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Australasian School Competitions

Dear Parents,
For over 20 years the University of New South Wales has conducted Australasian
Schools competitions and they are now constitute the largest independent assessment
programme in Australia, New Zealand, India , Asia, and the Pacific. In 2006 there
were nearly 2 million entries. A considerable number of Dairy Flat children were
amongst them, on a purely voluntary basis.

The competition provides an opportunity for students to gain a measure of their own
achievement in an external assessment situation. It provides schools and teachers with
comprehensive reporting of results and also gives parents helpful information
regarding their child’s performance in particular tests. All students receive a
certificate and an individual student report indicating which questions they answered
correctly, as well as the average mark for New Zealand The student report highlights
student strengths and weaknesses in each subject entered.

Certificates are awarded for each year level as follows: High Distinction to the top 1%
of entrants each year in New Zealand; Distinction to the next 10%; Credit to the next
20%; Achievement to students who were placed in the top 20% of the year group in
their school and the top 50% in the country, but who have not qualified for a higher
certificate. All other students receive a participation certificate. Top students in a
country receive a medal.
I need to add that we were particularly delighted with the results from this school last
year with a very impressive set of results from our children, including 3 high
distinctions and seven distinctions

Entries can only be made through a school. Further information about these
competitions can be obtained by visiting the website at

The entry fees for 2007 are:

Science, Computer Skills, Mathematics and English all $6.50 each

The Writing competition (marked by experienced markers) $13.00

The Spelling competition at $8.50. (again marked by experienced markers)
The spelling paper consists of one paper given to Year 4 and 5 and one paper given to
Years 6 and 7.

Gary Cain
Australasian School Competitions Entry Form
(Please hand into the school office with payment).Entries can
not proceed until fully paid and must be in before the closing
date. Please note some competitions are held late in term 1.

Name_________________________ Year _____________ Room__________

Test Sitting date Year Entries close Cost Tick to

Levels enter
Science Tuesday 10th Yr 4-13 2 March $6.50
Computer Skills Thursday 29 Yr 4 – 13 2 March $6.50
Mathematics Wednesday Yr 4-13 2 March $6.50
23rd May
English Tuesday 19th Yr 4-13 2 March $6.50
Writing Tues 5th Yr 4-13 2 March $13.00
(argument genre in June
Spelling Tuesday 5th Yr 4-7 2 March $8.50
Total $ (encl)

Signed _________________________ (Parent/Guardian)