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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) Table of Contents No.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Topic Page Health 1 Environment 2 Education 4 City 6 Gender 7 Hobbies & Interests 7 Economics 8 Work 10 Food 11 Modern English 11 Describing people 13 Idioms to decribs people 14 Legal 14 Vocabulary for Task 1 16 Money 16 Advertising 17 Process 18 Information Technology 18 Words 22 41 44 25 16 22 62 43 44 19 33 9 29 13 22 20 16 18

No. Word 1 Diagnosis a disease 2 Cure/ Treat Meaning ch!n "on b#nh ch$a b#nh Sample Sentence Nurses never diagnose a disease. Nurses make nursing diagnoses only. Her family seeks cure for rare disease. Prophylaxis, requiring greater quantities of factor, is more costly than on-demand therapy. Vietnamese researchers say an increasing number of children are suffering from obesity, partially as a result of doting parents. Malnutrition is a major health problem, especially in developing countries.

3 Prophylaxis 4 Pneumonia

phng b#nh vim ph%i

5 Obesity 6 Malnutrition 7 Insomnia 8 Hypertension

bo ph suy dinh d&'ng m(t ng) t*ng huy+t p

9 Euthanasia

Ci ch+t khng "au ",n

Euthanasia is the termination of a very sick person's life in order to relieve them of their suffering. In most cases euthanasia is carried out because the person who dies asks for it, but there are cases called euthanasia where a person can't make such a request.

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011)

10 Diabete 11 Drug allergy

b#nh ti-u "&.ng d/ 0ng thu1c

There are approximately 1296400 patients with type 2 diabetes in Vietnam. Most drug allergies cause minor skin rashes and hives.

Alternative medicine = Non-conventional 12 medicine

cc ph&2ng php ch$a b#nh khc ngoi Ty Y (such as Eastern countries have a longstanding herbalism, homeopathy, tradition of teaching alternative and acupuncture) medicine. Ph&2ng php ch$a b#nh b3ng th4o m5c Ph&2ng php vi l&6ng "7ng cn Thu8t chm c0u People used to consider practices like acupuncture or herbal medicine outside the mainstream. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine are seen as conventional medicine because theyve been used extensively for centuries and continue to be used alongside western medicine.

13 Herbalism 14 Homeopathy 15 Acupuncture

16 Conventional medicine 17 Blood test 18 Bird flu 19 Cholera 20 Isolation 21 Pandemic

Ty Y bao g7m drugs, radiation or surgery ki-m tra mu Cm g B#nh t4 S9 cch ly :;i d/ch

22 Contagious (adj)

c kh4 n*ng ly truy<n

Super-contagious diseases spread like wildfire through everyday contact and they're good at hiding signs of infection until it's too late.

No. Word Meaning Sample Sentence Lack of access to clean water and sanitation is one of the leading causes of illness and death among the poor in Vietnam, where many in rural areas suffer from waterborne disease.

1 Sanitation/hygiene 2 Contamination 3 Globalization

V# sinh phng b#nh S9 nhi=m b!n/nhi=m b#nh Ton c>u ha

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011)

4 Erosion

S9 xi mn

Erosion is a natural process and can be healthy for the ecosystem, but oftentimes is made worse by human use such as deforestation/removal of vegetation, overgrazing, unmanaged construction or building of roads. Climate change is now widely recognized as the major environmental problem facing the globe. An ecosystem can be as large as a desert or a lake or as small as a tree or a puddle. Vietnam has been one of Southeast Asia's most biodiverse countries, but some species may be lost before they are known to science due to an illegal global trade believed to be trailing only drugs and gunrunning. Having an environmental friendly car is something too many people don't make a priority.

5 Climate change

S9 bi+n "%i kh h8u

6 Eco-system

H# sinh thi

7 Biodiversity

:a d;ng sinh thi

8 Environmental-friendly

Thn thi#n v,i mi tr&.ng

9 Biosphere = ecosphere H# sinh quy-n S9 pht tri-n b<n v$ng b3ng cch cn b3ng nhu c>u c)a con ng&.i v b4o v# mi 10 Sustainable developmenttr&.ng sinh thi 11 Green house effect 12 Green house gas 13 Urbanization 14 Industrialization 15 Toxic chemicals 16 Radiation waste 17 Natural resources to be in an alarming/ a 18 critical situation Industrial/domestic 19 sewage 20 Profound effects 21 Water resources Hi#u 0ng nh knh Kh gy hi#u 0ng nh knh : th/ ha cng nghi#p ha ch(t "5c ha h?c ch(t th4i phng x; ti nguyn thin nhin The disorganized exploitation of the natural resources Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.

