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GOOD MORNING Welcome everyone. Good Monday Morning. I love this photo above so had to share it..TOO FUNNY.... Hope everyone had a great weekend. So much going on with Power Women. Radio Show, TV and Magazine I sometimes wonder how i keep up. Thank you JESUS..I am truly blessed to have so many of you support me and everything I try to do. For those who pray, say one that the weather shapes up so I can get out and film the TV show. It is taking off like wildfire.. I am having so much fun doing it too!! POWER WOMEN NEXT DOOR TV SHOW IS FINALLY HERE ...CHECK IT OUT TO THE RIGHT


Radio and more!

Our shows are on Monday - Friday 11 am central which is 12 pm eastern and 9 am west coast pacific time. OUR SHOWS ARE LIVE LADIES Just click on the logo above to go to our shows. If you would like to call in and ask any questions for our guests, call 561-422-4365 ************************** FEBRUARY 13- Dr Janice Chamberlin - Locked Up with Success 20- Dr Mary Clifton - Nutrition & Osteoporosis 21 - Wendy Kramer -Donor Sibling Registry 22- Terri Mackinnon - Women Fishing 23- Debbie Burgin - Joy of the Ex 24 - Letricia Hendrix - Suicide 27- Patricia Vile- Volunteerism 28- Dr Stephanie Covington - Gender and Justice 29 - Shawn King (Larry King's Wife) - Lundon's Bridge

Can't listen to our show live Monday-Friday? Don't worry you can catch the replays Saturday's at 5 & 6 pm eastern ( 4 & 5 CST or 2 & 3 PST) or Sunday's 5 - 7 pm eastern (6-8 EST or 3-5 PST) Click on the W4CY Radio logo above.

W4WN Radio Show Diva's


Ladies have you dreamed of having your own radio show? Then join me for a 2 hour class and let me show you just how you can have a radio show just like mine!!

***Ladies If you have ever wanted your own radio show like mine then please email me your name and phone #, my business partner and I are creating a women only radio channel and we would love to get your show on it. my email is powerwomenmagazine@gmail.com Power Women Next Door TV Show

EPISODE #3 Power Women Next Door TV Show is FINALLY HERE!! Click on the pic above and it will take you right to our new home..Thank you everyone for making this dream come true and WATCH FOR UPCOMING EPISODES....(like us on facebook to get updated location filmings and more CLICK HERE

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