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Statement of Originality and Confidentiality The contents of this portfolio belong to James Tran and may not be copied

without permission. Permission has been granted for these to be used as a demonstration of my work and related skills.

647.822.5722 MArch|Daniels Faculty of Architecture|University of Toronto

78 Pembroke Street Apt. 301 Toronto, Ontario M5A 2N8 Canada

Statement of Originality and Confidentiality| James Tran

an iterative dialogue I have come to appreciate and enjoy. Architecture was a natural progression. As you browse through my compilation. In a past life I was (and still am) a marine biologist. 301 Toronto. Questions of how humanity contributes to our overall ecology led me to pursue responsibilities and the built environment. The design process itself is a phenomenon to behold. what it is currently. Fall 2007 647.tran@utoronto.5722 james. Sketch of limpet gill. Ontario M5A 2N8 Canada Containment|Connection|Conveyance|Configuration CV + Creative Works| James Tran . and what possibilities are out there. My ideologies are constantly refined and they adapt like species that undergo natural selection.822. please feel free to join me in my exploration to understand what architecture has been. Rationality and ecology came hand in hand.What are the limits of containment? How does one re-establish a severed connection? How does conveyance of space translate into movement? How does configuration establish balance? Architecture through the lens of MArch|Daniels Faculty of Architecture|University of Toronto 78 Pembroke Street Apt.

2006 2001 . naval and road. exterior and landscape renderings 647. Enoch Wong. Rendered a night atmosphere.5. 301 Toronto. Lieberman. birds-eye-view with Vray and post-produced in Adobe Photoshop. Jason Pooley.finalists out of over 80 design teams. + Substantial interpersonal experience coupled with leadership and teamwork skills acquired through my diverse studio and educational history. Jamie Atkinson Thesis Title: Sea Link|Architecture of Connection|2011|Advisor P. Petricone This thesis looks for the emerging architectural opportunities. Group members: Heng Tang Quanh.2004 Competitions OnePrize | Water as the 6th Borough Annual Design Award to Promote Green Design in Cities NYC. afforded by the capture of this region’s inexhaustible tidal energy. sections.5722 james.tran@utoronto. + Have developed theoretical and critical thinking evaluation resulting from my academic background in Biological Science and Mathematics at the University of California. Elias + Associates Landscape Architects Freelance Renderer | Toronto. 1:200.2011 2004 . Laura Hansplant Qualifications + Possess advanced proficiency in the English language from academic and instructional employment experience. skidoo. Bamboo.822.January 2012 Created 3d model for AIDS Memorial Competition using Rhino 3d. 1:50. Balsawood.Present Trouble shooting issues in Rhino 3d. research and valued critical writing skills. NY Winter 2011 Group members: David J. NY Summer 2011 Semi . MDF) Acrylic | Metal Wire | Piping | Foam/Foamcore Computer Assisted Drawing: AutoCAD (2010-12) | Revit Architecture | Rhinoceros 3D|Google Sketchup | Adobe Photoshop (CS3 .ca MArch|Daniels Faculty of Architecture|University of Toronto 78 Pembroke Street Apt. ON December 2011 . Incorporated transportation diagrammatic maps with ecology and sociological maps. + Modeling in Materials (from scales including 1:1000. create a Living Memorial NYC. Davis Associate of Science | Sacramento City College 2008 .Education Master of Architecture | University of Toronto Bachelor of Science | University of California. ON December 2011 . ON Jan 2009 . 1:10) including working expeirence with laser cutting technology. Atelier James Tran Architectural Visions | Toronto. Ontario M5A 2N8 Canada Model Building Skills: Sheet metal folding | Millboard | Chipboard | Clay | Paper Wood (Basswood. elevations in Rhino 3d Architizer | AIDS Memorial Park Competition Design a neighborhood park. which led to sophisticated oral.August 2010 Developed transportation infrastructure diagrams including flight. as anti-tourist constructs. Revit Architecture | Architectural Interior.5) | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign | ESRI ArcGIS Containment|Connection|Conveyance|Configuration Curriculum Vitæ | James Tran . reading. Aina Elias. ON June 2010 . Infranet Lab Intern Researcher | Toronto. Work Experience David Lieberman Architect Architectural Technology Consultant | Toronto. Mario Lavorato. Kara Hamilton. Panels included in portfolio. Andrew Furman.Present Provide the following: 3d modeling using Rhino 3d. Significantly reduced rendering time of Vray rendering of “Aeolian Forest” Produced 3d model from plans. and asks: What are the impacts on the physical environment and the implications of a cultural identity for the Bay of Fundy.