"ang trong tnh tr;ng bo "5ng N&,c th4i cng nghi#p/sinh ho;t @nh h&Ang su sBc Ngu7n n&,c

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011)

Natural calamities = 22 natural/climate disaster Thin tai Poisonous/harmful 23 gases kh "5c h;i Global Warming Poses Serious Consequences For the Environment in the Future

24 Serious consequences H8u qu4 nghim tr?ng 25 Negative impact 26 to dispose wastes 27 Deforestation Alternative energy 28 resources 29 Carbon footprint Environmental 30 catastrophe 31 Recycle 32 Global warming 33 Acid rain 34 Air pollution Tc "5ng tiu c9c XC lD rc th4i S9 ph rEng Ngu7n n*ng l&6ng thay th+ kh th4i

Th4m h?a mi tr&.ng Ti ch+ S9 nng d>n ln c)a tri "(t M&a axit S9 nhi=m khng kh Air pollution is the result of overpopulation The single most important action to conserve Vietnams endangered species is protecting their natural habitat and deterring poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

35 Endangered species 36 Environmentalist

Nh$ng loi c nguy c2 tuy#t ch)ng Nh nghin c0u/b4o v# mi tr&.ng

37 Natural/wildlife preserve B4o t7n "5ng v8t hoang d Plastic throw-away 38 containers 39 Local flora and fauna 40 Nuclear energy Rc th4i nh9a (vd nh& bao nilng) H# th9c v8t v "5ng v8t N*ng l&6ng h;t nhn The tragedy of the Vietnamese Javan rhinoceros is a sad symbol of this extinction crisis.

41 Extinction

S9 tuy#t ch)ng

No. Meaning "*ng k nh8p h?c/ 1 Enroll (US)/ Enrol (Brit) "*ng k mn h?c Word Sample Sentence

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) 2 Course Programme (Brit)/ 3 Program (US) 4 Correspondence course 5 Distance Learning 6 Graduate 7 Graduate Mn h?c/ kha h?c ngBn ch&2ng trnh A program consists of courses. kha h?c online h?c tE xa t1t nghi#p cC nhn/ ng&.i TN trung h?c ph% thng She's a graduate of RMIT University. h# th1ng "nh gi (c th- bao g7m test, homework, participation) Bi t8p Bi t8p v< nh KF lu8t/ B5 mn School discipline KG n*ng lm ton v "?c vi+t c2 b4n r,t (adj): vBng mHt cu1n ti li#u bao g7m vi trang She's planning to give a series of lectures on modern art bi di=n thuy+t ng&.i di=n thuy+t He's in his workshop working on the lawnmower h5i th4o I'm going to take classes during the phin h?p summer session. [often with adj. ] a period All OSC Volunteers have the right to join devoted to a particular activity training session. "< mA "< "ng tr1n h?c I'm going to resit IELTS examination next month. thi l;i We hope you will reconsider xem xt l;i s9 "/nh h&,ng She attended freshman orientation. "nh v8t v,i "1ng cu hIi/ bi t8p work hard on sth mJu gio c(p 1 c(p 2 c(p 3 He wrote his dissertation on an obscure 16th-century poet You won't pass the exam if you dont apply yourself.

