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Culture audio & video facility, reading and Economy

Climate   cultural exchanges. Exhibitions and

Fengyuan city belongs to the semi- With a considerable history of community events are held on regular During the Japanese occupation
tropical climate. The summers are development, Fengyuan city is rich basis. Coupled with significant artistic period, the city is one of the island's
hot and have plentiful rainfall while in historical and cultural assets, and performances and events, the library three major timber distribution
the winters are dry. The average continue to explore her indigenous serves to enrich the residents' spiritual centers. On account of which,
annual precipitation is around 1900 colors. life and the city's cultural flare. related industries have also fostered,
mm, and temperature averaged 22°C. paving a sound foundation for the
Rain concertrates is the period from The primary cultural institutions of Taichung County region's economic development
April through June. Typhoons occer the city are the municipal library and Cultural Centre both industrially and commercially.
in August and September, fortunately, Taichung County Cultural Centre. The centre belongs to Taichung The economy had transformed from
seldom hit the town directly. The shouldering the responsibilities of County Government. Besides housing agriculture in the early days to today's
climate is temperate and comfortable. exploring the artistic heritage and regular exhibitions and cultural industrialization.
carrying on the cultural legacy. exchanges, international cultural
Population actives are often held here to the With efficient distribution channeling,
Fengyuan City is currently divided into Municipal Library pleasure of the public. Fengyuan is a distribution centre
36 districts and 799 neighbourhoods. Completed at the same time as the for products of neighboring towns,
As of June 2001, the household municipal hall building, the municipal which much added to the booming
registry's statistics shsow 42,706 library first opened to the public in economic development.
households with a total population of May 1991.
161,581. The population distribution The city is equipped with sound
is dense at a rate of 3,923.41 per The library has a floor space of infrastructure in transportation
square kilometer. 448 pings, housing a collection and utilities which has generated
of more than 45,000 volumes. active manufacturing in diverse
The establishment offers book scales, particularly in the sectors of
loans, reference consultation, machinery making, shoe production,
timber processing and motors.
Today Fengyuan houses many
factory facilities, and is developing
in the direction of small and medium
light industry as well as precision
technology. In addition to which, there
are more than ten thousand stores
of wide varieties and some fifty plus
financial institutions. In recent years,
department stores, hypermarkets and
high-tech industry having been taking

roots locally, turning the city into a
metropolis. Geographic Location

Besides industrial activities, agriculture On the North hemisphere (East
remains an important asset to the city. Longitude120, North Latitude24),
Calabash Rice is renowned nation- Fengyuan is located to the mid-west
wide, and is critical economic yield. of Taiwan. To the east, it boarders
Other agricultural products include with the Central Mountains, Tungshih
potato, tangerine, grape and garlic. Town, Shihkang Village and Hsinshe
Village. To the west, it leads to
Shengkung Village, and joins Tantzu
in the south.On the north, it looks
across Tachia River to Holi Village.
The administrative region covers
some 41.1838 square kilometers.

Geology, Terrain
Fengyuan City tilts gradually from
northeastern to southwest. The shape
is wider on the north and narrows
down on the south. The east, west
width is 8.25 kilometers and 6.22
kilometers long. The west plain
boarders on Tachia River and enjoys
rich water resources while Kuanying
Mountain and Pitao Mountain form a natural shield on the east.