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NAR’s Sustainable Property Designation


Instructor: Matthew Rathbun and Linda Dort

Description: This course gives students a broad understanding of green real estate principles--from the concepts of
sustainability, New Urbanism, and smart growth to the application of industry ratings and evaluation standards in
real estate. As a practical resource, this course shows real estate professionals how to explain to consumers what
makes a home, building, or property green, how to list and market green properties while fulfilling ones legal and
professional obligations, and how to implement green practices on the road and in the office. In addition, this
course discusses how real estate consumers can determine the energy efficiency of their properties, take
advantage of green grants and initiatives, and reduce everyday toxins in the home and workplace.

Dates/Times: February 4 & 5 Green Designation Course

February 6 Green Residential Elective
All Days 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Cost: All three days—$330 members / $370 non-members

Green Designation Course Only— $295 members/ $315 non-members
Residential Elective Only— $95 members / $120 non-members

Location: FAAR Office, 2nd Floor Classroom

2050 Gordon W. Shelton Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA 22401

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GREEN 2/09
Can we agree the world is ever-changing?
—Marc Gould, Real Estate Buyer Agency Counsel
Can we agree that home-buyers and home-sellers are looking to work with a real estate professional that is on top of trends
and issues? I hope that we can. With that in mind, I would like to take some time to tell you about something exciting taking
place at the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) that addresses both our ever-changing world and that will have you on
top of one the foremost issues and trends consumers are concerned about. NAR leadership has determined that the time has
come for its members to have the opportunity to earn a designation that demonstrates a competence and understanding of
green building features and practices. To meet that mandate, REBAC has created the Green REsource Council and is devel-
oping NAR’s green real estate education program to encourage and promote green excellence for REALTORS® in their prac-
tice. Upon completing a 12-hour core course of green real estate principles and a six hour elective course that expands on the
core course foundation; REALTORS® will earn NAR’s Green Designation – a distinction that will set them apart from others.

The Green REsource Council envisions a green philosophy and excellence in green leadership that:

• Provides real estate professionals with the knowledge and awareness of green building principles applied in residences,
commercial properties, developments, and communities so that they can list, market, and manage green properties as
well as guide buyer-clients, in purchasing green homes and buildings.

• Enables real estate professionals to incorporate green principles into their practice.

• Encourages the real estate professional to be an advocate in spreading the green philosophy and be a positive force for
creating sustainable and energy efficient communities of homes and commercial buildings.

• Provides on-going information, tools, and support regarding green building features, thus enabling members to be leaders
in their marketplace.

• Supports member efforts with referrals, marketing tools, and consumer awareness campaigns

NAR’s Green Designation is not just part of a current fad that will fade away as much of the environmental movement did in the
1970’s. Rising fuel prices, the call for self-reliance, and talk of global warming are just some of the many factors that indicate
there is a real need to know and understand green trends affecting consumer habits. In the McGraw Hill SmartMarket Report,
2007 Green Homeowner Issue, I learned that two-thirds of consumers are in tune to green buildings and understand that there is
a link between green homes and cost savings and healthy living. Cost savings comes from energy efficiencies and even tax
credits, depending on systems and improvements. Healthy living is linked to improved air quality and building materials that
have less toxins as a part of the manufacturing process.

NAR’s Green Designation will give you credentials to work with a different consumer as well. According to data from NAR’s
2007 Profile of Buyers’ Home Features Preferences, home buyers who ranked energy efficiency as “very important” purchased
homes that had a median home price $12,400 higher than those who ranked it “somewhat” or “not important.” This same
home buyer was also more likely to be a repeat client. I hope that you see the same value as I do in working with consumers in
tune to green issues – loyal clients and increased revenues!

REBAC has put together what I would call a dream team of industry experts from various organizations to create an outstanding
course curriculum. Students will learn about green concepts and benefits from the ground up. There are modules devoted to
features that make homes or buildings green and energy efficient. Students will also learn how to articulate the significance of
LEED, Energy Star, and other rating systems to their clients -- and how such systems relate to their clients’ investments. Regula-
tory issues as it relates to sustainability will be covered as well as zoning, building codes, and other governmental issues.

The goal of the course is not only to provide information about green features that will be useful to both you and consumers,
but also to assist you in your efforts to work with clients concerned about these features. Course time will focus on adapting
listing presentation and buyer-counseling sessions to address concerns of the green consumer. There will also be time spent on
how to best guide clients seeking qualified professionals familiar with green home principles such as energy audits, retrofitting,
and landscaping. We also will prepare students to provide information about the financial advantages of properties that are
eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Earning this designation will show prospects, clients, and peers your commitment to working with consumers and investors inter-
ested in properties with green and sustainable features. This designation is the only green designation recognized by NAR and it
will be displayed on both and as part of your NAR membership profile. This benefit exclusive
to NAR’s Green Designation will assist you in both prospecting and referrals. We look forward to your participation in the Green
Resource Council and supporting the network of those REALTORS® who earn NAR’s Green Designation.