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Assessment Assignment Homework Discipline Numeracy & Literacy Fail Absent booklet

16 lecture 17 lecturer 18 workshop

19 20 21 22

session open test closed-book test play truant

23 re-sit/retake 24 Reconsider 25 Orientation wrest with questions/ assignment = struggle 26 with an assignment apply oneself to sth/ to 27 doing sth 28 kindergarten primary school = 29 elementary school 30 secondary school 31 high school single sex school # 32 mixed school 33 thesis = dissertation 34 professor

bi lu8n v*n gio s&

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) I got a tutor to help me with my homework They're working under a deadline She was expelled from school for bad behavior The program is designed for dropouts who wish to get high school equivalency certificates waive tuition fees: mi=n h?c ph She is now reading economics at Oxford

35 36 37 38

tutor deadline freshman senior student

gia s& h;n cht n*m 1 n*m 4 "u%i h?c d;y ngh<

39 be expelled 40 vocational training

41 42 43 44

drop-out tuition fee universalize education read

bI h?c gi$a chEng h?c ph ph% c8p gio dKc study a subject at university

No. Word 1 Cosmopolitan 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Meaning Sample Sentence "a v*n ha, "a ch)ng t5c Th) ph) chnh c)a m5t vng hoHc m5t n&,c, th) " Metropolis tBc nghLn giao thng = traffic jam Traffic congestion Amenity ti#n nghi Exorbitant (adj) (gi c4) cBt c%, cao qu "ng Peak period = rush hour (giao thng) gi. cao "i-m Depopulate gi4m dn s1, lm th&a ng&.i Cost of living gi sinh ho;t Poor air quality = air pollution nhi=m khng kh Melting pot n2i tK c&, n2i di dn tE nhi<u n2i ko v< tK l;i Multicultural Society x h5i "a v*n ha Inner city khu ph1 c% Urban sprawl tnh tr;ng " th/ ha bEa bi "i l;i th&.ng xuyn b3ng xe buDt, xe lCa hoHc t gi$a n2i lm vi#c v nh A Commute Commuting time th.i gian "i l;i ph&2ng ti#n v8n chuy-n cng c5ng Public transportation Living standard m0c sinh ho;t, m0c s1ng Recreational facilities ph&2ng ti#n gi4i tr (b- b2i, sn th- thao) Pace of life nh/p s1ng Pedestrian road "&.ng dnh cho ng&.i "i b5 Housing affordability kh4 n*ng chi tr4 cho chM A Expat ng&.i xa x0 Affluent (adj) giu c, th/nh v&6ng "&.ng giao thng chnh, huy+t m;ch Artery tnh tr;ng n tBc giao thng, tnh tr;ng kNt xe Gridlock = snarl-up

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011)

No. Word Meaning Sample Sentence Gender discriminination 1 /Gender bias phn bi#t gi,i tnh physical abuse/ violence against women sexual abuse = sexual harassment spousal abuse: b;o hnh gia "nh Ph thai v gi,i tnh S9 bnh "Ong gi,i tnh Nhn quy<n Trao quy<n cho phK n$ (adj) nam chi+m "a s1 Phong tro "i n$ quy<n ng&.i "n ng cho r3ng "n ng lun ti giIi, quan tr?ng h2n phK n$ t& t&Ang tr?ng nam khinh n$ b;o hnh gia "nh ng&.i d/ tnh ng&.i "7ng tnh S9 k th/ "/v ng&.i "7ng tnh

2 Abuse Sex-selective abortion 3 /sex-based abortion Gender Equality 4 /Gender Equity 5 Human rights 6 Empower women 7 Male-dominated 8 Feminism 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Male chauvinist Male chauvinism Domestic violence Sex role spillover Heterosexsuality Homosexuality Homophobia Homophobic (adj)

Hobbies & Interests

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Word Rock climbing Horse riding Kite flying Scuba diving Gymnastics Martial arts Paragliding Hang gliding Off road driving Moto cross Photography Origami Floristry Traveling Magic tricks Jigsaw puzzles Poetry writing Body building Manga collecting Tai Chi Meaning leo ni c&'i ng9a th4 di<u lHn t8p gym v nh4y d l&6n b3ng di<u li xe "/a hnh "ua xe nhi+p 4nh x+p gi(y cBm hoa du l/ch 4o thu8t x+p hnh lm th2 t8p th- hnh s&u t8p truy#n tranh thi c9c quy<n r2i t9 do du l/ch bKi Sample Sentence

practise gymnatics learn/practise/train martial arts play paragliding play off road driving

practise magic tricks practise body building go bungee jumping/ do a bungee jumping

21 Bungee jumping 22 Backpacking

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011)

