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only u hv to be confident. Pattern: 10 questions:: Aptitude(so easy) 30 questions:: technical( basic funda) Time::40 minutes 1. Banker's algorithm is used fora). Deadlock Avoidance b). Deadlock Prevention c). Deadlock Handling d). None of these 2. The software which run on hardware to support other programs to run is calleda) System software b) Operating system c) Application programs d) None of these 3. FSM can recognizea) Any grammar b) Only CFG c) Any unambiguous grammar d) Only regular grammar 4. Any string of terminals that can be generated by the following CFGS -> XY X -> aX | bX | a Y -> Ya | Yb | a a) Has at least one b b) Should end in an a c) Has no consecutive a's or b's d) Has at least two a's 5. CSG can be recognized by aa) FSM b) DPDM c) NDPDM d) Linearly bounded memory machine 6. The depth of a complete binary tree with n nodes isa) Log(n+1)-1 b) Log(n) c) Log(n-1)+1 d) Log(n)+1 7. Which of the following traversal techniques lists the nodes of a binary search tree in ascending ordera) Post-order b) In-order c) Pre-order d) None of these 8. Odd man outa) Fragrance b) Smell c) Foul smell d) Incense 9. What will be the outputfor(i=1;i<=3;i++) { printf("%d",i); continue; i++; } a) 1,2,3 b) 1,1,1 c) 0,0,0 d) Compilation error

i). Like this? +45 -10 the format of the paper is they ask 10 simple qs of logical reasoning and 30 technical qs with 2-3 qs on all the topics ranging from DBMS. Compiler converta) High level language to machine language b) Three other options 14.the cut off is 50% and time given is 40mins. One question was like a program code was given and how many vpointers and b pointers it will use I don't remember more question exactly but it will be better to read MCQ's in Computer Science by Williams.S/w engg. 1) for(i=1.here r a few qs. 3)which are distructive testing 4)wat is the size of new generation ip x addreass(IP x 6) 5) wat is the initial IP address(IP x 4) 6)Que is implemented by array and linked list .i<=3.c++ etc.networking. else printf(" a is not 0 ").2.what is used in a recursion a) stack c) queue c) linked list d) binary tree One question was on constructor and virtual distructor in my opinion the option a) it will compile was right.c. Vendor is related to buyer. What in these not in processa) CPU register b) Counter c) Memory management info. Which is more important in a sql query IN or EXISTSa) IN b) EXISTS c) Both d) Depend on the condition 11. d) None of above 15. } ans: 1.i++) { printf("%d".10. FTP works on port noa) 21 b) 27 c) 80 d) 23 16. continue. for the preperation u can refer multiple chice questions in computer science book by Timothy J Williams. What is related to these:Humidity:Temparature:Pressure a) Meterology b) Weather forcasting c) Geology d) None 18..3 2)if(a=0) printf(" a is 0 "). i++. How many types of JDBC drivera) 4 b) 5 c) 2 d) 3 17. similarly consultant is related toa) Firm b) Client c) Shop d) None 13. In union which type of variables cant be useda) Constants b) Static c) Extern d) None 12.

7 virtual pointers 12)size of *p.char*p 13)quicksort ans: divide and conquer 14)IP address -----. c)inti=10.pass2 17)which of the declaration statements r correct a)extern int i=0. b)extern int i.240(subnet) 15)layer which divide frame into segment (networking) 16)data declaration statements r checked in which pass off assembler ans: pass1.7)more imp. ans:b)and c)(order of options may vary) 18)which of the following is not characteristic of testing a)observability b)operability c)simplicity d)understandability(according to me all r characteristics of testability) 19)dynamic cost 20)command to come out of shell ans:ctrl Z 21)union ans: static 22)command-size of file ans: ls-l 23)user 24)stmt by 2 ans:interpreter 25)denormalize ans: to merge the tables 26)which of the following is not true for bitfields ans:all of the above 27)love 28)chinese:asian ans: italian :european 29)shoes 30) how many lines in octagon for similar triangles ans: 4 31)afigure of pentagon with 2 dots n how many moves required is asked ans:2moves 32)age 16years 33)aaaa ans:emae . 8)In sql wat is not true ans : c(index are not unique) 9)banker algorithm is used for deadlock avoidance 10)which is not s/w testing technique ans:syntax testing 11) 7 virtual table .p.-------.25.in SQL IN or EXISTS both depended on the requirement.