refined arts and various cultural experiences. The sketch of the limpet was part of my presentation. 301 Toronto. Home Cooking + Curry enthusiast. + Provided affirmation and introduced new experiences to foster children such as fishing. CA 2006 . Guide | Sacramento.822. CA 2004 .com/aslo/santafe2007/viewabstract2. Ontario M5A 2N8 Canada Containment|Connection|Conveyance|Configuration Curriculum Vitæ | James Tran . + Enjoy creative cooking Wonder.5722 james. Volunteer Experience Habitat for Humanity Project Leader | Sacramento.Conferences “Water Rocks!” Professional Symposium Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2007. Link to abstract: MArch|Daniels Faculty of Architecture|University of Toronto 78 Pembroke Street Apt. 647. specializing in Pan .2008 + Maintained a positive nuturing relationship with a child of foster care. + Assisted Head Foreman with advanced building techniques that were taught to volunteers. + Responsible for life coaching as well as academic tutoring.sgmeet. Santa Fe. United States Present research findings from my undergraduate thesis to the scientific community of Limnology and Oceanography. Inc.tran@utoronto.2008 + Provided leadership to over 20 volunteers at a time.Asian curries. + Avid Pickler/Preserver.asp?AbstractID=497&SessionID=CS03 Intellectual and Creative Pursuits Amateur Photographer + Experienced developing black and white film and photographs. + Experienced using both film and digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras. New Mexico. + Mediated between local agencies to create volunteer opportunities.

5722 MArch|Daniels Faculty of Architecture|University of Toronto 78 Pembroke Street Apt. She is able to speak about my process and development and my enthusiasm for David was my professor for the Halcrow Yolles Option Studio involving the collaboration between the disciplines of Architecture and Erik was the primary manager I worked with during my undergraduate work-study as a CABA assistant. Erik Hallen|Employment Assistant Facilities Manager. Ontario M5A 2N8 Canada Containment|Connection|Conveyance|Configuration References| James Tran . University of Toronto 416. Pina Petricone|Academic Principle Giannone Petricone Associates/University of Toronto 416. He is able to speak intelligently about my passion for architecture.David Lieberman|Academic Associate Professor John H Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape & Design.5356 p.929. Staff Research Associate II Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture (CABA). 647.1097 Pina was my thesis advisor.822.petricone@daniels. Aquaculture & Fisheries Program 1. He is able to speak about my work ethic.530.0165 djlieberman.752.535. 301 Toronto.

301 MArch|Daniels Faculty of Architecture|University of Toronto 78 Pembroke Street Apt.5722 james. Ontario M5A 2N8 Canada Table of Contents| James Tran .822.Creative Works Containment Christie Pits Natatorium | Winter 2011 Permeable Connection | Winter 2008 Containment|Connection|Conveyance|Configuration Eduvarium Village School | Winter 2010 Space Captivator| Fall 2008 Connection Thesis: Sea Link_Architecture of Connection | Fall 2011 Primary Ramp | Winter 2009 Photographic Works | Fall 2006 Conveyance The Interstitium | Fall 2010 Water Urbanism: Passive Filtration | Fall 2009 Complete Resurfacing | Fall 2008 Configuration One System | Summer 2011 Water Urbanism: Crisis | Fall 2009 Programmatic Phylum | Fall 2008 647.tran@utoronto.