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Word Recession/ Economic downturn Debt crisis Income Tax Inflation rates Currency Devaluation Interest rate GDP = Gross Domestic Product Bankruptcy Meaning suy thoi kinh t+ v' n6 thu+ thu nh8p tP l# l;m pht ti<n t# s9 m(t gi li su(t t%ng s4n ph!m qu1c n5i s9 ph s4n ph s4n, v' n6 kQ ph s4n to go bankrupt: b/ ph s4n trao "%i chi ph c2 h5i ti<n gCi hnh ro thu+ quan thm hKt thHng d& t%ng s4n ph!m qu1c dn s9 gi4m pht gi c0u tr6 v1n lm hng gi4 ngn quR "5c quy<n cng ty l,n, t8p "on gCi, chuy-n ">u t& nh ">u t& s9 ">u t& r)i ro cc t% ch0c ti chnh m#nh gi nh ">u c2 Economists worry that deflation will bring the country into recession The concert ticket is counterfeit He's been trying to live on a budget of less than $1,500 a month The government passed laws intended to break up monopolies We have to change the corporate structure to survive Rescue workers were immediately dispatched to the area Sample Sentence

They were paid in U.S. currency

The company is facing bankruptcy As a lawyer, she specialized in working with bankrupts The taxi deposited us at the train station The government is facing a deficit of $3 billion There is a surplus of workers and not enough jobs

10 11 12 13 14

Bankrupt (adj, n, v) Trade-off Opportunity Cost Deposit Tariff barrier

15 Deficit 16 Surplus GNP = Gross National 17 Product 18 19 20 21 Deflation Ball-out Capital Counterfeit

22 Budget 23 Monopoly 24 Corporate 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Dispatch Invest Investor Investment Risk = Hazard Financial Institutions Denominate Speculator

it was only by hazard and good fortune that we found our way back to the trail

To levy/ impose a tax on 33 someone "nh thu+ ai "

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) Small and medium sized enterprises Central bank Commercial bank Fiscal policy/ monetary policy NNP = net national product Flea market Consumption market Market FDI = Foreign Direct Investment

34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42

doanh nghi#p vEa v nhI ngn hng trung &2ng ngn hng th&2ng m;i chnh sch ti kha/ chnh sch ti<n t# s4n ph!m qu1c dn rng ch6 tr.i th/ tr&.ng tiu thK th/ tr&.ng v1n ">u t& tr9c ti+p tE n&,c ngoi vi#n tr6 (1 ph>n nhI l ko hon l;i, ph>n l,n l kho4n vay v,i li su(t th(p v th.i h;n vay di) giao d/ch ti chnh The company made a profit this year l6i nhu8n c% t0c t9 do th&2ng m;i Profits are distributed to shareholders as dividends

ODA = Official Development 43 Assistance 44 Financial transaction 45 Profit 46 Dividend 47 Free trade 48 Austerity 49 Urge 50 Mortgage 51 Halve 52 Brokerage 53 Collapse 54 Merchandise 55 Anti-trust law 56 Transaction cost 57 Corruption 58 59 60 61 62 Bureaucracy Fiscal incentive Anti-dumping Prestigious brand VA = Value added

They lived through years of austerity after the war thBt l&ng bu5c bKng I urge you to reconsider thc giKc They hope to pay off the mortgage on their home soon s9 th+ ch(p The store is halving the price of many chia "i, chia "<u, gi4m 1 nCa summer items She works for a brokerage firm ti<n hoa h7ng, mi gi,i He warned that such measures could cause the economy to collapse sKp "% The merchandise will arrive by truck at noon hng ha lu8t ch1ng "5c quy<n chi ph giao d/ch There are rumors of widespread corruption in the city government tham nhSng quan liu &u "i ti chnh ch1ng bn ph gi th&2ng hi#u c uy tn gi tr/ gia t*ng She was fed up with all the red tape and bureaucracy

