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Randell S.

(702) 456-2899
November 19, 2008

Dianne Cornwall, Director

Nevada Department of Business and Industry
901 South Stewart Street, Suite 1003
Carson City, NV 89701-5491

Dear Ms. Cornwall,

I’ve spent the last year trying to improve the conditions that taxicab drivers endure every day.
My journey has put me in touch with the TA Board and Administrator, the NTA Board and
Administrator, taxicab company owners, the Labor Commissioner, AG, the taxicab driver Unions
and thousands of taxicab drivers. I sued the Strip casinos and most limo companies attempting
to make taxi stands fair, but was told I didn’t have a right to complain in District Court. I’ve been
in touch with the County Commission, Director of Public Works and the commander of Metro
traffic. Suffice it to say, I’ve done everything that I can imagine at the lowest levels possible to
address a multitude of issues that effect taxicab driver wages and working conditions.
I stopped driving a taxicab in July on the day my lawsuit was thrown out of court. I couldn’t earn
the same living that I could in my first five years of driving. I formed the United Taxicab Driver
Corporation to formalize the business of organizing taxicab drivers. Now, I’m asking for your
help in two specific matters. The first issue I’ll address here and the second in another letter.
Taxicab drivers were exempt from earning Minimum Wage until November 2006. Drivers
previously had to tolerate sub-standard wages, then by virtue of the Nevada Constitution and
amended Federal exemptions, employers were required to assure drivers earned minimum
wage. But, cab companies failed to act initially, either through ignorance or arrogance and it
never occurred. Now they’re just defiant. The simple fact is there are too many taxicab
medallions allocated by the TA Board for the amount of business. The down turn in the
economy has exacerbated the medallion over-allocation, but is not the cause. Since 2002 there
was a 50% increase in medallions for a 15% increase in business resulting in fewer trips per
shift. 600 more cabs to split a slightly larger pie.
It’s difficult to get taxicab drivers to complain about the problem because management rates
drivers by their shift performance. Asking them to complain about not earning MW is tantamount
to telling their bosses that they are not performing in their job. There are at least 1000 drivers
going home everyday without producing enough meter revenue to earn minimum wage.
The political obstacles in getting the TA Board to act are too much. I’ve suggested to TA
Administrator Gordon Walker in a recent letter that he has the ability to assure drivers earn
minimum wage by requiring the companies to open their books and prove that each driver is
earning MW before issuing more permits to drivers for that company. Actually, by issuing
permits to drivers without assuring that every permitted driver is earning minimum wage,
Mr. Walker is in violation of NRS 608.250 (3): It is unlawful for any person to employ, cause to
be employed or permit to be employed, or to contract with, cause to be contracted with or
permit to be contracted with, any person for a wage less than that established by the Labor
Commissioner pursuant to the provisions of this section.
Your help would be a instrumental in finally making wages fair for all permitted taxicab drivers.
With Sincerest Regards,

Randell S. Hynes