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Scenario 1
Getting to the Food & Drink section


This is the home page. Shows the Top stories, videos, most popular. The arrows allow the user to scroll right and left to view more info. The navigation bar at the top stays on the top like a file system.

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“Your Community” is a social media feature in which the viewer can see what his/her friends are “liking,” reading, articles they are commenting on, and images that they have dragged onto the Your Community real.

Typefaces: Trebuchet, Regular / Crete Round


Now the user has selected the Life & Culture tab. All of the categories under Life & Culture come up in their own part of the horizontal space.

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In each section the user can scroll through by using the arrows to view more information. OR use the track pad to scroll through the sections.


The user has selected the Food & Drink section. All of the sub-categories under Food & Drink are displayed in their own space. Videos, images, stories come up for each header. In order to go back to all of the categories within Life & Culture they can just click on the Life & Culture tab.

Now the viewer wants to read more about the “On Wine” story. The story will expand over the top of the Food & Drink screen.
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Scenario 2
Your Community Feature


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The user has selected the On Wine categories’s story and the information expands across the horizontal space. They can read the entire article now as well as click through more images.

Using the scroll bar the user can view the rest of the story


The On Wine story has expanded over the Food & Drink section

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The media bar (Your Community) allows the user to drag information on to it. They have chosen to drag this image onto the timeline. Allows the user to view what their “friends” are reading/liking.


To go back to the Food & Drink section, they can exit out of story or just to return to Life & Culture click on the Life & Culture tab.

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Food & Drink On Wine
On Wine
Drinking With Narciso Rodriguez
The fashion designer (Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's wedding dress, Michelle Obama's Election Night dress) talks with Lettie Teague about Rioja, Barolo and the wine that inspired one of his designs… Read More

Food Industry News

Drinking With Narciso Rodriguez

Slow Food Fast

Top Groups in Food

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The fashion world is a veritable paradise of adjectives. Descriptors like "chic" and "fabulous" abound, although there's one adjective I haven't heard applied very often: nice. Yet that was the word that came to mind first upon meeting fashion and fragrance designer Narciso Rodriguez. At age 51, Mr. Rodriguez has been a top clothing designer for Lunchbox decades. His best-selling fragrance, For Her, debuted in 2003. His clothes, sleek and streamlined, are celebrity favorites, though India’s Signature he's probably best known for Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's 1996 Steaks wedding gown, which brought him instant and lasting renown. Wine & Spirits It was only a few weeks before New York Fashion Week when Mr. Rodriguez and I met for lunch at Maialino restaurant inWave Down Under Chardonnay's New the Creative Gramercy Park Hotel. I was concerned about the timing, but Mr. How do you like your Chardonnay? Crisp, clean and Scandinavian Chablis-like, or smooth, oaky he Rodriguez seemed calm. Had he finished his collection? Was and high in alcohol? Cuisine Columnist wire—the fittings, ready? He was not. "It's always right up to the Will Lyons looks at the country that reinvented he was happy to the lineup, the production," he said. However, modern Chardonnay—Australia—and investigates stop for lunch, accompanied by a glass of wine.its recent change in style. "I rarely drink

Your Community
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The user has exited out of the On Wine story and is back to the Food & Drink screen.

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