

( Top 5) sell his stake just hours after receiving the don't want to own stock in companies that snubbing an attempted takeover by
Submitted at 11/17/2008 9:00:00 AM
information. Based on the stock's decline use this method of financing. Why?
after the offering was made public, Cuban Because I don't like the idea of selling in a
Mark Cuban is a lot of things. He's a avoided $750,000 in losses by selling private placement, stock for less than the
billionaire internet entrepreneur, owner of early. market price, and then to make matters
the Dallas Mavericks, chairman of HDNet, Interestingly, Cuban blogged about this worse, pushing the price lower with the
and a Dancing With the Stars loser. And trade on issuance of warrants. So I sold the
now the Securities and Exchange "It's not Google or Yahoo, nor will it be a stock…I'm glad I sold my stock." Is Cuban
Commission would like to add one more
descriptor for the outspoken investor:
top 5 search engine anytime soon. But it is
a good metasearch tool that I use and have
still glad he sold? So far, there have been
no updates on Cuban's blog today, but he's
Google Kills Lively
insider trader. used. Google and Yahoo have become never been known for his silence. Stay By Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) search, ads and apps business.
The S.E.C. charged Cuban with trading carbon copies of each other, and for me, tuned. Submitted at 11/19/2008 6:36:27 PM
We should have known something was
shares of, now known as other than usenet and news searches, it's UPDATE: Mark Cuban responds. “I am up when we noticed that it didn’t work
Copernic, based on insider information. too big. I like the way disappointed that the Commission chose to Even Google is getting into the with Google’s own browser, Chrome. It’s
Cuban invested in the fledgling internet organizes web searches, and I use it for bring this case based upon its Enforcement downsizing spirit. It just announced that it Google Website Trends chart says it all.
search engine in early 2004. In June of that picture searches." Cuban wrote about it staff’s win-at-any-cost ambitions. The is killing Lively, its browser-based virtual After an initial spike, it flat-lined. Hype
year, the S.E.C. alleges, again after he sold the shares, and he staff’s process was result-oriented, facts be worlds that could be embedded into other can only go so far.
invited Cuban to participate in a stock referenced the offering at the center of the damned. The government’s claims are Websites. Lively launched just last July. Maybe Google didn’t kill Lively so
offering after he agreed to keep the S.E.C.'s charges. false and they will be proven to be so.” The death notice on the site says it will much as mercifully pull the plug. This is a
information confidential. He allegedly "Then the company did a P.I.P.E. Related Links shut down on December 31, so we are good sign actually that Google is willing to
knew the offering would be at a price financing. I'm not going to discuss the Google Extends Web Search Lead adding Lively to the deadpool. weed out non-performing products. What
lower than the market price and would be good or bad of P.I.P.E. financing [private Chrome: Why Google Fears Microsoft Lively just never took off, and was else is being cut at Google?
dilutive to shareholders. investment in a public entity] other than to Google to Microsoft: Game On extremely far afield for Google. A post on What else should be?
Cuban allegedly instructed his broker to say that to me it's a huge red flag and I the Google Blog explains the decision: Crunch Network: CrunchBoard because
. . . we want to ensure that we prioritize it’s time for you to find a new Job2.0
our resources and focus more on our core
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Sign of a Bottom? Ford's Japanese Retreat Taylor Swift's

( Top 5) of deeply discounted mortgage-backed ( Top 5) business partners. Ford is left with a gain New Album a
securities. And Sender says he has taken of $540 million and a 13 percent stake in
Submitted at 11/18/2008 5:00:00 AM

P eople have been calling a bottom to the

steps to start a new real estate fund.
His track record of late has been
Submitted at 11/18/2008 6:00:00 AM

T he marriage of Ford Motor and Mazda

"This agreement allows Ford to raise
Chart Topper
financial crisis for a long time, even before spectacular. The Paulson Advantage Plus Motor has had many twists and turns over capital that will help fund our product-led (ETonline - Breaking News)
it fully erupted. Remember Charles fund is up 29 percent for the year. A the years. With Ford in need of cash, they transformation, and at the same time, Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:18:00 PM
Prince's "We're still dancing" comment in weekly performance review by HSBC are headed for splitsville. allows Ford and Mazda to continue our
July 2007? earlier this month listed four Paulson funds Ford first took a 25 percent stake in successful strategic relationship in the best The album debuts to great success!
So one has a right to be skeptical when a among its top 20 performers. Mazda in 1979, and the Japanese interest of both companies," Ford's chief Taylor Swift's second album, Fearless,
sign of a comeback emerges. Yet a bright Going long on mortgage securities may automaker, once known for the unique executive, Alan Mulally, said. debuted at the top of a major music chart
green light has flashed in a subprime be a smart investment, but it is also a savvy Wankel rotary engine, took off in the The sale should bolster Mulally's case Wednesday -- and the country crooner
skeptic's newfound faith in mortgages. political move as Washington weighs 1980s. Ford, however, struggled. that Ford is taking the right steps toward a broke a record in the process!
John Paulson, the hedge fund manager increased regulation of hedge funds. In the following decade, their fortunes turnaround and that only the financial Fearless debuted in the No. 1 slot atop
who reaped huge profits from betting The Washington Post relates a meeting were reversed. Mazda stumbled and was crisis stands in the way. Billboard's Top 200 Albums Chart, with
against mortgages and mortgage-backed last month between Treasury Secretary on the brink of bankruptcy. Ford rescued it The chief executive testifies before the over half a million copies sold in its first
securities over the last two years, is now Hank Paulson (no relation to the hedge by pumping in nearly $500 million in Senate Banking Committee this afternoon. week in stores. That marks the largest
buying those same securities. fund manager) and hedge fund managers. 1996, making it the first American This morning, he appeared on ABC's Good opening U.S. sales week in 2008 by a
Paulson, who took home an astonishing Paulson told them that it was time to step company to take control of a Japanese Morning America and on CNBC. He said female artist in all genres of music, and
$3.7 billion in pay last year, indicated late up the regulation of hedge funds, a reversal carmaker. Several years later, Ford on CNBC that he supports federal loans to also goes down as the year's fourth biggest
last summer that he was preparing to take of his previous position. installed Henry Wallace, a Scot, to become the auto industry, but doesn't think Ford opening sales week overall, trailing only
long positions in mortgage securities and The hedge fund managers, the paper one of the few foreigners to head a needs a loan right now. new releases from Lil Wayne, AC/DC and
financial institutions. He started buying says, "were stunned. One manager recalled Japanese company at that time. Related Links Coldplay.
troubled residential mortgage-backed muttering as he walked out: 'What Ford is now reducing its stake and giving Ugh, What a Feeling, Toyota Plus, when her Fearless track "White
securities last week, when prices fell after happened to the Hank Paulson we knew?'" up control of the company. Mazda is Detroit Needs a Miracle Horse" debuts at No. 13 on Billboard's all-
the Treasury Department announced that Related Links buying back a 6.9 percent stake, while Ford: He's Just Not That Into You genre Hot 100 singles chart this week,
TARP would not be buying toxic assets as Worst of Times another 13 percent will be sold to 20 Taylor will break the record for most Top
originally planned, Henny Sender of the Larry Summers 20 debuts in a year with six total!
Financial Times reports. When Stabilization Isn't Stimulus
Paulson has begun a new fund, the
Paulson Recovery Fund, to take advantage

Fresh violence feared after Ortega accused of vote rigging

By Rory Carroll (World news | Sandinista supporters armed with and trying to destabilise its pro-poor, leftist Catholic church and business leaders, Foreign observers were not permitted to machetes, rocks and home-made mortars programme. claimed widespread fraud had robbed him monitor the poll, nor will they be allowed
Submitted at 11/20/2008 9:07:52 AM
snuffed out opposition protests earlier this According to preliminary results the of victory. "This fight isn't about the monitor the recount.
week, leaving dozens injured. For much of Sandinistas won 106 of 146 municipalities, Managua mayoralty. It's more Sandinista supporters have stayed on the
Nicaragua hovered on the brink of fresh the trouble police were notably absent. including the big prize, Managua. It was fundamental," he told the New York streets to demand official recognition of
clashes tonight after disputed election A tense calm descended on the capital Ortega's first electoral test since reclaiming Times. "It's about dictatorship versus their "triumphant victory".
results triggered a week of violent chaos. when the opposition withdrew from the power in November 2006. democracy." Since returning to power Ortega, a
Supporters of the Sandinista government fray and vowed to challenge the results in The opposition leader, Eduardo Similar accusations were made about the darling of the international left when
patrolled the capital, Managua, with rocks the national assembly, setting the scene for Montealegre, who narrowly lost to Ortega second city of Leon, where the Sandinista battling US-backed Contra rebels, has lost
and clubs to deter the opposition from weeks of political wrangling and fears of in the presidential election two years ago, candidate was declared the winner despite the support of numerous high-profile
mobilising in the streets. renewed flare-ups. failed this time in his attempt to become ballots being found in a municipal dump. intellectuals and artists.©
Opposition leaders accused the country's Many shops in Managua remained the mayor of the capital. He won 46% Government officials did not return calls Guardian News & Media Limited 2008 |
president, Daniel Ortega, of rigging boarded up today. against the Sandinista, Alexis Argüello, a seeking comment. Use of this content is subject to our Terms
November 9 local elections in favour of A spokesman for Ortega, who has former boxing world champion, who The electoral tribunal, which is perceived & Conditions| More Feeds
Sandinista candidates and reviving remained hidden from view during the gained 51%. to be pro-government, has agreed to
authoritarianism in the impoverished crisis, accused opponents of refusing to Montealegre, a Harvard-educated recount some of the votes and is expected
central American nation. recognise a legitimate government victory economist who was supported by the to give final results early next month.

Dawson Guests on 'One Tree Hill'

(ETonline - Breaking News) When "Dawson's Creek," which filmed in began shooting in the vacated locale. On role, returns to his old stomping grounds Michael Murray). The series airs Mondays
Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:19:00 PM
Wilmington, North Carolina, came to the Monday night's episode, Dawson ... or when he guest stars on "One Tree Hill" as at 9 p.m. on The CW.
end of its run in 2003, "One Tree Hill" rather James van der Beek, who played the the cokehead director of Lucas' ( Chad
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Mufin Opens Automated
Piracy 'will worsen unless Judge in Baha Mousa death Music Recommendation
Engine To The Public
Yemen and Somalia are inquiry to question 'every By Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch)

made stable' witness' Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:00:29 AM

Mufin, a powerful music

recommendation engine that actually
By Matthew Weaver (World news | water resources," the report said. And it By Richard Norton-Taylor (World published today. works, has launched to the public. We last warned: "Future instability in Yemen could news | The list is described as a guide to the covered the site in early October, when it
Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:20:59 AM
expand a lawless zone stretching from Submitted at 11/20/2008 9:04:07 AM
issues which will be focussed on by the opened in a restricted private beta.
northern Kenya, through Somalia and the inquiry, which is expected to hear evidence The site, which was created by the same
Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Gulf of Aden to Saudi Arabia." The judge presiding over the public from witnesses early next year. The
Ocean is likely to get worse unless the inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa, the organization that created the now-
The New York-based campaign Human regiment's then commander, Col Jorge ubiquitous MP3 file format, uses an
instability in Yemen and Somali are Rights Watch, in a separate report today, Iraqi hotel receptionist killed while in the Mendonca, is expected to be summoned to
resolved, according to two separate custody of British troops in Basra, made advanced algorithm to ‘listen to’ songs and
estimated that 70,000 people in northern give evidence. identify similar sounding tracks based on
warnings issued today. Yemen have been cut off by the fighting. clear today that he intended to question In the most infamous incident involving
The thinktank Chatham House said in a every soldier who witnessed the incident, over 40 characteristics. Such automated
This "forgotten war" between the British troops in Iraq, 93 identifiable systems are very hard to pull off (which is
report that regional stability was threatened government and rebels known as Huthis whether or not they were directly injuries were found on Mousa's body. He
by the fragile and unpredictable state of responsible. why Pandora, another music
was being hidden from view by the had suffered asphyxiation. Eight other recommendation engine, uses human
Yemen. The report, Yemen: fear of failure, banning of journalists from the conflict and The inquiry under Sir William Gage, a Iraqis were also inhumanly treated, the
said political upheaval in the country former appeal court judge, intends to find experts), but in my testing Mufin had fared
the cutting-off of mobile phones in the Ministry of Defence admits. surprisingly well.
would lead to an increase in piracy "with area. out what a six month court martial failed to A court martial accused soldiers from the
implications for the security of shipping do - not only who inflicted the injuries on Since we last wrote about it, Mufin has
The African Union commission regiment of erecting a "wall of silence". In introduced a Facebook widget that allows
routes and the transit of oil through the chairman, Jean Ping, suggested that more Mousa, but who was responsible for the ill- April 2007 six soldiers including
Suez canal". treatment, and who, if anyone, objected to users to get song recommendations from
ships would be hijacked unless the conflict Mendonca were acquitted of negligence within their friends’ Facebook profiles.
Yemen's government was relying on new is Somalia is resolved. Piracy off the coast it. and abuse. A corporal admitted inhumane
oil finds to boost its troubled economy but It will also establish why five banned The site has also relased a plugin for
of Somalia was a "a clear indication of the treatment. No one was convicted of killing iTunes, which generates playlists based on
pirates put this in jeopardy. "The rising further deterioration of the situation with techniques - wall standing, hooding, Mousa.
number of piracy attacks in the Gulf of subjection to noise, sleep deprivation and tracks in a user’s library (iTunes Genius
far reaching consequences" for Somalia, • Military does exactly the same thing, but it relies on
Aden has the potential to inhibit offshore the region, and the international deprivation of food and drink - were used • Iraq
oil exploration and disrupt liquefied and whether the government and ministers metadata rather than an analysis of the
community. • Human rights music file itself).
natural gas shipping," it said. • Piracy at sea knew about it. • Politics and Iraq
The report details the "potent The inquiry intends to find out which Crunch Network: MobileCrunch Mobile
• Somalia • Defence policy Gadgets and Applications, Delivered
combination of problems" in Yemen • Yemen member or members of the Queen's© Guardian News &
including civil war, terrorism, corruption Lancashire Regiment saw or heard the Daily.
• Oil Media Limited 2008 | Use of this content is
and uncertainty about who will succeed Ali© Guardian News & abuse, what their reaction was, whether subject to our Terms & Conditions| More
Abdullah Saleh, the 66-year-old president. Media Limited 2008 | Use of this content is they reported it or not and if they did, who Feeds
"It [Yemen] is the poorest state in the Arab subject to our Terms & Conditions| More to, according to the inquiry's "issues list"
world with high levels of unemployment, Feeds
rapid population growth and dwindling

Cross-country comeback chills China's schoolchildren as winter looms

By Tania Branigan (World news | jog every day until the end of April. from their studies and warn that urban education plays an important role in • China Primary schoolchildren must run a schools often struggle to find space for carrying out ideological and moral • School sports
Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:49:54 AM
kilometre (0.621 miles), junior high school sports, questioning whether they can map education and stressed the need for such • Athletics
students 1.5km and senior high and college out a safe route for pupils. Others have work in the run-up to the 60th anniversary© Guardian News &
For years it was the bane of every British students 2km. But the People's Daily loftier philosophical objections. of the People's Republic next year. Media Limited 2008 | Use of this content is
schoolchild's life. Now cross-country has newspaper - the Communist Party's official "It is the right of every school or even Commentator Ya Wei of the Da He subject to our Terms & Conditions| More
made a comeback in China - and is proving mouthpiece - acknowledged today that the every student to choose. Asking the newspaper said the only fault with the Feeds
equally unpopular. scheme has proved controversial, with students of the whole country to run is a campaign was that it didn't go far enough.
The ministry of education has launched a parents and teachers as well as bad sign for education, whose nature is "Records show the physical condition of
winter running campaign that it hopes will schoolchildren complaining about the freedom," wrote one blogger. youth in China is dropping fast," he said. "I
boost both patriotism and health. Schools order. But according to the state news agency think for a student running 60km in a
have been ordered to take their pupils for a Critics argue that it will distract students Xinhua, the ministry has said that physical winter is not too much, but too little."
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Music Industry Squanders
Are Copyright Holders Purposely eMusic: 250 Million Songs $69 Billion Worth Of Free
Putting Content On P2P In Order Downloaded. iTunes: 5 Promotions In 2007
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
To Demand Money?
Submitted at 11/19/2008 8:33:00 AM

