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Political Philosophy Reading List 2007
Students will be examined on eight authors from the list below. Three of the authors must come from part one (Herodotus to Machiavelli) and five from part two (Hobbes and after). Students may also appeal to be examined on texts/authors not currently included on the list (e.g. Weber). The secondary readings suggested for each author are intended as guides to assist you in gaining knowledge of the primary sources and some of the interpretive and critical debates in contemporary scholarship in political philosophy. They are suggestions only, and may be supplemented or substituted for by other secondary texts. Additional relevant works can be suggested by faculty members. While no secondary reading is required as such, it will be difficult to demonstrate mastery of your selected authors without some sense of how other scholars have read and responded to their works in the past. Students will submit their list of authors/texts to Colleen Amaro prior to taking the exam. Essay questions will be drawn up individually to address the issues of each list.

Part I
Herodotus, The History, Grene translation Norma Thompson, Herodotus and the Origins of the Political Community Seth Benardete, Herodotean Inquiries Francois Hartog, The Mirror of Herodotus James Romm, Heordotus Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War Jacqueline Romilly, Thucydides and Athenian Imperialism David Grene, Man In His Pride Steven Forde, The Ambition to Rule W.R. Conner, Thucydides Hunter Rawlings III, The Structure of Thucydides’ History Adam Parry, Logos and Ergon in Thucydides Plato, Apology, Crito, Republic Julia Annas, Introduction to Plato’s Republic Leo Strauss, “Plato,” The City and Man H.G. Gadamer, Dialogue and Dialectic Charles Griswold, Jr.ed., Platonic Writings, Platonic Readings

Machiavelli and Repulbicanism . eds. Bk. ”Two Kinds of Lawlessness:Plato’s Crito. eds. Nicomachean Ethics. The Political Writings (Gateway).”Political Theory12. Essays on Aristotle’s Ethics Keyt and Miller. ed. or Ostwald translation. Finding the Mean Carnes Lord. 1(1976):195-212 Ann Congleton..James C. D’Entreves or The Political Ideas. Bk. The Politics of Philosophy Bernard Yack. Rorty. The Prince. Klagge and Nicholas D. Author’s Introduction. 27-28.” Political Theory Vol 4. Chap. Hypocrisy and Integrity Maurizio Viroli. Machiavelli Gisela Bock. Chesterton. Smith. Machiavelli J.7 Leo Straus.K. 36-90. The Political and Social Ideas of Saint Augustine Reinhold Niebuhr. Thoughts on Machiavelli Mark Hulliung.. 50-54 Joseph Buijs ed. Guide of the Perplexed.. Politics. Pocock. Machiavellian Moment. 2.chaps. Lord or Everson translation Stephen Salkever. 32. ed. Aquinas: Moral. Methods of Interpreting Plato Arlene Saxonhouse. Ross. and Maurizio Viroli. Natural Law D’Entreves.P. A Companion to Aristotle’s Politics Augustine. Reading Aristotle’s Ethics Michael Davis. Quentin Skinner. ed. Interpreting Maimonides Howard Kreisel.A. Fortune is a Woman Harvey Mansfield. Education and Culture in the Political Thought of Aristotle Aristide Tessitore.“The Philosopher and the Female. Medieval Contribution to Political Theory. 6. Crisp. excerpts from the Summa in either Selected Political Writings.G. Chap. G. Epistle Dedicatory.2(1974)432-446 Aristotle. II. Bigongiari A. Citizen Machiavelli Hannah Pitkin.. The Problems of a Political Animal Amelie O. Machiavelli and the Discourse of Literature Ruth Grant.pp.D’Entreves. Political and Legal Theory Maimonides. III chaps. Maimonides’ Political Thought Machiavelli.”Augustine’s Political Realism” in Christian Realism and Political Problems Aquinas. 1-207 Herbert Deane. Aquinas John Finnis. The Discourses Quentin Skinner. Maimonides: A Collection of Critical Essays Marvin Fox. Machiavelli’s Virtue Victoria Kahn.

Radical Enlightenment Leo Strauss. Spinoza and Other Heretics W. Spinoza.” in Hobbes and Rousseau. Smith. Men and Citizens Jean Starobinski. eds. Introduction in his edition of Two Treatises of Government Richard Ashcraft. Discourse on the Arts and Sciences. The Natural Goodness of Man Robert Wokler.9. Reiss .Part II Hobbes. Political Thought of John Locke. Hobbes Spinoza. Locke’s Two Treatises of Government Montesquieu. Montag and T. Chap. Natural Right and History Chap. Discourse on the Origin of Inequality. Chap. Theologico-Political Treatise. Montesquieu Nannerl Keohane. Second Treastise of Government. Political Treatise (Shirley translation) Steven B. 5 Leo Strauss.8.” in Rationalism in Politics C. “Moral Life in the Writings of Thomas Hobbes. Montesquieu’s Philosophy of Liberalism Judith Shklar. “Founding Fathers: An Age of Reason. Liberalism and the Question of Jewish Identity Etienne Balibar. Social Contract Roger Masters. Letter Concerning Toleration John Dunn. “ The Context of Hobbes’s Theory of Political Obligation.5. Cranston and Peters Richard Tuck. Philosophy and the State in France Rousseau.2.Madison. Macpherson. Possessive Individualism. H.13-17. 5B Peter Laslett. Spinoza’s Critique of Religion Yirmiyahu Yovel.19 C. Stolze (eds) The New Spinoza Locke. 1. The Lost Soul of American Politics. Political Writings. Transparency and Obstruction Arthur Mezler. Rousseau Hamilton. and Jay.B. Spirit of the Laws Louis Althusser. Montesquieu: Politics and History in Politics and History Thomas Pangle.3 Richard Hofstadter. Chap. The Political Philosophy of Rousseau Judith Shklar. Spinoza and Politics Jonathan Israel. Political Theory of Possessive Individualism.” in The American Political Tradition Kant.10. Chap. Leviathan Michael Oakeshott.B. Macpherson. ed. Federalists Papers David Epstein. 2 Quentin Skinner. The Political Theory of the Federalist John Diggins.

