Smart Dust technology and technology applications in animal life

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sharing data. they have the size of a grain of sand. SMARTDUST is a miniaturize sensors of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).000 feet. J. Motes would gather all of data. Smart Dust has a variety of medical applications. track patient movements. each the size of a grain of sand. smart dust have multi commercial properties. for each would contain sensors. temperature. In the military. the point may attract or repel. Dots. They can emit light or expression of different electronic properties. such as earthquakes. keep track of temperature or humidity for all building or inform of disasters.. blown aloft by hurricane winds and relaying data on the storm to weather stations below. such as earthquakes. This makes it possible someday for them to work like robots in bloodstream. A recent review discusses various techniques to take smart dust in sensor networks beyond millimeter dimensions to the micrometer level. Thanks to recent breakthroughs. It works based on sensing light. computation. example perceiving range of vibrations in industrial medical equipment so as to tracking patient movements in a hospital room. though similar ideas existed in science fiction before then. Smart dust is capable of revolution because the sensor is small enough to be placed anywhere and work wirelessly. or inform of disasters. That is. supplying power and considered bidirectional wireless communications technology. Or picture tiny robotic chips drifting through a human artery to locate. They can be used as indicator lights - . magnetism or chemicals. power. detect poisonous gas or radioactivity. Pister (University of California) in 2001. also called nanocrystals is a semiconductor a few molecules wide. Smart dust devices will be based on sub-voltage and deep-sub-voltage nano electronics and include the micro power sources with all solid state impulse super capacitors (nonionic super capacitors). communication abilities. networked wirelessly. these "motes" (all dusts to be left) in silicon and fabrication techniques. vibration. A typical application scenario is scattering a hundred of these sensors around a building or around a hospital to monitor temperature or humidity.(Nanowerk News) Imagine a cloud of sensors. transfer information to computer by using two-way band radio between motes at distances approaching 1. and eradicate. using with difference purposes. The reality that the smart dust sensor node can "talk" to each other through a network of wireless radio signals makes the technology a reliable way to track the different industrial systems. The smart dust concept was introduced by Kristofer S. a hidden clot.. Dots have different sizes but usually 20-80 atoms wide. computing circuits. In the future. and with some permissions if we set up it. It has a basic system sensor. they can perform as a remote sensor chip to track enemy movements. military and security and more.

say. Michael Sailor. Excess nutrients: when they provide a lot of foods for each meal. Proposal: SMART DUST and OUR PETS. The "rock" can occur in the gallbladder or the bile Road (tube leading from the liver to the small intestine). Gallstone disease: Gallstones. or choleliths. lice. Hookworms. Whipworms. Researchers at the University of California. San Diego. Our animals live in the environment close to the ground so they are easy vulnerable by diseases. said his group is a combination of tiny sensors with wireless sensing systems. are generally well known. so they have no time to feed their pets many kind of foods. because they can not talk to us. Sometime we spend some instances . have developed a silicon chip the size of dust that detects biological agents and chemical. common diseases of animals: Lack of nutrients: it doesn’t mean they don’t eat enough. leading to obesity. a solid precipitates formed from bile. professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UCSD. a tissue so cancer doctors and researchers can "track" the cancer. bugs. Maybe their owner get busy. our pets died suddenly because their disease did not cured in time or until we know their disease they really got serious illness. Difficult for us to discover what going on with our animals. cholesterol. Heartworms. He said that the particles can be used to deliver drugs to the eye as treatment for retinal degeneration.injected into. Roundworms. The terrorists using it dissolve in toxic water or toxic gas and spray in the atmosphere. They could theoretically be used to "tag" and then track intruders in situations of military and security. that reasons their pets just take some kind of vitamin. Tapeworms. Parasites: such as fleas. .

which attacks and weakens the immune system of the cat. FIV is similar to the immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is an infectious disease. making the animal susceptible to infection. caused by FHV-1.Roundworm Hookworm Fish Tapeworm Dwarf Tape worm Rabies: is a zoonotic disease (a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans) that is caused by a virus. Through close contact with infected saliva via bites or scratches. Chlamydia is conjunctivitis. and common diseases affecting cats have body weakness. Dog rabies Respiratory tract infections: such as the common cold. Corneal erosion (stained with diagnostic flourescein dye) in a cat. . Rabies is nearly always fatal when left untreated.

this system will be checking whole their body. exploring and filming inside the body as a tiny camera. white blood cells. it will gather in all of images filming on its way and sent to the computer outside by radio signals. Beside that our pet also got some another diseases. . even fatal. MY PROPOSAL: Smart Dust Care is a tiny chip... etc. why we don't importing a tiny smart dust system inside pet body. the size of a grain of dust.. and milk. sugar diabetes by endocrine disorder. because the smart dust care size is very small. nasal secretions. platelets.. Smart dust care will alarm when inside our pet's body get unusual. It make we feel safety more for our pets. the parasites living on the feathers. Smart Dust Care chip will be put into the animal body by a very easy way. to small intestine and then Smart Dust Care would follow the nutrients absorbed into the blood. the chemical reactions of the abnormal red cells. white blood cells. at this time you are just sitting and could easily observe all developments in your pet body. esophagus road by the water or food for the animals etc. Even the Smart Dust Care chip can also provide medicine for the animal body easily under the control of the owner through a computer screen. At this time Smart Dust Care will stick to the red cells. also for aquatic species. so the Smart Dust Care could go into the animal’s respiratory tract.. because now we have been able to easily track changes occurring within the animal body. just sprinkle on lakes that have fish or other aquatic species and Smart Dust Care will automatically report on the PC are showing signs of disease in any region. Thanks to smart dust care. Smart Dust Care will run as a camera filming inside the body of animal. USER TARGET: To solve any problems above. . living in the intestinal system. it will combine together information's inside and after that it will signaling to computer outside by using two-way band radio. so it can help you to observe any common in parts of the animal in heat sensor. feces.. obesity …v…v… The diseases if not detected early for timely treatment. . serious of disease to have the best treat for our pets. following a long period will lead to very serious consequences for our pets. Smart dust care route: progress of the Smart Dust Care starting will go from the esophagus to the stomach. acid imbalance. after that Smart Dust Care emit signals to external computer. put into the bodies of animals. platelets. so now you can easy to know how disease.Feline leukemia virus is leukemia cancer: The virus is spread from one cat to another via saliva..

SOLUTION: So that before introducing Smart Dust Care into the animal body. the Smart Dust Care particles should be wrapped outside a layer of cells consistent with the animal‘s environment. This helps ease the Smart Dust Care to adapt to environmental conditions in the animals. This phenomenon may reduce the body's rejection of material when we inject Smart Dust Care. Or the route from the small intestine into the blood. the Smart Dust Care can carry the harmful bacteria from the small intestine follow nutrients and absorbed into the bloodstream causing septicemia. the antibody of pet's body will eliminate the Smart Dust Cares easily. .NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Because Smart Dust Care are strange objects if put into the pet's body.

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