By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) involved here, but basically, copyright Over the years, we've seen so many
Submitted at 11/19/2008 12:12:00 PM
holders are licensing the copyright on bogus reports on the supposed "losses" to
various movies to a firm called By Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) various industries due to unauthorized file
We've discussed the highly questionable DigiProtect. DigiProtect, in turn, hires Submitted at 11/20/2008 7:52:01 AM sharing, that it's about time the story was
activities of UK law firm Davenport Lyons Davenport Lyons to send out the pre- flipped. Reader SteveD writes in to point
for its supposed campaigns on behalf of settlement letters. But in a leaked contract Will the music subscription business ever out the latest research, claiming that in
various copyright holders. From what we between DigiProtect and one copyright grow beyond its current niche? It looks 2007, the dollar value of all unauthorized
had seen, the firm wasn't particularly holder, it's made quite clear in the increasingly doubtful. Today, eMusic music file sharing was $69 billion. The
interested in actually protecting content contractual language, that DigiProtect is announced that since it launched its current research company that put out the number
from being shared online -- only in expected to upload the movies as widely as music subscription service in 2003, does clearly state that those numbers are
threatening as many people as possible possible prior to having a law firm send customers have downloaded 250 million not lost revenue (good), but then goes on
with "pre-settlement letters" to get them to out the pre-settlement letters: To achieve songs. Apple’s iTunes, by comparison, has to still claim that this shows how damaging
pay up to avoid being sued. This certainly the purpose outlined in clause 1, sold more than 5 billion songs since it unauthorized file sharing is for the
feels like what's commonly called LICENSOR grants DIGIPROTECT the opened the iTunes Store in April, 2003. industry:"A $69 billion figure is staggering
extortion, especially, as it came to light exclusive right to make the movies listed That makes eMusic one twentieth the size to contemplate, but it effectively illustrates
that the pre-settlement letters are being in Appendix 1 worldwide available to the of iTunes. the impact of piracy on the music
sent to many innocent bystanders. Since public via remote computer networks, so- The way eMusic works is you pay a industry." Actually, I disagree. I don't think
this is a business model issue (squeezing called peer-2-peer and internet file sharing subscription of between $12 and $20 a it shows the "impact" at all. If anything,
individuals to pay up) rather than actually networks such as e-Donkey, Kazaa, month and then you can download 30 to 75 you could flip this around (as I did in the
being about protecting copyright, it's no Bitorrent, etc. for the duration of this songs a month and keep them. You can customers download. So if someone title) and use it to show how much
surprise that the pre-settlement letters agreement In other words, it's quite clear also purchase songs above those limits, doesn’t use up their allotment and only goodwill and free publicity provided by
would be sent as widely as possible, even that this has nothing to do with preventing starting at $0.25 a track. eMusic has a downloads 5 songs during a given month, fans the industry squandered by trying to
if there was no actual evidence showing content from getting on file sharing catalog of 4.5 million songs, and is eMusic pockets the money that would have turn those fans into criminals, rather than
guilt. networks. Instead, they're specifically particularly strong in independent music. It gone to the labels for the other 25 songs learning to embrace that free labor in a
However, the situation may be even putting it there themselves, apparently currently has 400,000 subscribers, and the they could have downloaded. business model that took advantage of all
worse than originally suspected. In an hoping to get it as widespread as possible, company expects to make $70 million in It’s a nice business because eMusic gets of that free promotion. Sure, the headline
article about Davenport Lyons' latest in order to send out the threat letters more revenues this year. rewarded for customer laziness. And is an exaggeration, but it's no more of an
client, TorrentFreak notes that the widely, so they can collect on the That implies the vast majority of iTunes certainly needs competition, so I exaggeration than claiming that the $69
copyright holder may be contracting with a "settlements" from people scared that subscribers opt in for the basic $12 a hope it keeps chugging along. But these billion represents the extent of any
company to purposely spreading the they're about to get sued. It's hard to see month plan, which would net $57.6 million numbers don’t bode well for the problem. If there's a problem, it's in the
content on file sharing networks for the how that's not a massive abuse of a year if that is what everyone paid. The subscription music business ever rising up fact that so many folks in and around the
purpose of making it easier to find people copyright law. difference can be accounted for by those to challenge iTunes in any meaningful industry view this as a problem rather than
to threaten with pre-settlement letters. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story people who opt for the more expensive way. a huge opportunity and resource.
There are a number of different players land and additional downloads. And the Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
best part of the business is that eMusic the sexiest new gadgets and hardware.
only pays the labels for the songs its

Lonely Wrestlers Create Their Own Social Network

By Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) everybody thinks they are just a bunch of company is his pit bull, Theodore, and a nobody is going to sign up to be their
Submitted at 11/19/2008 8:36:17 PM
clowns. That’s why the company that can of beans. Or Zack Ryder. The poor guy friends on the WWE Universe because
employs all the wrestlers you see on TV, might be a tag team champion, but when everybody is over at Facebook. They
It’s not easy being a wrestler. Inside the World Wrestling Entertainment, created he goes home all he has to look forward to didn’t respond so well to that news. Be
ring your pounding an opponent’s head WWE Universe, a social network just for are watering his plants and watching reruns scared Zuckerberg. Be very, very scared.
against the corner post, but outside the ring them and their fans. Okay, it’s not really a of Smackdown with his cat, Fluffy. Be Crunch Network: MobileCrunch Mobile
it’s hard to meet people. Nobody really social network. It’s just a craptastic friends with them. Don’t block them out of Gadgets and Applications, Delivered
wants to be your friend. Not even on promotional vehicle. And some of those your life. They need you. Daily.
MySpace. They say their your friends, but wrestlers aren’t so bright. But they are The only person who needs to be scared
they are not really your friends. lonely. strongest man” doesn’t mean he doesn’t of these guys is Mark Zuckerberg. I sent
Wrestlers aren’t stupid. They know Just because Mark Henry is the “world’s cry at night when all he has to keep him Mark and Zack a message explaining that
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RIAA Agrees To FanIQ Keeps Fans In The

Settlement, Then Asks For Game, Membership Jumps
Twice As Much 2000% This Year Qik And Strands
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) approve a Stipulation requiring the
Defendant to pay $10,700, yet state in their
By Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch) Each Trim 10
Submitted at 11/19/2008 1:24:00 PM

Ray Beckermann is, once again,

Response that they have agreed to accept
half that amount, $5,350, in full
Submitted at 11/20/2008 9:00:06 AM

FanIQ, a sports site that focuses more on

Percent Of Staff
highlighting some highly questionable satisfaction of the monetary portion of the entertaining its users than bogging them By Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch)
activities by the RIAA, noting that after proposed judgment. The Plaintiffs do not down with the stats and opinion pieces
Submitted at 11/19/2008 6:09:43 PM
getting defendants to agree to a settlement provide any reason for this highly unusual found on the likes of ESPN, has had a
amount, the RIAA sometimes immediately arrangement, and the Court will not landmark year. The site launched in 2006, The cutbacks continue, even at seemingly
asks for double the agreed upon amount, approve a stipulation which fails reflect the but hasn’t really hit its stride until now: healthy startups. Social recommendation
and submits that proposal to the court. It's actual terms of the agreement. The since January, the site has grown by over them), but in the future the site will offer engine Strands let exactly 10 percent, or 14
unclear how widely this is happening, but Plaintiffs must present to the Court a 2000%, recently hitting as many as 2.4 virtual goods and other rewards in people go (7 in the U.S. and 7 in Spain),
at least in one case, it's good to hear that a proposed judgment which accurately states million unique users and 1.5 million exchange for points. the company confirms. Strands has raised a
judge has prevented the RIAA from getting the amount the Defendant will be required registered members. These figures pale in The site has raised around $3-5 million total of $55 million, still employs 125
away with this practice by denying the to pay to settle the claims." This would be comparison to the larger sports sites and in funding (the exact amount was not people, and is hiring for other positions. It
agreement, noting the different sum than the same judge, by the way, who slammed popular fantasy leagues, but the rate of disclosed), with investors including also just announced a mobile version for
the one agreed to by the parties: Judge the RIAA for its questionable legal tactics growth is very impressive nonetheless. Vantage Point Ventures, Peter Thiel, Paul Nokia S60 phones.
Nancy Gertner: ELECTRONIC ORDER just a few months ago. You would think FanIQ differentiates itself from other Martino, Keith Rabois, and Jeff Fluhr. Qik, which lets you stream live video
entered re Stipulation To Judgment and that the RIAA would know better than to sports sites by offering a set of casual Other startups in this space include Open from your cell phone, also laid off about
Permanent Injunction filed by All try to play legal games with Judge Gertner. games and community features alongside Sports(which has a similar web portal) and 10 percent of its employees, which in its
Plaintiffs as to defendant LaShaana Straw. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story more traditional sports headlines. To Watercooler and Citizen Sports, both of case amounted to five people. We got a tip
"The parties' Stipulation to Judgment is encourage participation, the site has a which design sports oriented applications that the reason for the layoffs is because
DENIED. Plaintiffs request that the Court points system that rewards users who write for social networks. the startup could not raise a $10 to $15
blog posts and play the site’s integrated Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over million round, but a spokesperson says that
trivia game. These points are just for show the sexiest new gadgets and hardware. is not true and that we should stay tuned.
(though CEO Ty Shay says that many We hope its not true because we love Qik.
users are still intensely competitive about The company so far has raised only $4
million, but its investors include Marc
It’s Time For The Crunchies! Benioff and Marc Andreessen.
Also this week, Akamai is l aying off
110 people(7 percent), KLA-Tencor is
By Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) remember, you’re judging them based on
cutting 900(15 percent), four people lost
Submitted at 11/19/2008 8:59:01 PM
their 2008 performance. Nominations may their jobs at Engine Yard (66 percent), and
be made until December 10, 2008 7 at PC Magazine, which is ceasing its
It’s hard to believe that nearly a year has Midnight PST.
gone by since we gave out those crazy On December 15 we’ll begin the final print edition.
gorilla awards to the best startup and voting process for the winners. We’ve added all of these to the Layoff
product successes in Silicon Valley and If you are a startup and want to Tracker, which is now up to 77,151 layoffs
around the world. Some of the photos from encourage your users to vote for you, you across 225 technology companies big and
last year are here. small.
can create a customized badge here. Crunch Network: CrunchBoard because
The Crunchies are back. We are once Media, our video production partner (see Francisco. The reception will follow and Crunch Network: CrunchBase the free
again partnering with some of our favorite database of technology companies, people, it’s time for you to find a new Job2.0
their first video below in the comments). tickets will be released in December.
blogs - thank you to co-hosts GigaOm, The Awards Ceremony will be held on What we need from you right now: and investors
Silicon Alley Insider and Jan. 9, 2009, 7:30 pm at the Herbst Theater please nominate your favorite startups and
VentureBeat(click the links for their across the street from City Hall in San products in fifteen categories. And
announcements). Thanks as well to 1938
Paris Hilton and Benji Madden Break Up?
(ETonline - Breaking News) Are Paris Hilton and Benji Madden no magazine the celeb couple split several they're just too different and they wanted time to take a break."
Submitted at 11/19/2008 4:30:00 PM
longer an item? days ago. different things in life," says the mag's
A source close to Paris tells People "She is saddened by the breakup but source. "He was loyal and sweet but it was
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Monty Python Puts All Its Australian ISP Agrees

To Filter... Just To
Content On YouTube To Show How Stupid It Is
Increase Sales Of Scarce Goods By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
Submitted at 11/19/2008 9:49:32 AM

By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) videos with free videos by putting up their Australian politicians have been pushing
Submitted at 11/19/2008 10:59:00 AM
own versions -- in higher quality. There's a to censor the internet for years, with its
funny segment where the Monty Python latest initiative being the most extreme and
As quite a few folks have sent in, it crew reacts to being told that all of this most ridiculous. Of course, even though
appears that the always funny team of content will be available for free, and then each and every past effort by the
folks who made up Monty Python actually the video notes that while this content will Australian government has failed
seem to get the concept of giving away be free, they're hoping people viewing the miserably, they always seem to think that
infinite goods to increase the value of videos will go to the Pythonline site and this time it will be different. At least the
scarce goods. They've set up a Monty buy DVDs (scarce goods) of their movies largest Australian ISP thinks the
Python channel on YouTube, where they'll as well. What an idea. Instead of suing, government is out of its mind. The CEO of
be putting up pretty much all of their give fans what they want, and give them a iiNet has agreed to sign up for the filters,
videos in high quality. The video reason to buy. Ideally, they would provide but only to collect hard data in order to
announcing this is quite amusing, and a extra reasons to buy the DVDs, rather than prove to the government "how stupid" the
good contrast to all those content providers just praying that people will, but this is plan is:"They're not listening to the
who decided to sue YouTube, rather than definitely a much better reaction than so experts, they're not listening to the
learn to embrace it: First, it points out that many others. industry, they're not listening to
plenty of folks have already been posting Permalink| Comments| Email This Story consumers, so perhaps some hard numbers
content to YouTube, and while they could will actually help. Every time a kid
sue, instead, they decided to fight free manages to get through this filter, we'll be
publicising it and every time it blocks
Real Girls Media Picks Up legitimate content, we'll be publicising it."
Good for them, though it seems unlikely to
Strategic Funding From Meredith work. In the past when similarly
ineffectual filters were demonstrated,
By Robin Wauters (TechCrunch) Yahoo Brings Glue To U.S.: A Australian officials just interpreted it to
mean they needed to pass stricter laws.
Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:46:49 AM

Real Girls Media, a San Francisco-based Plethora of Aggregated Topical Permalink| Comments| Email This Story

online publishing company specializes

in—you guessed it—social communities Third Party Content Baby Alert! Forbes
for women, has raised an undisclosed
amount in funding led by Meredith By Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) For the US, Yahoo is starting with a Names Suri Cruise #1
Corporation, which took a minority stake
in the company. RGM, which was founded inventory and sales forces, Meredith has a Submitted at 11/19/2008 6:28:21 PM
limited set of topics and using a two
column instead of a three column design. Hottest Tot!
in 2006, had previously raised $6 million new way to distribute relevant content to Yahoo Glue, a new search results page They’ve also left out the search results (ETonline - Breaking News)
in Series A funding from 3i and their target audience, plus they get to use design that the company has been testing altogether. In this example for Barack
WaldenVC. RGM’s proprietary technology platform in India, is rolling out to the US market Obama, prominent links to Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:20:00 PM

The agreement adds Real Girls Media for advertising. this evening. You can view it at Memorandum(a political blog aggregator) Forbes' Top Ten List of Hollywood's
Network’s traffic (which comes primarily Sounds like a mother-daughter thing to, although Yahoo says it is are also shown. Hottest Tots is in! According to Forbes, the
from flagship community site us. rolling out in stages, so sit tight if you Yahoo says they won’t use Glue to mag created their second annual list by
DivineCaroline) to Meredith’s network, Crunch Network: MobileCrunch Mobile don’t see it. replace search in the US. Instead it seems looking at press clippings and the Web
which the company claims increases Gadgets and Applications, Delivered It’s also a little different than the Indian to be a useful content page that brings in presence of over 50 celeb tots under the
Meredith’s unique visitors to an admirable Daily. version, and includes a number of data from lots of different sources on age of 5.
15 million uniques each month. Meredith resources beyond what India’s version of topics. So, which star baby crawled its way to
and Real Girls Media will combine their ad Glue offers. On a typical query, content Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over the top of the list!? It’s Tom Cruise and
from Wikipedia, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo the sexiest new gadgets and hardware. Katie Holmes' adorable little lady, Suri
Answers, blog search results (from Cruise! Check out the little two-year-old
Google) and YouTube videos are shown. who has stolen America's heart!
Also, you can click on the headline to see
what other adorable babes made this list!
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Lori Drew's Lawyers Worried Bob Hope Gets

Special Honor
About Finding Jury That Hasn't (ETonline - Breaking News)

Prejudged Drew Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:01:00 PM

He'll always have face value.