J. eds. Adam Smith and the Virtues of Enlightenment Andrew Skinner and Thomas Wilson. Smith. Adam Smith’s Politics I. pp 100-115 Nicholas Phillipson. Mill. Chap. Reconsidering Tocqueville’s Democracy in America Jean-Claude Lamberti. Edmund Burke and the Natural Law. Polity and Economy D. eds. Eisenstadt ed. Happiness. Liberty. On Liberty. “Two Liberal Traditions. Burke. The Theory of Moral Sentiments. Grisowld. “The Scottish Enlightenment” in Enlightenment In National Contexts. Chap. “Tocqueville” Main Currents of Sociological Thought Mill. Hirschman. and Tocqueville Francoise Melonio.S. Kant’s Political Theory William A. Hegel Shlomo Avineri. Tocqueville and the Nature of Democracy Raymond Aron. Winch. 1. The Wealth of Nations Joseph Cropsey.Patrick Riley. Roy Porter and Mikulas Teich. Freedom . Mill Fred Berger. Natural Right and History. “Introduction” to Reflections (Hackett) James Boyd White.G. When Words Lose Their Meaning Articles: Michael Mosher. 6B Bromwich. Tocqueville and the French Larry Siedentop. Essays on Adam Smith Albert O. Utiltarianism Alan Ryan. ed. Justice. 6 Peter Stanlis. Language.” in Alan Ryan. Constructions of Reason Adam Smith.A. The Idea Of Freedom Pierre Manent. Kant and the Philosophy of History Howard Williams. Introduction to the Reading of Hegel Steven B. Democracy in America. Philosophy of Right Raymond Plant. Chap.. Hont and M. Hegel’s Theory of the Modern State Charles Taylor. David Bromwich Hegel. Burke on Empire. Essays on Kant’s Political Philosophy Onora O’Neill. and Reform Pocock. Hegel and Modern Society Alexandre Kojeve. Ignatieff. eds. The Passions and the Interests. Tocqueville and the Two Democracies Alan Kahan. Galston. Hegel’s Critique of Liberalism Tocqueville. and Time. Kant and the Problem of History Yirmiahu Yovel. Wealth and Virtue C. ed. Politics. Reflections on the Revolution in France J. Aristocratic Liberalism: Burckhardt.3 Leo Strauss. Pocock. The Old Regime and the Revolution Abraham S.

Harris and C. Genealogy of Morals: Beyond Good and Evil Robert Solomon ed. Main Currents of Marxism.A. 9 in Origins of Totalitarianism “The Decline of the Nation State and the End of the Rights of Man” George Kateb. Hannah Arendt: The Recovery of the Public World Seyla Benhabib. Genealogy. eds.ed. Heidegger. Martin Heidegger: Politics. Morality Peter Berkowitz. On the Jewish Question: German Ideology (Part I). The Social and Political Thought of Karl Marx Leszek Kolakowski. Art and Technology V. The Human Condition. Hannah Arendt Melvin Hill. 1 G. “What Is Freedom?” “What Is Authority?” “The Concept of Truth” in Between Past and Future.. 294-343. Farias. Nietzsche and the Politics of Aristocratic Radicalism M. pp. Nietzsche. Nietzsche: Life as Literature Richard Schacht ed. The Reluctant Modernism of Hannah Arendt Margaret Canovan.Gertrude Himmelfarb. Chap. Marx-Engels Reader. Karl Marx’s Theory of History Nietzsche.. Reading Nietzsche Bruce Detwiler. Heidegger. 431-438 and “The Eighteenth Brumaire” in Tucker. Heidegger and Nazism P. Hannah Arendt . “Who is Nietzsche’s Zarathustra?” in Nietzsche Alexander Nehamas. pp. Communist Manifesto: Capital in Robert Tucker. Art and Politics Arendt. Lacoue-Labarthe. Nietzsche: The Ethics of an Immoralist Heidegger. Vol. Martin Heidegger and National Socialism K. Shlomo Acineri. Cohen. 594-617. Intellectuals in Politics: John Stuart Mill and The Philosophic Radicals Marx. Jamme. Basic Writings Neske and Kettering. On Liberty and Liberalism Joseph Hamburger.

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