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Shenandoah Home Owners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Open Board Meeting began promptly at 7:00 pm. It was attended by Kurt Smith, Leetra
Jurkens, Gene and Sally Bradley, Marci Hektor, Sheff Wilder, Lawrence Woods, Steve
Jacobs, and William and Stephanie Vaughn.

The minutes of the meeting was approved.

1. First Item of Business: Lake Durango Water Authority Update

a. It is confirmed that Shenandoah water lines have become part of the

water authority. A draft of the language for outside water users was
approved by Kurt Smith and seconded by Leetra Jurkens.

Gene Bradley wanted to address early in the meeting that the solar light in the mailbox
structure needs to be repaired. All agreed that the light is beneficial and should be
returned to working order. Kurt added that this project should be an easy fix.

2. Westwood Update: no resolve in court case

a. Steve Jacobs reported that Mr. Westwood has appealed his case to state
appellate court to prove his entitlement to 4 shares of Pine Ridge ditch.

After the discussion about the Westwood court case, Leetra Jurkens turned the
conversation to address the thistle problem on Mr. Westwood’s property. Moreover, it
has been observed that noxious weeds are out of control on other properties and sadly
scattering to their neighbors’ land. This problem prompted a plan of action. First, the
property owner will be contacted to encourage them to take responsibility for the
noxious weeds. Then, if there is no response then the La Plata county weed control will
be contacted and they will come and spray the weeds and send a bill to the property

3. Roads update: Estimates for paving and crack filling, plowing resource,
prioritize patches needed.

a. Leetra Jurkens reported that she has been working with two
construction companies to receive bids for repairing damage to the
roads, ELAM construction and Matt Leeder construction. Steve Jacobs,
previous road committee chairman, helped explain Shenandoah’s road
paving history, analysis of contractor’s bids, and suggested solutions
for improving Shenandoah’s roads. Subsequently a discussion
followed among attendees as to the best choice for road repair.

i. There has been a 30% increase in the cost of asphalt since last
year. We are not able to patch as many areas with our $25,000

ii. ELAM manufactures their own asphalt, Leeder does not.

iii. ELAM would be able to complete the job by the end of

September and Leeder would not be able to get us on a schedule
until the end of October. Certain outdoor temperatures dictate
work with asphalt. 40 degrees or above.

iv. Price considerations. Leeder was less than ELAM, however

Leeder’s process would put our troublesome pond soil sub-
grade back into the asphalt mix.

b. It was determined that ELAM would be the choice by the board and
attending homeowners because ELAM has a good reputation of
quality and they would be able to get to the work sooner than later. It
was agreed that we would choose the higher quality package with the
hope that it would stay fixed for many years. The board is planning to
present a special assessment or an increase in dues to help maintain

c. Concern for keeping heavy construction trucks off the Shenandoah

roads is a must to maintain the integrity of the repair.

d. The funds set aside for the road maintenance will be used to patch
areas on Colonial Drive and crack fill all roads in the association.

e. Most attendees felt that it was critical that Robinson construction

should stand by his commitment to repair damaged roads around his
construction entrance on Colonial Drive and Shenandoah Drive.

Bob Woods urged the secretary to read and know Shenandoah by-laws and rules. He
stressed the importance of enforcing our by-laws in the community. So, our by-laws
would retain their credibility.

It was suggested by Steve Jacobs that the board ask people in our association to share
their valuable areas of expertise for the benefit of the SHOA. Many homeowners’ are
highly skilled professionals that are willing to share their knowledge.

4. Laue Update: Board decides on an acceptable settlement

a. Ms. Laue is an outside road user. Kurt Smith talked with her
personally and informally about a financial agreement with SHOA.
The attorney for SHOA strongly suggested that we accept the terms.

5. Gate update: It is time to repair the gate and share the cost with Highlands
and Estates.

a. The fire marshal has given SHOA two choices.

i. Gate to be completely removed

ii. Or restore it to working condition.

b. Many at the meeting were of a strong opinion to return the gate to

working condition and secure it with a movable latch.

c. It was suggested that Shenandoah, Highlands and the Estates share the
cost of repairing the gate.

d. Discussion about the annexation agreement with Mr. Robinson and his
authority to use of the gate.

6. Financial Business

a. Gene Bradley gave an account of the financial standing of SHOA.

b. The board will meet to approve of the 2009 budget on September 19,

c. The board will consider a dues increase and special assessment to meet
the cost of repairing the roads in 2009.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Leetra Jurkens
Secretary SHOA

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