Late, great funnyman Bob Hope is
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) or not it's a violation of computer fraud
and hacking laws to break the terms of receiving a special honor that's bound to
Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:36:00 PM come in handy when you need to mail a
service for an online service. Instead,
With the judge agreeing that the people are focusing on Meier's suicide, letter.
information about Megan Meier's suicide which has absolutely nothing to do with The U.S. Postal service is paying tribute
can be included in the computer fraud the actual charges. This is a witch hunt to Hope with a commemorative stamp to
lawsuit against Lori Drew, Drew's lawyers appealing to emotional responses, rather be released this spring, says Reuters.
are discovering that the emotional aspects than reasoned ones. It's been rather The stamp's image will be unveiled
of the case may be difficult to get past. In depressing to see how many folks have no Monday at New York's Ellis Island, where
fact, in reviewing questionnaires that problem abusing the law in this manner. If Hope and his family sailed into the country
potential jurors were asked to fill out, the lynch mob aspect of this case is from England in 1908, says the news
many expressed outright disgust and allowed to go on, it will eventually be agency.
"viciousness" for Drew. Once again, it's looked back on as a mockery of the law.
IAB Reports U.S. Online becoming increasingly clear, that it will be
impossible for Drew to get a fair hearing
on what the case is actually about: whether
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Advertising Almost $5.9 Billion

In The Third Quarter Blinkx wants Miva again, but for less
By Don Reisinger ( closing price for the 30 days prior to dwindled, resulting in constraints on
By Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) the U.S. The global online advertising Submitted at 11/19/2008 7:29:00 AM
November 18, 2008." capital to facilitate growth. Moreover,
Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:35:29 AM
picture might be worse. Just tallying up the Miva has faced some serious issues over Miva has resorted to an expensive line of
worldwide online advertising revenues of Blinkx, a British video search compan the past few months. Its stock price has credit to fund future operations, which is
The Interactive Advertising Bureau and Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL—as I that already tried to acquire online been negatively affected by the economic also likely to impact future growth
PricewaterhouseCoopers just released their did a few days ago—suggests that annual advertising firm Miva, announced downturn and reports of online advertising prospects in exchange for short-term
quarterly report on U.S. online advertising growth in the third quarter was higher at 18 Wednesday that it is placing another bid to slowing haven't helped. To make matters working capital benefits."
revenues. For the quarter, they estimate percent, but the sequential growth was acquire the company. worse, the company experienced a GAAP For all of Miva's problems, Blinkx still
online advertising revenues were almost slowing down faster at only 0.6 percent Only this time around, Blinkx's offer is net loss of $10.5 million during its last believes the company is worth acquiring.
$5.9 billion ($5.865 billion, to be exact), over the second quarter of 2008. just $0.55 per share for Miva--less than quarter on just $28 million in revenue, Blinkx executives claim that its own
which is an 11 percent increase from the If these trends continue, the fourth half its original offer of $1.20 per share. making the possible acquisition bid "matching technology" would immediately
same quarter a year ago and a 2 percent quarter could see an actual decline in both "Blinkx believes the proposal is highly appealing to some shareholders who fear improve Miva's platform and that more
increase from the second quarter of 2008. U.S. and global growth. attractive for Miva shareholders, an even greater decline in value. search traffic from the company's ad
If you look at the graph above, you can Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over particularly in light of issues in the Miva For its part, Blinkx didn't go easy on network could be monetized at higher rates
see that online advertising revenues have the sexiest new gadgets and hardware. business and current market conditions," a Miva's performance or its inability to fix through Blinkx's technology.
been pretty much flat all year long. release from Blinkx reads. "Blinkx's its problems. In a statement, Blinkx Miva has yet to respond to the
And remember, these numbers are just or proposal represents a 108 percent premium executives claim "Miva has reported a acquisition bid. But if Miva does accept it,
above the closing price of Miva common decline in cash for the past four quarters, Blinkx would use cash to complete the
stock of $0.2643 on November 18, 2008, and Blinkx is concerned that valuable time acquisition.
and a 39 percent premium over the average has been wasted whilst Miva's resources

Trulia partners with 1020 Placecast for targeted ads

By Don Reisinger ( advertising become location-specific. "Once we know the place a user is travel, events, real estate, and weather to relies on home ownership for success.
Submitted at 11/19/2008 1:03:00 PM
Once users input a location they want to interested in, we can derive a lot of useful offer advertisements that not only try to Realizing that, Trulia executives needed to
learn more about on Trulia, Placecast will insights about what kind of consumer they appeal to visitors, but make their location a act and increase revenue as quickly as
Real estate search site Trulia announced access that data and apply it as a key are, and then serve them a very targeted key factor in targeting them. possible during these suspect times, and
Wednesday that it has inked a deal with component along with common ad," Alistair Goodman, CEO of Placecast, The partnership with Placecast is they evidently believe Placecast is their
1020 Placecast, an advertising company demographic data points like said in a statement. extremely important for Trulia. The best bet.
that uses location-based information to psychographic information to provide In order to deliver that ad, Placecast company is naturally affected by the
target audiences, that will see the site's more targeted ads. works with publishers in categories such as downturn in the real estate market, and it
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New Internet goes to space, comes back to Earth Mozilla CTO:

By Rafe Needleman
( Firefox in neck
Submitted at 11/19/2008 7:00:00 AM

The interplanetary network that Vint Cerf and neck race

envisioned years ago got its first real test By Dan Farber (
recently. The EPOXI spacecraft, which
Submitted at 11/19/2008 11:31:00 AM
carried the Deep Impact probe to Comet
Talent 1 in 2005, had its software Eariler this month, I spoke with Brendan
reconfigured after delivering the payload Eich, CTO of Mozilla and creator of
to work as a test bed for NASA's new JavaScript. We discussed the development
Disruption-Tolerant Networking protocol. process for the open-source Firefox
As the craft dropped back toward Earth for browser, the status of Firefox mobile, and
one of the gravity assists that will new competition.
ultimately sling it back toward the comet Eich maintained that increasing
in 2010, it transmitted simulated images of competition from Google and Apple, as
the Martian moon Phobos using the new well as Microsoft, is good for developers
protocol. and users. It also helps that the nonprofit
The trial turned EPOXI into one of 10 Mozilla Foundation garnered $75 million
nodes in a test network (the other nine in revenue, mostly from its search
were on Earth), to verify the reliability and partnership with Google, which ironically
robustness of the new networking just launched Chrome, a competitor to
architecture. Firefox. With $33 million in expenses last
This new networking system, an year, it appears the Mozilla team is well
outgrowth of Cerf's Interplanetary Net funded to continue development at a rapid
project, can be layered on top of TCP/IP, pace and attract top talent.
the protocol that today's Internet uses. But Regarding competition with Google's
although DTN is designed for a different Chrome and other browsers, Eich said:
environment than Earth, ultimately the It's really a neck and neck race. There is
technology may find its way back here, to a contest going on not only between
improve communication back home. Google and Mozilla but also Apple to have
How to network in space and after they send them, they keep five years after that before the technology communications infrastructure a device
holding on to them until they receive an will then make it into space. In 2015 or can drop in to, so data radios need to be the fastest JavaScript engine, to have the
JPL's Adrian Hooke, team lead and best performance on various benchmarks.
manager of space-networking architecture acknowledgment. Only once the packets 2016, he said, "an interesting cluster of more tolerant of poor networks and This is great. Competition is good for users
for NASA, explained the limitations of are acknowledged do they release missions to the moon" will be launching, opportunistically take advantage of and for Web developers. Another focus for
TCP/IP-based Internet to me. Although we "custody" of the data to the next link in the and he hopes to see DTN on them. communications links when they are us, especially for me is the Web
tend to think of the Internet as routing communications chain. He also expects DTN to be part of the available. Likewise, the Navy is looking at
It's a network. In space.(Credit: communications protocol for the Mars DTN to help submarines send and receive developers...We are right in there, we are
around faults, he said, it is "not actually slugging it out. On the Google benchmarks
tolerant of disconnection between two NASA/JPL) Sample Return mission, which is data in bursts when they surface or come their JavaScript engine is faster, on Apple's
machines." If you lose a link between relay DTN networks need more smarts and scheduled to launch in 2020 (but will close to a relay buoy. benchmarks we're faster than Google
stations (routers), he explained, "the storage than typical routers. They need to probably be more like 2025). In that DTN can integrate with existing TCP/IP currently. It is going to vary, you are going
routers start dumping packets on the floor know which devices they can send to, and mission, a "full fleet of spacecraft" from networks, Hooke told me. "Bundle agents"
when, since planets and space vehicles several countries will all need to can sit on the Internet and handle the store- to see it go back and forth, so it is only
after a few milliseconds." going to go up, which is the best thing for
Out in the solar system, where distance don't stay put. And they need enough interoperate, and DTN should make the and-forward protocols as well as the developers and that is what we are focused
means that point-to-point communication storage to hang on to packets that are communications more reliable, and easier transfer of data from occasionally- on.
time of a single bit can take minutes or coming in even when there may not be a to build, than a patchwork of point-to-point connected devices to the main Internet. Watch the video
hours, and where there is no system of receiver onto which they can offload them. radios. But first NASA and other space And not all applications are military. A
interconnected routers, relay stations need These concepts are not new. E-mail agencies need to know it works. team in Sweden is using DTN to track
to be smarter and more robust. Dropping routers use store-and-forward architectures Meanwhile, back on Earth reindeer movement (via geolocators tagged
packets doesn't work. "In space, it's very to transfer information, and mesh networks DTN concepts are being applied to to animals), for example. Intel is looking at
rare that you have an end-to-end path," are opportunistic with their connections. similarly flaky networks back home. Not DTN to build out networks in developing
Hooke said. But getting the DTN protocols certified for surprisingly for a DARPA-funded project, countries with no communications grid.
Disruption-Tolerant Networking devices space operations requires a lengthy the US military (the Marine Corps, to be And in our own backyard, cellular
don't just send off packets to the next development cycle. Hooke told me that specific) is experimenting with DTN for equipment manufacturers are thinking
device in the communications chain, as NASA hopes to have DTN ready to be "stressed tactical military about DTN for devices at the edges of
routers do. Instead, they hold on to packets built into spacecraft and ground-based communications." On a battlefield, as in expanding networks.
until they expect that they will be received, radios in 2011, but that it will be four or space, there's rarely an existing
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Netflix tells all about video Wikipedia gears up for flood of video and
encoding process photo files
By Matthew Moskovciak 3800kbps, which extends their By Rafe Needleman edits. Failing that, Wikimedia CTO Brion
( accessibility down to lower home ( Vibber told me today, Wikipedia users
Submitted at 11/19/2008 10:37:00 AM
broadband connections. As with SD, Submitted at 11/19/2008 10:07:00 PM
may soon get a way to view the revisions
encodes of film material are at 24fps, and that people make offline to photos by
Netflix's streaming movie service is encodes of shot-to-video material are at Wikimedia CTO Brion Vibber(Credit: flipping through previous versions of the
finding itself on more and more devices, 30fps (or 25fps for PAL), rather than the Rafe Needleman / CNET) images.
and recently the company's blog featured a 60fps that would come from a Blu-ray disc What is the significance of Sun's The one holdup I can see with
detailed account of exactly how movies are - we judged the 60fps content as too announcement today that Wikimedia is Wikimedia's newish love of media files is
encoded. While many companies hide expensive of bandwidth for now. In buying truckloads of Sun servers? It's that its fetish for open-source technologies.
behind misleading resolution figures like general, these encodes are definitively the Wikimedia team, which runs Vibber told me the new video support is
"720p video," video geeks know that bit better than SD, but won't challenge well- Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wikibooks, and being designed first to run in Firefox 3.1,
rate is a much better indicator of how good executed Blu-ray encodes - that would other sites, is gearing up to change the because this open-source browser has
a video will look. Netflix gets pretty in- require a bitrate out of reach for most nature of the reference services. native support for the open-source Ogg
depth with the specifications of the new domestic broadband today. We believe Wikipedia, in particular, is going to get a Theora codec. I'm sure that will make for a
encodes: Moore's law will drive home broadband lot more visual. Limits on the size of good experience in Firefox, but philosophy
"The VC1 encoders are more efficient higher and higher enabling full 1080p60 upload files will be increased to 100MB. aside, I'd like to see even support for all
than the WMV3 encoders, so we are encodes in a few years." Video -- hosted by Wikimedia -- will soon browsers, not just Firefox.
currently encoding VC1AP at slightly It's definitely worth checking out the full be part of the mix. Currently, all of Wikipedia, including the
lower birates: 375, 500, 1000, and blog, as even more details are revealed, With the more aggressive support for the edit history. photos and audio, fits in under 5 terabytes
1500kbps, all square pixel. At some point including why only stereo audio is media files will come, eventually, new Wikimedia is also considering building of storage. The text alone is under 500 MB
we are likely to add a couple more included and how video quality is adjusted ways to edit those media. Kaltura has been an online photo editor into the service, so compressed. With the new servers and the
resolutions of non-square pixel encodes to match your connection speed. We working with Wikimedia to create an users will be able to do the same things new media editing services, Vibber expects
capturing the original pixel-aspect-ratio of haven't done a full evaluation of Netflix's online video editor that supports wikipedia with photos that they do with text -- Wikipedia to be using 10 to 15 TB by the
the source." new HD video streams yet, but we're concepts: Users will be able to edit others' enhance, clarify, and revert the last user's end of 2009.
And the new high-definition encodes: hoping they're close to Vudu's HDX videos, and everyone will be able to see
"We experimented with first-generation content, which does a very good job of
WMV3 encodes at 4000kbps and
5500kbps, but settled on second-generation
approaching Blu-ray levels even with
current bandwidth limitations.
Beyonce on Her and
HD encodes with VC1AP at 2600kbps and Justin Timberlake's
'SNL' Dance!
Google brings GrandCentral to the desktop with (ETonline - Breaking News)

Submitted at 11/19/2008 1:11:00 PM

ET was on the scene in the Big Apple

Tuesday night as Beyonce hosted Gotham
By Josh Lowensohn choosing which one of your GrandCentral- the application lets you save a customized Magazine's gala, and the star gave us her
( connected phones you want it to be phone call preset as an AppleScript candid review of her special "SNL" back-
Submitted at 11/19/2008 11:04:00 AM
connected from. You then hit dial and command. Clicking it begins the call up dancer, Justin Timberlake-- in high
GrandCentral does the rest. It's basically immediately. You can leave these laying heels and a leotard!
Google has released a new application for the same exact thing you've been able to around your desktop, or put them into a "He is so hilarious," Beyonce said of
Mac users called " Vocito" that puts do with GrandCentral's Web interface for folder to keep in a stack on your dock for Justin. "We had the best time. It was so
GrandCentral calling right on your years, but now you can have a deeper level handy "speed dialing" later on. difficult to not laugh during the skit."
desktop. It integrates with OS X's address of integration across your entire system. the included plug-in. In most cases, this Vocito is free to use and will run on both The sexy star also revealed she'll be at
book, Automater app, and third-party This deeper integration centers around a worked for me with about six keyboard PPC and Intel Macs. You will, however, Barack Obama's inauguration -- and she'll
applications like Blacktree's QuickSilver to slick and simple Mac taskbar drop-down strokes, which I found faster than picking need a GrandCentral account, which be more than happy to sing for our next
let you start a GrandCentral-powered call application that's directly integrated with up my phone to dial a contact. Google continues to keep in a highly president if he wants her to!
no matter what you're doing on your the Address Book app. It lets you start a Vocito's simple taskbar application lets limited beta--that is, unless you're
machine. call almost as fast as doing a Spotlight you hunt through your address book and homeless.
Similar to JaJah and Jaxtr, Vocito's search. This is made a little easier if you're make a call no matter what you're doing on
system for setting up calls involves you a Quicksilver user, since you can search your computer.(Credit: CNET Networks)
first picking who you want to call, then for contacts and call them via Vocito with If you don't have time for six keystrokes,
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Blink-182 Bandmate:
Searchme brings its More cosmetic delights for Travis Barker's
Coverflow search to Gmail: themes Recovery is 'Amazing'
By Stephen Shankland Annie Chen. (ETonline - Breaking News)

iPhone (
Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:32:22 PM
It's something of a departure for a site
that prides itself on its utilitarian nature--
even the addition of graphical smileys to
Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:04:00 PM

