Instructor: Kirdy Wilson Grade Level: 4-5 grades Activity: Kick Ball Anticipatory Set: Tell the students they

get to play a new type of kickball game today. Objective: Students will perform basic fitness skills, throwing, catching, and hand-eye coordination. Students will be able to run the bases in proper order without missing any or stepping out of the base line. Equipment: Play ball or soccer ball, mats for bases. Teaching Cue: Whistle Education About Game: The teacher will explain how to run the bases in any kickball, softball, or baseball game, such as: the plate you kick from is called home plate After you run up and kick the ball, you run to 1st base. It is important to run to the base and not all over the field students will later be taught about curving around to improve base running speed in older grades. Make sure you touch 1st base with your foot. Next run to second base and touch it with your foot. Next is 3rd base. Yep, you have to touch that one with your foot too. Last you run back to where you kicked from, home plate, and touch it with your foot. The students will be told they have to go back if they miss a base and that they will be out if they run too far out of the base line. (Also note main activity instructions) Warm up: Stretching:
* * * * * * * *

15 jumping Jacks- 3 sets Hop on right (switch Jump up and down on both legs (progressing to different directions Reach down for toes Leg stretches Arm Stretches 10 pushups 3 sets 10 sit-ups 3 sets

* * * * *

Students are paired up and kick back and forth Pairs practice pitching and kicking (switching back and forth) Pairs practice pitching and catching (switching back and forth) Pairs practice throwing back and forth Class comes together in a circle and you kick the ball around the circle practicing control o If successful will make more difficult: Kick only to the partner on your right or left o Jog clock wise while kicking ball around

Organizational Pattern: There are two teams. One team is up to bat while the other team is scattered throughout the field or gym. There are three bases around the gym like in baseball.

If the ball is caught in the air upon being kicked. a. it counts as a strike against the kicker. If a base runner is hit with the ball above the shoulders. Another way the team out in the field can get a kicker out is by touching the kicker with the ball. the kicker has the option to bypass the throw.Checking for Understanding: * * * * * * What base do you kick from? Which way do you run after you kick the ball? What happens if I miss a base? In what order do you run the bases? What happens if you run too far out of the base line? What is the last base you touch? Main Activity: 1. Divide the class into two equal teams. d. However. Three strikes and kicker is out. If the ball is kicked into the field. Alvaro Fernandez . the kicker can also get out by the ball being thrown to first base before the kicker tags it. the kicker is out. 2. b. e. The team with the most runs scored at the end of the game wins. 5. The kicker then attempts to kick the ball out into the field. The pitcher rolls the ball underhand. But if the bypassed ball rolls out of the strike zone. Adapted from: Andrew Perri. 4. Brady Haze. f. it counts as a ball. 3. However. it counts as an automatic base advancement. while he/she is off base. aiming for home plate (the strike zone). The defensive team tries to record 3 outs. either thrown or not. c. Base runners must stay within each base and must run around the bases once without getting out in order to record a run. One team is out in the field and the other team is up to bat. if the bypassed throw rolls over home plate. Four ball and the kicker get a walk to first base.