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Alec's Primer, 31 Daisy and the Doll, 31 Eighteenth-Century Poetry, 34 Electronic Power Control, 35 John and Tom, 31 Sam’s Book, 44 Structure of the Lexicon, The, 35 Tom and John, 31 Two Brothers, The, 31 When Dad Came Back, 8 Mylan, 26 Nature Transformed, 25 Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin, 47 One Fifteen to Penn Station, The, 48 Partially Kept, 51 Pebble & I, 53 Plan for Perpetual Peace, On the Government of Poland, and Other Writings on History and Politics, The, 24 Porches of North America, 9 Pretty Girl, The, 45 Shuva, 17 Sixty Acres and a Barn, 29 Strange Nursery, 54 This Constellation Is a Name, 50 Underground Railroad in Connecticut, The, 44

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Always in Trouble, 37 Doctor, Why Does My Face Still American Furniture 2011, 27 Ache?, 33 American Rhapsody, 48 First Founders, 2 Between Here and Monkey Mountain, Framed Spaces, 22 53 George Whitefield Chadwick, 10 Great Camouflage, The, 40 Economies of Relation, 30 Insourced, 1 Girls of Peculiar, The, 55 Obituary, The, 51 Granny D’s American Century, 5 Polygamy in Primetime, 13 My Scarlet Ways, 55 Reel History, 37 new black, the, 43 Relic, The, 28 Sex, Genes & Rock ’n’ Roll, 4 Tashlinesque, 36 June Toward Babel: Poems and A Memoir, 52 Definition of Joy, The, 54 When Magoo Flew, 36 Ethics for International Medicine, 12 April Fertility and Jewish Law, 19 Fever Reading, 14 Always Broken Plates of Mountains, Germany’s Prophet, 17 The, 46 Hidden in Plain Sight, 38 Animals Erased, 38 Maiden and Modest, 28 Confessions and Correspondence, Once Upon an Island, 26 Including the Letters to Sunken Garden Poetry, 39 Malesherbes, The, 24 Travels in Intermedia[lity], 22 Dialogues, 24 Easy Way, The, 32 July Essay on the Origin of Languages and Ahead of the Game, 6 Writings Related to Music, 24 Changing Nature of the Maine Fly Fishing in Connecticut, 39 Woods, The, 8 Future of Batterer Programs, The, 20 Death of the American Death Happily, 47 Penalty, The, 21 Home Is an Island, 29 Dwelling in American, 23 How the Losers Love What’s Lost, 46 Eurojazzland, 11 Identity Thieves, 20 Money Shot, 43 In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti, 3 Religion and Jewish Identity in the Inmost, 50 Soviet Union, 1941–1964, 16 Jews Welcome Coffee, 16 Self-Determination and Women’s Letter to Beaumont, Letters Written Rights in Muslim Societies, 19 to the Mountain, and Related Starboard Wine, 42 Writings, 24 Time Ship, The, 42 Marriage of the Portuguese, The, 30 Transatlantic Women, 15 Men of Fire, 25




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New Titles


University Press of New England

How Importing Jobs Impacts the Healthcare Crisis Here and Abroad dr. kate tulenko
foreword by laurie garrett Dramatically recounts the causes and cascading effects of American insourcing of foreign healthcare workers


For years, opponents of outsourcing have argued that offshoring American jobs destroys our local industries and gives foreigners the good jobs that would otherwise remain on our shores. Yet, few Americans realize that a parallel dynamic is occurring in the healthcare sector—previously one of the most consistent sources of dependable livingwage jobs in the entire nation. Instead of outsourcing high-paying jobs overseas—as the manufacturing and service sectors do—hospitals and other healthcare companies insource healthcare labor from developing countries. This insourcing has caused tens of thousands of high-paying local jobs in the healthcare sector to effectively vanish from the reach of US citizens, weakened the healthcare systems of developing nations, and constricted the US health professional education system. Tulenko reveals this undisclosed aspect of the current healthcare crisis, and offers ways to create better American health professional education, more high-paying healthcare jobs, and improved health for the poor in the developing world. “This compelling book is a must read for all those who work in or care about global health.” Richard Scheffler, director, Global Center for Health Economics, UC Berkeley, and author of Is There a Doctor in the House? Market Signals and Tomorrow’s Supply of Doctors

Dartmouth College Press
May 192 pp., 5V x 8V" Cloth, $24.95 978-1-61168-227-4 Ebook, $16.99 978-1-61168-268-7 medicine & public health

also of interest

dr. kate tulenko is a physician with degrees from Harvard University, Cambridge University, and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. The former coordinator of the World Bank’s Africa Health Workforce Program, she currently serves as director of clinical services for a global health nonprofit and resides in Washington, D.C.

Perspectives of Women Faculty
Paper, $24.95 s 978-1-58465-567-1 LI N DA H. POLOLI

Changing the Culture of Academic Medicine

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University Press of New England

American Puritans and Puritanism in an Atlantic World francis j. bremer
An introduction to the diverse lives of the Puritan founders by a leading expert

First Founders

University of New Hampshire Press
May 296 pp., 14 illus., 6 x 9" Cloth, $27.95 978-1-58465-959-4 Ebook, $22.99 978-1-61168-258-8 u.s. history / colonial history

New England in the World

Francis J. Bremer has spent his entire career broadening our understanding of America’s colonial founders. Now, in this eminently readable collection of biographies, Bremer brings us a surprisingly varied and dynamic group of characters who continue to guide and influence America today. With its cast of magistrates, women, clergy, merchants, and Native Americans, First Founders underscores the breadth of early American experience and the profound transatlantic roots of our country’s forebears. Bremer succeeds in bringing little-known figures out of the shadows, while allowing us to appreciate better known figures in an entirely new light. This is a truly fascinating look at the Puritans with keenly drawn portraits and the insight that only a lifetime of scholarship can achieve. It should become the standard introduction to the field. Written in the mold of Joseph Ellis’s Founding Brothers and Gordon Wood’s Revolutionary Characters, the book will appeal to general readers, students, and scholars alike.

also of interest

francis j. bremer is emeritus professor of history at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. A leading authority on Puritanism, he is the author of numerous books, including The Puritan Experiment and the award-winning biography John Winthrop: America’s Forgotten Founding Father.

The Secret History of Monsieur de Beaumarchais, the French Playwright Who Saved the American Revolution
Cloth, $26.95 978-1-58465-925-9 Ebook, $15.99 978-1-61168-216-8 HAR LOW GI LES U NGER

Improbable Patriot


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University Press of New England

Double Lives, Troubled Times, and the Massachusetts Murder Case That Shook the World susan tejada

In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti

An in-depth reexamination with startling new insights into the controversial case

It was a bold and brutal crime—robbery and murder in broad daylight on the streets of South Braintree, Massachusetts, in 1920. Tried for the crime and convicted, two Italian-born laborers, anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, went to the electric chair in 1927, professing their innocence. Journalist Susan Tejada has spent years investigating the case, sifting through diaries and police reports and interviewing descendants of major figures. She discovers little-known facts about Sacco, Vanzetti, and their supporters, and develops a tantalizing theory about how a doomed insider may have been coerced into helping professional criminals plan the heist. The author takes a panoramic view of the case, allowing the reader to see the personalities as individuals. She also paints a fascinating portrait of a bygone era: Providence gangsters and Boston Brahmins; nighttime raids and midnight bombings; and immigration, unionism, draft dodging, and violent anarchism in the turbulent early years of the twentieth century. In many ways this is as much a cultural history as a true-crime mystery or courtroom drama. Because the case played out against a background of domestic terrorism, in a time that echoes our own, we have a new appreciation of the potential connection between fear and the erosion of civil liberties and miscarriages of justice.

Northeastern University Press
April 352 pp., 31 illus., 6B/i x 9W" Cloth, $27.95 978-1-55553-730-2 Ebook, $15.99 978-1-55553-778-4 true crime

also of interest

susan tejada is a journalist and writer, serving as an editor at the National Geographic Society for many years and as editor-in-chief of World.
Bad Blood

Freedom and Death in the White Mountains
CASEY SH ERM AN Cloth, $26.95 978-1-58465-679-1 Ebook, $19.99 978-1-58465-883-2

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University Press of New England

Sex, Genes & Rock ’n’ Roll

How Evolution Has Shaped the Modern World rob brooks

An evolutionary biologist looks at diverse environmental and social problems to show how the basic evolutionary imperative of survival and adaptation shapes our world

University of New Hampshire Press
March 320 pp., 6 x 9" Cloth, $27.95 978-1-61168-236-6 Ebook, $15.99 978-1-61168-237-3 science / evolution

Why are we all getting fatter? Why are we fascinated by pop music and celebrities? Is there any hope of curbing population growth, rampant consumerism, and the environmental devastation they wreak? Evolutionary scientist Rob Brooks argues that the origins of these twenty-first-century problems can be found where the ancient forces of evolution collide with modern culture and economics. Natural selection might be “the most important idea anybody ever had,” but evolution remains the poor relation of economics and social theory when it comes to understanding human affairs. Drawing on fascinating illustrations from the natural world and from human prehistory and history, Brooks shows how evolution can help us understand our contemporary selves and our radically changing environment. “A dazzling tour of the hidden logic behind modern life.” Baba Brinkman, creator of The Rap Guide to Evolution “This is a startling insight into the relevance of evolutionary biology to our society and cultures.” COSMOS Magazine

north american sales only

rob brooks is director of the Evolution and Ecology Research Center at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He is the recipient of the Australian Academy of Science Fenner Medal, and an internationally recognized expert on evolutionary biology and ecological systems.


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University Press of New England

Granny D’s American Century

doris haddock and dennis michael burke

The life of Doris Haddock, known to millions as “Granny D,” from her young adulthood in Boston during the Great Depression, to her last decade as a galvanizing figure of populist politics

With her walk across America at the age of 90, New Hampshire native Doris Haddock entered the national consciousness as “Granny D,” a candid and feisty champion of commonsense populist politics. Four years later she ran for the U.S. Senate against the usual entrenched big-party interests—and lost. In the meantime, she became a cause célèbre, and an example of the kind of politics that puts people first. Granny D’s American Century is the story of Doris Haddock both before and after these events: as a young woman whose bedrock New England values were tested during the Great Depression, and as a no-nonsense nonagenarian putting those values to work in the causes of voters’ rights, women’s rights, and campaign finance reform. Written in a clear, unsparing prose, Granny D’s American Century is a warm reflection on a life well lived, and a clear and spirited call for virtue in American civic life. A lifelong resident of New Hampshire, doris “granny d” haddock is the subject of the documentary film, Run, Granny, Run! and the author, with Dennis Michael Burke, of Walking Across America in My Ninetieth Year. She died in 2010. dennis michael burke , the former director of Arizona Common Cause, is a writer living in Phoenix, Arizona.

University of New Hampshire Press
March 192 pp., 2 illus., 6 x 9" Cloth, $27.95 978-1-61168-234-2 Ebook, $15.99 978-1-61168-235-9 biography / women’s studies

also of interest

The Life and Times of Senator Claiborne Pell
G. WAYN E MI LLER Cloth, $29.95 978-1-61168-186-4 Ebook, $14.99 978-1-61168-187-1

An Uncommon Man

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University Press of New England

The Parent’s Guide to Youth Sports Concussion rosemarie scolaro moser, p h d
A new look at understanding and preventing sports concussion in children and teens

Ahead of the Game

foreword by u.s. representative bill pascrell, jr.

Dartmouth College Press
July 208 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $19.95 978-1-61168-224-3 Ebook, $9.99 978-1-61168-274-8 health & fitness / children’s health

Sports-related concussions, also known as mild traumatic brain injuries, have become a national epidemic. As many as 63 percent of high school students have already had at least one concussion, while another 500,000 children between the ages of ten and fourteen visit ERs for concussion annually. New research has shown that sending a child back on the field too soon puts his or her physical and emotional health at risk, yet coaches and parents continue to miss the warning signs of concussion, and encourage kids to go back to the field, court, diamond, or rink. Describing the basics of identification, management, and treatment of concussion in kids, Ahead of the Game is the first book to give parents of school-aged athletes the tools they need to protect their most vital organ—the brain—before an injury occurs. “This thoroughly readable book brilliantly provides parents, coaches, and others with the most important lessons and information needed to protect young minds.” Brooke de Lench, founder of MomsTeam.com and author of Home Team Advantage: The Critical Role of Mothers in Youth Sports

also of interest

rosemarie scolaro moser , PhD is a neuropsychologist, hockey mom, and director of the Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey. She is the official neuropsychologist for Philadelphia Soul Arena Football, Trenton Steel Arena Football, and Trenton Titans Professional Hockey.

The Law and the Business of Sports
Cloth, $35.00 978-1-55553-700-5 Ebook, $19.99 978-1-55553-735-7 RO GER I. AB R A MS

Sports Justice


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University Press of New England

When Dad Came Back
gary soto
What happens when the dad you don’t know suddenly invades your life?