Fresh reax.
By Josh Lowensohn Google says it aims Gmail at the Gmail can be justified as improving a Travis Barker and his estranged Blink-
( technological elite, knowing that the message's emotional nuance. But given 182 bandmates are back in contact. Blink-
Submitted at 11/19/2008 4:36:00 PM
information overload problems they have Google's move toward the mainstream, it's 182 member Mark Hoppus blogs on
today will be the problems mainstream smart. People like to personalize their Barker's recovery from September's tragic
Visual search engine Searchme has a sexy users have tomorrow. But apparently the frequently-used computing tools. plane crash and discusses the prospects of
new iPhone app that brings its signature company isn't above appealing to those Perhaps more interesting from a brand a band reunion!
Coverflow-like interface to the phone's 3.5 iPhone's accelerometer, and can tell when who are willing to judge a book by its perspective, Google is even willing to give "We're just reconnecting as friends after
-inch display. Search results come in the you've got it in landscape mode. When cover as well as its content. up the Gmail logo in some of the skins. four years of not talking," Hoppus says on
form of large thumbnails with short flipped, you get an additional two On Wednesday, Google launched themes That suits me fine--I find the logo an eye- his blog. "It's a good thing. Obviously the
content summaries underneath. To browse thumbnails on the screen, and it does away for Gmail, a feature that lets people trippingly ugly hodgepodge of the Google first question for a lot of people will be,
through them you simply flick your finger with the summaries entirely. It's also customize the appearance of the Webmail G, a graphical envelope for the "m", and 'Does this mean a Blink-182 reunion?' The
across the screen, just like you would with marvelously fun to zoom back and forth. application with a variety of new looks. three sans-serif letters for "ail." answer is none of us know. We haven't
album covers in the phone's iPod This app is definitely more than eye Google is gradually rolling out the new Now showing: Gmail themes.(Credit: talked about it at all. Right now it's just
application. candy. Over a 3G connection it took just feature to Gmail members "over the next Google) good for the three of us to see one another,
The app also supports pinch gestures for three seconds to bring up search results couple of days," said Gmail team member reconnect and let the past be the past."
zooming in on thumbnails. This lets you that I was able to flip through, and another Mark adds in the blog: "I'm also so
15 to stream in the thumbnails. During that
see the the details of a page before visiting
it in Safari--something that can be done
with a simple double tap on any result.
loading time I was able to browse through
the titles and summaries with zero lag
Apptera secures $10.5 million thankful that Travis and DJ AM made it
out of the plane that horrible night. Travis
is a brother to me, and since the crash he
This may seem like a trivial feature, but it
can be immensely helpful, and in some
cases even prevent you from having to
which is really impressive.
Searchme is free and can be found in the
app store ( iTunes link).
for mobile-ad tech has gone through more than I can even
imagine. From the day after the plane went
down, when I saw him in the burn unit out
visit the site at all. In my case I was able to Previous Searchme coverage: By Don Reisinger ( in Georgia, to the hospital here in L.A., to
pull up a restaurant's address just by Searchme tries music streaming to attract Submitted at 11/19/2008 6:14:00 AM seeing him at home, his recovery is
zooming in, saving me some time and data. users nothing short of amazing. Every day gets a
Search interfaces of tomorrow you can Apptera, a company that delivers visual
Searchme knows when you've flipped it and voice advertising, announced on little better."
on its side and will display the search try today
Searchme nabs $31 million from Google Wednesday that it has secured $10.5
results in gorgeous Coveflow-style.(Credit: million in funding from Lightspeed
CNET Networks) backer, others
Venture Partners, Alloy Ventures, and
The application makes use of the Walden International. The company also
A Night On The Town CREATE
continued from page 19
announced that former Yahoo senior
executive David Karnstedt joined its board
With The Stars of It's hump day and I was looking for a
of directors.
According to the company, the new
'Twilight'! quick, fun project to try out. So I figured I
try something easy I found over at the
investment will be used to expand its
mobile-advertising network and improve
(ETonline - Breaking News) Make Magazine blog earlier this week—a its MobileAd Xchange program, which
set of speakers made from paper cups and allows advertisers to reach mobile-phone still has one major issue to overcome:
Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:57:00 PM
a pair of earbud headphones originally users. competition. Google and Microsoft have
created by artist Dmitry Zagga (in no small
The gorgeous cast of this fall's most
highly anticipated film, 'Twilight,' let loose amount of jest). The PaperCup speakers
Apptera has partnered with AT&T, AOL,
and other technology platforms to deliver
made it abundantly clear that mobile
advertising is the next frontier, and both Create "Speakers"
to the rockin' sounds of Paramore-- who
recorded two new songs for the film's
are based on the principle of a megaphone:
Energy from sound waves from the
its ads, and it claims that it currently serves
millions of advertisements each month.
companies are exploring ways to corner
the market. And although that probably
from Earbuds and
soundtrack. On Tuesday night, the young
cast gathered together to attend a live
earbuds would normally disperse in all
directions. Instead, the cups focus the
Most of those ads come in the form of
commercials heard through free 411
won't happen for a few years, Apptera
needs to ensure that it's ready when major
Paper Cups [How To]
performance of the Grammy-nominated sound waves in a particular direction, services and AOL's Moviefone. companies enter the market. By Jackson West (Lifehacker)
band at the Hollywood and Highland making it louder for those in front. While Funding and ad placement aside, Apptera Submitted at 11/19/2008 5:30:00 PM
center's Hot Topic. Check out the cast and pretty self-explanatory, I figured I'd whip
the band having some rock-tastic fun!
CREATE page 20 CREATE page 19
20 Tech Tips* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
continued from page 19
up a how to, especially since the folks at speaker portion is facing out towards the
Freepath is a Free File Sharing
my local coffee shop were happy to
provide the materials for free.
You'll need:
mouth of the cup and not dangling down or
pointing to the side of the cup.
Poke the toothspick or skewer through
and Presentation Solution
• A pair of earbud headphones.
• Four paper drink cups
the bottom of the base cups, and slide the
speaker cups on where you made your
[Featured Windows Download]
• Two toothpicks or skewers initial cut. Tada! You've got yourself a pair By Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker)
• Tape of speakers. Submitted at 11/20/2008 6:30:00 AM
• A small knife or scissors Now these aren't very loud (for
First poke a hole in the side of the cups comparison, the speakers on my MacBook Windows only: Create and mix your own
that will be the "speakers" resting on the were much louder). And the bass response file and media playlists with Freepath.
base cups. I eyeballed it about a third of
the way up from the base of the cup, along
is abysmal. So I tweaked the equalizer
setting in iTunes a bit. The stereo picturing
Users can create file playlists from a
variety of sources: files from their own Safer Places to
the seam. is pretty good if placed equidistant from computers, video files found on YouTube,
Cut a cross with one long and one short
axis in the back of the speakers. Insert the
your ears and pointed toward you. If you
want to listen to music quietly but don't
photos from Flickr, nearly anything you
can drag and drop from the web or your
Stash Your Cash
earbuds all the way through the holes until
only the wire is outside the cup.
want to put headphones on, or are
concerned about ear fatigue or hearing
own computer can be dumped into
Freepath. Once the files are placed within a
at Home [Money]
Now, reach in with your finger and push damage, it's just the thing. I could see playlist, users can opt to keep the list as By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
the flaps of paper out a bit to create an coming up with these in a pinch, spartan or create a slideshow complete
Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:05:00 AM
indent where the back of your earbud can MacGyver-style, on a camping trip. How with transitions and extra effects. One of
rest. Pull the earbuds back through the hole would you improve them to make them the more unique features of Freepath is You shouldn't let the uncertain economy
until they're nestled against the back of the louder? Share your ideas and pictures in that files remain editable once they are drive you to a crazed bank run, a la It's a
cup. the comments. CupSpeakers[via Make] embedded into the playlist. restriction on sharing, is that the recipient Wonderful Life, but it might make sense to
I chose to tape the bases of the earbuds to If you added an Excel document at but needs to be using Freepath to view the keep a decent stash of legal tender at home
the back of the cup to make sure the noticed you needed to edit the file, you can playlist file. MyFreepath, the companion these days. Consumer Reports' Money
do the editing from within Freepath online file sharing site for the Freepath blog points out that your mattress is the
without the hassle of removing the file, software comes with 100MB of free online first place a nefarious intruder might look,
editing it, and replacing it. Once you have storage for the playlists you create. but a hollow light fixture, a waterproof bag
a mashup of media and files you can opt to Freepath is Windows only, freeware. in your toilet tank, and a few other spots
share with a single contact, a private Freepath make for more secure hiding spots:
group, or public group. The only potential ... How about behind acoustic tiles in the
ceiling? According to the book Hiding
Employees Sue to be Paid for Time Spent Booting Your Money by Jerome Schneider and
Allison Hope Weiner, “The beauty of
acoustic tiles is that they always look
Up [Law] broken, moved and dirty.”
We've pointed out a few other "hidden
By Jackson West (Lifehacker) you show up at the office or when the safe" ideas involving wall outlets, soup
Submitted at 11/19/2008 6:30:00 PM
computer first logs you into the company cans, and even pens, but Consumer
network? A lawyer representing the Reports has a few other inspiring spots.
If your manager tracks your time based defense on one of the cases argues that the Let's also hear where you might stash a bit
on when you log in and out of your time is generally spent doing personal of rainy day money (assuming your
machine at work, then are you missing out activities like taking a coffee break or account has some anonymity to it) in the
on pay for the time you're waiting for your going out for a smoke. Are you getting comments. Photo by markhillary. Where to
machine to boot up and shut down? That's stiffed time at your desk waiting for your stash cash at home[Consumer Reports
what a series of lawsuits by employees operating system to startup? Photo by Money Blog]
from the likes of AT&T, UnitedHealth and Andy Melton Does Your Boss Have to Pay
Cigna demand. Thierman, a Las Vegas solo practitioner You While You Wait for Vista to Boot
Add those minutes up over a week, and who has filed a handful of computer- Up?[via Slashdot]
hourly employees are losing some serious booting lawsuits in recent years.
pay, argues plaintiffs' lawyer Mark In other words, does the clock start when
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Tech Tips* 21

Ammyy Admin Shares Screens in MuvEnum Address Bar Replaces the

Three Steps [Featured Windows Quick-Launching Taskbar in XP SP3
Download] [Featured Windows Download]
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 11/20/2008 5:00:00 AM
Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:30:00 AM

Windows only: If you're eager for a

Windows only: Service Pack 3 for Yahoo Glue Gives You
Windows XP removed the ability of that
simple, non-browser, quick-starting app
that will let you get remote desktop access
operating system's users to keep a quick- Everything But the
launching address box on their taskbar
to your mom's desktop, your struggling
friend's laptop, or nearly any other
session after session. MuvEnum Address Web Search [Yahoo]
Bar aims to address that shortfall, but also Vista has its own address bar option on its
machine, Ammyy Admin is just about taskbar, MuvEnum installs on Vista and By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
adds a few neat conveniences to the
perfect for your needs. The 128KB, no- package. There's a customizable global hot adds the same conveniences. MuvEnum is Submitted at 11/20/2008 5:30:00 AM
install app opens and gives you a dedicated shouldn't rely on Ammyy. Still, for key (Ctrl + Shift + A by default), a free download for Windows systems
client ID number. To connect as the only. Check out its single, helpful options Yahoo is rolling out a search service that
keeping it simple with one-time bookmarks and history pulled from aggregates an interesting mix of non-web
administrator, you simply enter the client's connections—or even regular hook-ups, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and/or Google screen below. MuvEnum Address Bar[via
ID's number, choose a connection speed gHacks] search results across a page. Glue has been
through Ammyy's Windows service Chrome, auto-complete convenience, and a available through Yahoo India with
optimizer (if needed), and hit "Connect," option—Ammyy is worth checking out. key to clear out MuvEnum's history
while the client only has to hit "Start." customized results for about seven months,
Ammyy Admin is a free download for without wiping out your browser's. While and the U.S. version offers a similar set of
Unless you use its sister private router Windows systems only. Ammyy
product, Ammyy Admin will route its results boxes: Yahoo Shopping, blog
Admin[via] search from Google (seriously), Yahoo
screen-sharing traffic over the developer's
servers, so work that requires privacy Answers and Images, YouTube and
Wikipedia pages. More relevant search
Make Gmail Your Productive- types are shifted to the top when found. It's
an intriguing, semi-open move, and a
decent bookmark for grabbing broader
Minded Web Gateway [How To] information about a topic at a glance. Tell
us your take on Glue in the comments.
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) Yahoo! Glue[via ReadWriteWeb]
Submitted at 11/20/2008 6:00:00 AM

Web PR worker Steve Rubel has a great

post at his Micro Persuasion blog detailing
how he adapted Gmail to serve as his ideal
start page for nearly anything he needs to
get done. Lots of stuff is built into Gmail
by default—like web or mail search and Etherpad Tracks Group Editing or
RSS web clips—but Rubel goes into detail
on using Google Talk to update IM-
friendly social services, Labs tools like
Coding with Colors [Online
Quick Links and the new gadgets to access
his calendar, documents, and vital services,
sort of thing. Got your own Gmail-centric
system, or another app that's a smarter start
Documents] SkyDrive Will Upgrade
and start his writing in an auto-saving page? Tell us in the comments. Making By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) to share, with different colors highlighting
Gmail box, to be mailed to other writing Gmail Your Gateway to the Web[Micro Submitted at 11/20/2008 4:00:00 AM
their work, a chat function for explanation, to 25GB of Online
apps. It's a neat primer for creating a Persuasion] and revision-minded saving. For
manageable, inter-connected workflow in Etherpad, a collaborative-minded text JavaScript coders and teams, there's also a Storage [Online Storage]
the webapp cloud, if you're down for that editor forged by a group of ex-Google syntax highlighting function, and, well, By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
employees, focuses on making documents that's about it. If you, like many Lifehacker
continued from page 21
live and easy to collaborate on. That means readers, dig the advanced but back-to- Submitted at 11/20/2008 7:00:00 AM
that, at this point, the interface is pretty basics style of Notepad++, Etherpad might The Windows Live SkyDrive Team
people and place tagging, and Live Photo Windows Live services into a semi- much straight text on numbered lines, but be right up your alley. No sign-up announces that the online storage service
Gallery integration (so, why not just make coherent whole. [ via] two or more people can work on a required. Etherpad[via TechCrunch] will jump "soon" to 25GB, with lots of
Photo Gallery 25GB?). Pretty impressive document in real time using a single URL photo-friendly tools like slideshows,
space boost, and it might help link all the
SKYDRIVE page 21
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Wild Apricot: "Economic Scars"

By RWW Sponsor (ReadWriteWeb) employees, and a bunch of other changes. replaces up to seven separate pieces of
Submitted at 11/19/2008 8:30:00 PM
Then the MBAs and lawyers got their
hands on the deal, and it quickly
software: the content management system
for your website, a members database, a Yahoo! Glue Finally
Editor's note: we're currently running a
series of 'Sponsor Posts', focused on use
deteriorated from a relatively simple
original term sheet to a thick stack of very
secure private website for members and the
board, an event registration system, online Comes to the US
cases and business stories. These posts are complicated contracts. payments processing, software to send
clearly marked as written by sponsors, but This was to be the first Canadian deal for bulk emails and newsletters, and online and It's Awesome
we also want them to be useful and the investment company, and the deal community facilities, such as blogs and By Marshall Kirkpatrick
interesting to our readers. We hope you stalled for a while as the investor's lawyers discussion forums. Technical support and
like the posts and we encourage you to struggled to reconcile the terms sheet with updates are free. (ReadWriteWeb)
support our sponsors by trying out their their standard templates and the wording of For a small association or club, this set- Submitted at 11/19/2008 6:31:02 PM
products. UK contractual law with the Canadian up saves thousands of dollars in software, This May Yahoo! started testing an "all in
Wild Apricot is a young technology legal system and its way of doing things. countless hours of volunteer time usually one" search product called Yahoo Glue in
company out of Toronto, Canada. We (That's another lesson for start-ups: making wasted on copying and pasting and India. It's a really cool service that tonight
provide Software-as-as-Service for a deal outside of your home base reconciling the data between a dozen Excel becomes available to US users of Yahoo.
associations, clubs, and non-profit frequently takes much more time and files, and paying through the nose for IT Yahoo! Glue search results include web
organizations. This is our story of an energy.) services. search, images, news, blog search,
investment round that fell through due to The shareholder agreement, articles of As the saying goes, in every crisis there Wild Apricot delivers a custom-built Wikipedia and YouTube videos. That's
economic conditions. association, board by-laws, and all the is opportunity. So, the Wild Apricot team website project that would cost the right - in the India version at least Yahoo!
Sponsor other fun documents multiplied in versions went searching hard for those equivalent of $20,000 or more (not to displayed search results from both
Our clients are primarily based in US and like rabbits. opportunities. mention hefty ongoing maintenance and Google's YouTube and Google
Canada, as well as other English-speaking Everybody got exhausted, and the deal The story is still being written because support fees). Blogsearch. The end result - all these links
countries around the world: UK, Australia, almost derailed a few times and was only the crisis is still unfolding, but here is what October 2008 has been our best month in on one page - is pretty awesome.
New Zealand, Singapore, etc. (software is saved thanks to the open dialog between we have achieved so far: terms of absolute financial growth Sponsor
currently only offered in English). As of our company and the majority shareholder • We asked nicely, and the investor (meaning our monthly revenue has The Indian version prioritized pages
now (November 2008) we already have of the investment company. agreed to reimburse part of Wild Apricot's increased by the biggest amount ever). relevant to India, which is interesting, but a
over 12,000 organizations signed up for Dmitry Buterin, the Chief Apricot (aka legal expenses, even though there was no Percentage-wise, our revenue grew by little unhelpful to those outside of India.
our membership website software, which President of Wild Apricot), got the final legal obligation on the investor's part. 11.3% in a single month! And November Tonight's roll out will include a version
we think is not bad for a barely 2-year-old documents on the morning of October 9th, • We contacted local media right away to so far is shaping up to be an even better that prioritizes US relevance and uses an
startup. 2008. He was visiting the Moscow office capitalize on all of the hoopla about the month for us. algorithm to determine which media type
Originally financed by our founders, the at the time and went to work having the crisis and ended up on Canada's CBC We we are very confident in our ability is most relevant to a particular search. That
company wanted to grow faster and in documents signed and faxed between television. to keep growing by staying agile on our type's widget will appear highest on the
December 2007 decided to seek additional Moscow and Toronto. • The founders put together another round feet! page. Starting at 6:30 PM PST tonight you
financing from outside investors. Things Alas, it was not to be. At 4:00 pm, he got of their own money, and while they had to And here is the silver lining: should be able to give it a spin and let us
progressed quickly, and by February 2008 a call from the investor. "We are not going scale back some growth ambitions, we feel The US dollar is shooting up against know what you think at
we shook hands on a deal with a new to close the deal after all. Our shareholders comfortable about riding out the current most other currencies. Wild Apricot Discuss
investor: a very entrepreneurial investment are panicking and withdrawing their storm and bridging this and the next software is priced in US dollars, while its
company out of UK. Closing was planned money. We cannot do any new deals now." investment round. (we knew that any deal expenditures are largely in Canadian
for April 2008. The financial crisis finally hit home. had a risk of falling through, so we had dollars and Russian rubles. This adds a
Of course, things never go as planned After seven months of due diligence, backup financing arranged in advance, and healthy boost to its bottom line.
(and this is one of the lessons many many thousands of dollars spent on it came in very handy.) What are your war stories? How are you
startups learn the painful way). First, due accountants and lawyers, and countless Wal-Mart has been reporting record navigating these waters, and what new
diligence protracted much longer than hours invested by the management team, growth as of late and McDonalds is opportunities are opening up for other
expected. This was partially due to the fact Wild Apricot had to write it all off. stealing market share from Starbucks. So technology startups?
that our Canadian-based company has a It was even more disappointing because we think Wild Apricot might do even If you're curious to know more about this
subsidiary office in Moscow, Russia, our company was delivering on its better in these tough times. Non-profits are 'gritty startup', please click through to Wild
where the bulk of software development promises. Back in January 2008, we hurting and have to trim their budgets (just Apricot's website and support a RWW
work takes place. The investor was keen to provided a detailed financial projection, search Google News). sponsor! Discuss
ensure that the intellectual property was and at the last check-in with the investor To tell you more about our software: the
properly protected, and it required changes team we were proud to show the basic premise is that for a simple, flat
to the legal setup of the Russian subsidiary, September and year-to-date numbers were monthly fee of $25 to $200, Wild Apricot
new employment contracts for all right on the projections.
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Web Tech* 23

