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~ml. l'hill indeed

a:: mo~t hou~cwiv('~ Wt:n'l um~h!t' 10 pump l'bt.'il' Wat(J'f .fw.m lht:~\'!dJ ~~f1fl ~:arry it bJ' rmilll it:H\J the ImuiH' I'M {;'i.1nkin1r ;md w~Lf,bing. "I\~L: YUL:I, ~id~wi lh ,ifL'lHvrn,'Ldc W~)i~Wm ;md d:r~cn 1i:UH~T1l nkc~?I. hH"g~") t,n t m,em:LOIi d'~,~LtiB 'L ht" p,~n~I"y w,~ h,i'Ld ~I ~lJLJl;t" 'Woudi'~n dl: y S:ln k, I.he !::mw:m:l r PO]nL b .11ddoers Or! i,t" !wd 'i:b.!~I"kHJ I' nnd co en ITWj,d wi:!'J'~~ 'I~er~'i;iII 'lh~):I:L ha:rrr'lil t~r~d~:~!:~{~, My mother lu!e,!d~~d b . h~~rl:il:e;ld on ~~ bCl~~n.l hich fil' w u~d five If tlw top of tl UJ' Il LI.1.k; !~~ ~(1,O ,'I he ~'o,l] d u'!..H ht'J' P ii: CnL~tfl ,W1~J h e

had dd~C'n 1,'l,l'I' b;ld~ to eateh 1,111." 1[I';n,in ['PI' MtlcdoniJLld COUr;:,gi~ tl I:LY, ~.(;I fU'n d m V(: MOIl hU~I' u) D unh ;~[[j to c ~In on M~ nj'~l~b f~. fl.~ to ;~ ['ji l tl:W~~~ i n.!i\~ th,~,r(:'. u~'

h"d dah, .md


phH·!·(~ fill nver-turued

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of tht


My mm'lw:r must have been tired by the

'lime the n~gbl was o~t:r,

l hrl.1.~~xl

Af'lt':r ,~ ft,\'iJ y.~~h~~~, b~liiid~ [It F'Q]'l.1.b!!!n C(~nt~t' fI.irlbnndccl" Mi.~tht!r thr: !,lnd MI'~, Ht:.Il droy<:l' Hl CO~\p,ilii::I!Wmj"" j{iir~ed ~h;H bruneh, ~uJ.cl cn,ioyt'd the m~j,~.inf;'ll vuy Aflel' rnuch,

~onl.~u(,~" 0 m kiH;hc n Ill[ Q;VCW;! ~ n "Diamond HoJk", wh ic h WOl~ r~,adl" ln r],t·'trLy llt:dfo rd. [t hn dar. {'JI~'t~J~~ar'f~ cnm.lg'h W b~lk~ r.l x p ~~i'l:nt ~I tIlTH; <iLnd ,rr hUl1l:!~ i'e~t'I:v,(]ir iII!: the blllcil. ~.CI he .. rhe WrlU:I~. The nrt'bnx wOldd u t!ll!.~ \'!I['lCid ~.hirty inehcs kmf'" 'l'he I!igh~ight of lllti~Wil'lHlr W~~~~ Ch.d5unM and l he p ro~rT1U':r] rrre ~L! [he l)rt::~lhyt~~ d!lln ChI,! rd r, 'The pupi ~~ Wol! Id wa ~ II. ovt':r rhere frun:1 the [,d!n,,),1 n~aJ'hy W PI'.i!tcth"t;, ,l wi'll rx"!nemh!"[ OiW I) i~h! when Lht' 1~,i:d~ Wen: d nJ~Hlc'd iii :w hitt' wi till I~ I'~!C ri b b~~:rJ,13[iW~ un t heir II~d [0 r I.he ehefa i I;~n~in~, Li ~d~~~d Wt, reuli ~{' t. h~u dur ~ f t:I n~ IIhe
C'litmJ n,g ,~ t('!'rj :Ik hJ bot. ard

tlit"d i!~ I.9~l2, Mothf'I' livC'd in thl!:' w~nwr~vhh her r.(),n in MomtC'~.1. but ,itft,cr hH di'·a~.h,!ihe C~L:I.'l1t· IX,) Uvc with h~;:, l~tugh!.cr, Mr~, { l lnll, in Cuw,~n~vill~, lin 19-1fj ~:he Furdyol' W:I \'\!'j1I.~ (I~'~t~ni1,t'~t nd slac a b~{'w!'lW a n~1"n1 h[~l' of thut b r:l n . Ii, I Tn ~ ~,fjfl whcn ~h~ Wa~ n~nt·Ly·n\!!.: }'1C'!ll:~ ('lId ilhcWl'~ :m h~!J:)I)Y ttl be


nh:l~, H) m,1J.'t:I~tl
th~H lwl'

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~ht:\Io"L~i pr1:'III'nU'il


M j [II.] r.·qL~t~~Co ...r1t 'i C~):r:I li't'Ell i~)n :i n CUWi! nm.d I~' IN h~n ~ n C01:N,ngt' from !,hr :i~xj:!::Ulli\!'~!.She W~nH, a~~o PHlUd Rtda
L("cW~~i, hcc:;Ji:'l':u~