No. Word 1 Lawyer Meaning lu8t s& 18 Sample Sentence

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) 2 Hairdresser 3 Mechanic 4 Architect 5 Farmer 6 Vet 7 Child-minder 8 Scientist 9 Firefighter 10 Civil servant 11 Builder 12 Carpenter 13 Designer 14 Plumber 15 Specialist 16 Chemist 17 Surgeon 18 Pharmacist 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Professor Air hostess Pitcher Greengrocer Butcher Tamer Babysister th6 h,t tc th6 my kG s& nng dn bc sG th y ng&.i gi$ trQ nh khoa h?c lnh c0u ho4 cng ch0c ng&.i xy d9ng th6 m5c nh thi+t k+ th6 1ng n&,c chuyn gia nh ha h?c/ d&6c sG bc sG phJu thu8t d&6c sG a young farmer whose family has been growing wheat for many generations I have to take my dog to the vet Child-minder is a person who takes care of children Took the examination to become a civil servant in the defense department The architect discussed her plans with the builder and the contractor She is one of the leading designers in the fashion world He saw a specialist for his foot problem Let's ask the chemist whether it's safe to take these two drugs together The pharmacist caught an error in the prescription's dosage Professor Williams will be teaching the class

26 Incentive 27 Downsizing 28 Comission 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

gio s& n$ ti+p vin hng khng c>u th) nm bng, ng&.i bn qun A vPa h ng&.i bn rau qu4 ng&.i bn th/t ng&.i d;y th b4o mJu You can provide travel incentives to encourage employees to do their best khuy+n khch, thc "!y The company is planning to downsize next year gi4m c(p hoa h7ng

lm vi#c t9 do (not full time or part-time job) Freelance Get/find work tm vi#c To be offered work/ a job "&6c "< ngh/ 1 cng vi#c g " Do for a living lm vi#c What do you do for a living? B;n lm g? Make a living = work ki+m s1ng eight permanent staff were made To be made redudant Cho nghP vi#c v d& nhn vin redundant. To give up work thi vi#c To be on leave/ take sick leave nghP b#nh To be promoted th*ng ti+n

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) Use of the company's jet is a perquisite of the job My brother is a real workaholic who almost never takes time off

38 Perquisite

ti<n th lao thm

39 Workaholic ng&.i nghi#n vi#c 40 Martenal leave nghP sau sinh CEO = chief executive 41 officer gim "1c "i<u hnh CFO = chief financial 42 officer gim "1c ti chnh 43 BOD = board of directorsh5i "7ng qu4n tr/

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 Word Beef Lamb Mutton Chicken Turkey Veal Pork Ham Bacon Duck Seafood Prawns Shrimps Crab Lobster Crayfish Squid Scallop Oysters Flavour Taste Sweet Bitter Sour Hot Spicy Mild Salty Sugary Sickly Savoury Tasty Delicious Boil Fry Bake Roast Grill Stir-fry Sample Sentence th/t b I'm not eating as much beef as I used to cEu non th/t cEu a meal of mutton and potatoes th/t g th/t g ty th/t b th/t heo th/t giam bng Th/t l&ng l6n mu1i xng khi We ate bacon and eggs for breakfast th/t v/t h4i s4n tm tm cua tm hm I had lobster for dinner tm m9c 1ng s "i#p h+n, hu h&2ng v/ v/, v/ gic ng?t "Bng Cocoa beans have a bitter flavor chua nng, cay cay v/ nhN mHn qu ng?t qu qu ng?t "8m ", ko dng cho mn ng?t ngon, vEa mi#ng ngon, vEa mi#ng "un si a pot of boiling water rn, chin We had fried eggs and ham for breakfast She wrapped the fish in foil and baked it for 15 minutes n&,ng quay The chicken is roasting in the oven n&,ng xo Meaning

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) season the soup to taste with salt and pepper

40 41 42 43 44

Season Spicy beef soup Vietnamese pancake Fresh spring rolls Fertilized duck egg

nm n+m bn b hu+ bnh xo/ bnh khoi ch4 gi h5t v/t l5n

Modern English (Technology, Science, Medicine)

No. Word Meaning ng&.i dnh ph>n l,n th.i gian v,i my tnh, nh(t l "ln m;ng khng gian m;ng th& rc b#nh stress do c1 gBng ti+p thu qu nhi<u thng tin b#nh bi+ng *n (ngnhn ch) y+u l b/ m 4nh ci s9 m8p 1m) th9c ph!m bi+n "%i gen. Vd: th/t heo dc bi+n "%i gen "- c nhi<u Omega3 h2n. nhin li#u lm tE th9c v8t. Vd: d>u "8u nnh l&6ng kh th4i nh knh tE cc nh my, cc thi+t b/ "i#n c)a cc to nh, qu trnh phn h)y, ti sC dKng s4n ph!m, hay th8m ch tE cc ho;t "5ng c)a chnh chng ta (vd sC dKng bao nylon) Sample Sentence

