According to economist Edward N.

Wolff at New York University, In the United States, wealth is highly concentrated in a relatively few hands. As of 2007, the top 1% of households owned 34.6% of all privately held wealth, and the next 19% had 50.5%, which means that just 20% of the people owned a remarkable 85%, leaving only 15% of the wealth for the bottom 80%. The lopsided distribution of the fruit’s of the nation’s labor is an affront to the idea that American citizens portray when they consider the American Dream. What currently passes for the American Dream Is a perversion of the idealistic viewpoint under which it was envisioned; the American Dream is being represented by the obnoxiousness and callous greed present only at the top levels of our nation’s hierarchy. To properly examine the status quo of financial disparity, we need to make a threefold analysis: problem, cause, and tentative solution. The people are done with having to deal with our “natural superiors”; we are done with the only ethic left remaining in this society between man and man being naked self-interest, the callous desire for cash. This ethic has throttled the most chivalrous enthusiasms formerly known among the prosperous, it has eliminated the inherent desire of charitable action, it has drowned philistine sentimentalism, it has ruined and exploited the lives of AMERICAN CITIZENS in the murky bath water of egotistical calculation. To first examine the problem with the status quo of Class Warfare, we have to understand the sentiments of the common man. And according to David Morris, author of ‘Now that we’re in the streets, what are we asking for?’ We’re angry. That is the message the American people are trying to send through the occupy movements, the protests against the banks. The American people are furious in consideration of the distasteful and detrimental combination of unrestrained greed and concentrated wealth. The lower classes, due to societal influence, are forced to take a paycheck sooner as opposed to later. The results of this need for quick cash? Twelve to fifteen million families in the greatest nation in the world have received foreclosure notices. Seven to ten million are unemployed. The poverty rate is at a 17-year high. American men, women and children, being forced to take refuge in municipal centers night after night because of the blatant greed of the 1 percent of this country who intentionally make the decisions that are designed to enrich themselves and impoverish the rest of us. To really understand the idea of the rich getting richer while the poor pay for it we merely need to examine a statistic. In the midst of financial recession in memory, the Forbes list of the richest 400 Americans, in 2009, had average incomes of 227 million dollars. In 2011, to qualify for this list, you must be a billionaire. Once upon a time, the USA had the most prosperous middle class in the history of the world but now that is changing at a blinding pace. Globalism, once the agent of good fortune, has had several unforeseen

for lack of a better word.000 dollars a year. Our officials lie about acting in our interests. But. That man ends up with billions. US laborers are extremely expensive. is good. they just can not compete with people who have to work 10 to 12 hours each and every day for less than a buck an hour. Consider the man who is born into a lower class environment. are no longer equally available to every American citizen. This slippery slope has created a situation where most Americans are finding it difficult to make it. Greed is right.S. the extremely dysfunctional political body known as the United States Congress.” The world is returning to a state of the bourgeois elite and the labor fueled poor after a brief period of prosperity for the middle class. the objectives of equal opportunity. the withdrawal of equal opportunity. gets a degree in medicine and ends up with an annual salary of 200. This leads into the causes of the American Problem. The reality of the matter is that no matter how hard people are working. The redistribution of wealth has to be formatted in a reasonable way and involve taxes. Wealth and power. fewer Americans can afford to go to college. hence. regulations and globalization. Other countries are ahead . The redistribution of wealth is the only possible salvation for our struggling nation. continues to pass rules and regulations that make it even more difficult to conduct business in the United States. Therein lies the travesty in American society. Americans got an education and are usually overqualified to do the job. “Greed. The foremost problem in society is the mindset voiced by the fictional Gordan Gecko. There is only one epiphany in this matter. the job crisis. As a result of this lower salary. The government in this nation needs to address the truth: that the American Middle Class is vanishing. no matter how educated or motivated American workers are. as formerly superior U. There are six unemployed Americans for every job opening in this country. His efforts are pitiful when compared to the rich man who blows off school and then pays someone to invest his money for him. works hard for his entire life.side effects. The American Middle Class is failing. No CEO is going to make the business decision to pay an American worker more to do the same job. workers are slowly being absorbed into the cheaper and larger global labor pool. American’s are being forced to try and raise their families off of the wages given by flipping burgers at McDonalds or by greeting customers at Wal-Mart. due to the greed at the top in this country Americans are finding themselves falling behind. Compared to the rest of the world. Greed has led to the international corporations exploiting third world labor pools over the last 40 years and the American workers who once composed of the middle class are becoming the lower class.

Finland. they should by extension support limited corporate dominance. and once the ball has started rolling.of the curve. Norway. The second part of rehabilitation takes form in stricter regulations for the Financial Industry. The current situation has businesses that are too big to fail when what we should be doing is supporting small business and the American people. Those nine states are Luxembourg. Free Trade should mean more opportunity for all businesses. Now is the time in which we need to stop being the willing subject. Switzerland. The American people are tired of hearing platitudes about job creators. of Bankers. are angry. They need to save the American people. The United States Congress needs to grow up. Denmark. nine European countries currently place ahead of the United States in Gross Domestic Product. We are tired of being the scapegoat of Multinational Corporations. We are angry. They need to heavily tax any financial capitalists who invest in these companies because none of that money is coming back to the American people. The third part of the solution is the concept of globalization. Sweden. and we will not be satisfied with being members of the world’s labor force. and Netherlands. Now is the time in which American Exceptionalism needs to take hold of the lower class American citizen’s dream. If one is an advocate of limited government. People do have the power to change ways of thinking. we stop the financial market from becoming an out of control NASCAR extravaganza. I am not advocating socialism in the United States. there is nothing that can stand in the way of that most idealistic being. There is no denying that we. This plan would start with Taxes. we are showing it. Taxes have become a banned word in our nation’s congress. or Corruption. as Americans. Iceland. The tax solution so far has been to create loopholes so large that even Warren Buffet complains that his secretary pays more taxes than he does. they have done it before. I am advocating for is an appropriate financial plan that would cover a reasonable redistribution of wealth. All of those nations are socialist. . Ireland. They need to learn to compromise. it is time for the American Dream to return to its original state of being. the citizen of the United States of America. According to the CIA World Factbook. By setting up traffic lights and stop signs. We are Americans.

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