10 Things to Know About Google Lively Is Dead-ly

By Rick Turoczy (ReadWriteWeb) Submitted at 11/19/2008 8:58:01 PM

In an economic environment where a

By Bernard Lunn (ReadWriteWeb) knows how to leverage all its capability to
make a few winners do very well and then number of companies are stumbling, it's
Submitted at 11/20/2008 6:00:00 AM
promote that success big time, thus important to remember that sometimes
These are reflections from having spent a inspiring others to come on board. 7. They even Google makes bad decisions. Such
few days at the annual Believe That Good Software Design would be the case with Lively, a browser-
event, Dreamforce. We hope they are There are many lower-cost competitors Matters to the Core Economics of Cloud based virtual world environment - and world involves making that data
valuable to people who need an executive to their base CRM application. Now that Computing purported Second Life killer - that Google searchable. But the far more lucrative
summary-level understanding of the SaaS is increasingly accepted, due in part They refer constantly to their "multi- launched this summer to great fanfare. portion of that world involves analyzing
company and its position in the cloud and to Salesforce's evangelical marketing, tenant kernel," which sounds very techie Now, a little over four months after how users are accessing that data and
SaaS marketplace. Full disclosure, the smaller competitors spending a tiny for a such a marketing-driven company. It Lively's launch, Google has decided to turn finding ways to monetize those behaviors.
company paid for my flight and hotel to fraction of what they spend on marketing does appear that they are not suffering the lights out on the alternate reality, Example? Think of the silliest Google
attend Dreamforce. can undercut them. Their most visible from the scaling and reliability problems announcing that they are discontinuing app that you can. I'll pick Google Mail
Sponsor competitor is Zoho, and it does not look that we have seen affecting consumer Web Lively at the end of this year. Goggles, a Gmail Labs feature that makes
1. They Are Ambitious like Zoho is going to shy away from this 2.0 ventures such as Twitter and Facebook. Sponsor you answer math questions before you're
Salesforce wants to be the dominant battle, and they have staying power. So 8. They Also Know How to Partner with Google tried to be polite about pulling allowed to send an email to prevent you
cloud platform for business. Their view is Salesforce is fighting on two fronts. On the Big Companies to Make Themselves Look the plug:"Since Lively's launch, we have from drunk-emailing your friends. But you
that computing has seen two waves: the one hand they are competing with Oracle Bigger been delighted to see the creative ways could take Gmail emoticons, because -
first was the mainframe, and then the PC and SAP for big enterprise accounts. On They wheeled out large companies, such you've used the product. We enjoyed honestly - that's pretty silly too. Even those
client server, and now the third is cloud the other hand they are fighting low-cost as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, as hanging out in Jen's coffee house, and seemingly ridiculous apps provide
computing. They have been consistent competitors, such as Zoho. This will partners. The message was, "We are at the checking out the Brasil Party room. We got thousands of data points through their use:
about this since their inception in March require all their marketing and center of an eco-system with big partners." a kick out of the YouTube videos in a Which users deem themselves "at risk" for
1999, so this is no recent bandwagon management skills. 5. They See Today's This makes large conservative enterprise variety of languages telling stories about sending unwarranted emails? How good
hopping. 2. They Have a Good Shot at Troubled Economy as Their Moment to buyers feel comfortable. 9. Focused your avatars. And we've been awed by the are inebriated people at math? What's the
Meeting This Ambition Win Big Research and Development elaborate rooms that you've constructed, trend of sad emoticons now that the
They have a powerful mix of capability They got their early big traction in the They have a predictable and focused using mosaic tiles and photo gadgets in economy has turned? How many people
and relentless focus. They have the last downturn around 2001 and 2002 and R&D plan, with a major theme each year. novel ways." opt for traditional emoticons versus
resources -- cash, cash flow, clients, track have never looked back. They are greedy This again makes large conservative But ultimately, it decided to shut the graphic ones? You could go on and on
record, management team, and so on -- while others are fearful. They spend more, buyers feel comfortable: they know what whole thing down. Why? with the potential data points.
needed to execute on this vision. Their grow, and hire, while other firms lay off to expect. 10. They Will Need to be There will be all varieties of speculation But those examples only make sense
competitors are bigger, but Salesforce has people. The basic economic advantages of Careful About Usability Issues as to why Lively failed to remain a viable because of one thing: users. It's much more
the advantage of focus. They are pure play, cloud computing, such as lower capital They are adding so much functionality application for Google. Perhaps the traffic difficult to make that leap with Lively -
and they have no legacy to protect. 3. They expenditures and a faster time to market, and so many partners that they face the Google expected never materialized? which didn't boast anywhere near the
Are a Marketing Machine with Flair resonate in a downturn to the point that danger of users getting confused and going Maybe it was going to be too distracting to traffic of Gmail- and as such, it just simply
Having attended a few big rah-rah they overcome the resistance of to simpler point solutions. That "hairball- take on a well-entrenched Linden Labs and didn't fit in to Google's larger plan. And
events, such as Java One, I see that conservative buyers to cloud computing. 6. of-complexity" problem bedeviled its faithful user base? Was the "Windows when traffic started to tank, it wasn't worth
Dreamforce compares well on scale, Their Vendor Eco-System Is Making Microsoft as it grew fast, but Microsoft only" format a problem? Could it be that, additional investment, because Google
details, and flair. Its messaging and visuals Money and Acting Bullish enjoyed a lock-in that Salesforce cannot in today's economic conditions, Google likely wasn't seeing any relevant
were consistent and powerful, and Salesforce knows that this matters. This count on. The SaaS world is naturally lock- simply couldn't afford to fund it? application for the data as part of its core
everything just worked well. This all costs is the lesson they learned from Microsoft. in resistant, with low switching costs. I think we can take Ockham's Razor to structure.
a lot of money (which relates to the next Will they move into the spaces currently There is no sign of this being an immediate this one. Because I think the answer is Yes, I'm sure other factors came into
point), but that money has to be well spent, occupied by vendors? Of course they will. problem for the company, but it is quite simple: It seemed like a good idea at play, and I'm sure it wasn't easy to pull the
and they seem to be doing that. The Vendors will have to be agile; that is just something they will have to look out for. the time. But, in actuality, Lively didn't plug on a splashy product that launched
presentations had real flair and humor. how the game works. But today, in these See also our most recent story about offer Google any relevant data. And that, mere months earlier. But it's an important
Benioff knows how to be controversial to tough markets, we see vendors that are Salesforce: Says Hello ultimately, is what killed Lively. reminder that Google has a larger goal in
get press. They are a billion-dollar profitable, growing, hiring, and raising World. Discuss The world of Google - everything on mind and you're a big part of it. If you're
business that still acts like a start-up. Even money. The winners in many segments are which Google focuses its time and effort - not playing, nobody's paying. Discuss
the music was good. 4. Their Biggest Issue being defined now. It is a great time to be is built on relevant data. A portion of that
Is Maybe Price an entrepreneur in this space. Salesforce
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A New Backchannel For Live Events: College Stops Giving Students

The Brightkite Wall New Email Accounts: Start Of
By Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 11/20/2008 6:38:47 AM
gives you one point of view and set of
images. Even if it's a group effort, it's not
New Trend?
the same as being immediately tapped into By Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb)
Whenever there is a conference or event, the thoughts and reactions of all the event's
Submitted at 11/20/2008 8:06:43 AM
there's a secondary bit of action taking attendees as you are with Brightkite.
place behind the scenes: the backchannel. The message and location name can be Potential Problems Officials at Boston College have made
Here, the attendees are live blogging, modified, the shortcode can be selected for Our only concern for this new feature is what may be a momentous decision:
twittering, posting photos, and streaming use within the U.S. or outside the U.S., and that it doesn't appear to be any sort of they've stopped doling out new email
live video about what they're seeing on checkins can be turned on or off. administrative control over who can accounts to incoming students. The
stage or in and around the venue. Twitter Of course, Brightkite has a much smaller configure what. If some rogue conference officials realized that the students already
has always been the microblogging user base than Twitter, which could have attendee wanted to, he or she could had established digital identities by the
platform of choice in this scenario, but made this new feature a non-starter. highjack the Wall by customizing their time they entered college, so the new email
starting today, they just might have new However, Brightkite has that problem own personalized greeting for all to see. addresses were just not being utilized. The
competition from Brightkite, the mobile covered. With the Brightkite Wall, anyone That could lead to problems, especially if college will offer forwarding services
social networking service that's making a can participate by texting a pre-defined the message was profane or offensive. instead. scholarship, and disciplinary and/or safety
name for itself among the early adopters. shortcode provided for you by the service. Another concern is that there doesn't Sponsor information.
Sponsor Better Than Live Blogging? seem to be any sort of archiving system in Starting next year, freshman enrolled at However, it can easily be argued that a
Last night, Brightkite released a new Brightkite's Wall may soon beat Twitter place, so while the Wall may be a great Boston College won't be given an actual change of (email) address is a student's
feature for their mobile social networking to become the microblogging platform of real-time view into the thoughts and email account complete with login and responsibility to handle, not the
platform called the "Brightkite Wall." This choice for live events because it offers a activities that are taking place at a inbox, just an email address. This address, institution's. If a student changed their
wall displays the live stream of notes, much richer stream of information. Instead particular point in time, going back to view in the format of will address or phone number, would they not
photos, and checkins at any one place. of just displaying 140-character notes, older images and notes could be a simply forward mail to the student's alert the affected parties? The same should
When launched full screen, the Brightkite Brightkite's Wall also displays photos. challenge if the same locale (address) is already established inbox, be it Gmail, hold true for email. And if the end result is
Wall's placestream can be shown on any Combined with notes and checkins, this used over and over again for subsequent Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, or more efficient and effective
monitor, projector, or TV, which obviously makes the Wall a much more engaging events. whatever else they may be using. communication with the student body as a
makes it perfect for conferences and experience. The Wall feature is still in beta, though, The college reached this decision after whole, the outliers who didn't follow
events. Using the Wall For those virtually attending the event, so as people begin to use it and submit first looking into outsourcing their email to through on managing their email transition
To get started, simply browse to the watching the Brightkite Wall could end up feedback, it may be updated to even better the cloud. They considered offering from are ultimately the ones at fault for any
desired place and click the new Wall tab. being even better than refreshing a reflect people's needs than it does now. both Google and Microsoft, but eventually missed messages.
Then click on the embedded Brightkite blogger's post featuring their "live" Discuss decided against both in lieu of the new The only danger in drawing a hard line
Wall to go full screen. Organizers can even coverage of the event. A live blog only forwarding option. A Smart Decision like that would be if the college or
customize the Wall beforehand, if desired. While the Boston College decision may university was in the habit of sending out
have been made for cost-saving reasons critical safety information utilizing the
Ads in new places more than anything, we can easily imagine
this as being the start of a new trend.
Can you even imagine a U.S. college
students' email addresses. If that was the
institution's main way of communicating
this urgent info, they may want to devise
By A Googler different text and image ads we’re testing link on the upper left-hand side, you might student who didn't have an email address another solution. Urgent messages should
Submitted at 11/17/2008 3:27:52 PM
on the results pages of Google Image see text ads alongside those results. of their own by the time they were a ideally be sent out using multiple
Search. And last week you may have Whenever we make changes like these, freshman? It's practically unheard of. pathways: email, IM, text messages, and,
At Google we're great supporters of noticed we launched Sponsored Videos on we carefully evaluate users' reactions to Today's students are digital natives who these days, Twitter alerts would also be a
experimentation because it's only by trying YouTube — a great example of matching ensure we're holding true to our basic have been immersed in technology from valuable tool to use, too. In fact, Omnilert's
new things (even if some of them don't ads to content. principles: that ads by Google should the day they were born. It simply doesn't e2Campus emergency notification system
work out) that you discover better, more In addition, we are today launching text always be relevant and useful. Of course, make sense to give them yet another already integrates with Twitter and
creative ways to operate. We've been ads on Google Finance in the United these experiments benefit Google because account to manage when they enter Facebook as well as email, SMS, and RSS.
testing different advertising formats for States. We're also looking at how best to they generate revenue from new sources — college. Some Challenges In the end, we think the decision Boston
years (some have been more successful show display ads on Google Finance. And but by ensuring that we show the right ads By going this route, there are still some College made could easily be the start of a
than others), and over the next few months, later, in the very near future, we will start at the right time to the right people, we'll challenges to overcome, though. For new trend, especially for smaller
you'll see us continuing to experiment with testing text ads on a small number of news add value for users too. example, a student who changes their institutions looking to reduce I.T.
new ads in new places. refinements within Google Search — so if, Posted by Nick Fox, Director, Business email carrier will probably forget to alert infrastructure and support costs. We're sure
If you're based in the U.S. you may for example, you type "iPod" into Product Management the institution to the change and could then the students like it, too. Discuss
already have spotted or clicked on the and then click on the news miss out on important messages from the
university pertaining to their courses,
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Creative Commons Scores Mozilla: One Billion Lively no more

By A Googler
One of Its Biggest Wins Addons Served - Here Are Submitted at 11/19/2008 5:56:42 PM

In July we launched Lively in Google

Ever: Democracy Now! Some of Our Favorites Labs because we wanted users to be able to
interact with their friends and express
themselves online in new ways. Google
has always been supportive of this kind of
By Marshall Kirkpatrick By Frederic Lardinois
(ReadWriteWeb) (ReadWriteWeb) experimentation because we believe it's the
best way to create groundbreaking
Submitted at 11/19/2008 12:16:44 PM Submitted at 11/19/2008 2:36:57 PM
products that make a difference to people's
The Creative Commons Foundation Mozilla today announced that it has and Tab Mix Plus. Our Favorites lives. But we've also always accepted that
announced today that award winning TV served its 1 billionth addon download since Among the RWW staff, Sarah Perez when you take these kinds of risks not
source, the reuse is in a noncommercial listed the magazine-style RSS reader every bet is going to pay off.
and radio news show Democracy Now! context and the original content is used in they started keeping track of these
will now be distributed under a CC license. downloads in 2005. Currently, Mozilla's Feedly and the FFHolic Toolbar for That's why, despite all the virtual high
whole with no derivative works are made. FriendFeed users as some of her favorites. fives and creative rooms everyone has
Democracy Now! is broadcast daily on It's one of the most conservative variations users are downloading close to 1.5 million
more than 700 television and radio stations addons every day. Rick Turoczy is a big fan of the CoolIris enjoyed in the last four and a half months,
there is - but it's still Creative Commons. plugin that allows you to browse pictures we've decided to shut Lively down at the
around the US and as a podcast online. About Democracy Now! Mozilla has cultivated one of the most
Whether you agree with the show's active and interesting developer and videos in a very pretty 3D end of the year. It has been a tough
Founded in 1996, Democracy Now! is a environment, though he also likes Iterasi, decision, but we want to ensure that we
political perspective or not, Democracy daily morning news show that brings communities around its products and
Now! is undeniably one of the best seeing numbers like these will surely give which allows you to take live snapshots of prioritize our resources and focus more on
together a skilled investigative staff and any web page. ( Disclosure: Iterasi is one our core search, ads and apps business.
produced and distributed independent some of the most high-profile guests in the a lot of other developers an incentive to try
media projects in the world right now. If their hands at developing new plugins for of Rick's consulting clients, but he assures will be discontinued at the end
world. Its editorial perspective is clearly as that he likes it so much that would use it of December, and everyone who has
there are more high profile collections of leftist as are its roster of guests. It's already Firefox as well.
media distributed under the innovative Sponsor anyway) worked on the project will then move on to
proven itself skeptical of the Obama Richard MacManus likes StumbleUpon other teams.
Creative Commons License, we don't administration, though. Mozila also just released a new interface
know what they are. Creative Commons is to showcase some of the top Firefox and the Google Toolbar. We'd encourage all Lively users to
The show and its primary host Amy Other favorites among the rest of the capture your hard work by taking videos
a variation on traditional copyright that Goodman regularly win press awards for addons, which will surely bring a lot of
switches permission to republish content to new users to those plugins featured there. staff here included ColorfulTabs, and screenshots of your rooms.
their investigative journalism around the Evernote's Web Clipper, and the Google Posted by The Lively Team
opt-out with publisher applied conditions. world. Sympathetic viewers will find the Your Favorites
Sponsor We asked our readers and Twitter Notebook plugin.
show's content deeply informative, Also, all of us at RWW try to use our
How CC Works inspiring and emotionally moving. This followers about their favorite apps and, as
Traditional copyright, as currently expected, received a wide variety of sponsors' products, so we are currently
author hasn't discussed the show with checking out AdaptiveBlue's Glue as well.
defined in the United States and unsympathetic viewers before but would answers. For web developers, Firebug was
increasingly around the world, requires by clearly a winner, though a lot of you also Did We Miss Something?
welcome their thoughts as well. These are just some of the plugins we
default explicit permission before any This is a very big win for this new mentioned Greasemonkey, the
reuse of content is legally allowed. There bookmarking plugin, and and our readers are using (and we surely
copyright paradigm and we hope to see a missed quite a few). Did we miss your
are a variety of variations of Creative good write up of Democracy Now's DownloadHelper. Other favorites included
Commons, but Democracy Now for Ubiquity, and FoxMarks, AdBlock favorite? Feel free to let us know in the
experience soon in the Creative Commons comments. Discuss
example is being distributed under a Case Studies Collection. Plus(though we hope you disable it on
license that allows any reuse without Discuss RWW and your other favorite websites),
further permission as long as that reuse
includes attribution of credit to the original