Gabe Mendoza is off to the library when his long-absent father appears—and looks to be homeless. His father wants to reestablish a relationship, but thirteen-year-old Gabe is hesitant. He’s confused. And his Mom is mad. Should Gabe allow his father back into his life, or keep his distance? Can Gabe’s dad, with all his failings, clean up his act? This powerful novella by bestselling author Gary Soto will ring true to kids—and grown-ups—who can relate to the everyday challenges of one-parent home life. Soto’s strong voice and poignant characters will draw you into Gabe’s world and the decisions that will change his life. “This new ebook from one of our favorite authors will have readers begging for the next chapter in the life of Gabe Mendoza.” James Blasingame, PhD, Co-Director, Central Arizona Writing Project and Chair, Kids Need to Read Board of Directors

ebook exclusive
Available Now 152 pp. Ebook, $7.99 978-1-61168-211-3 juvenile fiction / young adult

gary soto ’s books have sold more than three million copies and are well-known in classrooms throughout the country. His poem “Oranges” is the most anthologized poem in contemporary literature. He has received the Literature Award from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, the PEN West Award for Petty Crimes, and the Human and Civil Rights Award from the National Education Association. The Gary Soto Literary Museum is located at Fresno City College. www.garysoto.com

also of interest

A Summer Life
GARY SOTO Ebook, $4.99 978-1-61168-201-4

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University Press of New England

The Changing Nature of the Maine Woods
andrew m. barton
with alan s. white and charles v. cogbill

The ecology of the ever-changing Maine forest

University of New Hampshire Press
July 304 pp., 65 illus., 6B/i x 9W" Paper, $29.95 s 978-1-58465-832-0 Ebook, $27.99 978-1-61168-295-3 nature / ecology / maine

The Changing Nature of the Maine Woods is both a fascinating introduction to the forests of Maine and a detailed but accessible narrative of the dynamism of these ecosystems. This is natural history with a long view, starting with an overview of the state’s geological history, the reemergence of the forest after glacial retreat, and the surprising changes right up to European arrival. The authors create a vivid picture of Maine forests just before the impact of Euro-Americans and trace the profound transformations since settlement. The book is ambitious in its geographic range, conveying a clear sense of how and why Maine forests differ across the length and breadth of the state, from the top of Mount Katahdin to the coast. Deploying groundbreaking research as well as engaging narratives, the authors assess key ecological forces such as climate change, insects and disease, nonnative organisms, natural disturbance, and changing land use to create a dramatic portrait of Maine forests—past, present, and future. This book both synthesizes the latest scientific discoveries regarding the changing forest and relates the findings to an educated lay and academic audience.

also of interest

andrew m. barton is a professor of biology at the University of Maine at Farmington. alan s. white is a professor of forest ecology at the University of Maine. charles v. cogbill is a historical ecologist in Vermont.

A Field Guide to Trees of the Northeast


A Viewer’s Guide
Paper, $19.95 978-1-58465-834-4 Ebook, $12.99 978-1-61168-009-6 J OH N S. BU R K

The Wildlife of New England

Paper, $24.95 978-1-58465-852-8


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New Titles


University Press of New England

Porches of North America
thomas durant visser
A complete architectural guide to this well-loved building feature

The porch, whether simple or grand, evokes feelings of welcome, comfort, and nostalgia in all of us, yet there has been little published on the history of this omnipresent architectural feature. This book examines how porches in their many forms have evolved in the United States and Canada through innovations, adaptations, and revivals. Covering formal porches and verandas, as well as the many informal “vernacular” types, this book proffers insights into broad cultural customs and patterns, as well as regional preferences and usage. Lavishly illustrated with contemporary and historic photographs, Porches of North America provides a chronological and typological framework for identifying historic porches. All those who love to while away their afternoons on a favorite porch will find this architectural history delightful as well as informative. “This is a valuable book covering an important, but understudied subject. It makes a significant contribution to the field by presenting a careful and considered analysis of both the social/cultural significance and stylistic details of porches.” Steven J. Hoffman, Coordinator, Historic Preservation Program, Southeast Missouri State University

April 352 pp., 395 illus., 7 x 10" Cloth, $39.95 978-1-61168-220-5 Ebook, $29.99 978-1-61168-221-2 architecture / history

thomas durant visser is an associate professor and director of the Historic Preservation Program at the University of Vermont and is the author of Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings.

also of interest

Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings
Paper, $24.95 978-0-87451-771-2 Ebook, $12.99 978-1-61168-065-2 THOM AS DU R ANT VISSER

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New Titles


University Press of New England

The Life and Music of the Pride of New England bill f. faucett

George Whitefield Chadwick

The definitive biography of a major American composer and musical leader

Northeastern University Press
May 416 pp., 12 illus., 15 tables, 6B/i x 9W" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x 978-1-55553-772-2 Paper, $39.95 s 978-1-55553-773-9 Ebook, $34.99 978-1-55553-774-6 biography / musicians & composers

also of interest

In many ways, this is the story of the birth of the American style in classical music. George Whitefield Chadwick (1854–1931) was one of the most significant and influential American composers at the turn of the twentieth century and a leading light of the Boston cultural scene. Bill F. Faucett offers a detailed exploration of Chadwick’s life and art utilizing archival material only recently made available. These crucial primary sources, including letters, diaries, and memoirs, enable a deeper and more nuanced understanding of Chadwick’s music and aesthetic perspective, and provide a clearer lens through which to view his life, career, and times. The book traces Chadwick’s story from his earliest musical education to his surging career in Boston’s nascent musical culture of the 1880s, to his fruitful middle years, and finally to his later life and towering legacy. In addition to bringing newfound appreciation of Chadwick’s life, Faucett’s book offers penetrating examinations of his major compositions and a vivid re-creation of Boston’s rich and influential musical and cultural scene. This book will appeal to a broad audience of music lovers, scholars, and anyone interested in nineteenthcentury American music and the Boston cultural scene.

bill f. faucett is a widely respected Chadwick scholar and the former classical music critic and columnist at the Palm Beach Post and American Record Guide. He is currently an arts administrator at Tampa’s Straz Center for the Performing Arts.

The Music of John Luther Adams

The Farthest Place

Paper, $39.95 s 978-1-55553-763-0 Ebook, $27.99 978-1-55553-764-7


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University Press of New England

Jazz and European Sources, Dynamics, and Contexts edited by luca cerchiari, laurent cugny, and franz kerschbaumer
The critical role of Europe in the music, personalities, and analysis of jazz


It is often said that jazz is America’s great gift to the world, and while true, this belies the surprising, often crucial role that Europe has played in the development and popularity of jazz throughout the world. Based on a series of symposia attracting leading scholars, critics, and musicians from throughout Europe and the United States, the volume first addresses the impact of European musical traditions and instruments on the formation and development of American jazz. Part two details the vital experiences of American musicians on European soil, from black minstrels to such jazz greats as Benny Carter and Duke Ellington, and deals with European jazzmen and their developments of American jazz styles. The final part chronicles the importance of European critics and musicologists in jazz criticism and offers essays on European contributions to jazz musicianship and production. Eurojazzland proves that jazz is simply too rich and varied for one country to claim, define, or contain. This groundbreaking collection will appeal to jazz aficionados, scholars, musicologists, and musicians.

Northeastern University Press
July 456 pp., 28 illus., 12 tables, 6B/i x 9W" Cloth, $39.95 s 978-1-58465-864-1 Ebook, $29.99 978-1-61168-298-4 music / jazz

luca cerchiari , Padua University, is the author of Jazz, Scott Joplin’s Treemonisha, and Jazz and Fascism, among many others. laurent cugny , Paris-Sorbonne University, is the author of Electric Miles Davis and Jazz Analysis. franz kerschbaumer , Graz University, is the author of Miles Davis and the editor of Jazzforschung-Jazzresearch.

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University Press of New England

A Practical Guide for Aid Workers in Developing Countries anji e. wall
A handy guide to identifying, analyzing, and resolving ethical issues that arise in international medicine

Ethics for International Medicine

Dartmouth College Press
June 192 pp., 2 tables, 6 x 9" Paper, $27.95 s 978-1-61168-210-6 Ebook, $24.99 978-1-61168-252-6 global health / medical ethics

In recent years, international medicine has become a growth industry. International aid organizations, religious organizations, and medical schools all provide opportunities for health care workers to travel to developing countries to provide needed medical care to the world’s poorest citizens. Medical aid workers from the West encounter many challenges. They serve in settings with limited medical supplies, facilities, and personnel. Their patients speak different languages, have different cultures, and may even have different interpretations of disease. With limited time in which to provide medical care to hundreds of people or more, ethical dilemmas abound, and many health care practitioners, both novice and expert, are unprepared to manage them. This volume uses a series of case studies to provide medical aid workers with a method for identifying, analyzing, and resolving ethical issues within the context of international medicine. It is an invaluable tool for individuals and health organizations seeking to serve in the developing countries throughout the world.

also of interest

anji e. wall , MD, PhD, is a resident in general surgery at Vanderbilt University. She earned her PhD in health care ethics at St. Louis University, with a focus on clinical ethics and international medicine. She has participated in international medical experiences in Guatemala and Jamaica.

A Practical Guide for Global Health Workers
EDITED BY L AU R EL A. SPI ELB ERG AN D LISA V. ADA MS Paper, $24.95 978-1-58465-976-1 Ebook, $14.99 978-1-61168-018-8



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University Press of New England

Media, Gender, and Politics in Mormon Fundamentalism janet bennion
A provocative look at the costs and benefits of polygamy among western fundamentalist Mormon women

Polygamy in Primetime

Recently, polygamy has become a “primetime” phenomenon. Television shows like Big Love and Sister Wives demonstrate the “progressive” side of polygamy while horror stories from victims of abusive marriages offer less upbeat experiences among the adherents of the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS Church). In general, the American public views fundamentalist Mormons, and polygamy in particular, with salacious interest or disgust. Bennion, herself a product of Mormon polygamy, seeks to dispel the myths and misinformation that surround this topic. This study, based on 17 years of ethnographic research among the Allred Group (Apostolic United Brethren) and an analysis of recent blog journal entries written by a range of polygamous women, examines the variability and complexity of contemporary Mormon fundamentalist life in the Intermountain West. Although Bennion highlights problems associated with polygamy, including evidence that some forms are at high risk for father-child incest, she challenges the media-driven depiction of plural marriage as uniformly abusive and harmful to women. She shows how polygamist families can provide both economic security and social sustenance for some women, and how the authority of the husband can be undermined by the stresses of providing for multiple wives and children. Going beyond the media’s obsession with the sexual aspects of polygamist marriage, Bennion offers a rich description of familial, social, and legal contexts. Throughout, she makes the case for legalizing polygamy in order to allow greater visibility and regulation of the practice.

Brandeis University Press
May 376 pp., 6 illus., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x 978-1-61168-262-5 Paper, $35.00 s 978-1-61168-263-2 Ebook, $24.99 978-1-61168-296-0 women’s studies

HBI Series on Gender, Culture, Religion, and Law

janet bennion is a professor of anthropology and sociology at Lyndon State College. Her most recent book is Desert Patriarchy: Mormon and Mennonite Communities in the Chihuahua Valley.

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New Titles


University Press of New England

Affect and Reading Badly in the Early American Public Sphere michael millner
An intricate account of how the early U.S. public sphere was shaped by debates over “good” and “bad” forms of reading, including pornographic reading, scandal reading, and religious reading

Fever Reading

University of New Hampshire Press
June 208 pp., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x 978-1-61168-242-7 Paper, $35.00 s 978-1-61168-243-4 Ebook, $29.99 978-1-61168-244-1 literary criticism / american

Drawing on a rich archive of scandal chronicles, pornography, medical journals, religious novels, and popular newspapers, as well as more canonical sources, Michael Millner examines the panics and paranoia associated with “bad reading” in the United States from the late eighteenth century to the Civil War. Weaving into his analysis a model of emotion recently developed in cognitive psychology, he provides the back-history to our presentday debates about “bad” reading and shows how these debates—both in the past and in the present—are in part about the shape of the public sphere itself.

michael millner is an assistant professor of American studies and English at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Becoming Modern: New Nineteenth-Century Studies

also of interest

New England Intellectuals and the Varieties of American Identity
AN DR EW TAYLOR Paper, $29.95 s 978-1-58465-863-4

Thinking America


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New Titles


University Press of New England
University of New Hampshire Press
July 304 pp., 10 illus., 6B/i x 9W" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x 978-1-61168-275-5 Paper, $39.95 s 978-1-61168-276-2 Ebook, $34.99 978-1-61168-277-9 literary criticism / american

Transatlantic Women

Essays on Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers and Great Britain edited by beth l. lueck, brigitte bailey, and lucinda l. damon-bach
Highlights the social and textual complexity of the transatlantic world for American women writers

In this volume, fifteen scholars from diverse backgrounds analyze American women writers’ transatlantic exchanges in the nineteenth century. They show how women writers (and often their publications) traveled to create or reinforce professional networks and identities, to escape strictures on women and African Americans, to promote reform, to improve their health, to understand the workings of other nations, and to pursue cultural and aesthetic education. Presenting new material about women writers’ literary friendships, travels, reception and readership, and influences, the volume offers new frameworks for thinking about transatlantic literary studies.

Becoming Modern: New Nineteenth-Century Studies

beth l. lueck is an associate professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. brigitte bailey is an associate professor of English at the University of New Hampshire. lucinda l. damon-bach is a professor of English at Salem State University.

also of interest

Cultures of Femininity in Modern Fashion

Edith Wharton and the Making of Fashion
Paper, $40.00 s 978-1-61168-218-2 K ATH ER I N E JOSLI N

Emily Dickinson and the Labor of Clothing
Cloth, $35.00 s 978-1-58465-780-4 DAN EEN WAR DROP

Cloth, $35.00 s 978-1-61168-001-0

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New Titles


University Press of New England

Religion and Jewish Identity in the Soviet Union, 1941–1964
mordechai altshuler
Unearths the roots of a national awakening among Soviet Jews during World War II and its aftermath

Jews Welcome Coffee

Tradition and Innovation in Early Modern Germany robert liberles
A lively look at how coffee affected Jewish life in early modern Germany

This illuminating study explores the role of religious institutions in the makeup of Jewish identity in the former Soviet Union, against the backdrop of the government’s antireligion policies from the 1940s to the 1960s. Foregrounding instances of Jewish public and private activities centered on synagogues and prayer groups—paradoxically the only Jewish institutions sanctioned by the government—Altshuler dispels the commonly held perception of Soviet Jewry as “The Jews of Silence” and reveals the earliest stirrings of Jewish national sentiment that anticipated the liberation movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

mordechai altshuler is professor emeritus in The Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Tracing the introduction of coffee into Europe, Robert Liberles challenges long-held assumptions about early modern Jewish history and shows how the Jews harnessed an innovation that enriched their personal, religious, social, and economic lives. Focusing on Jewish society in Germany in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and using coffee as a key to understanding social change, Liberles analyzes German rabbinic rulings on coffee, Jewish consumption patterns, the commercial importance of coffee for various social strata, differences based on gender, and the efforts of German authorities to restrict Jewish trade in coffee, as well as the integration of Jews into society.

robert liberles holds the David Berg and Family Chair in European History at Ben Gurion University in Beersheva.
Brandeis University Press
July 328 pp., 6B/i x 9W" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x • 978-1-61168-271-7 Paper, $35.00 s • 978-1-61168-272-4 Ebook, $29.99 • 978-1-61168-273-1 jewish studies

Brandeis University Press
April 216 pp., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x • 978-1-61168-245-8 Paper, $35.00 s • 978-1-61168-246-5 Ebook, $29.99 • 978-1-61168-247-2 jewish studies

Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry

Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry


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University Press of New England

Germany’s Prophet

Paul de Lagarde and the Origins of Modern Antisemitism ulrich sieg
A provocative and disquieting portrait of Bible scholar and founder of modern German antisemitism Paul de Lagarde


The Future of the Jewish Past yehuda kurtzer
Offers a roadmap for revitalizing the connection between the Jewish people and the Jewish past

Recognized in his own time and also today as a leading scholar of the origins and development of the Septuagint and its sources, Paul de Lagarde (1827–1892) was a vituperative German nationalist and an antisemite whose writings inspired the National Socialist (Nazi) ideology. An influential and controversial public thinker, he invoked an authentic Germanness that encompassed religion and a national ethos to counter the threat posed by the Jews and liberalism. His appeals to a “secret Germany” eventually resonated with modern conservative revolutionaries and notable antisemites from Julius Langbehn and Houston Stewart Chamberlain to Alfred Rosenberg and Adolf Hitler himself.

