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Curriculum Manual Appendix G 56

Bernard T. Adeney, V.S. Azariah, Paul Beasley-Murray, F.F. Bruce, Paul Burgess, Colin Chapman, H.E
.Ellison, Walter A. Elwell, Gordon Fee, J. Foster, Ken Gnanakam, Graeme Goldsworthy, Stanley J. Grenz,
Tony Lane, Lois E. LeBar, Alister McGrath, Stephen Motyer, Roger E. Olsen, I. Myers Briggs, J.I. Packer,
Scott B.Rae, Haddon Robinson, Erich Sauer, J. Oswald Sanders, Donald K Smith, Douglas Stuart, John
Stott,Derek Tidball, Stephen Travis, Evelyn Underhill, David Watson
30 theological authors of the 20th century, through a study of over 30 key books covering the major fields of
theological study, provide a basic foundation for all future learning in the world of Christian thought, faith and
practice. Students of this “school”, by reading the books listed below, can “listen in” on the teachers selected
above for clear and succinct presentation of their subjects.

100 BIBLICAL STUDIES No. The Bible as a Whole – Stephen Travis (D)
Reference Manual 103 The Students/Pocket Bible Handbook – W.A.Elwell
Origins & Interpretation 104 How the Bible comes to us – Paul Burgess*(M)
Bible Study 115 How to Read the Bible for all its Worth –
Old Testament 117 Fee/Stuart (D)
New Testament 123 The Message of the O.T. – H.E. Ellison (D)
163 The Message of the N.T. - F.F. Bruce (D) /(D)
200 CHRISTIAN Men with a Message – John Stott (Reviser: S Motyer)
DOCTRINE 200 Who needs Theology? – Grenz & Olson (M)
Biblical Theology: 204 According to Plan – Graeme Goldsworthy (M)
NT The Dawn of World Redemption - Erich Sauer (M)
OT The Triumph of the Crucified – Erich Sauer (M)
Systematic Theology 210 Knowing God – J.I. Packer (M)
300 APOLOGETICS 360 Bridge-building – Alister McGrath (L)
400 CONTEMPORARY 401 The Contemporary Christian – John Stott (L)
STUDIES 459 The Cross and the Crescent – Colin Chapman (M)
Islam 500 Creating Understanding – Donald Smith(M)
500 COMMUNICATION 522 Expository Preaching - Haddon Robinson (M)
Homiletics 550 Kingdom Concerns – Ken Gnanakam (L)
Missiology 600 Beginning from Jerusalem - J. Foster (D)
600 CHURCH HISTORY 620 To all the Nations – J. Foster (M)
634 - - - - -(D)
The Church in Pakistan 691 Christian Thought – Tony Lane (L)
Historical Theology 710 Discipleship – David Watson (D)
700 PRACTICAL 713.1 Gifts Differing – I. Myers Briggs (L)
THEOLOGY 729.4 Moral Choices – Scott B Rae (M)
Individual Development Strange Virtues – Bernard T. Adeney (L)
Christian Ethics 750 How to Study – Paul Burgess*(D)
770 Education that is Christian – Lois E. LeBar
Study Methods 773 I want to be a Christian – J.I. Packer (D)
Christian Education 800 Skilful Shepherds – Derek Tidball
800 A Call to Excellence - Paul Beasley-Murray (L)
800 PASTORAL 716.3 Worship – Evelyn Underhill (M)
THEOLOGY 841 Spiritual Leadership – J. Oswald Saunders (L)
844 A Passion for Faithfulness – J.I. Packer (L)
Worship (Doxology) 848 Christian Giving – V.S. Azariah (D)
Christian Leadership 850 - - - - - (L) * in preparation
LEVELS: D: Discipleship M: Ministry L: Leadership
Curriculum Manual 57

The “Programme”
The books for study are laid out below as “text-books” to be followed over a nine-term period.
The three levels of study are indicated as follows:
1st Year: Discipleship course. This course lays a basis for future study.
2nd Year: Ministry course. This prepares for local ministry in the congregation.
3rd Year: Leadership course. This is intended for potential church leaders.
Most of the books listed are accessible, in the sense of currently being in print, but also,
more importantly, in the sense of being reasonably easy to study. The majority are by popular
authors, written with a view to the layman but at some depth.
Numbers refer to the PROGRESSIVE CLASSIFICATIOIN arrangement of courses for a Theological Curriculum.

Disc. Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

773 I want to be a 117 How to read the 710 Discipleship
Christian Bible for all it’s worth

750 How to Study 123 The Message of the 163 Men with a Message
Old Testament OR
103 The Bible as a 600 Beginning from 163 The Message of the
whole Jerusalem New Testament
720 Moral Choices 848 Christian Giving

Min. Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

200 Who needs theol- 522 Expository Preach 210 Knowing God
ogy? -ing
115 How the Bible 204 The Dawn of World 204 The Triumph of
comes to us Redemption the Crucified
500 Creating 620 To all the Nations 634 The Church in
Understanding Pakistan
204 According to Plan 716.3 Worship 770 Education that is

Lead. Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

800 Skilful Shepherds 800 A Call to Excell- 841 Spiritual Leader-
ence ship
550 Kingdom Concerns 360 Bridge-building 850 Church Government
719.4 Gifts Differing
401 The Contemporary 459 The Cross and the
Christian 720 Strange Virtues: Crescent
844 A Passion for Ethics in a Multicultural
800 Skilful Shepherds
Faithfulness (continued)
691 Christian Thought 691 Christian Thought 691 Christian Thought
(continued) (continued)

METHOD of STUDY: Each of the above books may be studied by analyzing each chapter as follows:
Chapter Title:……………………………………..
SUBJECT – What the chapter is about
KEY POINTS – Significant FACTS given – EVENTS described – IDEAS presented – ISSUES raised
INSIGHTS GAINED – New understandings gained – previous understandings clarified
APPLICATION – Any ways in which the lessons of the chapter apply to us today
EVALUATION (After reading the whole book) – Would you recommend this book to a friend? If so,
why? If not, why not?