The wood slats of the truss provide acoustic separation. What is the structural logic of the system? How can one maximize experience and optimize structure simulaneously? Below: Handbuilt sectional detail model 1:50. A section through Christie Pits Natatorium showcasing the upper level olympic sized training pool. Our objective was Christie Pits as a public area that included 2 olympic sized pools. grey insulation foam. ordovich. laser-cut 1/8” mdf. This was a collaborative studio between 2 architects and 2 engineers and the emphasis was to resolve structure. advisors Containment Christie Pits | Natatorium . the thermal spas below. Structure dictates spatial qualities. one lap pool. Christie Pits has a very politically heated history. This two unique spaces. The roof structure is shown as well. plexiglass. james tran master of architecture Halcrow Yolles Option Studio|al&d|2011 d. and the steam chambers and thermal baths below. the other a diving pool. Materials used 1/4” mdf. a 3 dimensional truss as its base. lieberman. 1/16” basswood strips. n. Currently there is a swimming facility as well as a skating rink during the cold months. coloured board. the truss extends outside to create additional public space. Olympic sized pools on the upper half. reinforced with slats that help attenuate sound.Right: Hand sketch of the thermal pools below. How does one walk on water? How does structure play a role in overall enclosure. and.

Structural section drawing exported from Rhinoceros 3d to Adobe Illustrator and given line weights.0 m .0 + 4.3.0 m + 8. This was superimposed upon the physical sectional detail model described earlier.1 m james tran master of architecture Halcrow Yolles Option Studio|al&d|2011 d.3 m + 15. This drawing illustrates the relationship between the roof structure.0 m + 0. lieberman.0 m .5 m . + 21.2. support columns as well as programmatic elements such as seating areas as well as the olympic-sized traning pool on the second floor as well as the thermal spas on the ground floor. advisors Containment Christie Pits | Natatorium . n. ordovich.1.5 m .

asks “what are the impacts on the physical environment and the implications of cultural identity for the Bay of Fundy. Minas Passage. has potential to revolutionize responsible energy practice and be a shining example to the entire world. My desire to utilize the infrastructure for underwater tidal energy capture as a way to create links to the environment and the rest of the communities throughout the Bay of Fundy was a primary driver for my architectural intervention.This thesis looks for the emerging architectural opportunities. lieberman. Conflated with its rich geological history of columnar basalt and ever eroding Jurassic sandstone. The tides around this area are on average 13 metres in amplitude. williamson. and. this area of Nova Scotia is alive and is waiting individuals to experience its presence. advisors Containment|Connection|Conveyance|Configuration Sea Link | Architecture of Connection .” Architecture of Connection The site. afforded by the capture of this region’s inexhaustible tidal energy. james tran master of architecture thesis|al&d|2011 p. s. d. hence a tidal bridge that linked society to the rich history of the Bay of Fundy as well as the environment. as anti-tourist constructs. which occur twice a day. petricone. during ebb tide and flood tide.

s. Below: An elevation of the Tidal Bridge showing a bus to give scale. Right: Rendering of the Tidal Resonance Chamber during high tide. james tran master of architecture thesis|al&d|2011 p. d. Taken from Rhinoceros 3d. post produced in Adobe Photoshop. This image shows the character of the bridge including the Basalt Megapylons as well as the vehicular and pedestrian/bicycle pathways. including a floating barge connected to a truss-like gangway platform connecting to the bridge. advisors Containment|Connection Sea Link | Architecture of Connection . using 200 mm lens.Previous image: Perspectival shot using my tidal bridge 3d modeled with Rhinoceros 3d. Post produced in Adobe Photoshop. as well as the Cape Sharp Launch point. lieberman. rendered with V Ray. Hand sketch of pedestrian pathway is shown. rendered with V Ray. williamson. The size of the underwater turbines are show as well. Taken from Rhinoceros 3d. petricone. post produced in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

which was that there was no transitional space that separated the public realm from the private.What happens to those weird. Below: Perspective of entrance to The Interstitium. advisor Containment|Connection|Conveyance The Interstitium | Restoring Architectural Thresholds . I sought to capture the vertical real estate as well as provide a means for the tenants of 1592 and 1594 to interact. an opportunity to connect the two buildings in order for dialog between the tenants. in-between spaces? Who do they belong to? How welcoming are they? This project investigates how to re-establish a sense of ownership in a so called no-man’s land. post produced in Adobe Illustrator. Inverting the circulation of the buildings yielded a couple of results. Taking that as a design prompt. james tran domestic engineering option studio|al&d|2010 m. hence no sense of ownership. Restoring Architectural Thresholds This project deals with re-envisioning the passive urban space that results from zoning by-laws. graham. This was solved by creating glass façade loggias that lined the interstitium. Produced in Revit 2011. One was that the interior circulation now became exterior circulation. establishing a sense of community within the two apartment complexes. as well as more opportunities for tenant to tenant interaction. passive urban. providing a transparent feel that implied inclusion versus exclusion. Another result was that the tenants of 1592 and 1594 how could have more living space because of the removal of interior circulation. Initial observations were the heights of these interstitial spaces as well as how isolated and abandoned they felt. Line drawing rendering. The problem of threshold was still there though.