Modern Jews tend to relate to the past through “history,” which relies on empirical demonstration and rational thought, rather than through “memory,” which relies on the nonrational architectures of mythology. By now “history” has surpassed “memory” as a means of relating to the past, a development that falls short in building identity and creates disconnection between Jews and their collective history. Kurtzer seeks to mend this breach. Drawing on key classical texts, he shows that “history” and “memory” are not exclusive and that the perceived dissonance between them can be healed by a selective reclamation of the past and a translation of that past into purposefulness.

ulrich sieg is professor of philosophy at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany.
Brandeis University Press
June 368 pp., 6B/i x 9W" Cloth, $39.95 s • 978-1-58465-755-2 biography / jewish studies

yehuda kurtzer is president of The Shalom Hartman Institute of North America.

Brandeis University Press
April 184 pp., 5V x 8V" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x • 978-1-61168-230-4 Paper, $29.95 s • 978-1-61168-231-1 Ebook, $27.99 • 978-1-61168-232-8 jewish studies

Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry

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University Press of New England

The Besht

Magician, Mystic, and Leader immanuel etkes
now in paperback
Now available in English, a provocative new biography of the founder of Hasidism

Through the Sands of Time

A History of the Jewish Community of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands judah m. cohen
now in paperback
An enlightening look at a unique and remarkable Jewish community

Founded in Eastern Europe in the eighteenth century, the Hasidic movement and its religious thinking have dramatically transformed modern Judaism. Ba’al Shem Tov (or the BeSHT)—the purported founder of the Hasidic movement—has fascinated scholars, Jewish philosophers, and laypeople interested in popular Jewish mysticism in general and the contemporary Hasidic movement in all its variety. Etkes sheds light on Ba’al Shem Tov, on his mysticism, and on his close circle of followers, examining him not only from the vantage point of a social historian, but as a religious figure. The Besht who emerges in these pages is much more down to earth, much more a man of his times.

In 1796, the Jews of St. Thomas founded the first Jewish congregation on the Caribbean island. Through the Sands of Time is a beautifully researched historical portrait of this unusual and tenacious group of Jews. Beset with frequent fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, epidemics, economic depressions, and political upheavals, the Jews of St. Thomas have survived into the twenty-first century, with their synagogue–the oldest synagogue in continuous use under the American flag–being host to a Jewish religious service every week.

immanuel etkes is the Bella and Israel Unterberg Professor of History of the Jewish People and Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.
Brandeis University Press
February 368 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $40.00 s • 978-1-61168-308-0 Ebook, $34.99 • 978-1-61168-306-6 jewish studies / biography

judah m. cohen earned a PhD from Harvard in the field of ethnomusicology. He has had a long-term interest in the Jews of the Virgin Islands.

Brandeis University Press
February 330 pp., 15 illus., 6 x 9" Paper, $35.00 s • 978-1-61168-309-7 Ebook, $29.99 • 978-1-61168-297-7 jewish studies

Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry

Brandeis Series in American Jewish History, Culture, and Life www.upne.com · 800.421.1561


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University Press of New England

Fertility and Jewish Law

Feminist Perspectives on Orthodox Responsa Literature ronit irshai
A comprehensive comparative study of Jewish law on contemporary reproductive issues from a gender perspective

Self-Determination and Women’s Rights in Muslim Societies
edited by chitra raghavan and james p. levine
An interdisciplinary anthology on the intersections of gender, Islam, and law

This book presents, from the perspective of feminist jurisprudence and feminist and liberal bioethics, a complete study of Jewish law (halakhah) on contemporary reproductive issues such as birth control, abortion, and assisted fertility. Irshai examines these issues to probe gender-based values that underlie the interpretations and determinations reached by modern practitioners of halakhah. Her primary goal is to tell, through common halakhic tools, a different halakhic story, one that takes account of the female narrative and its missing perspective.

ronit irshai is an assistant professor in the gender studies program at Bar Ilan University and a lecturer in the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is also a research fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.
Brandeis University Press
June 328 pp., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x • 978-1-61168-239-7 Paper, $39.95 s • 978-1-61168-240-3 Ebook, $34.99 • 978-1-61168-241-0 jewish studies / women’s studies

Contradicting the views commonly held by westerners, many Muslim countries in fact engage in a wide spectrum of reform, with the status of women as a central dimension. This anthology counters the myth that Islam and feminism are always or necessarily in opposition. A multidisciplinary group of scholars examine ideology, practice, and reform efforts in the areas of marriage, divorce, abortion, violence against women, inheritance, and female circumcision across the Islamic world, illuminating how religious and cultural prescriptions interact with legal norms, affecting change in sometimes surprising ways.

chitra raghavan is an associate professor of psychology in the John Jay College of Criminal Justice of The City University of New York. james p. levine is the former dean of research and professor emeritus of criminal justice at John Jay College.
Brandeis University Press
July 312 pp., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x • 978-1-61168-279-3 Paper, $35.00 s • 978-1-61168-280-9 Ebook, $29.99 • 978-1-61168-281-6 women's studies / islam

HBI Series on Gender, Culture, Religion and Law HBI Series on Jewish Women www.upne.com · 800.421.1561

HBI Series on Gender, Culture, Religion, and Law


New Titles


University Press of New England

Identity Thieves

Motives and Methods heith copes and lynne m. vieraitis
The first book to examine identity theft from the offender’s perspective

The Future of Batterer Programs

Reassessing Evidence-Based Practice edward w. gondolf
A critical assessment of the research related to batterer programs with recommendations for heightened engagement of men, ongoing risk management, and better coordination of courts and services

Although identity theft is one of the fastest growing economic crimes in the United States, researchers have devoted little attention to understanding identity thieves. Basing their work on interviews with 59 inmates in federal prison for a variety of identity theft crimes, Copes and Vieraitis use criminological and sociological theories to gain insight into the cognitive, behavioral, and organizational aspects of identity theft. They also offer policy recommendations to reduce the everincreasing threat of this crime.

heith copes is an associate professor in the department of justice sciences, University of Alabama, Birmingham. lynne m. vieraitis is an associate professor in the criminology program at the University of Texas, Dallas.

Batterer programs are at a critical juncture: A handful of experimental program evaluations show little or no effect from the prevailing program approach, a finding that has prompted calls to overhaul or replace such programs. Gondolf examines batterer research in light of the push for “evidence-based practice” and advocates a progressive evolution of batterer intervention as it currently stands. Cautioning against the call for programs based on a “new psychology,” he argues that current cognitive-behavioral approaches are appropriate for most cases, with the addition of ongoing risk management for severely violent men. Overall, he promotes a broader picture of batterer intervention and advocates better implementation of the basic principles established in the criminal justice field.

edward w. gondolf is director of research, Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Northeastern University Press
April 192 pp., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x • 978-1-55553-786-9 Paper, $35.00 s • 978-1-55553-767-8 Ebook, $29.99 • 978-1-55553-768-5 criminology

Northeastern University Press
April 336 pp., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x • 978-1-55553-769-2 Paper, $35.00 s • 978-1-55553-770-8 Ebook, $29.99 • 978-1-55553-771-5 criminology

Northeastern Series on Gender, Crime, and Law


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University Press of New England

The Death of the American Death Penalty

States Still Leading the Way larry w. koch, colin wark, and john f. galliher
An up-to-date study of state-level developments regarding the death penalty

The death penalty has largely disappeared as a national legislative issue and the Supreme Court has mainly bowed out, leaving the states at the cutting edge of abolition politics. As with their previous volume, America Without the Death Penalty (Northeastern, 2002), the authors of this completely new volume concentrate on the local and regional relationships between death penalty abolition and numerous empirical factors, such as economic conditions; public sentiment; the roles of social, political, and economic elites; the mass media; and population diversity. They highlight the recent abolition of the practice in New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Illinois; the near misses in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maryland, and Nebraska; the Kansas rollercoaster rides; and the surprising recent decline of the death penalty even in the deep South. Abolition of the death penalty in the United States is a piecemeal process, with one state after another peeling off from the pack until the tragic institution finally fades away. This book tells you how, and why, it will likely happen. It’s an essential guide to understanding the changing political and cultural challenges to capital punishment at the state level.

Northeastern University Press
July 256 pp., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x 978-1-55553-780-7 Paper, $29.95 s 978-1-55553-781-4 Ebook, $27.99 978-1-55553-782-1 criminology / death penalty

also of interest

larry w. koch is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Michigan, Flint. colin wark is an assistant professor of psychology and sociology at Texas A&M University, Kingsville. john f. galliher is a professor of sociology at University of Missouri, Columbia.

The American Death Penalty and the Founders’ Eighth Amendment
Cloth, $39.95 978-1-55553-716-6 Ebook, $27.99 978-1-55553-717-3 JOH N D. B ESSLER

Cruel and Unusual

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University Press of New England

Travels in Intermedia[lity]

ReBlurring the Boundaries edited by bernd herzogenrath
The cooperation and collaboration between media, art forms, and cultural studies

Framed Spaces

Photography and Memory in Contemporary Installation Art monica e. m ctighe
A study of the relationship between photography and installation art

How do fiction, film, music, the Internet, and plastic, performative, and fine arts negotiate their shapes, formats, and contents in our contemporary world? More important, how does their interaction shape their techniques of representation, strategies of communication, and forms of reception? In the light of these ongoing interactive (and intermedial) processes, the fields of cultural studies and American studies are challenged to restructure and reorganize themselves. Less interested in the mere fact of traditional art forms meeting new media such as film, video, and digital arts, the collection concentrates on the ways in which the fundamental theoretical constructs of the media have forever changed. This book offers the latest in global intermedial studies, including discussions of digital photography, comics and graphic novels, performance art, techno, hypertext, and video games.

While earlier theorists held up “experience” as the defining character of installation art, few people have had the opportunity to walk through celebrated installation pieces from the past. Instead, installation art of the past is known through archival photographs that limit, define, and frame the experience of the viewer. McTighe argues that the rise of photographic–based theories of perception and experience, coupled with the inherent closeness of installation art to the field of photography, had a profound impact on the very nature of installation art, leading to a flood of photography– and film–based installations. With its close readings of specific works, Framed Spaces will appeal to art historians and theorists across a broad spectrum of the visual arts.

bernd herzogenrath is a professor of American studies at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Dartmouth College Press
June 280 pp., 15 illus., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x • 978-1-61168-259-5 Paper, $39.95 s • 978-1-61168-260-1 Ebook, $34.99 • 978-1-61168-261-8 film, tv, visual culture / criticism

monica e. m c tighe is an assistant professor of art and art history at Tufts University.
Dartmouth College Press
May 248 pp., 29 illus., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x • 978-1-61168-205-2 Paper, $35.00 s • 978-1-61168-206-9 Ebook, $29.99 • 978-1-61168-251-9 art criticism / modern art

Interfaces: Studies in Visual Culture

Interfaces: Studies in Visual Culture www.upne.com · 800.421.1561


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University Press of New England

Dissent, Empire, and Globalization john muthyala
An original critique of the idea of American empire in the twenty-first century

Dwelling in American

Globalization is not the Americanization of the world, argues John Muthyala. Rather, it is an uneven social, cultural, economic, and political process in which the policies and aspirations of powerful nation-states are entangled with the interests of other empires, nation-states, and communities. Dwelling in American: Dissent, Empire, and Globalization takes up a bold challenge, critiquing scholarship on American empire that views the United States as either an exceptional threat to the world or the only hope for the future. It does so in order to provincialize America, to understand it from outside the borders of nation and location, and from inside the global networks of trade, power, and culture. Using comparative frames of reference, the book makes its arguments by examining the work of a diverse range of writers including Arundhati Roy (War Talk, Power Politics), Azar Nafisi (Reading Lolita in Tehran), and Thomas Friedman (The World Is Flat). This is an original, complex, and often bracingly counterintuitive critique of the idea of American empire that will appeal to anyone interested in understanding the complexities of globalization.

Dartmouth College Press
July 248 pp., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $85.00 x 978-1-61168-248-9 Paper, $29.95 s 978-1-61168-249-6 Ebook, $27.99 978-1-61168-250-2 american history / criticism

john muthyala is an associate professor of English and department chair at the University of Southern Maine. He is the author of Reworlding America: Myth, History, and Narrative.