Gmail Gets Themes

By Frederic Lardinois however, Google itself announced that will them keep the standard Gmail interface. of these new themes also change according
(ReadWriteWeb) be rolling out over 30 different themes for Interestingly, most of these themes also to the local weather and time of day, which
Submitted at 11/19/2008 1:21:23 PM
Gmail in the next couple of days. feature modified Gmail logos, similar to is a neat effect, though obviously not very
A few lucky Gmail users are already the modified Google logos that often useful.
Gmail's interface was revolutionary when seeing a 'Themes' tab appear in their appear on the Google homepage on Overall, this is not a dramatic update to
it was first released, but the design was a settings menu, though as is typical for holidays. Gmail, but a lot of users have been waiting
bit too plain for a lot of users. After a short Google, it might take a day or two before Google also announced a 'minor facelift' for this feature, and judging from the early
while, users started to develop this new feature has been rolled out to all for the default Gmail interface to make it reactions to the announcement we have
Greasemonkey scripts and Firefox plugins users. look 'crisper and cleaner.' Dynamic seen so far, these new themes are going to
that could bring some more excitement to Sponsor clearly more playful than others (think Themes be a quite popular. Discuss
the standard Gmail theme. Today, Looking at the array of themes, some are ASCII logos and ninjas), though all of Similar to the themes for iGoogle, some
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IT Must Learn to Bend or LIFE Photo Archive available on Google

Business Will Break Image Search
By Jason Rothbart (ReadWriteWeb) By A Googler so that everyone can easily experience photos are now blended into our Image
Submitted at 11/20/2008 3:00:00 AM Submitted at 11/18/2008 8:34:11 AM
these fascinating moments in time. Today Search results along with other images
about 20 percent of the collection is online; from across the web.
The current economic climate is having a The Zapruder film of the Kennedy during the next few months, we will be Once you are in the archive, you'll also
devastating effect on almost every business assassination; The Mansell Collection from adding the entire LIFE archive — about 10 notice that you can access a rich full-size,
around. In order to adapt to changing London; Dahlstrom glass plates of New million photos. full-screen version of each image simply
conditions and opportunities, businesses York and environs from the 1880s; and the It has been a thrill for us to explore this by clicking on the picture itself in the
will need to use flexible, adaptable systems entire works left to the collection from archive, filled with images captured by landing page. If you decide you really like
to survive. The days of expensive year- LIFE photographers Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE's famous photographers. See masters one of these images, high-quality framed
long implementations of behind-the- Gjon Mili, and Nina Leen. These are just like Alfred Eisenstaedt and Margaret prints can be purchased from LIFE at the
firewall software look to be behind us. some of the things you'll see in Google Bourke-White documenting pivotal world click of a button. Think of the holiday gift
Sponsor Image Search today. events, capturing the evolution of lifestyles possibilities! It doesn't get much easier
I recently attended a Forrester Briefing We're excited to announce the and fashions, and opening windows into than that.
and listened to comments by analyst Peter availability of never-before-seen images the lives of celebrities and everyday So please take a look for yourself and
Burris, a very smart guy. The company has from the LIFE photo archive. This effort to people. experience these great photos. Your
done a host of studies showing that bring offline images online was inspired by One of our favorites is this classic exploration will be limited only by your
technology will be a growing part of how our mission to organize all the world's Eisenstaedt image of children watching a imagination and your desire to keep on
businesses compete and differentiate systems that they can deploy, change, and information and make it universally puppet show. clicking. Be sure to check back often as
themselves in the future. retire quickly. In my main job, I remember accessible and useful. This collection of Alfred snapped this in 1963, at the more photos from the LIFE archive will be
While systems and software used to be meeting a venture capitalist who talked newly-digitized images includes photos climax of Guignol's "Saint George and the added regularly to Google Image Search.
very "behind the scenes" and often about how his firm looks for opportunities and etchings produced and owned by LIFE Dragon" in the Tuileries Garden in Paris. We hope that you enjoy them as much as
transaction-based, that is the case no in which it sees lots of "wiggling." He dating all the way back to the 1750s. Just as the dragon is slain, some children we do!
longer. Consumers and businesses alike couldn't describe what that really meant, or Only a very small percentage of these cry out in a combination of horror and Posted by Paco Galanes, Software
buy differently, consume differently, and how one gets paid for wiggling. I thought images have ever been published. The rest delight, while others are taken aback in Engineer
recommend differently. Trends such as he was a lunatic. have been sitting in dusty archives in the shock. Every child is consumed with
social networking, video on demand, and e In retrospect, he does make a good point. form of negatives, slides, glass plates, emotion, masterfully captured by
-commerce will continue to force Things happen quickly on the Internet and etchings, and prints. We're digitizing them Eisenstaedt's camera. These amazing
businesses to adapt to keep up with their in this changing global economy. When a
customers. They cannot rely on systems
that take years to implement, and most
don't have the budgets to make large
business sees wiggling (or opportunities),
either positive or negative, they need agile
systems to respond. One-size-fits-all
The Final Inch
investments, at least they won't for the next software and packaging are going the way By A Googler which is the case in the industrialized States.
couple of years. of the VCR. I think this will continue to Submitted at 11/19/2008 11:18:19 AM
countries, you forget about the terrible Filmed in high-definition (HD) in
The growing focus on SaaS, cloud grow in importance and focus as disease that it really is." Polio is such a cinematic style — wide open shots to give
computing, application platforms, etc. are enterprises evaluate new systems and (Cross-posted from the blog) disease, as it can ruin the lives of children a strong sense of place — The Final Inch
all responses to this growing trend in the invest in new technology. What do you Early readers of the blog may even before they are old enough to captures their stories, and we hope it is
market. There will be other solutions in the think? Discuss recall us embarking on a film project understand how to prevent it. both a tribute and an inspiration of hope.
future for mobile, etc. that we haven't even portraying public health heroes working in We're proud to announce The Final Inch, With a final push, this is a disease that can,
imagined. They all drive businesses to use the field to eradicate polio. Gone from the a 38-minute film about the historic global and should, be eradicated finally.
modern world, new cases of polio continue effort to eradicate polio. Here, the story The Final Inch will air nationally on
to afflict mostly children under age 3 in the told is as much about the messengers as the HBO in 2009. We invite you to check out
poorest regions of just a few countries — message. You'll meet Munzareen Fatima,, where you can view
India, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. one of the thousands of community "foot clips from the film and learn more about
When we first announced this project and soldiers" across India working to sway the people and the organizations tirelessly
the collaboration between and reluctant families to vaccinate their working on this global effort. You can also
Vermilion Films, filming was underway children, and Dr. Ashfaq Bhat, who travels check out the film trailer here:
primarily in India and Afghanistan, into the backwaters of India's Ganges Posted by Gregory Miller, Managing
documenting the front lines of public Basin by boat and foot to detect emerging Director,, and Irene Taylor
health in some forgotten corners of our cases of polio. Martha Mason and Mikail Brodsky, Vermilion Films, Producer and
world. Davenport bring us into their lives and Director of The Final Inch
David Heymann of the World Health describe the paralyzing challenges of
Organization reminds us, "When you childhood polio, reminding us how
haven't seen a disease for quite a while, endemic polio once was in the United
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An invitation from the mayor of Rome: Introducing SketchUp 7

By A Googler • Making it easier to share what you make
Come see Ancient Rome in 3D Submitted at 11/17/2008 6:00:01 AM

We're very excited to announce the new

and collaborate with other people – We
built a better link between SketchUp and
the rest of the 3D world, made it possible
By A Googler Empire have found their way to many can get up close to them all. The idea that
continents, but it is in the capital city virtual technologies now let people release of Google SketchUp 7. If you don't to "sign" your models, and added Google
Submitted at 11/19/2008 3:47:42 PM
(known in Roman times as Caput Mundi, experience the city that I guide as it already know about the fun you can have Docs–style collaboration and sharing to
As you read this, I am standing beneath a which is Latin for "Capital of the World") appeared in 320 A.D. fills me with pride with SketchUp, here's a quick recap: our 3D Warehouse.
marble statue of Julius Caesar, that we can still find most of it. For — a pride that I inherited from Rome's SketchUp is software you can use to • Adding powerful features for
participating in an event that means a lot to example, architectural masterpieces like glorious past. build 3D models of anything: your house, experienced SketchUp Pro users –
me: the launch of the Ancient Rome 3D the Colosseum (considered one of the (To find out more about the new layer, killer robots, furniture, trees, abstract art— SketchUp is only half of the SketchUp Pro
layer in Google Earth. Thanks to Google seven wonders of the world) have managed visit, watch anything. Architects and engineers use it to suite; the other half is all about sharing
and the Rome Reborn Project, everyone in to withstand the tests of time — resisting the video tour below, or check out the design buildings and other structures. your work with your clients. LayOut
the world, from Rome itself to Calcutta, sacks, invasions and world wars over the Google Lat Long Blog.) Woodworkers use it to plan their projects. 2(which is now officially out of beta and
can now travel through time and discover centuries and proving, with the immortality Update@ 12:10 PM: Rome wasn't built And lots of people use it to figure out rarin' to go) lets you create multi-page
Ancient Rome as it was 1,688 years ago of their stones, the grandness of one of the in a day! The Ancient Rome 3D layer will where to put their furniture. SketchUp is documents and presentations. Your models
when it was ruled by Emperor Constantine. most majestic empires that has ever be available soon. We're sorry for the easy to learn, it comes in free and Pro are linked to your LayOut file so that
The project includes more than 6,700 existed. delay, and we'll post here when it's live. versions, and it's more fun than a houseful changing the former automatically updates
buildings of Ancient Rome rebuilt in 3D What fascinates me most about this Update@ 6:50 PM: The layer is now live of clowns. Oh, and you can use it to build the latter.
— a true record. This accomplishment project is the accuracy of the details of the in Google Earth, in the Gallery folder of models for Google Earth, too. Take a look at the What's New in 7 page
demonstrates how technology can be three-dimensional models. It's such a great the Layers panel. When you zoom in on So what's new in SketchUp 7? There's on the SketchUp website to get the whole
helpful in promoting culture and experience to be able to admire the Rome, you will see yellow Ancient Rome too much to list here, but we focused on scoop. There's a great video to watch, and
disseminating knowledge. Ancient Rome monuments, streets and buildings of 3D icons. To load the terrain and three major areas for this release: it stars some of the more prone-to-sunlight
3D is a great opportunity to rediscover the Ancient Rome with a virtual camera that buildings, click on any icon and then click • Making it even easier to get started – members of our engineering team — in lab
importance of Ancient Roman culture, lets you go inside and see all the the links at the bottom of the bubble. We've created a new class of "smart" coats, no less. Don't miss it.
which is at the base of the Italian, architectural details. From the Colosseum Posted by Gianni Alemanno, Mayor of objects called Dynamic Components, Posted by Aidan Chopra, SketchUp
European and, more generally, Western to the Ludus Magnus, from the Forum Rome which are simpler to work with for new Product Evangelist
identities. The archaeological heritage and Caesar to the Arch of Septimius Severus, modelers. Take a look at this video to see
the artistic monuments of the Roman from the Rostra to the Basilica Julia, you what I mean:

Now you can speak to Google Mobile

App on your iPhone
By A Googler wrestling rules" to Google Mobile App to York, and Mountain View are searching
Submitted at 11/17/2008 5:44:29 PM
settle a little dispute about his elbow for.
placement. (After all, the middle of an arm To get the latest Google Mobile App for
Have you ever been in a hurry and really -wrestling match is no time to be typing.) iPhone, go to the App Store on your
needed to find an answer to something, but Turns out we were both disqualified iPhone and search for "Google Mobile
there was no one to ask? Like when you're because we were not using elbow pads. App." (Note that voice search will be
grocery shopping and looking for the last Our passion for making search faster and enabled by default for U.S. English users
item on your list, the kids are running easier goes further. When you do local only.) Then, if you have a great voice
around you in circles, you're holding a searches, Google Mobile App can now search query to share, send us a video
basket in one hand, and you have no idea automatically use your location to make response to our video.
what "fennel bulbs" look like. results more relevant to where you are. Learn more about the new Google
That's why we've added voice search to That was really useful when I was in San Mobile App for iPhone on the Google
Google Mobile App for the iPhone — and Francisco last weekend and my daughter Mobile Blog and by watching this
made it super easy to use. Once the app is got a paper cut. Having no familiarity with overview video.
running, you don't have to tap any buttons. the neighborhood I was in, I just searched Posted by Gummi Hafsteinsson, Product
Just hold the iPhone to your ear, wait for for "pharmacies" and I was quickly on my Manager and disqualified arm wrestler,
the beep, and say what you're looking for. way to the nearest place to buy a bandage. Google Mobile team
For instance, last week when I was arm The day was saved.
wrestling with fellow product manager Check out this video to see what other
Robert Hamilton, I said, "official arm Googlers from Chicago, London, New
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Hey, Post newsroom! Read Dionne!