1 Mouse potato 2 Cyberspace 3 Junk email Information fatigue 4 disorder 5 Eating disorder 6 GM foods 7 Biodiesel

8 Carbon footprint

Modern English (Entertainment, Social Trends)

No. Word Meaning a day when everything goes wrong and you feel unattractive. Mnh t;m d/ch l ngy xui xQo nh. "Np m h7n a person (especially a woman) who acts as though things are much worse than they really are -> ng&.i hay c&.ng "i#u m?i chuy#n ln thnh bi k/ch ch&2ng trnh truy<n hnh th9c t+ (Vd Love Bus, VNTM, Masterchef) 18 Sample Sentence

1 Bad hair day 2 Drop-dead gorgeous

3 Drama Queen

4 Reality Television

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) 5 Vuvuzela kn vo vo c)a Nam Phi tE chuyn ngnh nh&ng " trA nn thng dKng. For ex: Next-generation. The next-generation of Iphone. s9 k+t h6p gi$a hi v k/ch tnh trong film/k/ch, chtrnh truy<n hnh. Bi-u di=n t8p th- mang tnh ch(t "nh nhanh rt g?n ng&.i ngho kh% s1ng trong cc khu % chu5t (slum) ng&.i phK n$ "5c thn, t9 do (theo nghGa tch c9c) nh$ng ng&.i "n ng xem n(u n&,ng l th vui v thix tr% ti n(u *n v,i b;n b hoHc ... potential partners

6 Buzzword 7 Dramedy 8 Flash mob 9 Slumdog 10 Freemale

11 Gastrosexuals

Describing People
No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Word Meaning Pessimistic # Optimistic bi quan # l;c quan Extroverted # Introverted h&,ng ngo;i # h&,ng n5i (Feel) Tense # Relaxed C*ng thOng # tho4i mi Sensible khn ngoan Sensitive nh;y c4m, d= b/ t%n th&2ng Kind-hearted t1t bKng Rude # Courteous khi+m nh # l/ch s9 ko thch giao ti+p # thch giao Unsociable # Gregarious ti+p Tight-fisted # Generous keo ki#t # ho phng Inquisitive = Curious t m Assertive qu4 quy+t Extravagant tiu xi hoang ph Crafty x4o quy#t Cowardly hn nht Clumsy vKng v< Stubborn c0ng ">u, b&,ng bPnh Carefree v t& Grumpy = Bad-temperedx(u tnh, gBt gIng Decisive quy+t "on Strong-willed c tnh m;nh mL Sharp-tounged "anh " Sophisticated "i#u " Inconsiderate v tm Indifferent l;nh lng Charming duyn dng, c s0c quy+n rS Stingy keo ki#t, b)n xPn Devoted t8n tKy Through am t&.ng Sample Sentence

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) 29 30 31 32 33 Patient # impatient Punctual Strict Easy-going Polite # Impolite kin nhJn # thi+u kin nhJn "ng gi. kh tnh d= tnh l/ch s9 # b(t l/ch s9

Idioms to describe people

No. Word 1 She has a heart of gold 2 He's as good as gold 3 She's a pain in the neck He gets on everyone's 4 nerves 5 He's rather a cold fish 6 He's a known-all. He's as dumb as an 7 oyster. She's as gentle as a 8 lamb. She's a bit of a 9 lazy-bones Meaning t1t bKng, c t(m lng vng t1t bKng, c t(m lng vng kh ch/u = nuisance, difficult gy phi<n ph0c l;nh lng kQ tI vQ ta "y bi+t tu1t cm nh& h+n d/u dng l&.i bi+ng Sample Sentence

No. 1 Law 2 Legislation 3 Rights & Obligations 4 Court 5 Case Word Meaning a system of rules lu8t (do Qu1c h5i ban hnh) Quy<n l6i v nghGa vK ta n Ex: tax legislation, legislation on social insurance. Supreme Court this case has been dismissed due to the death of the offender. Sample Sentence Example: civil law, criminal law, contract law, property law, international law

vK n lu8t s& tranh tKng ("&6c Lawyer = attorney (US) php ";i di#n ng&.i khc tham gia t1 tKng A Ta) 6 = solicitor (UK)

7 Punishment 8 Criminals

s9 trEng ph;t/ xC ph;t ng&.i ph;m t5i

corporal punishment (tra t(n) is no longer accepted, both legally and morally, in this highly civilized world. criminals have a tendency to recommit crimes after being released. there is a growing trend towards juvenile delinquency in Vietnam these years the death penalty has been abolished in many developed countries. one of the most excellent skills of a lawyer is persuading the jury at court.