Re-Mapping the Transnational: A Dartmouth Series in American Studies

also of interest

Re-Framing the Transnational Turn in American Studies
EDITED BY WI N FR I ED FLUC K, DONALD E. PEASE, AN D JOH N CAR LOS ROWE Paper, $35.00 s 978-1-61168-190-1 Ebook, $29.99 978-1-61168-191-8

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University Press of New England

Dartmouth College Press · The Collected Writings of Rousseau
roger d. masters and christopher kelly, series editors
More than two hundred years after the death of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, many of the works of the French philosopher and political theorist have been either unavailable in English or poorly translated. The Collected Writings of Rousseau is the only standard English edition of Rousseau’s major works. Each text is supplemented with extensive editorial notes, clarifying Rousseau’s references and citations. Each is also keyed to the standard French edition of Rousseau’s works, the Pléiade edition of the Oeuvres complètes, an innovation of great convenience to scholars who wish to consult a passage in the original.

“Students of Rousseau lacking a knowledge of French will long be in the debt of Masters and Kelly . . . [The Collected Writings of Rousseau] provides welcome assistance to Rousseau scholars by alerting teachers and students alike to the controversy Rousseau’s writings ignited as well as to the dominant opinions against which he struggled. Each volume in the series will interest general readers, students at all levels, and teachers; and each is needed in any serious library collection.” Choice

now in paperback and ebook
Letter to Beaumont, Letters Written to the Mountain, and Related Writings
April 312 pp., 3 illus., 6B/i x 9W" Paper, $55.00 s • 978-1-61168-292-2 Ebook, $39.99 • 978-1-61168-074-4


April 356 pp., 6B/i x 9W" Paper, $45.00 s • 978-1-61168-287-8 Ebook, $39.99 • 978-1-61168-285-4

now in ebook
Essay on the Origin of Languages and Writings Related to Music
April 656 pp. Ebook, $39.99 • 978-1-61168-127-7

April 736 pp. Ebook, $39.99 • 978-1-61168-288-5

The Confessions and Correspondence, Including the Letters to Malesherbes

April 288 pp. Ebook, $39.99 • 978-1-61168-283-0

The Plan for Perpetual Peace, On the Government of Poland, and Other Writings on History and Politics

For all volumes and formats of The Collected Writings of Rousseau, visit www.upne.com/series/CWR.html


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Hood Museum of Art

Men of Fire

José Clemente Orozco and Jackson Pollock
The first scholarly foray into the artistic relationship between the Mexican muralist and the American abstract expressionist

Nature Transformed

Edward Burtynsky’s Vermont Quarry Photographs in Context edited by juliette bianco and pieter broucke
An interdisciplinary study framing Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s quarry images

In 1936, Jackson Pollock traveled to Dartmouth College to view José Clemente Orozco’s mural The Epic of American Civilization, which had been unveiled in Baker Library two years earlier. The deep impact that the imagery of these frescoes had on the young artist is demonstrated by the drawings and oil paintings that Pollock made after this visit. In these works Pollock explored myth, ritual, and the creative and destructive power of fire in ways directly inspired by Orozco’s art. The essays in this volume will examine the importance that Orozco’s work had for Pollock during this pivotal moment in his career and bring together for the first time the work of two of the most famous artists of the twentieth century. Contributors: mary k. coffey is associate professor of art history, Dartmouth College. sharon lorenzo is a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania. lisa mintz messinger is associate curator, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. stephen polcari is professor of art history, Chapman University.

Quarries constitute one of the most important subjects in celebrated artist Edward Burtynsky’s photographic oeuvre. His images of the Vermont quarries, both active and abandoned, are particularly striking as works of art but also allude to the storied history of the northern New England marble and granite industry. This volume will feature Burtynsky’s photographs of these quarries, some reproduced for the first time, within a geological and historical context that includes the impact of Italian stoneworkers upon the communities of Rutland and Barre.

juliette bianco is assistant director, Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College. pieter broucke is professor of history of art and architecture and associate curator of ancient art, Middlebury College. ilaria brancoli busdraghi is visiting lecturer in Italian, Middlebury College. kirsten hoving is Charles A. Dana Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Middlebury College. gary johnson is professor of earth sciences, Dartmouth College.
Edward Burtynsky, Rock of Ages #25, Abandoned Section, Adam-Pirie Quarry, Barre, Vermont, 1991, photograph.

Jackson Pollock, American, 1912–1956, Untitled (Bald Woman with Skeleton), about 1938–41, oil on Masonite attached to stretcher. Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College: Purchased through the Miriam and Sidney Stoneman Acquisitions Fund; 2006.93.

April 120 pp., 75 color illus., 8 x 10" Paper, $24.95 s • 978-0-944722-42-8 art history

April 96 pp., 50 color illus., 8 x 10" Paper, $24.95 s • 978-0-944722-43-5 photography / new england history / geology

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Adelson Galleries · Mylan Publishing

Once Upon an Island
Stephen Scott Young in the Bahamas william h. gerdts


50 Years of Unconventional Success john seaman and john t. landry
The story of Mylan, one of the world’s leading generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies

A richly illustrated compendium of the artist’s work in the Bahamas

Celebrated for his meticulously finished watercolors, Stephen Scott Young is perhaps best known for his works painted in the Bahamas. This volume looks back over the artist’s 25-year career painting there, from his earliest depictions of Bahamian subjects to the present day, encompassing portraits, landscapes and still lifes, as well as his distinctive images of Bahamian children playing marbles in various island locales.

william h. gerdts is professor emeritus of art history, City University of New York, and author of over 25 books on American art.

Founded in 1961 by two entrepreneurs with a keen sense of the marketplace, Mylan helped to create an industry from scratch—and then led the way as that industry grew rapidly in the following decades. The rise of generic pharmaceuticals was not inevitable, though. Countless barriers threatened to slow their acceptance. Mylan’s disciplined attention to quality—combined with a willingness to break with convention even after its early successes— enabled the company to overcome these barriers. Published in Mylan’s fiftieth anniversary year, this book explains how one unconventional company learned to survive and thrive in the highly regulated, hyper-competitive world of generic pharmaceuticals.

john seaman , a partner of The Winthrop Group, is a professional historian and writer. He is the author or coauthor of numerous books and articles, including A Citizen of the World. john t. landry , a senior consultant with The Winthrop Group and is a contributing editor for Harvard Business Review.

June 150 pp., 125 color illus., 10 x 11V" Cloth, $50.00 s • 978-0-9815801-4-2 art / contemporary art

April 184 pp., 29 color illus., 6 x 9" Cloth, $29.95 • 978-1-61168-269-4 Ebook, $24.99 • 978-1-61168-270-0 medicine / pharmacology


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Chipstone Foundation

American Furniture 2011
edited by luke beckerdite
An annual publication forging a link between social history, American studies, and the decorative arts

March 304 pp., 269 illus., 8V x 11" Cloth, $65.00 s 978-0-9767344-9-9 decorative arts & material culture / furniture

Acknowledged as the journal of record in its field, American Furniture presents new research on furniture design, use, production, and appreciation. Begun in 1993, this award-winning annual provides a comprehensive forum on furniture history, technology, connoisseurship, and conservation by the foremost scholars in the field. It is the only interdisciplinary journal devoted exclusively to furniture made or used in the Americas from the seventeenth century to the present.

American Furniture Annual

included in the 2011 edition:
• Editorial Statement—luke beckerdite • From Millbach to Mahantongo: Fraktur and Furniture in Southeastern Pennsylvania—lisa minardi • The Nottingham School of Furniture—wendy cooper and mark anderson • Felix Huntington and the Furniture of Norwich, Connecticut, 1770–1800—thomas p. kugelman • Documentary Evidence of Painted Seating Furniture: Late Colonial and Federal Periods—nancy goyne evans • Book and Exhibition Reviews • Bibliography

luke beckerdite is editor of American Furniture and a decorative arts scholar living in Williamsburg, Virginia.

also of interest

American Furniture 2009
Cloth, $65.00 s 978-0-9767344-5-1 EDITED BY LU KE B EC KER DITE

American Furniture 2010
Cloth, $65.00 s 978-0-9767344-7-5 EDITED BY LU KE B EC KER DITE

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Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

The Relic

A Novel josé maria de eça de queirós
translated by aubrey f. g. bell preface by harold bloom

Maiden and Modest

A Renaissance Pastoral Romance bernardim ribeiro
translated by gregory rabassa preface by earl e. fitz

A satiric masterpiece, one of the funniest novels in European literature, and a profound critique of religion, science, and history

The first Iberian pastoral romance, a feminine narrative that is a revealing meditation on love and longing

The Relic is an irreverent fictional autobiography narrating the picaresque adventures of Teodorico, a Portuguese playboy determined to be the heir of his absurdly pious, sexually repressed, and tyrannical Auntie. Sent to the Holy Land, he returns with the “relic of relics” in hopes of persuading Auntie to bequeath her vast fortune to him. While in Jerusalem, Teodorico has a vision in which he witnesses Christ’s trial and crucifixion and the founding of Christianity—with a twist. “The Relic is a work of absolute comic genius, an invention provocative of outrageous laughter.” Harold Bloom “The Relic is here preserved with all its subtle wit and wisdom in a masterful rendition.” Gregory Rabassa

Modern readers will be surprised by Ribeiro’s complex treatment of love and longing in Maiden and Modest (1554), because his narrative of suffering and unhappy love is told from the perspective of female protagonists. Indeed, a strikingly feminist note infuses the entire narrative, which also contains both autobiographical aspects and traces of the Cabala and Zohar. A self-conscious narrative that explores issues of gender, identity, and sexuality, Maiden and Modest makes a significant contribution to the development of the European novel. This is an essential book for readers of sixteenth-century literature and scholars of European fiction, sixteenthcentury European studies, Renaissance studies, comparative literature, Jewish studies, women’s studies, and feminist fiction.

josé maria de eça de queirós (1845–1900), Portugal’s foremost novelist of the nineteenth century, is the author of The Maias and The Correspondence of Fradique Mendes.
May 240 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $19.95 • 978-1-933227-35-1 Ebook, $14.99 • 978-1-933227-38-2 fiction / classics / portuguese literature

bernardim ribeiro (1482?–1552?), likely a Jewish “New Christian,” was a prominent Portuguese Renaissance writer and courtier. gregory rabassa is the preeminent translator from the Spanish and Portuguese.
June 128 pp., 6 x 9" Cloth, $19.95 • 978-1-933227-37-5 fiction / classics / portuguese literature

Adamastor Series

Adamastor Series www.upnebookpartners.com · 800.421.1561


Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

Home Is an Island
A Novel alfred lewis

Sixty Acres and a Barn
A Novel alfred lewis
edited by frank f. sousa preface by donald warrin A western, agrarian novel that conjures the world of the small dairy farms of California and the Portuguese immigrants who worked them

The life of a Portuguese boy on an island in the Azores up to his coming-of-age and departure for America

Originally published by Random House in 1951, Alfred Lewis’s Home Is an Island narrates the life of a boy on an island in the Azores up to his coming-of-age in love and literature, and his eventual departure for America. The location of this story halfway between Portugal and the United States is reflected in the portrayal of the boy’s early-twentieth-century village, divided between those who honor Portugal’s seafaring past and those who have been smitten by the American Dream. This book will appeal to readers interested in Portuguese American literature, island literature, immigration, literary themes of reverie, and America in the literary imagination. Praise for Home Is an Island (1951): “One does not often find a novel that reads like a poem, that tells a simple story in a simple prose, and yet is heroic, a novel of importance.” Patricia Highsmith

Sixty Acres and a Barn tells the captivating coming-of-age story of Luis Sarmento, an immigrant from the Azores who finds in America tolerance, prosperity, and emotional fulfillment. This fascinating slice of immigrant life in California dairy farming explores in lyrical, realistic, and insightful prose the obstacles faced by those who live in insular enclaves between cultures. Sixty Acres and a Barn will appeal to readers interested in Portuguese American literature, ethnic literature, immigrant literature, California regional literature, and dairy farms. “Lewis’ style and quality of the narrative is most refreshing. Some of his descriptive passages, in the pellucid simplicity and rich imagery, ring with the lyricism of poetry.” New York Times Book Review “It is hoped that Mr. Lewis will inspire other descendants of Camoens . . . to take up the pen, to explore and relate the story of the Portuguese pioneers in California.” San Francisco Chronicle

alfred lewis (1902–1977), born on the mid-Atlantic island of Flores, immigrated to California in 1922. He is the author of Sixty Acres and a Barn: A Novel.
April 240 pp., 6 x 9" Cloth, $24.95 • 978-1-933227-36-8 fiction & literature / portuguese american literature

alfred lewis (1902–1977), born on the mid-Atlantic island of Flores, immigrated to California in 1922, studied law, and eventually served as a municipal judge in the San Joaquin Valley. He is the author of Home Is an Island.
April 176 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $19.95 • 978-1-933227-39-9 fiction & literature / portuguese american literature

Portuguese in the Americas Series www.upnebookpartners.com · 800.421.1561

Portuguese in the Americas Series


Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

The Marriage of the Portuguese
sam pereira
foreword by frank x. gaspar

Economies of Relation

Money and Personalism in the Lusophone World edited by roger sansi-roca
A collection of provocative and insightful essays on the representations of money in Brazil and the Lusophone world

expanded edition
Offering the dilemma of the hyphenated American, these poems speak from a place of beauty between two worlds, the old and the new

Pereira’s poems evoke times past. They are replete with images of seas, both literal and metaphorical—earth’s oceans and the troubled waters of emotion. He maintains the dignity his ancestors demanded, while intentionally courting life’s risks. “The poems, original and new, are fresh, timely, and subversive-noir adventures set in whiskeylight and bloodlust. . . . Sam Pereira is an essential voice in American poetry.” M. L. Williams “I’ve been an admirer of Sam Pereira’s poetry for thirty years now, marveling constantly at his intelligence and humor, his bravado and high style.” David St. John

“Money does not bring happiness.” For Roberto Da Matta, in Carnivals, Rogues, and Heroes (1979), this saying embodies the ambivalence surrounding money in Brazil, a legacy of a Lusophone cultural tradition that privileges personal relationships over impersonal commodified exchange. This volume of Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies questions this tradition from the perspective of different disciplines. Does money stand in contrast to personal relations? And, if so, is this really particular to Lusophone or, more widely, Latin cultures—as opposed to, say, AngloAmerican cultures or Protestantism generally? This book will be of interest to scholars in anthropology, history, literary criticism and Luso-Brazilian studies.