By tmatt 17, 2007. That’s the day when candidate decision itself,” George said.
Submitted at 11/18/2008 3:40:06 PM
Obama told leaders at Planned Parenthood: The issue of FOCA’s negative impact on
“The first thing I’d do as president is sign health-care professionals who oppose
Love it or hate it, the Washington Post is the Freedom of Choice Act. That’s the first abortion and the institutions in which they
a fine newspaper and it is very rare to see a thing that I’d do.” The president-elect is a work also showed up in Julia
story hit its front page with a large and co-sponsor of this bill, which would, in the Duin’s“Stairway to Heaven” column at the
glaring hole in it. But that’s what happened words of the National Organization for Washington Times.
today, with the story that ran with the Women, “sweep away hundreds of anti- The bishops already were thinking out
headline “Some Abortion Foes Shifting abortion laws [and] policies.” loud this week what they’d do in the face
Focus From Ban to Reduction.” In other words, the real tensions inside of such a law. Chicago Auxiliary Bishop
The story is accurate when it states that the right to life movement are not about Thomas Paprocki said the bishops must be
there are major tensions inside the pro-life whether to back legislative efforts — such prepared to close Catholic hospitals if they
movement. as the Democrats For Life “95-10” are forced to perform abortions. Selling
But the story misses the actual source of package — to support women and their such hospitals would not do, he added,
the conflict, insisting that the division is children (although there are some debates because that would merely transfer the
between those on the progressive side of about issues linked to birth control). The guilt to a different party.
things who want to focus on helping tensions are about FOCA and efforts to Because the nation’s 615 Catholic
women and single-minded people on the erase restrictions on abortion that are hospitals constitute one-sixth of our health
right who still want to ban abortion — supported by many or most Americans, care system, closing these institutions
period. You can tell that the story is too including conservative, moderate and even would be a very big deal.
simplistic because it ends up suggesting some liberal Democrats. Note the presence of the word “Chicago”
that crucial leaders in the Roman Catholic If you want to understand the real issue in the titles of these bishops. That is not a
Church are somehow opposed to new that people are debating, I suggest you coincidence.
efforts to help those who are below the look — of all places — in the editorial Whenwhile, the Post A1 story argues that
poverty line. pages of the Post, where the outspoken major anti-abortion groups are opposing
More on that later. Here’s the top of the Catholic Democrat E.J. Dionne, Jr., nailed the efforts to increase vital services to offer
story: it in a column with the headline “ Obama’s women more options other than abortion.
Frustrated by the failure to overturn Roe Promise to Pro-Lifers.” Really? Are they opposing these efforts, or
v. Wade, a growing number of antiabortion During the campaign, Obama stressed are they opposing the arguments that these
pastors, conservative academics and that, “Nobody’s pro-abortion.” Thus, bills alone are enough? Since the article
activists are setting aside efforts to outlaw Dionne writes: does not even mention FOCA, it’s hard to
abortion and instead are focusing on Once he assumes office, Obama might be know.
building social programs and developing tempted to forget that moment, issue the Again, Dionne’s column is right. FOCA
other assistance for pregnant women to pro-choice executive orders that the is a dagger at the heart of the pro-life left
reduce the number of abortions. abortion rights movement expects and and hopes for compromise and common-
Some of the activists are actually move back to the sagging economy. But ground initiatives. The Post story should
working with abortion rights advocates to doing this would be both politically foolish have addressed that or, at the very least,
push for legislation in Congress that would and a breach of faith with the pro-life mentioned the issue. Instead, we read:
provide pregnant women with health care, progressives who came to Obama’s A study sponsored by Catholics in
child care and money for education — defense during the campaign. They argued Alliance for the Common Good cited
services that could encourage them to that Obama truly was committed to recent research that found that the abortion
continue their pregnancies. reducing the number of abortions. He rate among women living below the
Their efforts, they said, reflect the shouldn’t turn them into liars. support for FOCA and other efforts to legislation, known as FOCA, saying that it poverty line is more than four times that of
political reality that legal challenges to Rep. Tim Ryan, a pro-life Democrat erase existing restrictions, not the new would “coerce” Americans into women above 300 percent of the poverty
abortion rights will not be successful, from Ohio, stumped all over his state proposals to serve the poor and needy — subsidizing abortion with their tax dollars, level. The authors of the study found that
especially after Barack Obama’s victory urging Catholic groups and others on his born and unborn. outlaw parental notification laws and social and economic supports, such as
this month in the presidential election and side of the abortion question to put their You can see these issues at play during “have lethal consequences for prenatal benefits for pregnant women and mothers
the defeat of several ballot measures that faith in Obama’s pledge. He’s confident the recent coverage of the U.S. Catholic human life.” The law would also threaten and economic assistance to low-income
would have restricted access to abortions. Obama will keep it. In moving quickly, he bishops meetings in Baltimore, where the Catholic health care system, which families, have contributed significantly to
Although the activists insist that they are says, Obama would “show that there is a concern over FOCA was voiced early and George said Tuesday comprises about a reducing abortions in the United States
not retreating from their belief that new politics by acting on one of the most often — by bishops across a wide political third of all U.S. hospitals, and force over the past two decades.
abortion is immoral and should be divisive issues of the last 30 years.” This spectrum. Over at Religion News Service, doctors to perform abortions against their “Clearly, poverty impacts the abortion
outlawed, they argue that a more practical should not be hard, Ryan says, since the reporter Daniel Burke noted, focusing on will, according to the cardinal. rate,” said Alexia Kelley, the group’s
alternative is to try to reduce abortions central elements of their bill are “bread- the words of Cardinal Francis George of “The danger the bishops see at this executive director.
through other means. and-butter issues for Democrats.” Chicago: moment is that a bad court decision will be But established abortion opponents
Now something huge is missing and it In other words, the tensions inside the George devoted a sizable portion of his enshrined in bad legislation that is more
can be summed up with one date — July pro-life movement are linked to Obama’s two-page statement to denouncing the radical than the 1973 Supreme Court HEY, page 29
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Religion* 29
Apocalypse . . . now? continued from page 28
dispute that approach. Cardinal Francis
By Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans Liberty University Law School dean Mat George of Chicago, president of the U.S.
Submitted at 11/18/2008 9:30:15 PM
Stavers — which doesn’t go nearly far Conference of Catholic Bishops, said last
enough in explaining what he thinks. week during a meeting of the conference
Remember August (yes, it seems like a Obama’s own use of religious rhetoric that social-service spending is no substitute
long time ago, doesn’t it?) when the belies his liberal positions on abortion and for legal protections for the unborn. He
McCain campaign produced this Internet traditional marriage, Staver says, positions also questioned research showing that
ad? that “religious conservatives believe will improvements in areas such as
Mocking Obama’s rock star aura, threaten their freedom.” The people who employment and health care can reduce the
adorned with a shot of a cinematic Moses believe Obama is the Antichrist are likelihood that a woman will want to end
parting the Red Sea, the ad labeled him perhaps jumping to conclusions, but her pregnancy. “It’s still to be proven what
“The One.” they’re not nuts: “They are expressing a the connection is between poverty and
After a brief chuckle, I forgot about it. concern and a fear that is widely shared,” abortion,” he said.
That is, until a few evenings later, I was Staver says. Now is that all that what the cardinal
watching CNN at the gym and saw a panel Is Staver saying that because Obama said? Does the cardinal of Chicago truly
of experts chatting with Campbell Brown uses religious language he’s a believe that there is no connection between
about the “wild” rumor that Obama might hypocrite—or worse? What’s the reducing poverty and reducing abortion?
be the Anti-Christ. “concern” and “fear?” Really? Or does he argue (a) that unborn
CNN Reporter David Mattingly linked Then Miller returns to Strandberg — and life is worthy of legal protection and (b)
the McCain ad with a torrent of web hits a modern day numerological tool he calls a that policies built on social-service
on sites speculating Obama could surely be “Rapture Index.” Who knew? spending — alone — are not enough to cut
the One—the Other One. Miller never quotes any scholars, non- the abortion rate?
After I picked myself up off the YMCA conservative religious figures, or Obama Is the Post really trying to tell us that the
floor, I forgot about the flap — as supporters to rebut the idea that the Catholic bishops and other leaders in the
apparently did most of the mainstream President-Elect is demon spawn — or the pro-life movement are divided over
media. Devil himself. That’s a pretty serious whether or not it is good to help the poor? I
But the Anti-Christ story refuses to die, If one accepts the notion that 666 traits that resemble the anti-Christ.” Now charge to leave unanswered — even worse have serious doubts about that. Like I said,
having been resurrected this past week signifies the Beast, and that the beast is Strandberg was receiving up-to-the-minute than being labeled a “Socialist.” someone in the newsroom needed to read
(excuse the expression) by Newsweek’s commonly portrayed as the Anti-Christ — news from his constituents in Illinois. One The article leaves us readers ready to that Dionne column to understand what is
Lisa Miller. would he announce his coming with a of the winning lottery numbers in the dismiss the “Anti-Christ” phenomenon as going on.
Given the depth of suspicion about winning Illinois lottery ticket? president-elect’s home state was another piece of American weirdness. Bookmark to:
Obama on the part of some American Miller’s lede zooms in on the 666—which, as everyone knows, is the Given its Internet legs, and the fact that
conservatives, and the deep roots of the enterprising Todd Strandberg and his sign of the Beast (also known as the the apocalpyse guessing-game has such
apocalyptic tradition in Christianity, it apocalypse biz. Antichrist). “It is very eerie, and I take it deep roots in our culture, I’m not
seems fair to expect a balanced analysis of On Nov. 5, Todd Strandberg was at his for a sign as to who he really is,” wrote convinced. I’d like to see someone tackle
the Beastly phenomenon. desk, fielding E-mails from around the one of Strandberg’s correspondents. this story in-depth — and take it a little
“Is Obama the AntiChrist?” ask the world. As the editor and founder of Miller goes on to summarize the history more seriously.
headline — that’s straightforward enough., his job is to track of American millenialism, which, she (A few years ago, on 6/6/06, a National
But check out the subhead: “The winning current events and link them to biblical asserted, “gains prominence especially Public Radio reporter did a super job of
lottery number in Illinois was 666, which prophecy in hopes of maintaining his status when the world grows chaotic.” collecting “666 Trivia,” including the fact
as everyone knows, is the sign of the as “the eBay of prophecy,” the best source Here’s one intriguing sentence: that ancient Hebrew, Greek and other
beast.” online for predictions and calculations “According to a 2006 study by the Pew languages didn’t actually have characters
Where to start? concerning the end of the world. Already Forum on Religion & Public Life, a third to indicate numbers (thus the practice of
First of all, while there definitely is a Barack Obama had drawn the attention of of white evangelicals believe the world numerology) and that the number 666 is
“Beast” in chapter 13 (see particularly apocalypse watchers after an anonymous e will end in their lifetimes.” part of every UPC barcode and the sum of
13:8) of the Book of Revelation, it is not -mail circulated among conservative Oh oh. .’s those “white evangelicals” all the numbers of a typical roulette
identified by the writer with the anti- Christians in October implying that he was again — but what does anyone else think? wheel.)
Christ. The word, or words “anti-Christ” the Antichrist. Former “Saturday Night Are we to assume (since they are the only Bookmark to:
aren’t used in Revelation — a book that Live” ingenue Victoria Jackson fueled the group targeted for mention) that it’s only
has been notoriously susceptible to diverse fire when, according to news reports, she these folks who are worried?
interpretations over the centuries. wrote on her Web site that Obama “bears Miller has a few tantalizing quotes from
Maybe it’s just me, but. . .
30 Religion* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper

Some majorities are better than others

By Mollie Progressive Jewish Alliance. It’s
Submitted at 11/18/2008 12:30:53 PM
interesting that liberal religious groups
were mentioned frequently in the run-up to
There are almost too many stories about the Prop. 8 vote but have been largely
California’s Proposition 8 to keep up. But ignored in the aftermath. Even this story,
let’s look at a few dealing with religious which was about California Attorney
groups. General Jerry Brown (yes! Jerry Brown!)
The Los Angeles Times ran a story about officially having to “defend” Proposition 8
the Mormon Church feeling heat — despite his vociferous objection to the
somewhat literally — over its support of measure, is brief and doesn’t get into any
the initiative: substance.
Protesters have massed outside Mormon
temples nationwide. For every donation to
a fund to overturn Proposition 8, a postcard
is sent to the president of the Mormon
That Jerry Brown situation reminds me
of my former Gov. Roy Romer who was
the official defendant in a lawsuit against a
Colorado initiative (that prevented any
Fighting an
Church. Supporters of gay marriage have
proposed a boycott of Utah businesses, and
someone burned a Book of Mormon
state or local government from granting
homosexuals minority status) despite the
fact that he marched in the streets the night
old, old blind
outside a temple near Denver.
“It’s disconcerting to Latter-day Saints
that Mormonism is still the religious
it passed overwhelmingly. Needless to say
the “defense” didn’t quite deserve the
name and the courts overturned it. Gov.
tradition that everybody loves to hate,” Romer, incidentally, had an intriguing By tmatt
said Melissa Proctor, who teaches at marital situation— but that’s another story Submitted at 11/20/2008 2:41:29 AM
Harvard Divinity School. entirely. Anyway, the Times story has this
I’m never sure if it should be mentioned could be more mainstream than supporting traditional marriage seems to be a theme of paragraph: Pick a metaphor, any metaphor.
that, for instance, Proctor is LDS. The an initiative that passed with a majority of mainstream media coverage. I think it’s The California Supreme Court voted 4 to Long, long ago, in a discussion of
Boston Globe ran a great story on her and the vote? What could be more mainstream funny how mainstream publications 3 on May 15 to overturn a state ban on mainstream media coverage of trends in
other Mormon scholars earlier this year. than supporting an initiative to define describe the victory of Barack Obama same-sex marriage, but Christian groups Iran, Bill Moyers told me that most
Anyway, the Times piece has this really marriage as a union of one man and one (with 53% of the national vote) as a gathered enough signatures to place journalists are “tone deaf to the music of
curious theme that I didn’t quite get. woman — something that has passed the landslide but the Proposition 8 victory Proposition 8 on the Nov. 4 ballot. It religion.” He has used that same image in
Here’s the subhead: 30 states where it has been proposed? The (with 52% of the statewide vote) is passed with about 52% of the vote. other settings.
The church, which has long sought to be only state to ever decline an opportunity to described thusly: But Christian groups gathered enough That words. Then again, senior scholar
seen as mainstream, joins other religious pass such an initiative has since Ever since a slim majority outlawed gay signatures? What bizarre phrasing. Who Roy Peter Clark of the Poynter Institute
organizations to back California’s gay- reconsidered and passed it, meaning that it marriage in California, opponents have gets left out in that phrase? The reader who used another evocative image four years
marriage ban. But now it has become a has a 100 percent success rate? waged national protests and petitions, submitted the story noted that the article’s ago in his brutally candid reaction to the
political target. The only support for the assertion that urging the judicial system to reconsider the tone was “Christian groups” versus the “values voter” mini-wave that brought
This notion of the LDS seeking to be the LDS joining with all these other results of the Nov. 4 referendum. state. President George W. Bush a second term
mainstream is mentioned four times in the religious groups somehow puts it out of the I guess that one percentage point is pretty It’s also worth noting, in light of some of in the White House. As a proud liberal and
piece. Here, for instance: mainstream is that it “could hurt its efforts significant! the extreme targeting of Prop. 8 supporters, progressive Catholic, Clark was not
That push helped the initiative win to expand.” But, of course, it could also Another story submitted by a reader was that the Los Angeles Times is offering a amused by what he was reading about the
narrow passage on election day. And it has help its efforts to expand. The article does an LA Times piece about lawsuits service to its readers where they can search religious conservatives who backed the
made the Mormon Church, which for years quote Jan Shipps, another scholar who says attempting to overturn the democratic vote for donors to both sides of the Prop. 8 GOP. He called his justly famous — some
has striven to be seen as part of the that the Mormon Church has a more of Californians. The latest lawsuit to battle and find out names, cities, zip codes, would say “infamous” — essay, “
American mainstream, a political target. tolerant stance on homosexuality than overturn Prop. 8 was filed by the and employers. Is that ethical in this Confessions of an Alienated Journalist.”
The article says that the LDS decision to some evangelical groups. Other than the California Council of Churches, the environment? Here’s the key bite:
join with evangelical, Catholic and “mainstream” problem, in fact, the article Episcopal Bishop of California, the Bookmark to: In my skeptic’s mind, the expression
Orthodox groups to pass the initiative does a great job of letting Mormons defend General Synod of the United Church of “moral values” is nothing more than code
carries “risks and rewards” toward its goal their theology and political involvement. Christ, the Unitarian Universalist language for showy piety and patriotism,
to be considered mainstream. But what Downplaying the popular appeal of Association of Congregations and the with more than a dash of racism and
homophobia. In my cynic’s heart, I see
Red, White, and Blue transformed by
others into Guns, God, and Gays.
What am I missing? And what are you
journalists not showing me?
Wait. I’m a journalist. I am that skinny

