RESTORING FUNCTIONAL NORMALITY TO CHAKRAS The chakras above the head: 12th: Stellar Chakra 11th: Soul Star

Chakra 10th: Guru chakra 9th: High Heart chakra 8th: Earth Star chakra The major body chakras: 7th: Crown 6th: Brow 5th: Throat 4th: Heart 3rd: Solar Plexus 2nd: Sacral 1st: Base The minor body chakras: Abdomen Adrenals 2 (near to) Arms L & R Base of spine Breast L & R Calves L & R Ears (centre of) L & R Elbows L & R Eyes L & R Face (near cheek) L & R Feet (upper arch) L & R Feet L & R Gonads L & R Hands - Palms (venus area) L & R Heels L& R Hip L & R Index Finger (tip of) L & R Kidneys L & R Liver (near to) Mandibular L & R Medulla Oblongata

Love (between sternum and heart chakras) Moon Star .front) Stomach (related to) Thyroid Vagus (near to Thymus) Wrists L & R The 12 Sirian Chakras Venus Star .voice box)) Diamond Star .Expression (In line with top of hip bone 6" away from body) Sun Star .Emotions (Solar Plexus 6" away from body) Cosmic Star .Neck Pancreas (related to) Popliteal (back of knee) L & R Shoulders L & R Solar Plexus (near to) Sole of feet L & R Spleen (etheric .Feelings.New Light (between sacral and base chakras) Saphire Star .Receptivity to higher self (base of skull 3" away from body) Crystal Star .back) Spleen (etheric .Judgement (centre of chin) Aqua Star .Receive Wisdom (between throat and heart chakras) Coral Star .Anchor and Healer (6" below groin) .Communication (throat .Clairvoyance (12" above crown) Golden Star (tunnel within head Pearl Star .Realigns blueprint (between hairline and 3rd eye 3" away from the body) Rose Star .

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