sam pereira ’s books include Brittle Water and A Café in Boca. He lives and teaches in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

roger sansi-roca holds a PhD in anthropology from the University of Chicago and is a senior lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is the author of Fetishes and Monuments: Afro-Brazilian Art and Culture in the 20th Century (2007).
March 550 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $39.95 s • 978-1-933227-14-6 essays / luso-brazilian studies

April 96 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $14.95 • 978-1-933227-34-4 poetry / portuguese american literature

Portuguese in the Americas Series

Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies


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Vermont Folklife Center

UPNE Welcomes Vermont Folklife Center
For more than twenty years, the mission of the Vermont Folklife Center has been to gather and record the voices and stories of Vermonters. An archive of more than 4000 oral tales inspired the Vermont Folklife Center Children’s Book Series, which captures the color and spontaneity of the most unforgettable stories and preserves them for learning and enjoyment. Regional in origin, universal in nature, these true stories: • • • • • Feature real people and real places Create history readiness for ages 6-10 Stimulate discussion with background information and activities Offer intergenerational appeal Encourage families to pass on their own stories “A venture that appears to be the first of its kind in the country . . . By transforming local history into something that appeals to children, the Center is breathing new life into dusty old social history . . . these stories are a valuable tool.” Boston Globe

michael medearis and angela shelf medearis

Daisy and the Doll

Alec’s Primer
mildred pitts walter
illustrated by larry johnson

paintings by larry johnson

A powerful lesson in identity and self-affirmation

A rare first-hand account of the power of literacy in a freed slave’s life

“The honest text, coupled with affecting paintings . . . will give children a deeper sense of what real beauty means.” Booklist
Paper, $7.95 • 978-0-916718-23-7

“The power of this escape story, which is based on true events, is in the realistic detail about a child under slavery and in the storytelling that passes on the history.” Booklist
Cloth, $15.95 • 978-0-916718-20-6

The Two Brothers
paintings by michael donato

John and Tom
The true tale of a young logger who is saved by his remarkable Morgan horse
paintings by bert dodson

william jaspersohn

willem lange

Brings American history alive in a moving immigrant tale

“A worthy addition to immigration literature.” School Library Journal
Cloth, $15.95 • 978-0-916718-16-9

“Highly recommended!” (starred review) Library Talk
Cloth, $15.95 • 978-0-916718-17-6

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Chaucer Press Books

The Easy Way

A Novel stan weisleder
A Hollywood writer learns what’s important in life after becoming a cop with the L. A. Sheriff’s Department

April 280 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $20.00 978-1-884092-19-0 fiction & literature

also of interest

Howard Farrell once was a successful screenwriter who’s now having trouble creating stories and impressing studio executives. Adding to his woes, his wife, Renee, decides to leave him, and his dog, Jakey, dies. Preoccupied with his problems, Howard hits a police car on the road and winds up in traffic court. Spotting a recruiting poster for the Los Angeles Sheriff ’s Department, he realizes that’s a way to come up with new script ideas. Since he’s fiftyish and fat, everyone thinks he’s crazy, but he signs up, nonetheless, for the training program for reserve officers. Although he finds the tests hellish and has an antagonistic relationship to B. J. (Bridget-Jolene) Dexter, his chief instructor, he survives the program and finds himself assigned to real-life crime cases. On one case, he and B. J. become sexually involved. Then Howard learns that his former talent agent and best friend, Murray Abromowitz, who recently joined an old friend in a business venture, has been killed by vicious thugs. Howard is assigned to work on the case and soon discovers it involves a dangerous sex trafficking operation that Murray unwittingly became involved with, after thinking he was working for a transportation company. Howard’s law enforcement experiences cause him to reassess his life, put his screenwriting ambitions in perspective, and discover what is really important to him as a person.

stan weisleder heads his own actuarial consulting firm with offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and is a Reserve Deputy with the Los Angeles Sheriff ’s Department, assigned to the Special Victims Bureau as a Detective. He is the author of two recently published novels, The Trees and A Killer of Lions, both published by Chaucer Press Books.
A Killer of Lions The Trees

A Novel Based on the Heroic Deeds of the Tuskegee Airmen
STAN WEISLEDER Paper, $20.00 978-1-884092-18-3

A Novel

Paper, $22.95 978-1-884092-13-8


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Gordian Knot Books

Getting Relief from Persistent Jaw, Ear, Tooth, and Headache Pain donald r. tanenbaum, dds, mph, and s. l. roistacher, dds
Solutions for chronic facial pain by leading specialists in pain management

Doctor, Why Does My Face Still Ache?

This groundbreaking book explains why millions of Americans with persistent headaches, toothaches, jaw pain, and other debilitating facial pain can’t find relief—even after seeing many doctors in search of a solution. The problem is that most physicians and dentists look for injury or disease to explain the pain but ignore the relationship between emotions and muscles, which compose most of the face. While the mind-body connection has been applied to treat back, heart, skin, and gastrointestinal pain, this is the first book to clearly explain how the brain initiates bodily changes that result in persistent facial pain. Case studies describe the authors’ methods to relieve patients’ pain, from teaching about the “brain-pain” connection to prescribing pain-relieving medications and technologies. This book will not only benefit people with chronic pain but also physicians and dentists insufficiently trained to diagnose persistent facial pain or unable to explain to patients why stress and emotions have fueled their suffering. “Drs. Roistacher and Tanenbaum offer both patients and doctors the perspectives and approaches best suited for helping those with chronic orofacial pain. ” Samuel F. Dworkin, DDS, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Washington

May 150 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $20.00 978-1-884092-96-1 health & fitness / medicine & public health

also of interest

donald r. tanenbaum maintains a private practice in New York and holds university and hospital appointments. He is a Past President of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain and received a DDS and MPH degree from Columbia University. s. l. roistacher , a founding member of the International Association for the Study of Pain and the American Pain Society, for over 30 years chaired the Department of Dental Medicine, Queens Hospital Center, New York, and the committee on chronic headache pain. He received his DDS degree from New York University.

Essays by Robert U. Massey, M.D.

Reflections on Medicine

Paper, $21.95 978-1-884092-98-5

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Academia Press

Eighteenth-Century Poetry
edited by sandro jung
A niche journal of literature and culture that seeks to publish excellent and innovative studies of the poetry of the long Eighteenth Century and its contexts

The journal of Eighteenth-Century Poetry is published twice a year, in summer and winter, in association with the Centre for the Study of Text and Print Culture, Ghent University, by Academia Press. The publication aims to fill a niche among journals of eighteenth-century literature and culture and seeks to publish innovative studies of the poetry of the eighteenth century and its contexts. Each volume explores the poetry of the period in the light of the history of ideas, genre, social and cultural history, book history, the publishing trade, and print culture.
Available now Paper Annual subscription (two issues): $54.00 s ISSN: 2034-2144 poetry / poetry criticism

Editorial Board: Gerard Carruthers, University of Glasgow; J. Paul Hunter, University of Virginia, Charlottesville; Claudia Tomas Kairoff , Wake Forest University; James E. May, Penn State University; Steven Newman, Temple University; Bill Overton, University of Loughborough; John Richetti, University of Pennsylvania; Ian Campbell Ross, Trinity College Dublin; David Shuttleton, University of Glasgow; Patricia Meyer Spacks, University of Virginia, Charlottesville; Linda Zionkowski, Ohio State University

included in the summer 2011 issue:
• Edward Young and the Abyss: Is Night Thoughts a Poem Written for a Destitute Time?—carson bergstrom • Love and Omnipotence: Night Thoughts, the Great Awakening, and Physico-Theology—wayne ripley • Young and the Ars Moriende: Contemplative Method in Night Thoughts—rodney stenning edgecombe • What the “Most Learned Woman” in America Did with Doctor Young—rodney mader • Collected Editions of The Complaint: Or, Night-Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality to 1765—james e. may Editor sandro jung is a scholar at Ghent University, Belgium. Reviews Editor carson bergstrom is a scholar at University of Salford, Manchester, UK.


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Academia Press

The Structure of the Lexicon

Incorporating a cognitive approach in the TCM lexicon, with applications to lexicography, terminology and translation

Electronic Power Control
Volume 1: Power Electronics jean pollefliet

marcel thelen

One of the few scholarly attempts to reconcile a generatively-based approach to the structure of the lexicon with the cognitive approach of Cognitive Grammar

An indispensable companion for engineers and other specialists in the field of power electronics

In this book, Marcel Thelen combines the syntax-based structuring principles and the resulting lexicon according to TCM (TwoCycle Model of Grammar) with the more contemporary cognitive interpretation of the lexicon and mental structures of Cognitive Grammar as developed by Langacker. He discusses issues such as nature/types and applies his insights to the ontological status of concepts, the nature of conceptual structure and polysemy, as well as to other disciplines such as Lexicography, Terminology and Translation. The modified TCM model that emerges is then compared with Cognitive Grammar on the points of centrality of syntax vs. iconicity, generation of structures vs. inventory of ready-made structures, and transformations vs. links. The conclusion is that these form the most difficult obstacles to remove for further reconciliation.

Power electronics plays an important role in daily life. The wide variety of electrical devices that we now take for granted, such as computers, mobile phones and portable multimedia, use power electronics, but its influence is hardly noticed. Electronic Power Control is an excellent base for explaining the principles and applications of power electronics, but also gives particular attention to new technologies. This work has been extended with recent applications of power electronics such as high frequency inductive heating, improving the power factor (PFC), lighting, wind turbines, and much more. It also fully explains electronic engine control and electrical positioning systems and electrical machinery.

jean pollefliet was a university teacher for many years and is a best-selling author in Flanders and the Netherlands.

marcel thelen is a senior lecturer of terminology and translation and head of the School of Translation and Interpreting of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Available now 282 pp., 131 illus., 6 x 9" Paper, $35.00 s • 978-90-382-1826-7 language studies / linguistics Available now 500 pp., 300 illus., 8V x 11" Cloth, $45.00 s • 978-90-382-1791-8 physics / electricity

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Wesleyan University Press

When Magoo Flew
The Rise and Fall of Animation Studio UPA adam abraham


The Hollywood Comedies of Frank Tashlin ethan de seife
The longoverdue study of an important American filmmaker

The story of the renegade artists who brought modern art to the world of animation

High art, popular culture, labor unions, and red-scare paranoia combine in this first booklength study of the pioneering 1950s cartoon studio UPA (United Productions of America). Formed by a nucleus of artists who left the Walt Disney Studio after a bitter strike, UPA produced films that were innovative and graphically bold—the cartoon equivalent to modern art. The book features cameo appearances by James Thurber, Dr. Seuss, Orson Welles, Judy Garland, Jim Backus, and Woody Allen. Includes a select filmography. “This splendid, and long-overdue, book traces the colorful history of the studio that sought to reinvent American animation. Abraham has done his homework and weaves the individual stories of UPA’s many artists and personalities into a seamless and highly readable narrative." Leonard Maltin

Frank Tashlin (1913–1972) was a supremely gifted satirist and visual stylist who made an indelible mark on Hollywood and American popular culture in the 1950s—first as a talented animator working on Looney Tunes cartoons, then as muse to film stars Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, and Jayne Mansfield. This book provides insights into such classic films as Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, The Girl Can’t Help It, Artists and Models, The Disorderly Orderly, and Son of Paleface, as well as numerous cartoons starring Porky Pig and others. Includes a complete filmography. “Well, it’s about time! Frank Tashlin, one of America’s greatest yet unheralded comedy geniuses, is rescued from comparative obscurity by Tashlinesque, an admiring chronicle of his influential work from animated cartoons to live action comedy classics.” Joe Dante, director

adam abraham has written for film, television, and theatre, and he has taught at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He lives in England.
March 324 pp., 72 illus. (20 color), 6B/i x 9W" Cloth, $29.95 • 978-0-8195-6914-1 Ebook, $14.99 • 978-0-8195-7270-7 film, tv, visual culture / animation

ethan de seife is an assistant professor of film studies at Hofstra University. He is the author of the book, This Is Spinal Tap.
March 280 pp., 53 illus., 6 x 9" Cloth, $35.00 • 978-0-8195-7240-0 Ebook, $16.99 • 978-0-8195-7241-7 film, tv, visual culture / animation

Wesleyan Film


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Wesleyan University Press

Always in Trouble

An Oral History of ESP-Disk’, the Most Outrageous Record Label in America jason weiss
You never heard such sounds in your life

Reel History

The Lost Archive of Juma Sultan and the Aboriginal Music Society stephen farina
ebook exclusive
Striking visual account of jazz in the 1960s and 1970s

In 1964, Bernard Stollman launched the record label ESP-Disk’ (short for “Esperanto Disko”) to document the free jazz movement. ESP went on to produce albums by artists as diverse as Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, Giuseppi Logan, The Fugs, Pearls Before Swine, Timothy Leary, William Burroughs, and Charles Manson. Due to the politically subversive nature of some productions and sloppy business practices, the label folded in 1974—only to relaunch thirty years later. The story of ESP-Disk’ is told through a multitude of voices, and includes interviews with Stollman, Amiri Baraka, Gato Barbieri, Milford Graves, Roswell Rudd, Sirone, Sonny Simmons, James Zitro, Tom Rapp, Sunny Murray, and many more. The result is a fascinating account of the music and the times. “. . . one of the best accounts I’ve seen of a chaotic, bizarre, and thrilling time.” John Szwed, author of Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World