Act: During the check cycle. Let's review the four steps in detail. 2. and gray box testing? Black box testing is a testing strategy based solely on requirements and specifications. Check: Check/Test to ensure that we are moving according to plan and are getting the desired results. Plan: Define the goal and the plan for achieving that goal. White box testing generally requires detailed . structures. Can you explain the PDCA cycle and where testing fits in? Software testing is an important part of the software development process. In normal software development there are four important steps. also referred to. What is the difference between white box. or implementation of the software being tested. in short. 1. Do. 4. software testing is done in check part of the PDCA cyle.34)replace the first letter of every word so tht new words r formed ans:royal(L) 35)lawyer:court ans: sailor 36)coding the word ans:just reverse the word Software Testing Basics . and implementation of the software being tested. Act) cycle. as the PDCA (Plan. Check. Do/Execute: Depending on the plan strategy decided during the plan stage we do execution accordingly in this phase. 2. So developers and other stakeholders of the project do the "planning and building. black box.Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers @ : Home > Technical Interview > Software Testing > Software Testing Basics > Interview Questions 1. then we take appropriate action accordingly and revise our plan again. Therefore. 3. code structures. Black box testing requires no knowledge of internal paths. White box testing is a testing strategy based on internal paths. if any issues are there." while testers do the check part of the cycle.

The above figure shows how both types of testers view an accounting application during testing. Can you explain usability testing? Usability testing is a testing methodology where the end customer is asked to use the software to see if the product is easy to use. What are the categories of defects? There are three main categories of defects: . By giving the customer the prototype before the development start-up we confirm that we are not missing anything from the user point of view. 4. remove bad code practices. In most scenarios white box testing is done by developers as they know the internals of the application. view the architecture. In this we look into the "box" being tested just long enough to understand how it has been implemented. Black box testers view the basic accounting application. There is one more type of testing called gray box testing. In black box testing we check the overall functionality of the application while in white box testing we do code reviews. The best way to finalize the customer point of view for usability is by using prototype or mock-up software during the initial stages.programming skills. Then we close up the box and use our knowledge to choose more effective black box tests. 3. to see the customer's perception and task time. While during white box testing the tester knows the internal structure of the application. and do component level testing.

it is considered a defect because it's a variance from the existing requirements. But it can change according to your organization. Let's discuss in detail the steps of implementing a testing policy in an organization. 2. etc?. Evaluate: After testing is implemented in a project how do we evaluate it? Are we going to derive metrics of defects per phase. or a requirement of the customer was not noted properly. • • • • Definition: The first step any organization needs to do is define one unique definition for testing within the organization so that everyone is of the same mindset.1. but may be an attribute desired by the user of the product. Input from customer: This can be discussions. How do you define a testing policy? The following are the important steps used to define a testing policy in general. 6. This can vary from company to company and from project to project. etc. Extra: A requirement incorporated into the product that was not given by the end customer. it's important to let everyone know how testing has added value to the project?. Project plan: The project plan prepared by the project manager also serves as good input to finalize your acceptance test. . Standards: Finally. per programmer. we can say that more than 20 defects per KLOC will be considered below standard and code review should be done for it. Missing: There was a requirement given by the customer and it was not done. 5. Finally. On what basis is the acceptance plan prepared? In any project the acceptance document is normally prepared using the following inputs. This is a 3. 2. informal talks. Wrong: The requirements have been implemented incorrectly. etc. an indication that a specification was not implemented. emails. variance from the specifications. However. Requirement document: This document specifies what exactly is needed in the project from the customers perspective. 3. This is always a variance from the specification. what are the standards we want to achieve by testing? For instance. 1. How to achieve: How are we going to achieve our objective? Is there going to be a testing committee. This defect is a variance from the given specification. will there be compulsory test plans which need to be executed.

The following diagram shows the most common inputs used to prepare acceptance test plans. .

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