FIGHTING page 31
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Religion* 31
Explaining excommunication continued from page 30
guy in the mirror.
By Mollie purpose of excommunication is not to I don’t know the difference between
Submitted at 11/17/2008 12:15:34 PM
drive priests away but to make them evangelical and charismatic, but I can
repent. Once they do, they are usually argue about who has sluttier videos,
A few days ago we looked at some decent welcomed back into “full communion.” Britney or Christina.
media coverage of a Roman Catholic (The civil law equivalent of I know little about the “born again”
Womenpriests story. A few more stories excommunication would be “contempt of experience but can celebrate the narrative
worth looking at have been filed or court”: A judge can throw you in jail for structure of Queer Eye for the Straight
discovered. refusing to testify, but the moment you Guy.
The Associated Press ran a particularly agree to cooperate, you’re free.) I’ve never listened to a religious radio
bad story about the Roman Catholic priest Isn’t that helpful? Also, it makes me program or attended a church supper, but I
who faces excommunication for wonder why so many of the stories about can tell you whatever you want to know
participating in a Roman Catholic Bourgeois played up his fragile financial about Howard Stern and Bubba the Love
Womenpriests ceremony. Here’s how it situation if he only faces that in case of Sponge.. . .
begins: defrocking This is starting to sound like a
A Roman Catholic priest faces For instance, the New York Times story confession. Maybe it is. I once was blind
excommunication for attending a that broke the news of the looming — and still can’t see. My blind spots blot
ceremony to ordain a woman in the United excommunication did a great job of getting out half of America. And that makes me
States, a Vatican official said Friday. many of the facts straight. But note this less of a citizen, and less of a journalist.
It wasn’t attendance at the ceremony that paragraph: Actually, he was saying that he suffered
got the Rev. Roy Bourgeois in trouble. He On a practical level, Father Bourgeois from a major blind spot — singular —
officiated at the ceremony in some also faces the loss of his benefits and the when it came to the role of religion in the
capacity, delivering the homily and laying $1,000 he receives monthly for living public square. Clark was wrestling with the
hands on Janice Sevre-Duszynska at the expenses. But, he said, “if I am without fact that many mainstream reporters (not
service at a Kentucky Unitarian health care, I will be joining millions of all, but many) often have trouble handling
Universalist church. The homily, people in the U.S. who don’t have health the intersection of faith and culture,
incidentally, denounced Roman Catholic care.” especially the impact of traditional forms
teaching on the male-only priesthood. This If Bourgeois only faces the loss of his of religion in public life in America and
isn’t news. It was reported by the Boston benefits if he defies his excommunication, around the world. He had a blind spot and
Globe’s religion reporter in August. that’s different than losing his benefits it was painful to admit that it was affecting
Here’s the AP report explaining the because of his excommunication. This is his work as a journalist.
penalty: an important distinction that wasn’t made This brings me, of course, to another
Recent popes have said the Roman Duszynska or Bourgeois’ history of Yes. Those who refuse to comply with in many of the stories about Bourgeois. plug for that book produced by my
Catholic Church cannot ordain women activism or anything about the Maryknoll their sentence can be “dismissed from the Anyway, the Slate piece also explains the colleagues at the Oxford Centre for
because Christ chose only males as order. The “recent popes” line is also clerical state,” also known as being difference between automatic and imposed Religion & Public Life, entitled “Blind
apostles. Excommunication is the most somewhat silly — as if only recent popes “defrocked.” As a result, they lose their excommunication in nice detail. It also Spot: When Journalists Don’t Get
severe penalty under church law, cutting have supported a male-only priesthood. benefits provided by the church, which explains the difference between disciplines Religion.” The book is now out and,
off a Catholic from receiving or One of my favorite pieces about the usually include housing, health insurance, imposed by the Vatican and a local bishop. should you want more info about it, click
administering sacraments. excommunication was on Slate and written and a small salary. (Canon law states that Finally, the story explains that there are here. If you want to buy it, by all means
The ordained woman, Sevre-Duszynska, for its “Explainer” column. The question “provision must always be made so that [a other punishments less severe than click here.
also faces excommunication. answered this past week was “ Can the priest] does not lack those things necessary excommunication. For a brief article, it This topic has, for nearly three decades
A reporter who had done his research Catholic Church enforce for his decent support.” If you’re was terribly informative. I also appreciate now, been the wall on which I have chosen
might note that women who go through excommunication?” It explains that excommunicated, you can still get these that the reporter solicited help from to pound my head. So you will not be
such an ordination ceremony are excommunicated priests may no longer perks, but not if you’re defrocked.) If the professors at Georgetown and Sacred surprised that I volunteered to write the
automatically excommunicated by the perform clerical duties or receive priest still refuses to leave, the church can Heart Major Seminary. “how to” chapter build on advice from
church. They don’t face excommunication communion, although they may still attend summon the police and have him thrown Bookmark to: some of nation’s top reporters and editors
— they are already excommunicated. Mass. But do they have any way of out for trespassing on private property. on the religion beat. I offered a small piece
Other than these mistakes, the article also enforcing this punishment?: Usually, defrocking isn’t necessary. The of that puzzle in my Scripps Howard News
fails to explain anything about Sevre- Service column this week, marking the
release of the book.
The column opens with a war story from
Richard N. Ostling of Time and the
Associated Press and eventually, as we
would say down South, I “went to
meddlin’ ” and offered some practical

FIGHTING page 32
32 Religion* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper

When in doubt, quote the believers

By tmatt believe that their concept of biblical
Submitted at 11/17/2008 10:40:13 PM
authority is the correct one. So there.
Meanwhile, check out this contrasting
For those of you who are looking for passage in the New York Times report on
prime examples of the “big ideas” that the same event. Yes, I am complimenting
motivate us at this here weblog, here’s one. the Times. It happens.
We believe that journalists should strive Again, the question is this: How does
to avoid hard-to-define, shallow labels to Iker justify his big leap?
describe complex religious believers and, Bishop Jack L. Iker laid blame for the
whenever possible, describe those split on what he described as “a church that
believers in terms of what they do and do
not believe. What the heck, sometimes you
can even quote them as they describe what
is increasingly unfaithful and disobedient
to the word of God, a church that has
caused division and dissension both at
The meaning
they believe and, yes, how those beliefs
shape their actions.
To see this in action, click here and head
home and abroad, a church that has torn
the fabric of the communion at its deepest
level, a church that acts more and more
of exit polls
over to the Dallas Morning News report on like a rebellious protestant sect and less By Mollie
the latest Episcopal diocese to leap out of and less like an integral part of the one Submitted at 11/19/2008 12:11:57 PM
the smaller pond of the Episcopal Church holy catholic and apostolic church. It is
mainstream in order to — they would say time to say enough is enough.” Remember the media narrative from the
— stay in larger mainstream of the The problem, of course, is how to 2004 election? To explain how the country
worldwide Anglican Communion. In the balance that quote with a similar, blunt, could have possibly elected George W.
News, that sounds something like this: concise quote from the other side. This is a Bush for a second term, we were told that
Fort Worth Bishop Jack Iker championed case when the Times does not have that throngs of homophobic, Red America
the move, arguing that the national church strong voice from the left. Perhaps there values-voters surged to the polls. Never
has strayed from orthodox Christian faith was no one willing to speak on the mind that it wasn’t true. Bush got more
in various ways, including ordaining doctrinal level? We do not know. evangelical voters than Republicans
female priests, allowing the blessing of restricts the priesthood to men. doctrine is rather larger, when seen in the One more thing: The News report traditionally had, but he got more of all
same-sex unions and having an openly gay Conflict heightened in 2003 when top context of, well, the Roman Catholic includes links to several resources offering sorts of groups.
bishop. church leaders approved the election of the Church, all of the churches of the more info about this event, including The narrative was constructed out of one
“The Episcopal Church we once knew no Rev. Gene Robinson, who is openly gay, Orthodox East and scores of Protestant URLs for the national and local exit poll question, which asked voters what
longer exists. It’s been hijacked,” Bishop as bishop of New Hampshire. Bishop Iker bodies, including most of the Anglican headquarters. However, it does not include issues had motivated them. They were
Iker said. has repeatedly argued that the Episcopal Communion (if you are counting national what I think would have been the most given options including “moral values.” It
Later, the newspaper offers this summary Church, at the national level, abandoned churches and bodies in pews). useful link of all — this one. It takes you wasn’t specific about which moral values
of the historical background: orthodox Christianity and “biblical Then, in the next paragraph, you have the directly to the text of Iker’s speech at the motivated the voter. Roughly the same
The Fort Worth Diocese has long been in authority” for a liberal social agenda, scare quotes around “biblical authority.” convention. When in doubt, we can use the percentage of voters had answered in
tension with the Episcopal Church. Though including acceptance of homosexuality. You could simple say that the left and the resources of the WWW to let people speak previous elections that moral values were
the Episcopal Church officially permitted To be honest with you, that isn’t bad. right disagree on whether scores of ancient for themselves. their biggest concern but it was 2004 that
female priests in 1976, the Fort Worth However, it really isn’t fair to say that doctrines — rooted in clashing methods of Bookmark to: they were noticed.
Diocese has still not had one. Bishop Iker “Iker and his predecessors” believe in a biblical interpretation — need to be I was thinking about this as I read a
and his predecessors hold that the Bible male priesthood, when the support for that modernized or redefined. Both sides recent Politico story that dealt with exit
poll results and religion:
continued from page 31
Despite Barack Obama’s aggressive
courting of white weekly churchgoers, exit
The problem is that journalists who * Journalists must face this reality: It’s beat, while striving to promote cultural and The key, of course, is to recognize that polls showed that just 29 percent of them
cover religion news — along with those impossible to understand what is intellectual diversity. They need to offer what we have here is a journalism problem voted for him this year, the same
who cover other complicated beats such as happening in our world without training to other journalists whose work and that we must seek a journalistic percentage that Democrats John Kerry and
science, sports, law and the arts — must understanding the power of religion in real constantly veers into religious territory. solution. Al Gore won in the previous two
write stories that work on two levels. Their life at the local, national and global levels. Today, religion stories are everywhere. I hope you check out the book and, if presidential elections.
stories must be accessible enough for * Journalists must be more humble and * Reporters and editors who cover you are a journalist, suggest that your Obama’s inability to make inroads with
readers, yet accurate enough to pass muster own up to our mistakes. In particular, we religion must find ways to get inside the editors look it over. There will be a “Blind highly religious whites — who made up
with clergy, scholars and devout believers. need to be more careful about our use of daily lives of the people they cover. When Spot” event early next semester at the about 30 percent of the electorate — came
How can journalists “get” religion? How religious language, especially loaded labels religious believers tell their stories, we Columbia School of Journalism in New despite a favorable political landscape,
do we improve the odds that our such as “moderate” and “fundamentalist.” have to understand what they are saying York and we hope to have forums in other with cultural issues eclipsed by the
newsrooms get it right? It’s crucial that * Newsroom managers, even during these and try to accurately capture their point of regions, as well. I’ll keep you posted. economy, and an aggressive attempt by
journalists find journalistic solutions to this hard times, must seek out skilled view, even when what they believe is Bookmark to:
journalism problem. professionals who want to work on this controversial. MEANING page 33
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Religion* 33
Stealing from God’s house continued from page 32
Democrats to court the group over the past and health care — was chosen by more
By dpulliam four years. than one in 10 people.
Submitted at 11/19/2008 10:40:33 PM
House Democrats fashioned a working Isn’t it bizarre that “moral issues” would
group on faith, and Obama offered a much be included in previous elections’ exit
Earlier this month in the midst of election heralded address on faith in July 2006. In polls but not this year’s? How was this
craziness, The Detroit News took what this year’s primary, Democrats held two decided? And why? And isn’t this a great
could have been a simple crime story about candidate discussions dedicated to faith example of how media outlets can shape
a rash of church robberies and interlaced and values. the news by picking which questions to
the article with theological themes, The article is fair, speaking with ask? Exit polls are conducted at the behest
historical trends and even sociological anonymous Obama staffers who denied of media outlets.
explanations. that they tried to reach out to the group as Here’s the thing — the 2004 question
The theme about forgiveness is a bit well as people who disagree. One aspect to was ineptly worded. It could mean
presumptive, but it nevertheless provides this story that is surprising isn’t just that everything or nothing. What voter isn’t
the story with a voice that emphasizes the Obama failed to get these voters. I read motivated by moral values? What does that
fact that robbing churches impacts a this week in an opinion piece for mean? And yet this question had quite a
community a bit differently than your Newsweek that more than 4 million few ramifications — it got Democrats to
average heist: Americans who go to church more than wake up about their God Gap problem and
Many of the devout in Metro Detroit once a week and voted in 2004 stayed it got media outlets concerned about
know the Bible says Jesus Christ both home in 2008. They represented half the religion reporting. Presumably Democrats
condemned and forgave thieves. But some margin between Obama and McCain. have learned a few lessons about reaching
of those who attend churches targeted by But what caught me was what was out to various types of religious voters but
burglars recently say they are busier with missing from this year’s exit polls. And will media outlets decide that they don’t
the condemnation part. what was missing was the “moral values” need to worry about religion anymore?
And before they move on fully to the Christ and thieves is not supported by any an increase in the activity. question. Here are the exit poll results for Will they decide that only certain religious
forgiving, they are organizing community references. The Gospels say that Jesus “I think these incidents are simply a 2008. And here’s a Guardian article that adherents matter? And will that decision be
watches near their churches, asking for the spoke of thieves in the pejorative sense reflection of the condition of the deals with the question about which issues based on subjective feelings or objective
police to become more involved, dipping from time to time, and he also forgave the surrounding areas,” said Irshad Altheimer, concerned voters: research?
even more deeply in their pockets and thief that was next to him. But where (and a professor of criminal justice at Wayne Six in 10 voters picked the economy as Bookmark to:
offering their expertise to help secure their maybe I am missing something) did Jesus State University. “If the rest of the the most important issue facing the nation.
houses of worship. ever specifically condemn thieves? community is failing, in some way, the None of the four other issues listed by exit
“A lot of people felt they were violated, But back to what I generally liked about problem is going to spill over to an pollsters — energy, war in Iraq, terrorism
and I heard a lot of them say that they just the article. Instead of simply reporting on institution like a school — in the case of
could not believe that someone would the incidents, the reporter makes an effort school violence — or a church.”
stoop so low to steal from a church,” said to explain what is going on in the Knowing that this trend is present in
the Rev. George Williams, of St. John community. From personal experience, my downtown Indianapolis, I would be curious
Neumann, a Catholic parish in Canton home church has experienced a rash of to see whether other communities are
Township. “I mean, all we do is help expensive burglaries, and I am well aware experiencing similar trends. Unfortunately,
people.” that theft from a church hits a little bit I don’t have a local newspaper article yet,
Generalities such as “many,” “some,” closer to home than mall shoplifting: but I’m hoping that something will show
“they” are nice ways to build a theme, but The irony of burglaries in churches has up soon explaining this sad trend.
there is no way to know if that claim is been long noted, and social scientists say it Bookmark to:
precisely true since it makes no specific is unclear whether there has actually been
claims. Also the analogy regarding Jesus
34 Religion* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper

Running away from religion

By dpulliam midway through the 2008 season, Torres discusses a decision by Torres to drop a
Submitted at 11/17/2008 9:29:36 PM
informed Milwaukee Brewers general grievance and lawsuit against the Pittsburg
manager Doug Melvin on Tuesday Pirates “solely on his religion.”
A few weeks into Major League morning that he was retiring as an active “It is not up to me, as a Christian, to seek
Baseball’s off-season, the Milwaukee player. The club made the announcement justice on my own. It is up to God to
Journal-Sentinel had a short story on long- official later in the day. handle the situation, and I will let Him do
time major league pitcher Salomon Torres The Brewers had a $3.75 million option that for me,” Torres said. “After a long talk
and his announcement of his second for 2009 on Torres, which they would have with myself, I’ve decided this is the right
retirement. The article focuses almost 100 exercised by the Saturday deadline after path to take.”
percent on baseball but contained one of his strong performance as an emergency Any reason why readers should be privy
those classic paragraphs that briefly closer last season. to more details on Torres faith and how it
mentions religion and then runs away from “I wanted to make it easy for him,” said has impacted his life? Somehow I suspect
it like it was some sort of third rail. Torres, 36, reached at home in Pittsburgh. it’s a more interesting story that what
For a little bit of background, Torres “I already had made up my mind and we’ve been given.
started pitching for the San Francisco wanted to tell him this was my last Image of Torres throwing a pitch for the
Giants in 1993 and retired after the 1997 season.” Pittsburgh Pirates used under a Wikimedia
season with the Seattle Mariners to return Torres, 36, a deeply religious man, said Commons license.
to his home country of the Dominican he wanted to devote more time to his to “spend more time with his family and Bookmark to:
Republic to coach a summer league team. family, including three young children, as faith.” Is that all we get to hear?
Torres started pitching again in 2001 and well as his faith. An August 2007 article in the Pittsburgh
returned to MLB in fall 2002: The Associated Press also notes that Post-Gazette informs us that Torres is “a
Acting on a promise he made to himself Torres made the decision to retire in order devout Jehovah’s Witness.” The article

Evangelist cinematheque
By Douglas LeBlanc director Spike Lee. She points out that he
Submitted at 11/19/2008 4:30:20 PM
confuses focal length and depth of field,
and questions his overall approach.
Criticizing Thomas Kinkade, Painter of “I’ve never seen any of his paintings, but
Light™, for churning out glurge is now I have to say, he’s very cheesy in his
criminally easy, but Paul Cullum betrays descriptions,” Kuras says. “The whole
an ignorance of flyover country in writing gauzy, cozy feeling, darkening the edges to
about Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas make your vision more myopic, I think is
Cottage(direct to DVD this week). about trying to draw the larger metaphor
Working from a 16-point memo of for the way to heaven. But reading all of
Kinkade’s filmmaking tips, Cullum first this, it’s a prescription for a bad ’60s porn
tries to classify Kinkade as “a postmodern movie.”
Norman Rockwell for the evangelist set.” Do read Kinkade’s memo, which is truly
Oh well. Just as Episcopalians must is cringe-inducing. On a casting note,
forever live with being called Episcopals, Cullum mentions two of the leads (Marcia
evangelicals perhaps should now call Gay Harden and Peter O’Toole) but
themselves evangelists and call it quits. doesn’t flag two more incongruous
And since when is there anything appearances: Ed Asner and Chris Elliott.
postmodern or even Rockwellian about Yes, Chris Elliott, the droll hipster from
Kinkade? Compared to Kinkade, Rockwell The Late Show with David Letterman.
was a master of brutal realism (consider “ This could be just as hathotic as watching
The Problem We All Live With”). Tony Goldwyn in Joshua(2002) as a laid-
Before divulging the memo in its stream- back Messiah who belongs to a mail-order
of-consciousness glory (Kinkade: “These music club.
guidelines are not listed in order of We’re approaching Thanksgiving, so
importance, but are dictated off the top of surely Scrooge-like lawsuits and creche
my head”), Cullum finally delivers two debates will not be far behind. Happy
worthwhile paragraphs: holidays, everybody!
To get an expert opinion on Kinkade’s Bookmark to:
manifesto, I showed it to cinematographer
Ellen Kuras, best known for her work with