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Volume 12 Issue 1

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Kitchen and Dining Hall Finish the final phase of roofing the building, seal the walls with concrete, and put in a cooking stove. (Cost $4,500.00) Missionary QuartersRoof and build in rooms on the back of David Anthony Home of Refuge Abba House. (Cost $8,000.00) Well Solar ProjectThis is a project in partnership with Global Impact Relief. This project is erecting a water tower and pumping water through a filter system and pipes to the water tower which would send it on to the Abba Houses and to the school and garden. (Cost $18,500) Work Training Program Work with Global Impact Relief in developing vocational training, i.e. agriculture, welding to provide children with future job opportunities.

A mission team of twoDavid Grimes and Chad Spencer from New Day Church, Kansas City, Missouri, visited Abba House in Entebbe, Uganda in early November of 2012. David, an architect, and Chad, who works in construction, visited and assisted other Uganda orphanages and made a trip to inspect the Abba House on which the missionary quarters would be added. They provided insight and drew plans for building in the rooms and constructing the roof, so it will all tie in structurally. While there, they saw the need for cleaner water. David purchased two Bio-sand water filter units for the homes. David and Chad also connected us with an orphanage in Tororo where we will be able to Abba House children look on when the water glean helpful information from their program filter systems were received. which will help us enhance our program.

Widow OutreachContinue providing funding for widows and their children.

Widow/Orphan Domestic CenterInitiate a feeding program and continue to explore facilities for and operation of an orphanage for 50 displaced Haitian/street children.

House of Friends provided funds to feed 80 children at a Christian school for destitute and orphaned children in La Vega, Dominican Republic. Moreno, our volunteer representative there, wrote Thank you for making that day for those kids possibleto see the joy in their faces, have no pricemay God bless you. Eighteen of the children were orphans. Plans are in progress to give assistance to the 18 orphaned children.

Friends of House of Friends provided a new home for one of the Jerusalem Church leaders, Jesus, and his family. God is faithful to His. He uses us to help one another. The family was reported to be soooooo grateful!

Le Vega Dominican Republic

At left, a Uganda Christmas tree adorns the table made from stacked bricks. Jessica (center with package) helped give out the special presents provided for each child. At right, (from left to right) Grace, William, Emmanuel, and Allan hold in their hands potatoes purchased for the Christmas meals. Potatoes were a special treat. For breakfast, lower right, potatoes and tea were enjoyed by the children. Below Rachael is enjoying jackfruit. David and Brian wanted to help saw off a pole for a closet Barbara Decker, missionary, was building. Barbara has been nurturing the children more on this trip, but manages to work on small projects. The children begin their day with devotions, led by Barbara. It is very important for the children to know how to live this life as a Christian. To help put the word of God regarding how they are to walk out this life, Barbara gave the children an assignment to memorize Romans 12. She reports that so far, 9 children (Scovia, Emmanuel, Jessica, Hope, Daniel, Jackie, Mariam, Peace, and Agnes) have memorized all 21 verses! Six have memorized the first 13 verses, two the first 5 verses and Dorcus (age 4) and Daphine have memorized two verses.

Native American Outreach This Spring, a trip will be made by Dale and Jeanie Ritter to share the Gospel of love to our
Lakota Sioux friends in South Dakota. No goods will be taken on this trip. John and Dianna Gross and the Ritters will also be making a trip to another reservation in the Northeast to establish relationship and determine what God may have for us to do there.

House of Friends P O Box 228 Alma, MO 64001

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