9 Juvenilve delinquency Capital punishment 10 = Death penalty 11 Jury

t5i ph;m v/ thnh nin n tC hnh B7i th!m "on

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011)

12 Verdict

L.i tuyn n

the jury returned a verdict of not guilty which stunned everyone at court. those who break the law will have to bear their responsibility towards the authority. it's impossible to enforce this ill-prepared law on the society a legal precedent, which has been proved to be valid despite different periods of time, will become law. the best lawyer in town was said to defend that case of murder. you can't sue someone just because he/she's prettier than you.

13 Break the law 14 Enforce the law

ph;m php th9c thi theo php lu8t

15 Become law

thnh lu8t

16 Defend a case 17 Sue

bo ch$a, bi#n h5 ki#n

18 Charge

he was charged for arson and was sentenced for r3ng c in ph;m truy t1 (khi " xc "/nh ">y ") c*n c0 "- cho10 years t5i jail. x4y ra) we shouldn't be hasty in accusing someone of committing a crime. the actress decided to file a law suit against the photographer after her private photos leaked on the Internet. hardly does anyone get out of court unguilty when being prosecuted (verb) by that prosecutor. the defence fails miserably arguing the case with the seasoned state prosecutor.

19 To be accused of a crimeco bu5c ai " ph;m t5i. To file a law suit against 20 somebody ki#n, n5p "2n ki#n

21 Prosecutor

cng t1 vin lu8t s& bo ch$a, bn bo ch$a lu8t s& (hoHc someone) b4o v# quy<n l6i cho 1 ng&.i no " A ta (phn bi#t v,i tE trn v lu8t s& ny c th- b4o v# trong tranh ch(p dn s9..) lu8t s& ";i di#n s9 giam gi$/s9 gim h5. th!m v(n phin ta xt xC

22 Defence

23 Advocate 24 Counsel 25 Custody 26 Interrogate 27 Trial

having many advocates on your side doesn't give a slight hint of winning this case. the prosecuting counsel is comprised of experienced and adept lawyers. the assailants were remanded in custody. (t;m giam ch. ngy xt xC) he admitted to killing his wife after 8 hours of intense interrogation (noun) the husband will stand for trial on this Friday for physically and mentally abusing his wife and children.

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) the plaintiff's wry smile and perspiration purportedly showed that his accusation was a pure case of fabrication. the uncooperative defendant make enforcing the judgement extremely difficult.

28 Plaintiff 29 Defendant

nguyn "2n b/ "2n

Vocabulary for Task 1

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Word Meaning an increase = a rise = a growth s9 t*ng a sudden dramatic rise = a surge = a jump = a leap s9 t*ng m;nh a fluctuation = a variations9 bi+n thin a period of stability = a plateau khng "%i a fall = a decrease = a decline = a reduction = a drop s9 gi4m a steep and rapid fall = a slump = a dip = a plunge gi4m m;nh To show an upward/ downward trend xu h&,ng t*ng/ gi4m To hit the highest/ lowest point ch;m "Pnh/ "y To reach a peak ch;m "Pnh To show some fluctuationcho th(y s9 bi+n thin To fluctuate wildly bi+n thin d$ d5i To remain stable = to stay unchanged = to reach a plateau gi$ nguy, khng "%i Proliferate= increase, hovering t*ng Sample Sentence

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Word Bank account Savings account Bank loan Refund (verb & noun) Bargain (verb & noun) A rip-off To withdraw money To charge you interest Income tax VAT = value added tax Corporate income tax Tax rebate (n) Unemployment benefit Meaning ti kho4n ngn hng ti kho4n ti+t ki#m kho4n vay ngn hng hon tr4 mHc c4 chHt chm (bn gi cBt c%) rt ti<n tnh li thu+ thu nh8p thu+ gi tr/ gia t*ng thu+ thu nh8p doanh nghi#p hon thu+ tr6 c(p th(t nghi#p tr6 c(p cho ng&.i khuy+t t8t Sample Sentence

