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Drawing Botanicals

at Montalvo Art Center


Drawing with Pencils

Value and Shade

Thursday, 3/20/08
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Choosing the direction and source of light

Direction of light affects the extent of the contour shadow,

drama of the artwork
and the length of the cast shadow

Still life as practice for shading a variety of shapes

Reflected light on round objects

Hard edge V.S. soft edge

Shadows on Curves V.S. Facets

Edge enhancement

Draw and shade these objects

A bright yellow Daffodil Exercise-5

For contrast with the background, bright flowers can be drawn dark.
Value Contrast
Cactus blossom: Hard v.s. soft edges and light v.s. dark value

“Sketching your favorite subject in Pen and Ink” by Claudia Nice.

Red is a dark value
Lighten the background for better contrast
Shading and texture of a leaf
Leaf veins and shading
Exercise-5, Building layers of dark value
Shade that pops!
Contrasting value