In this engaging hybrid ebook—a blend of oral history and graphic novel—Stephen Farina finds “Juma Sultan” in a local phonebook. After an initial meeting at a roadside diner, Juma takes Steve and a fellow researcher to a decrepit barn, which, amazingly, contains a treasure trove of reel-to-reel audio tapes and 16mm films of jam sessions and jazz performances from the 1960s and 1970s. As the men go through the boxes and begin the painstaking process of preservation, Juma recalls the players, places, and time period when free jazz exploded then fused with the political momentum of the Civil Rights era. Reel History’s expressive and glowing black-and-white illustrations are augmented by audio clips and haunting silent video from Juma Sultan’s unique archive. This is an invaluable history for jazz historians and fans in the digital age. “Placing the story of Juma Sultan’s lost tapes and career into the context of the cultural archetype of ‘lost music,’ Farina imparts to his own vision quest a universal significance that readers will find fascinating.” Ted Gioia, author of The History of Jazz

jason weiss is a freelance writer, editor, and translator. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
May 304 pp., 42 illus., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $75.00 x • 978-0-8195-7158-8 Paper, $24.95 • 978-0-8195-7159-5 Ebook, $11.99 • 978-0-8195-7160-1 music / jazz

stephen farina is the chair of the Communication & Media Department of Clarkson University.
May 300 pp., 300 illus. Ebook, $16.99 • 978-0-8195-7285-1 music / jazz


Music/Interview www.upnebookpartners.com · 800.421.1561


Wesleyan University Press

Animals Erased

Discourse, Ecology, and Reconnection with the Natural World arran stibbe
A linguist explores our relationships with animals and the natural world

Hidden in Plain Sight

A Deep Traveler Explores Connecticut david k. leff
The art of discovering cultural and natural treasures in everyday landscapes

Animals are disappearing, vanishing, and dying out—not just becoming extinct, but being erased from our consciousness. In this thoughtprovoking book, Arran Stibbe explores the many ways in which language—in animal-product industry manuals, school textbooks, ecological reports, media coverage of environmental issues, and animal rights polemics—affects our relationships with animals and the natural world. Drawing on the traditional culture of Japan, Animals Erased opens possibilities for those who want to know about discourses and their implications for animals, ecology, and sustainability in the twenty-first century. “Amazingly clear and incisive readings of a wide range of discourses related to animals and ecology. With an impressive eye for detail and the ‘big picture,’ Stibbe gives real insights into the relationship between language, values, and actions.” Karla Armbruster, coeditor of Beyond Nature Writing

Every day we encounter a variety of landscapes and objects, either ignoring them or looking without interest at what appears to be just a tree, stone, non-descript building, or dirt road. “Deep traveler” David K. Leff reveals the rich stories behind many of Connecticut’s overlooked landmarks, from the Merritt Parkway and Cornwall’s Cathedral Pines to roadside rock art and centuries-old milestones. Seeing the magic in mundane places enriches our daily life with a sense of place and inspires us to protect and make those places better. Includes photographs and ways to find these hidden treasures across the state and in our own backyards. “Zinkies and Gungywamp, barns and brownstone pits, Leff ’s meditative exploration inviegles and delights.” John R. Stilgoe, Harvard University

arran stibbe is a senior lecturer in the Humanities Department at the University of Gloucestershire.
April 232 pp., 12 illus., 6 tables, 6 x 8W" Unjacketed cloth, $70.00 x • 978-0-8195-7231-8 Paper, $24.95 • 978-0-8195-7232-5 Ebook, $19.99 • 978-0-8195-7233-2 linguistics / human ecology

david k. leff is the author of The Last Undiscovered Place, Deep Travel, and two volumes of poetry. He lives in Collinsville, Connecticut.

June 260 pp., 20 illus., 5V x 8V" Cloth, $24.95 • 978-0-8195-7281-3 Ebook, $11.99 • 978-0-8195-7282-0 travel & tourism / connecticut

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Wesleyan University Press

Fly Fishing in Connecticut
A Guide for Beginners kevin murphy

Sunken Garden Poetry
1992–2011 edited by brad davis

An indispensible guide to fly fishing in Connecticut

A poetry anthology celebrating the first 20 years of the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival

This informative and entertaining book imparts a wealth of knowledge about fly fishing in Connecticut. Anglers will learn everything they need to know about the state’s trout hatcheries and stocking programs, and how to distinguish between brook, brown, and rainbow trout. Novice anglers will appreciate the easy-tofollow instructions on the basics of fly fishing, including stream tactics and casting, as well as tips on stream conservation, fly fishing etiquette, regulations, safety, tackle, and even a few recipes. “I’ve often waded into the ancient streams of Connecticut on a pristine summer or autumn day and thought, ‘This is trout heaven with a New England accent.’ Fly Fishing in Connecticut is the next best thing to landing a tiny mayfly on a promising riffle on one of the many promising streams of the Nutmeg State.” Tom Brokaw

Since 1992, the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival has welcomed nationally acclaimed poets to the picturesque landscape of Hill-Stead Museum, a National Historic Landmark in Farmington, Connecticut. In the spirit of the festival’s mission to nurture the art of poetry, the anthology features young and emerging poets alongside established poets, including Lucille Clifton, Billy Collins, Carolyn Forche, Yusef Komunyakaa, Maxine Kumin, James Merrill, Marilyn Nelson, Grace Paley, and Richard Wilbur. In addition to a rich selection of poetry, the book features an illustrated introduction to the history of the festival by Rennie McQuilkin and Lary Bloom, as well as an appendix listing all festival dates, poets, and musicians for each year. “The Sunken Garden Poetry Festival is a little paradise for poetry.” Galway Kinnell

kevin murphy is an independent historian and writer who lives in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. He is the author of Water for Hartford and Crowbar Governor.
April 160 pp., 30 illus., 6 x 9" Paper, $19.95 • 978-0-8195-7283-7 Ebook, $9.99 • 978-0-8195-7284-4 fishing / connecticut

brad davis teaches creative writing at College of the Holy Cross, and edits Hill-Stead’s online poetry journal Theodate.

June 200 pp., 10 illus., 6 x 9" Cloth, $24.95 • 978-0-8195-7290-5 Paper, $16.95 • 978-0-8195-7291-2 Ebook, $9.99 • 978-0-8195-7292-9 poetry

Garnet Books www.upnebookpartners.com · 800.421.1561

Garnet Books


Wesleyan University Press

Eleven More American Women Poets in the 21st Century

The Great Camouflage

Poetics Across North America edited by claudia rankine and lisa sewell
The ideal introduction to eleven of today’s most engaging women poets

Writings of Dissent (1941–1945) suzanne césaire

edited by daniel maximin translation and introduction by keith l. walker A new and complete English translation of Suzanne Césaire’s seven essays

Eleven More American Women Poets in the 21st Century includes generous selections of poetry by some of the best poets of our time, as well as poetics statements and incisive critical essays. Focusing on the work of American and Canadian poets, among the insightful pieces in this volume are essays by Karla Kelsey on Mary Jo Bang’s modes of artifice, Christine Hume on Carla Harryman’s kinds of listening, Dawn Lundy Martin on M. NourbeSe Phillip (for whom “english / is a foreign anguish”), and Sina Queyras on Lisa Robertson’s confoundingly beautiful surfaces. A companion web site will present audio of each poet’s work. Also includes work on and by: Lucille Clifton, Kimiko Hahn, Erín Moure, Laura Mullen, Eileen Myles, Joan Retallack, C.D. Wright.

The Great Camouflage contains the seven articles Suzanne Césaire wrote for the cultural journal Tropiques during the politically and culturally repressive years of the Vichy Regime in Martinique. A pivotal but long-ignored pioneer of the Negritude movement, Césaire engages anthropology, aesthetics, surrealism, history, and poetry as she grapples with questions of power and deception, self-deception, identity and inauthenticity, and cultural zombification. The collection also includes short pieces from others who wrote passionately about Césaire, or with her, including André Breton, André Masson, René Ménil, Daniel Maximin, and her husband, Aimé Césaire, and daughter, Ina Césaire.

claudia rankine is the Henry G. Lee Professor of English at Pomona College. lisa sewell is a professor of English at Villanova University.
February 424 pp., 6 x 9" Unjacketed cloth, $80.00 x • 978-0-8195-7234-9 Paper, $24.95 • 978-0-8195-7235-6 Ebook, $19.99 • 978-0-8195-7236-3 poetry / poetry criticism / women’s studies

suzanne césaire (1915–1966) was a French author from Martinique. daniel maximin is a Guadeloupean novelist, poet, and essayist. keith l. walker is a professor of French and Italian at Dartmouth College and author of Countermodernism and Francophone Literary Culture.
May 156 pp., 3 illus., 5V x 8V" Unjacketed cloth, $60.00 x • 978-0-8195-7088-8 Paper, $18.95 • 978-0-8195-7275-2 essays / french literature

American Poets in the 21st Century


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Wesleyan University Press


pura lópez colomé

What Is Amazing
heather christle
Poems stunned by the world and their presence in it

translated by forrest gander Intimate, intense poems forge a language for life when life is at stake

In her most recent book, Watchword—the winner of the Villaurrutia, Mexico’s most esteemed literary prize—acclaimed poet Pura López Colomé writes of life at its brink with fierce honesty and an unblinking eye. This work shares the darkness, intensity, and skeptical hope of Thomas Hardy’s great poems, with flashes of secular mysticism, sparked from language itself. In the energy and intensity of her work and in her exhilarating words, we discover both a line of conduct and the source for a richer life. This bilingual edition features the poems en face in Spanish and English.

“Both Dante and Dickinson preside over Watchword, Pura Lopéz Colomé’s brilliant ‘notes that day by day gather / something profound and “These sly, nimble notations of consciousness feel gentle, eternal, / melodious, imagined, maternal…’ like pages from a secret notebook, but they’re She reminds us just how worldly the otherworldly oddly bold and forthright, too. Christle is a kind is. Forrest Gander’s translation rings flawless and of psychic seismograph, recording the major and true.” minor tremors that ripple through her awareness, and her poems are wide awake.” John Ashbery Mark Doty pura lópez colomé is the author of several books in Spanish. forrest gander is a noted heather christle has taught at Emory poet and translator. He teaches at Brown University and the University of Massachusetts– University. Amherst. She lives in Northampton,
This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. February 176 pp., 6 x 9" Cloth, $24.95 • 978-0-8195-7118-2
north american sales only

Possessed of a voracious curiosity about humans and other subjects, the poems in Heather Christle’s What Is Amazing invent and navigate worlds in an attempt to understand through participation. The book draws upon the wisdom of foolishness and the logic of glee, while simultaneously exploring the suffering inherent to embodied consciousness. These poems explore how we come to recognize and differentiate objects and beings, how their surroundings reveal them, and how wholly each is attached to its name. What Is Amazing delights in fully inhabiting its varied forms and voices, singing worlds that coincide and collide with our own.

Massachusetts, and is the author of The Difficult Farm and The Trees The Trees.
February 88 pp., 6 x 9" Cloth, $22.95 • 978-0-8195-7277-6 Ebook, $9.99 • 978-0-8195-7278-3 poetry


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Wesleyan Poetry


Wesleyan University Press

Starboard Wine

More Notes on the Language of Science Fiction samuel r. delany
foreword and introduction by matthew cheney

The Time Ship

A Chrononautical Journey enrique gaspar

translated and with an introduction by yolanda molina-gavilán and andrea l. bell Globe-trotting scientists pursue immortality and love in the world’s first time machine

revised and expanded edition
The long-awaited reissue of a classic work of science fiction criticism

In Starboard Wine, Samuel R. Delany explores the implications of his now-famous assertion that science fiction is not about the future. Rather, it uses the future as a means of talking about the present and its potentiality. By recognizing a text’s specific “difference,” we begin to see the quality of its particulars. The book features incisive analyses of works by Joanna Russ, Robert Heinlein, Theodore Sturgeon, and Thomas M. Disch. “Starboard Wine remains one of the three or four most important critical statements ever made about science fiction. No one with a serious interest in the field should be ignorant of it.” Carl Freedman

Enrique Gaspar’s El anacronópete—“He who flies against time”—arrived eight years before H. G. Wells’s The Time Machine. A classic tale of obsession, high adventure, and star-crossed love, Gaspar’s lively novel follows Dr. García as he unveils a new invention which looks like a giant sailing vessel, and embarks on a voyage back in time to find the imprisoned wife of a third century Chinese emperor, believed to possess the secret to immortality. Includes intricately drawn illustrations from the original 1887 edition, a critical introduction, and notes. “What an amazing discovery! Add Gaspar to the list of inventors of science fiction, and place him high.” Andy Sawyer, University of Liverpool Library

samuel r. delany is an acclaimed novelist and critic who teaches at Temple University. matthew cheney is a columnist for Strange Horizons and writes regularly for his weblog, The Mumpsimus.
July 280 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $27.95 • 978-0-8195-6884-7 Ebook, $21.99 • 978-0-8195-7294-3 literary criticism / science fiction

enrique gaspar (1842–1902) was a Spanish diplomat and pioneer of social theater. yolanda molina-gavilán is a professor of Spanish at Eckerd College. andrea l. bell is a professor of Spanish and Latin American studies at Hamline University.
July 240 pp., 52 illus., 5V x 8V" Unjacketed cloth, $70.00 x • 978-0-8195-7238-7 Paper, $24.95 • 978-0-8195-7293-6 Ebook, $19.99 • 978-0-8195-7239-4 fiction & literature / science fiction

Early Classics of Science Fiction


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Wesleyan University Press

the new black
evie shockley
now in paperback
A profound and uplifting meditation on the meanings of race and belonging in America

Money Shot

rae armantrout
now in paperback
Pulitzer Prize– winning poet searches for new ways to understand the world in the wake of the Great Recession

Smart, grounded, and lyrical, Evie Shockley’s the new black integrates powerful ideas about “blackness,” past and present, through the medium of beautifully crafted verse. the new black sees our racial past inevitably shaping our contemporary moment, but struggles to remember and reckon with the impact of generational shifts. The poems embrace a formal ambiguity that echoes the uncertainty these shifts produce, while reveling in language play that enables readers to “laugh to keep from crying.” “In these remarkable new poems Evie Shockley seems to step to us wearing an alluring silk gown and steel-toe guerilla boots! She possesses that rare combination of grace and subversiveness. the new black is a book of stunning urgency and invention.” Terrance Hayes