14 Disability allowances

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) 15 Student loans 16 Mortgage 17 Collateral 18 Pension Lump sum (or lump 19 sum payment) kho4n vay cho sinh vin kho4n ti<n quy "%i tE ti s4n (b(t "5ng s4n) th+ ch(p, th&.ng t1i "a l 70% ti s4n th+ ch(p l&2ng h&u kho4n ti<n tr4 trong 1 l>n, tr4 tr?n gi Kch thch m5t d9 n kinh t+ m,i hoHc 1 d9 n "ang kh kh*n b3ng cch ">u t& ti<n vo " ti s4n n6 ti<n "Ht c?c

20 Prime the pump 21 Liability 22 Retainer

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Word Commercial (n) Advertisement (n) Billboard (n) Poster (n) Target Audience Potential Customer Segment Promotion (n) Campaign Slogan Copywriter Word-of-mouth Meaning phim qu4ng co qu4ng co b4ng qu4ng co l,n p phch qu4ng co khch hng mKc tiu khch hng ti<m n*ng phn khc th/ tr&.ng khuy+n mi chi+n d/ch qu4ng co cu kh!u hi#u ng&.i vi+t qu4ng co truy<n mi#ng hnh th0c qu4ng co sC dKng social networks/ Internet "- t;o hi#u 0ng word-of-mouth. Khai tr&2ng/ gi,i thi#u bBt mBt gi. vng nh ti tr6 th&2ng hi#u Bi ht ngBn dng trong film qu4ng co chi+n d/ch qu4ng co sC dKng ng&.i n%i ti+ng "qu4ng b th&2ng hi#u/ s4n ph!m/ d/ch vK Sample Sentence

Victoria's Secret divides its market into two main segments: lingeria for adults and teenagers

13 Viral marketing 14 15 16 17 18 Launch (n, v) Eye-catching (adj) Prime time (n) Sponsor Brand

Ex: the launch of a viral marketing campaign.

19 Jingle

20 Celebrity endorsement

No. Word 1 Stage/ Step/ Phase Meaning giai "o;n, cng "o;n, b&,c Sample Sentence

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Vocabulary Sorted by Topic (December 2011) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Procedure Function Purpose Objective Production Substance Concurrently quy trnh ch0c n*ng, nhi#m vK s9 s4n xu(t ch(t "7ng th.i bao g7m ra k+t qu4 l Writing is a process that involves at least four distinct steps: prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. Winemaking is the production of wine, starting with selection of the grapes or other produce and ending with bottling the finished wine.

involve/ include/ 9 consist of/ contain 10 Result in

11 12 13 14 15 16

End with Combine Add Complete Produce Generate/ create

k+t thc v,i k+t h6p thm vo hon t(t s4n xu(t t;o ra

Information Technology
No. 1 2 3 4 5 Word Innovation Revolution Internet usage policy Internet access Internet security Meaning s9 "%i m,i, s9 c4i ti+n cu5c cch m;ng chnh sch sC dKng Internet truy c8p m;ng an ninh m;ng Sample Sentence The best innovation of the iPhone improves the simple by making it even simpler The Internet revolution

6 Web monitoring softwareph>n m<m theo di web ng&.i dng th.i gian lm vi#c "- lm vi#c ring trn m;ng (vd chat, facebook) Cyberslacking Virus infection s9 ly nhi=m, lan truy<n virus ph>n m<m ph ho;i h# th1ng my tnh Malware Internet addiction disorder b#nh nghi#n Internet Internet delusions b#nh hoang t&Ang v m;ng Spyware Hardware Software Glossaries Encryption Algorithm Cloud Computing ph>n m<m theo di ho;t "5ng c)a ng&.i dng Internet ph>n c0ng ph>n m<m B4ng thu8t ng$ m8t m ho thu8t ton :i#n ton "m my

When it comes to using web monitoring software to monitor child Internet activity, many parents are still apprehensive.

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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