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Book Reviews

S. Wali Abdi
Section Editor
This section offers reviews of new and current books pertaining to mathematics and
science education. The books may have theoretical or practical classroom
On Some of the Smarandache’s Problems

Medhat H. Rahim Lakehead University Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, P7B 5E1

The 88-page text, On Some of the Smarandache's Problems, contains 16 sections,

each of which consists of an article in the form of solutions of one, two, three, or four
of Florentin Smarandache's unsolved proposed problems.

The text covers 27 Smarandache's problems solved by the author and selected from
two sources of unsolved Smarandache's problems: (a) Smarandache, F., (1993), Only
Problems, Not Solutions! Xiquan Publications House, Chicago, USA; and (2)
Dumitrescu, C., & Seleacu, V., (1994), Some Solutions and Questions in Number
Theory. Erhus University Press, Glendale.

The author states that in 1996 and while he was writing book reviews for the books
(a) containing 105 unsolved problems and (b) containing 140 unsolved problems, he
found himself in contact for the first time with Smarandache's unsolved problems.
Since then he became interested in this area of research. In 1998, the author started
his work attempting to solve some of Smarandache's problems. He ended with this
exciting volume of solutions for 27 problems proposed by Smarandache. The author's
love of Number Theory and his high level of dedication to his profession took him into
the product of this interesting, exciting, and nontrivial work. The hard work and
distinct ability of this brilliant mathematician guided him to introduce proofs for some
of the problems, modifications and counterexamples for others.

It is interesting to reflect on the joy and worries of this great mathematician while
working on Smarandache's unsolved problems. The author states that when this text
was finished and was ready for publication, he received from "Zentralblatt fur
Mathematik" another text for review written by Charles Ashbacher (Ashbacher, C.,
1998, Pluckings from the Tree of Smarandache Sequence and Functions. American
Research press, Lupton, AZ). It was of his great delight to find out, while reviewing
the new book, that only five of the problems he had worked out were discussed in the
text he received and that their approaches were different.

The author of this text is hoping to prove some other unsolved problems in the future.
As the reality of the mathematicians' profession suggests, there exist problems for
which it is not certain whether solutions will be found within the next few years or will
share the destiny of Fermat's Last Theorem!

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