The poems in Money Shot are forensic. Just as the money shot in porn is proof of the male orgasm, these poems explore questions of revelation and concealment. What is seen, what is hidden, and how do we know? Money Shot’s investigation of these questions takes on a particular urgency because it occurs in the context of the suddenly revealed market manipulation and subsequent “great recession” of 2008–2009. This stunning follow-up to Versed—winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award, and a finalist for the National Book Award—is a wonderfully stringent exploration of how deeply our experience of everyday life is embedded in capitalism. “Armantrout is only getting better: these new poems are among her best, and among the most relevant poems now being written.” Publishers Weekly

evie shockley is an associate professor of English at Rutgers University.
This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

rae armantrout is a professor of writing in the literature department at the University of California at San Diego, and the author of ten books of poetry.
This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

March 132 pp., 2 illus., 7 x 9V" Paper, $14.95 • 978-0-8195-7287-5 Ebook, $9.99 • 978-0-8195-7288-2 poetry

July 92 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $14.99 • 978-0-8195-7314-8 Ebook, $9.99 • 978-0-8195-7131-1 poetry

Wesleyan Poetry www.upnebookpartners.com · 800.421.1561

Wesleyan Poetry


Wesleyan University Press

Sam’s Book
david ray
back in print
Eloquent and accessible poems commemorating the “stunning blast” of loss

The Underground Railroad in Connecticut
horatio t. strother
back in print
The story of a “railroad” shrouded in secrecy

When Sam Ray was killed at age nineteen in an accident, his father began writing poetry dedicated to his memory. Sam’s Book is a collection of these elegies and other poems written during Sam’s lifetime. “How should I mourn?” David Ray asks. By recalling poignant events from the past he transcends his grief. He remembers Sam’s first bath, a “holy/Rite”; tying the shoelaces of the “little man”; traveling to Greece, where Sam is “the first…/to see the holy moon.” Ray muses on what he taught Sam and what Sam taught him. Originally published in 1987, Sam’s Book won the 1988 Maurice English Poetry Award. “Heartbreaking poems . . . praise the cycle of life, acknowledge the power of death and express the love of a father for his son.” Andy Brumer, New York Times Book Review

david ray is the author of many volumes of poetry, and has received numerous awards. He taught for many years at the University of Missouri—Kansas City, and now lives in Tucson, Arizona.
Available now 96 pp., Frontis, 6 x 9" Paper, $14.95 • 978-0-8195-6180-0 Ebook, $9.99 • 978-0-8195-7295-0 poetry

This classic text sheds light on one of the leastdocumented movements in Connecticut’s history—the rise, organization, and operations of the Underground Railroad, over which fugitive slaves from the South found their way to freedom. Drawing data from published sources and, perhaps more importantly, from descendants of Underground agents and from oral tradition, Horatio T. Strother tells the story in detail in this book, originally published in 1962. He traces the routes from such entry points as New Haven harbor and the New York state line, through important crossroads like Brooklyn and Farmington. He tells the stories of many fugitives, shows the dangers they faced, and identifies those who operated the system—farmers and merchants, local officials and judges, at least one United States Senator, and many dedicated ministers of the Gospel. Set against the larger background of the development of slavery and abolitionism in America, this volume remains the only booklength study of this critical topic.

horatio t. strother was a professor of history at South Central Community College in New Haven, Connecticut.
April 272 pp., 8 illus., 5V x 8V" Paper, $18.95 • 978-0-8195-6012-4 Ebook, $9.99 • 978-0-8195-7296-7 american history / african-american studies / new england history

Wesleyan Poetry


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Four Way Books

The Pretty Girl

Novella and Stories debra spark

“Twelve bell towers with twelve clocks with twenty-four spindly hands telling the time.”

From Victorian toy theatres to a painting with a mysterious story behind it to a graphic novelist’s battle with the schizophrenia which causes her cartoon characters to march off the page, the novella and six stories in Debra Spark’s fourth work of fiction, The Pretty Girl, revolve around artists, artistry, and the magical—sometimes malicious—deceptions they create. With settings that traverse New York’s Lower East Side, Victorian London, Paris and Switzerland, Spark’s stories twist and turn in mesmerizing ways as they reflect on the fictions we fabricate about and for friends, family, and strangers. In one story, a woman finds her life unexpectedly dramatized on the stage; in another, a couple’s reconnection with a family friend leads to a labyrinth of mysteries and miscommunications. In the tour-de-force “A Wedding Story,” Simon Baal Shem, a charming five-inch rabbi found in a chocolate egg offers life advice in the form of Jewish stories. Gritty and elusive, Spark’s stories work like the best magic tricks, seeming to defy the laws of reality even as they deftly extend and reinvigorate those laws. Readers who love magical realism, illusions, Jewish literature, and art, will be captivated by Spark’s wonderfully textured The Pretty Girl. “Each story is so different than the next […] A strange, illuminating, and compelling book.” Monica Wood

April 330 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $17.95 978-1-935536-18-5 fiction & literature

also of interest

debra spark lives in Maine, and teaches at Colby and Warren Wilson Colleges.

A Novel

Breaking and Entering

Paper, $18.95 978-1-935536-12-3


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Four Way Books

The Always Broken Plates of Mountains
rose mclarney
“We are so harmed we are beautiful…”

How the Losers Love What’s Lost
patrick ryan frank
Winner of the Four Way Books Intro Prize in Poetry

“The one gone thing goes on being gone.”

Set in the Appalachian landscape, Rose McLarney’s debut collection, The Always Broken Plates of Mountains, gives voice to a chorus of speakers, who are at once plainspoken, reverent, and musical. “There is a tenderness that persists” as McLarney explores mountain land and those who live and love and lose on it, and what it means to be faithful—to oneself, to one’s heritage, and to one another. “McLarney’s poems are work of the first order. Unsentimental, empathic, informed by her unerring eye and ear…” Jane Brox

In his prize-winning debut, How the Losers Love What’s Lost, Frank stares, unflinchingly, into the many faces of disappointment and loss: loss of control, perspective, position, a loved one, the self. Exploring a variety of received forms, he inhabits persona after persona of outsiders, both loser and witness for the lost. Frank is “a sly cartographer” of this landscape steeped with human failings and lushly populated by the ‘losers’ who try to live, even thrive, within it. “…one of the best young poets I’ve come across in many years.” Alan Shapiro, judge

rose mclarney raises livestock in rural North Carolina and is the 2010/2011 Joan Beebe Teaching Fellow at Warren Wilson College.

patrick ryan frank lives in Austin, where he is the managing editor of the Bat City Review.

April 80 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-935536-19-2 poetry

April 80 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-935536-20-8 poetry

Stahlecker Selections


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Four Way Books

Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin
patrick donnelly
“my body/ is a mortal moon/ of water”


joan aleshire
“I gripped my strangeness hard/ to feel the pulse in it.”

Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin reflects on the ways love and sex can ruin us—our bodies, our contentment, our sense of self—but can also grant us an almost spiritual knowledge of the human. Structured around the life of a central speaker born into a world where love is a fever, a sickness, Donnelly’s masterful volume moves through deserted New England mill towns, the sexual abandon of the 1980s gay demimonde, and (in several translations) medieval imperial Japan, searching out the spirit that survives ruin. “…an ambitious, winged re-imagining of the possibilities of voice.” Chase Twichell

Happily, Joan Aleshire’s fifth book of poems, examines a childhood of privilege and difference in a remarkable Baltimore family during the 1940s and ’50s. The collection offers vivid glimpses of 20th century history as it explores the trials, challenges and joys of relationships within the family and beyond that have influenced the developing consciousness of a particular self in the world. “Aleshire’s poems are as much sound as sense, and together they don’t so much talk about a vanished time as recreate it with all its many levels of actuality and gradations of emotion.” Stephen Dobyns

joan aleshire teaches in the MFA Program at Warren Wilson College and lives in Vermont.

patrick donnelly is a poet, translator, and teacher living in Massachusetts.

April 108 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-935536-21-5 poetry

April 144 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-935536-22-2 poetry

Stahlecker Selections

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CavanKerry Press, Ltd.

American Rhapsody
carole stone
An elegy to the author’s parents and to America past and present

The One Fifteen to Penn Station
kevin carey
Family, friendships, the fear of uncertainty and the regret and damage from the choices we make

The author’s romanticizing and grieving for her lost parents and America extends from the Prohibition era, its glamour and notoriety, with figures like Warren Harding and Josephine Baker to Enron, urban decay, and illegal immigration. “. . . American Rhapsody is a charming, witty, musical portrayal of American life in the 1920s and ’30s and of its larger impact on the nation today. Stone evokes the sublime of Le Jazz Hot and the seediness of rum-runners, marathon dancers and racketeers. Through it all she muses on the hope and destiny of the American dream, elegizing believers who ‘live / as language / in my inky heart.’ ” Grace Schulman

Poetry that takes us from an urban beachfront in the shadow of the Boston skyline to the halls of a private prep school, from the corner drugstore to the playground basketball court. “Carey’s universe may be set in blue-collar New England, but out of that backdrop, we find a man very much like ourselves trying to hold on to what everyone loses eventually—his children as they grow up, his parents, long-time friends, perhaps, most important of all, his sense of where he thought he was going to be when he was young and what life is for him now.” From the foreword by Maria Mazziotti Gillan

carole stone ’s Traveling with the Dead (Backwaters Press) was published in 2007. Her poems appear in numerous anthologies and journals.

kevin carey writes poetry, fiction, and drama. He is also a teacher, a filmmaker and a seventh grade basketball coach.

March 68 pp., 6 x 9W" Paper, $16.00 • 978-1-933880-28-0 poetry

April 60 pp., 6 x 9W" Paper, $16.00 • 978-1-933880-29-7 poetry

Notable Voices

New Voices


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CavanKerry Press, Ltd.

Motherhood Exaggerated
judith hannan
foreword by alan m. dershowitz introduction by leonard wexler, m.d. When eight-year-old Nadia cracks her jaw on a piece of Halloween candy unmasking a rare bone cancer, mother and daughter are launched on a revelatory journey of treatment, recovery and survival

In the past, the few memoirs about children battling cancer dealt mostly with death and grief. This passionate retelling by a survivor’s mother is about the struggle to help shepherd her child out of illness, towards health and through survival. Now that more children survive cancer, this passionate retelling by the survivor’s mother is required reading; the struggle of helping move the child out of illness. “A child with a life-threatening illness is every mother’s nightmare. Yet Judith Hannan’s memoir, Motherhood Exaggerated, is a beautifully written narrative that every reader will find compelling. This is not just a tale about a mother and daughter on a frightening medical journey but a moving, engaging retelling of the complex bonds and tensions every parent experiences in our relationship with our children.” Mary Gordon “I congratulate Judi for going through these things again in the writing of this book, for it must have been a harrowing experience. . . . And she has made us want to go on and turn every difficult page, to burst through the same bubbles that she bursts through and then finally, perhaps midway through her own life, stand naked in the glory of a new and robustly complicated relationship with herself.” Carly Simon

February 312 pp., 6 x 9W" Paper, $21.00 978-1-933880-27-3 memoir / prose


judith hannan ’s essays have appeared in many publications, among them Woman’s Day, Twins Magazine and The Martha’s Vineyard Gazette.

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Nightboat Books


jessica fisher

This Constellation Is a Name
Collected Poems 1965–2010 michael heller

preface by kimiko hahn
Winner of the Nightboat Poetry Prize

In these haunting lyrics, Fisher weighs the proximity, physical no less than linguistic, of nurture and violence

A landmark volume gathering 45 years of work by one of our leading poets

Jessica Fisher’s second book of poems brings lyric’s intensity of perception to an era of global war while chronicling the everyday motions of new motherhood. In this elegant and elusive work, the inmost moves outward, like sight or voice, into the external world. “Her poems are analytic meditations, their variety and beauty manifestations of extraordinary sensitivity to English syntax.” Louise Glück

From his early spare poems written in Spain to the recent ruminative work exploring language, tradition (often Jewish and diasporic) and the self, this book collects four decades of Michael Heller’s “tone perfect poems” as George Oppen described them. Enriched with the detailed landscapes of the phenomenal world and mind, This Constellation Is a Name confirms Michael Heller’s place at the forefront of contemporary American poetry.

jessica fisher ’s first book of poems, FrailCraft, won the 2006 Yale Younger Poets Award and was a finalist for the Northern California Book Award. She holds a PhD in English from the University of California, Berkeley, and lives in Oakland.

michael heller is a poet, essayist, and critic. He is the author of twenty books, including Living Root: A Memoir, Exigent Futures: New and Selected Poems and Conviction’s Net of Branches, his award-winning study of the Objectivist poets. He lives in New York City.

April 80 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-937658-00-7 poetry

April 504 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $22.95 • 978-1-937658-02-1 poetry


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Nightboat Books

Partially Kept
martha ronk
A meditation on language and loss– and the partial nature of both– from a leading contemporary poet

The Obituary
gail scott
A haunting new novel from the author of My Paris

In Partially Kept, Ronk’s elegiac and lyrical poetry responds to a world marked by transience and loss. Quotations by 17th century essayist Sir Thomas Browne highlight historical shifts in language, creating intertextual poems that consider the botanical world, the art of photography, and philosophy. Ronk’s attention to rhetoric and representation speak to the shifting temporality between one thing and another, between one mind and another. “One of America’s finest poets.” Donald Revell

martha ronk ’s books of poetry include Vertigo, selected by C.D. Wright for the National Poetry Series, and In a landscape of having to repeat, which won the PEN USA Award. She teaches literature at Occidental College and lives in Los Angeles.

In order to traverse a city where identity is tagged by accent, Rosine, Gail Scott’s partIndigenous protagonist, performs an evershifting amalgam, ventriloquizing often suspect voices, both contemporaneous and ancestral. Her inability to claim a legacy becomes a trajectory of disjunctions where place, language, and race are lived through in the most detailed ways, fostering schisms that challenge what narrative has come to mean under the rubric of the “novel.” Though a mystery, possibly involving murder, The Obituary is less a whodunit than an investigation of who speaks when “one” speaks. “A great achievement. I can’t remember when I’ve been so wowed by a book.” Robert Glück

gail scott is the author of essays, manifestos, short stories, and three other novels including My Paris. She teaches at the Université de Montréal.