post-produced in Adobe Illustrator. Produced in Revit 2011. wall and green roof. Produced in AutoCAD 2010. Far Right: Detail section of brick parapet.Left: Floorplan of typical 2 storey unit of The Interstitium. Right: Rendering of a loggia and the walkway system. Rendered in Revit 2011. graham. post-produced in Autocad 2010 and finalized in Adobe Illustrator. Below: Axonometric drawing of The Interstitum showing surrounding neighborhood context as well as programmatic relationships. Produced in Revit 2011. advisor UNIT PLAN NTS Circulation Typical Double Height Unit Containment|Connection|Conveyance The Interstitium | Restoring Architectural Thresholds . post produced in Adobe Illustrator. UP P Public Amenity Space 47 james tran domestic engineering option studio|al&d|2010 m.

Containment|Connection|Conveyance|Configuration 1_System| The Blue Network of Tomorrow. TODAY . The Blue Network of Tomorrow. james tran NYC Water as the 6th borough competition h. lavrato. j. TODAY The competition deals with NYC in 2014 and how the city begins to be reorganized for the CleanTech Expo. which will accomodate over a million visitors over a period of 3 months. but they also harvest energy and provide a framework for new ecological systems to be established.This competition looks at the notion of water as the 6th borough for NYC. These hubs are not only social condensers. Chapter|4 architects. atkinson. A cohesive system of digital interface based upon smart technologies integrates transportation with the existing city’s infrastructure while energy harvesting technologies are housed in the aquatic hubs that are dispersed throughout the water network of NYC. teng. At stake is a new identity for NYC and how cities begin to reincorporate their waterfront as a space once again. m.

Previous page: Group work. post-produced in AutoCAD 3d and Adobe Illustrator. Below: Section through Gaia showing programmatic adjacencies and relationship to Hudson River of NYC. TODAY .Produced in Rhino 3d. Custom sea-life CAD blocks were developed for this section. m. Containment|Connection|Conveyance| 1_System| The Blue Network of Tomorrow. lavrato. Below Gaia are piezo electric kelp beds that harvest energy. Chapter|4 architects. j. teng. The old NYC buses are sunken into the Hudson River to create man-made reef habitats for existing and native aquatic life. atkinson. diagram of how the Blue Network works and functions. james tran NYC Water as the 6th borough competition h.

k.. i....the garden is founded in hope and optimism for an AIDS free future . as well as a boardwalk access that crosses a pool that covers a vault of memorial tiles. j. The scheme incorporates a bench that is an extension of the city into the park. and was post-produced in Adobe Photoshop New York City AIDS Memorial Park Competition|Jan 2012 The prompt was looking for designs that function simultaneously as a useable park for the surrounding park .starved james tran NYC AIDS Memorial Competition d.. the lenses reveal the vault of names . elias. wong Containment|Connection NYC AIDS Memorial Competition| Lens of Memories . “Lift its head to the blows of rain” Dylan Thomas Lens of Memories Perspective of the envisioned AIDS Memorial Park. lieberman. The 3d model was created in Rhinoceros 3d and rendered as a night scene using V Ray. hamilton. a furman... e. the garden includes the gentle fall of waters of life and the whispers of the trembling aspen echoing the stories of those remembered . pooley. the light eminates from a chamber of treasured memories of lives lived and lives lost ..

5722 H: 416. Ontario M5A 2N8 Canada Fin| James Tran . 301 Toronto.929.Thank You! Contact James Tran 78 Pembroke Street Suite 301 647.5722 james.tran@utoronto.822.9775 E: ja.tran@gmail.822. ON M5A 2N8 M: MArch|Daniels Faculty of Architecture|University of Toronto 78 Pembroke Street Apt.