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[EDUCAUSE] 7 Things You Should Know About …
Ustream is an interactive web streaming platform that lets users broadcast their
own channels on the Ustream network or on a third-party website such as MySpace
or Facebook.
Zotero is a research tool, developed by the Center for History and New Media at
George Mason University, that provides users with automated access to
bibliographic information for online resources.
Geolocation, also called geotagging, is the practice of associating a digital resource
with a physical location.

[EDUCAUSE] The ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information

Technology, 2008
In addition to studying student ownership, experience, behaviors, preferences, and
skills with respect to information technologies, the 2008 study also includes a
special focus on student participation in social networking sites.

On Podcasting / Lecture Recording
This article makes a point that lecture recording should be a standard. A
survey/research shows that students have a strong preference for on-demand
education and outlines their perspectives on why lecture capturing is beneficial to
them (though this was sponsored by a vendor for streaming media solutions).
This article reports on a study done by Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota that has
concluded that students who use lecture-capture archives tend to have higher
cumulative GPA.
An article that questions podcasting in the academia and shares instructor’s
concerns. The comments are a bit more interesting to read.

Using Classroom Clickers to Engage Every Student
An interview between Campus Technology and a professor that outlines the
positives of using clickers in education.

Mobile Learning in Higher Education

On Using Chat in Instruction
Part 1 – chat as an instructional tool in general terms.
Part 2 – major concepts in using chat effectively – building ideas, constructing
media, and establishing which elements are critical to making the environment
dynamic and relevant to the student.

On Free Online Education
Open Yale Courses, which provides education content under creative commons &
An article on a new idea, called the Peer-to-Peer University & &
Professor has included external/non-paying students in his university courses as a
way to enhance his courses and improve community outreach.
The Center for Open Sustainable Learning is a forum for open courseware and in
addition organizes annual conferences on this topic.

On Wikipedia VS
Two articles debate the use of Wikipedia in research / as a primary source of
Wikipedia’s page on “Researching with Wikipedia

On Web 2.0
I was also thinking that we could copy over some of the content from this UWB TLC
page to our site.
With digital networks and social media, stories today are open-ended, branching,
hyperlinked, cross-media, participatory, exploratory, and unpredictable. Web 2.0
storytelling picks up these new types of stories and runs with them, accelerating the
pace of creation and participation while revealing new directions for narratives to

IS/LT/TLC Directed Articles
Discusses ways in which staff can encourage faculty and students to utilize new
technology on campus. |
A survey (by CDW-G) suggests that institutions of higher education are lacking on
their technological aspect and outlines some reason why that happens.
Discussion of Blackboard vs Open-Source, and the proposition that Blackboard Next
Generation will alleviate some of the support/issues people are having with
Blackboard right now.
An example of how Facebook can be used to increase university PR and student life.
“Moving Teaching and Learning with Technology from Adoption to Transformation”
by EDUCAUSE Review