April 74 pp., 5V x 8V" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-937658-01-4 poetry

May 220 pp., 5V x 8V" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-937658-03-8 fiction & literature

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PressHeader Sheep Meadow Press

Toward Babel: Poems and A Memoir
ilana shmueli
translated by susan gillespie In a single, bilingual volume Shmueli’s poetry, prose, and an important early memoir

Just Look at the Dancers
Canticles, Fumes, Monostichs christopher middleton

A new collection from an incomparable stylist of rare genius and an exacting sensibility

Here are two books in one by an Israeli poet and muse, Ilana Shmueli, who has been known to English readers through her important correspondence with Paul Celan—short poems that can be read as a single, important long poem—loaded with new discoveries— and a memoir of her early life in Czernowitz, Bukovina (the region that gave us Celan, Norman Manea, Nina Cassian, Gregor von Rezzori, and Aharon Appelfeld, et al.), out of which a significant part of her poetry eventually grew.

“Our language has not enjoyed the work of a poet so religious, without the consolations of convention, since the death of Wallace Stevens.” Graham Christian, Harvard Review "Christopher Middleton's rare genius for exact observation and metaphysical wit has given us for over half a century now poems of such brilliant craftsmanship and exacting sensibility that a few critics only have dared to assess their magic. He is an incomparable stylist, a wry ironist, a philosopher of words. The only category in which he fits justly is that of a poet." Guy Davenport

ilana shmueli , born in Czernowitz, Bukovina, lives in Jerusalem. Sheep Meadow published her Correspondence with Paul Celan in spring 2011.

christopher middleton , poet and translator, previously published with Sheep Meadow Press: A Company of Ghosts, The Tenor on Horseback, Tankard Cat, Of the Mortal Fire, The Word Pavilion, and Intimate Chronicles.

March 240 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $19.95 • 978-1-937679-02-6 poetry / memoir

February 144 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-937679-00-2 poetry


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PressHeader Sheep Meadow Press

Between Here and Monkey Mountain
Poems laren m cclung

Pebble & I

Poems john fuller
Arguably the best living English poet at the height of his power

poetry poetry poetry poetry poetry

“McClung’s poetry walks on a tightrope of original knowledge, stretched between irrational poles. Her poetry lives at the center and furthest edges of human experience. Often while reading this book I thought, ‘She’s wrong about that.’ Ten seconds later I thought, ‘No, she’s right.’ Read her poetry, then look in the mirror: you are not the same person. Sometimes her songs are comedy, sometimes tragedy; they are not opposites. Tears and laughter opposites? Many of the poems are mysterious, passionate love poems, and there are war poems.” Stanley Moss

“Fuller’s poetry can be seen to build a bridge of boats between light verse and solemn elegy with the best technique of anyone writing in Britain now.” Peter Porter “John Fuller’s poetry is a remarkable achievement in which knowledge, wit, and complex feeling engage nature and art in an unflagging array of invention. Together, the works are astonishing, and Fuller’s accomplishment seems unrivaled.” John Hollander

laren m c clung , poet and editor, teaches creative writing at NYU. She was born in Philadelphia in 1978 to an Army family.

john fuller , acclaimed poet and novelist, has written seventeen collections of poetry. He is Emeritus Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.

March 64 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $14.95 • 978-1-937679-01-9 poetry

April 96 pp., 5V x 8V" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-937679-03-3 poetry

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PressHeader Sheep Meadow Press

Strange Nursery
Poems esther schor

The Definition of Joy
Poems joy ladin
Breathtaking, rigorous new poems that wrestle with history, myth, devils, angels and self

“Joy Ladin sends spies into the Promised Land.”

The worldly poetry in Strange Nursery confirms the holiness of all living things. This is poetry about savage nativity scenes, the martyrization of rats, hope, passions. Included is a poem that stands, according to Harold Bloom, “as one of a handful of major American longer poems, of middle length, of the last half-century.”

esther schor , educated at Yale, is a poet and Professor of English at Princeton. She won the 2006 National Jewish Book Award.

“Joy Ladin’s The Definition of Joy searches for and finds useful truth and truth you can keep on the shelf for later use, definition and redefinition of self. She plays profoundly with her name and holy names in the temple and synagogues of her sexuality that is also our doing and undoing. Her world that once was secret and private is our world, far as Uganda, close as a kiss. She sends spies into the Promised Land.” Stanley Moss

joy ladin ’s previous books published by Sheep Meadow Press are Coming to Life, Transmigration, The Book of Anna, and Alternatives to History.

April 128 pp., 9 x 6V" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-937679-04-0 poetry

June 96 pp., 6 x 9" Paper, $15.95 • 978-1-937679-05-7 poetry


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PressHeader Saturnalia Books

My Scarlet Ways
Poetry tanya larkin

The Girls of Peculiar
Poetry catherine pierce

Winner of the Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Denise Duhamel

A stunning new voice of erotic devastation

The newest offering, full of wit and wisdom, from the award-winning author of Famous Last Words

The poems in My Scarlet Ways are, most often, attempts at self-destruction by any means necessary—love, sex, language, God, and ultimately, fantasies of motherhood. With piercing passion and linguistic precision, Tanya Larkin, pursues and retreats from her reader like a poetic Mata Hari, drawing us closer, if only to entice and strike us again in poem after poem. As judge, Denise Duhamel writes, “Larkin is a poet of intelligence and intuition, of wily and wicked wisdom.” My Scarlet Ways is a new and unique addition to American poetry.

tanya larkin was born in Montebelluna, Italy and raised in Pennsylvania. She attended Columbia University and the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and is a recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant. She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts and teaches at The New England Institute of Art. Her poems have appeared in Conduit, Quarterly West, Ploughshares, and elsewhere.

In Catherine Pierce’s most peculiar second collection, we enter a world of longing and destruction, of death and rebirth, and of wonderfully odd girls—girls who read too much, who drink too much or not enough, who craft necklaces from earwigs and wring nostalgia from Spiro Agnew. These are poems of questions and restlessness, but also of answers of a sort. As Beth Ann Fennelly writes, “[t]he big themes here—self identity, desire, escape—are illuminated with clarity, scored musically, and enlivened with wit. The Girls of Peculiar is a fabulous book.”

catherine pierce is the author of Famous Last Words (Saturnalia Books, 2008). Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, including The Best American Poetry 2011. She lives in Starkville, Mississippi, where she co-directs the creative writing program at Mississippi State University.

March 80 pp., 5V x 7V" Paper, $14.00 • 978-0-9833686-3-2 poetry

March 80 pp., 5V x 7V" Paper, $14.00 • 978-0-9833686-2-5 poetry

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Marriage of the Portuguese, The, 30 Men of Fire, 25 Money Shot, 43 Motherhood Exaggerated, 49 My Scarlet Ways, 55 Mylan, 26 Nature Transformed, 25 new black, the, 43 Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin, 47 Obituary, The, 51 Once Upon an Island, 26 One Fifteen to Penn Station, The, 48 Partially Kept, 51 Pebble & I, 53 Plan for Perpetual Peace, On the Government of Poland, and Other Writings on History and Politics, The, 24 Polygamy in Primetime, 13 Porches of North America, 9 Pretty Girl, The, 45 Reel History, 37 Relic, The, 28 Religion and Jewish Identity in the Soviet Union, 1941–1964, 16 Sam’s Book, 44 Self-Determination and Women’s Rights in Muslim Societies, 19 Sex, Genes & Rock ’n’ Roll, 4 Shuva, 17 Sixty Acres and a Barn, 29 Starboard Wine, 42 Strange Nursery, 54 Structure of the Lexicon, The, 35 Sunken Garden Poetry, 39 Tashlinesque, 36 This Constellation Is a Name, 50 Through the Sands of Time, 18 Time Ship, The, 42 Toward Babel: Poems and A Memoir, 52 Transatlantic Women, 15 Travels in Intermedia[lity], 22 Two Brothers, The, 31 Underground Railroad in Connecticut, The, 44 Watchword, 41 What Is Amazing, 41 When Dad Came Back, 7 When Magoo Flew, 36 Broucke, Pieter, 25 Burke, Dennis Michael, 5 Carey, Kevin, 48 Cerchiari, Luca, 11 Christle, Heather, 41 Cogbill, Charles V., 8 Cohen, Judah M., 18 Copes, Heith, 20 Cugny, Laurent, 11 Césaire, Suzanne, 40 Damon-Bach, Lucinda L., 15 Davis, Brad, 39 de Seife, Ethan, 36 Delany, Samuel R., 42 Donnelly, Patrick, 47 Etkes, Immanuel, 18 Eça de Queirós, José Maria de, 28 Farina, Stephen, 37 Faucett, Bill F., 10 Fisher, Jessica, 50 Frank, Patrick Ryan, 46 Fuller, John, 53 Galliher, John F., 21 Gaspar, Enrique, 42 Gerdts, William H., 26 Gondolf, Edward W., 20 Haddock, Doris, 5 Hannan, Judith, 49 Heller, Michael, 50 Herzogenrath, Bernd, 22 Irshai, Ronit, 19 Jaspersohn, William, 31 Jung, Sandro, 34 Kerschbaumer, Franz, 11 Koch, Larry W., 21 Kurtzer, Yehuda, 17 Ladin, Joy, 54 Landry, John T., 26 Lange, Willem, 31 Larkin, Tanya, 55 Leff, David K., 38 Levine, James P., 19 Lewis, Alfred, 29 Liberles, Robert, 16 Lueck, Beth L., 15 López Colomé, Pura, 41 Maximin, Daniel, 40 McClung, Laren, 53 McLarney, Rose, 46 McTighe, Monica E., 22 Medearis, Angela Shelf, 31 Medearis, Michael, 31 Middleton, Christopher, 52 Millner, Michael, 14 Moser, Rosemarie Scolaro, PhD, 6 Murphy, Kevin, 39 Muthyala, John, 23 Pereira, Sam, 30 Pierce, Catherine, 55 Pollefliet, Jean, 35 Raghavan, Chitra, 19 Rankine, Claudia, 40 Ray, David, 44 Ribeiro, Bernardim, 28 Roistacher, S. L., DDS, 33 Ronk, Martha, 51 Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 24 Sansi-Roca, Roger, 30 Schor, Esther, 54 Scott, Gail, 51 Seaman, John, 26 Sewell, Lisa, 40 Shmueli, Ilana, 52 Shockley, Evie, 43 Sieg, Ulrich, 17 Soto, Gary, 7 Sousa, Frank F., 29 Spark, Debra, 45 Stibbe, Arran, 38 Stone, Carole, 48 Strother, Horatio T., 44 Tanenbaum, Donald R., DDS, MPH, 33 Tejada, Susan, 3 Thelen, Marcel, 35 Tulenko, Dr. Kate, 1 Vieraitis, Lynne M., 20 Visser, Thomas Durant, 9 Wall, Anji E., 12 Walter, Mildred Pitts, 31 Wark, Colin, 21 Weisleder, Stan, 32 Weiss, Jason, 37 White, Alan S., 8

Ahead of the Game, 6 Alec’s Primer, 31 AlwaysBroken Plates of Mountains, The, 46 Always in Trouble, 37 American Furniture 2011, 27 American Rhapsody, 48 Animals Erased, 38 Besht, The, 18 Between Here and Monkey Mountain, 53 Changing Nature of the Maine Woods, The, 8 Confessions and Correspondence, Including the Letters to Malesherbes, The, 24 Daisy and the Doll, 31 Death of the American Death Penalty, The, 21 Definition of Joy, The, 54 Dialogues, 24 Doctor, Why Does My Face Still Ache?, 33 Dwelling in American, 23 Easy Way, The, 32 Economies of Relation, 30 Eighteenth-Century Poetry, 34 Electronic Power Control, 35 Eleven More American Women Poets in the 21st Century, 40 Essay on the Origin of Languages and Writings Related to Music, 24 Ethics for International Medicine, 12 Eurojazzland, 11 Fertility and Jewish Law, 19 Fever Reading, 14 First Founders, 2 Fly Fishing in Connecticut, 39 Framed Spaces, 22 Future of Batterer Programs, The, 20 George Whitefield Chadwick, 10 Germany’s Prophet, 17 Girls of Peculiar, The, 55 Granny D’s American Century, 5 Great Camouflage, The, 40 Happily, 47 Hidden in Plain Sight, 38 Home Is an Island, 29 How the Losers Love What’s Lost, 46 Identity Thieves, 20 In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti, 3 Inmost, 50 Insourced, 1 Jews Welcome Coffee, 16 John and Tom, 31 Just Look at the Dancers, 52 Letter to Beaumont, Letters Written to the Mountain, and Related Writings, 24 Maiden and Modest, 28

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Brandeis University Press 13, 16, 17, 18, 19 Dartmouth College Press 1, 6, 12, 22, 23, 24 Northeastern University Press 3, 10, 11, 20, 21 University of New Hampshire Press, 2, 4, 5, 8, 14, 15

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Abraham, Adam, 36 Aleshire, Joan, 47 Altshuler, Mordechai, 16 Armantrout, Rae, 43 Bailey, Brigitte, 15 Barton, Andrew M., 8 Beckerdite, Luke, 27 Bennion, Janet, 13 Bianco, Juliette, 25 Bremer, Francis J., 2 Brooks, Rob, 4

Academia Press, 34, 35 Adelson Galleries, 26 CavanKerry Press, Ltd., 48, 49 Chaucer Press Books, 32 Chipstone Foundation, 27 Four Way Books , 45, 46, 47 Gordian Knot Books, 33 Hood Museum of Art, 25 Mylan Publishing, 26 Nightboat Books, 50, 51 Saturnalia Books, 55 Sheep Meadow Press, 52, 53, 54 Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth, 28, 29, 30 Vermont Folklife Center, 31 Wesleyan University Press 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44

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