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In this world there are many languages. maybe. Communication can be expressed by many purposes. Communication is the activity or process of expressing ideas and feeling or giving people information. In conversation we usually use many term who commonly say. Language and human beings are two unseparated components. science. One of them is conversation to communicate with our friends or the others people. and other fields of life. the whole . Background of the Study Language is a coding system and a means by which information may be transmitted or shared between two or more communicators for purposes of command and instruction. English is one of the most important languages in the world. People do communication with the others in order to express their ideas. It can even be said o be the single most important language. language and way. Every country has different language. Language is one important aspect of people¶s communication. We know if English is an international language which many people in many countries use it to communicate with the each other people. Human life perfectly runs well because they use language to communicate with one another. the only language that truly links the whole world together. English is one of the languages used in a variety of business. other languages are important too. People make communication with different dialect. share their feeling. People need language to communicate to others. politics. English is the foreign language which is taught in many countries all over the world and becomes their international language.A. English is important because it is. but not for the same reasons as English are important. medicine. inform message etcetera. education. Yes. And for this reason. If not for English.

we know if our government knows how important the English languages for the students to face up the globalization era. In English. English can be used as a language in any part of the world. it will not be long before English can be made as a single language of the world like the single currency and the union of various nations. In facts. The future of English as a language is very secure. Recently. we know about the grammar. many students in Indonesia may use English only passively but it is not orally. our government will improve English skill to the students. In this era of consolidation and trying to unify various aspects of life. The other languages may be important for their local values and culture. Though these people might not have the same accent as others. the college and the university. Children who are studying their mother tongue have not barriers. From that. The latest the government also has given the lesson of English at the elementary school. the language at least will be understandable. an institute. Their mind is empty of formulation of any . The teaching of English is different with the teaching of Indonesian.world may not be as united as it is today. in this year our government has a plan to use English in daily learning process (except Indonesian language) and teach some senior high school in west of java or other region in Indonesia. That¶s why. It is a foreign language for Indonesian students that must be mastered. This is because at least a few people in each locality would know the language. Grammar is the rule in a language for changing the form of words and joining them into sentences. It is because students to some extent have special concept of their native language that is different from the English. Indonesian students have to use English as compulsory subject that is taught at the school.

tense means ³verb forms that shows the time of the action (the present/past/future)´. In order to have good writing skills. their minds are full of other language. One of them is tense. speaking and writing. From the definition above. Errors can happen in four basic language skills. In the skill of language the students may make error in listening. As stated in Oxford Learner¶s Pocket Dictionary. Because the source language (SL) and target language (TL) there are many difficulties in sound. especially one that forms part of a sentence. the students usually make error in pronunciation. The beginning learner or the student can make error to choose the right word to create good sentence. the concept of which does not appear to be adequate for this new language. But for students who are studying a foreign language. it can be concluded that mastering . and forms a sentence or a part of sentence. usually containing a subject and a verb. In learning the student must be gradually or step by step to mastered in English. they must learn to avoid many errors in language. In writing skill.languages. a question or an order. clause and sentence. it relate to the sound. In the reading the students usually make error in vocabulary. there are many English grammar that must be mastered by the students. In speaking skill. the students usually make error when the students make new sentence. for all of the errors of the languages. They are listening. reading. writing system and structure in English language. They have to learn. Clause is a group of words that includes a subject and a verb. Phrase is a group of words without a finite verb. They must study about phrase. Than sentence is a set of words expressing a statement. Good English sentence dealings with good tense knowledge.

Problem Statement To analyze the topic. the writer is interested in observing the way students learn English grammar. Totally there are 16 tenses. the students must be able to master four basic language skill. One of the is writing. Is teaching simple present tense through direct method effective to overcome the students¶ problems in writing? C. The problems are faced by students in learning tense. But. and also the problems that the teacher faces in their teaching. There are many tenses knowledge in English grammar. The Reason for Choosing the Topic Teaching English is not easy. B. the writer presents two problems. It is why the writer intends to write briefly about simple present tense. or even future. present.tense is really important because it deals with the time people talk in English. Therefore. especially in writing. to have good English skill. The appropriate method in teaching simple present tense to the students is . this research entitled: TEACHING SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE USING DIRECT METHOD AT THE FIRST GRADE STUDENTS OF SMPN 2 KARAWANG BARAT. Those problems are as follows: 1. The writer would like to take simple present tense as one of the most used tense. especially in simple present tense. What are the problems on the use of simple present tense faced by the first year students of SMPN 2 Karawang? 2. the time can be past. Here.

In order to avoid a complicated discussion. the writer focuses on simple present tense. So that. E. etc. and writing. the writer takes ³TEACHING SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE USING DIRECH METHOD AT THE FIRST GRADE STUDENTS OF SMPN 2 KARAWANG BARAT´. . In his paper proposal. Limitation of the Topic There are four basic languange which must be studied by the first grade students at SMPN 2 Karawang Barat consisting listening. gerund. reading. pronouns. b) To find out the effectiveness of teaching simple present tense through direct method to overcome the students¶ problems in writing. Research Objectives and Benefits 1. speaking. There are many grammars in English such as tenses. the paper writer thinks that it is necessary to limit the discussion.really important. they are: a) To find out the problems on the use of simple present tense faced by the first year students of SMPN 2 Karawang Barat. D. Objectives In this research the writer have some reasons. so that the analysis can be more specific and clear.

The writer tries to observe the process of teaching-learning activity at class seven of SMPN 2 Karawang Barat. Benefits The result of the research is expected to give theoretical and practical benefits: a) Theoretical Benefit 1) The findings of this study are expected to improve the students ability using simple present tense correctly in writing. 2) The findings of this study are expected to help English teachers to improve their teaching skills using the right method.2. Because this is related to an experiment. b) Practical Benefit The writer hopes that the result of the experiment will be useful for teachers and readers who are teaching English to the secondary students. 3) To give contribution to the development of literary studies in STKIP Siliwangi especially for English Education Program. F. so the writer uses preexperimental design of one group pre-test and test as technique of collecting the data. G. Hypothesis The writer formulates his hypothesis as follows : The approach of this teaching preposition can¶t improve students¶ writing ability. . Research Method and Technique of Collecting Data On the research the writer will use the quantitative method.

Chapter I: Introduction The first chapter consists of background. .H. procedures of data collecting. The population was the first grade students. Chapter IV: Data Analysis The fourth chapter consists of description of data and interprentation. population and sample. Chapter II: Theoretical Foundation The second chapter is underlying the explanation what simple present is and theories to support the research. and technique of data analysis. Data Analysis. hypothesis. and Conclusion and Suggestion. Organization of the Paper The paper writer presents the organization of the paper to make the readers easily find the content of the whole paper. Research Methodology. research method and technique of collecting data. and organization of the paper. problem statement. research objectives and benefits. Population and Sample of The Research The research took place at SMPN 2 Karawang Barat. limitation of the topic. Chapter III: Research Methodology The third chapter deals with research method. The writer took the junior high students academic year 2011/2012 as the sample. instruments of the research. I. This paper consists of five chapters: Introduction. the reason for choosing the topic. Theoretical Background. population and sample.

.Chapter V: Conclusion and Suggestion In the fifth chapter the writer concludes the findings and gave some suggestions for further study.

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