Prr;c~ldt'm a~ thM

h.uJi.~,pmc up. a nd


fa the r hjHI ILn go a head

to rn.~'kc "~ \\!'ay I'm" i;b~ho'r!lC. My it h thr- h~lnaln 1"0 b('~, ,[U1,J ~b,t: ~WL 0]1 the ~~',;!LtW hdld ehe robes aTOllnrl us, Irnhe ~tLrrJ'lnf;r om d.elight W~ff· the Ijlt:[l.lc~ held in OL;tT mapl~ W(lOd~l. kl~OVi'I'~' ;1'11 '''L~~mal'~ Gruv(~". M~my of thr· local Suncl,l~y School pitnici~ Wen:' bdtl dwJ'{', My frt~her pr1~p~II'~d ~Iw k!' fo'r In a k if1!,: t.ht· l1U.~~~rc't!~(' I'~ of ;'t:t' c !'c,~nf wll JJ.c 'l he ~:h;J d 1"~:r:I ILl":lok f llJ,:m~l Ilil Hrrn iUli( lh!:' era nk u nt H t: he n:d X,I, r·~·v,',M len to I,u.rclc no. PLtn:' U crcrrn:l1, :md JOIUJ, ~'Mg~1 ent into I,hl~ rn.i:HW't,'; w fine h,;ul ,~v~'r~'U;.lHd ~):f cll~or:ie~ r;h~::i~,[G~,~mt,jand I'acc~ 'W~'j'{' l:n!rfYf:d." Iand !lOmC of d'H~ yO~iJ].f,f . pr::op k' <: ,l ml~f rj'jn~ ~h~: VlOQd~ 'lo p by c:roqu,cL ,~r. tl'L!!' ~a \"fI , Uy the tinH' Hili t:~~nl,c'along, .. 1 w,~.~ th~~' dl'ii>"tll' I'm rn.}'~nnther when, of

hor~r.- nnd ~ki~fh \'\!':id~. hmttrr~ a

mo l her cCHI't'red 'up IICI '~i~u:rlimd }

mt·('II.in.~~. l [cr gl'am.l~OJi~l' wj\!,I~~ h,m,vl' lHJLh ~crv~:d on I he Go,uuty E~· ec ut iV'I!:' ,m~1 htr~\l h a ppy ~lh~ wou Id be It.o lmo\"" t J w~ n "da L.(~wi~ u~ :IHH~ oJ'! t!lf;' FW rc B11f'1rd, M (II her d i,Nl OJ] N o.VCl u her :~3" 'I ~Nl(), in h.t'T II inct y. ~ieVl'n th Y1C';t, S.IH~ r l'eri~.~ln~d~\I.cn thnw.gh the y~!nnl a~'Il:l e:l1joy~d Hft to L.lw fulL She WtUI 1~.rH1nL:ll'td t !l~,LE'Ly f.w-::iH y hbth d ll}" p~m~t~(tum the tl mr ~h ~~W 11~ n iIwl y, ;. H~I' ktt·n l~!~ert'~~ in all ph~nm!:1 of Cm.lml,ml~t}' Hft· I'~~main~di,th her to w
Iht: {':rIJ,



Mn. Elnu 1,f'''''''J!,''~ t

]-I iii rv~'y

»hc w'amed



vi~h our and r,hc iold my f..the r ~h~ wom ~cd th~: bLl~t~~Y. dl.U wt couhl no 'LO ~o I] ~i~hamSl mdo~~, ahou ~,:Ii !lmi~~5 alvflLY W r:r~1::1::1 Ul': W] ;L m, 'L rt~jn, i\.~ IhL~ w~!~ ~pecl,td OC'l'••~,iuu. we Wel'e w I:t~vc' dw hC!I'l l':lu::,.L'rY ,l't Whi'c:h he I!;t.=Pl eo\!'~~~~fiw til h II whit ~ co t'~nfl clot h i.L1. I;h~' Cfll.rJ':i.l.tg~ hOltl~, Th ~~ bUg.'JlI'Y r wa~ cqLlipp{~d wil.h a l:n,q,feL:l,mbn:Ua witb. fr.h~Ej'e i,LI'Ound ~t which w'a~ U~l(~d when ~hl~ ~UUW''l1!, vc ry hot or w.hen it \Of;!', r'L,l:nlr~f;' W f;: J"r1 l the C Irain., ,~arnt' b.-orne for tl~nn(:r J~1:Jd!:I1!~nwem, lO dM' rhmt~h wh~~re ~h~ denlf)H~m.uion W.H~ h~'kl tWl th~'vcrandl1h, 'We~:ld l:1J:oLl~htour oi~ :Ilovc" tk'd on thr hrlck or nH~ h~l~~y 'Wi~hm.~.ny wtLrninB~ fwm my fnth.t't mH U) lnUow _he 11'1:0"'1: to nJ,b OJ::! lhc bnck of Ithe' bUill!!)! 1Jlt'~(,Al.~"~, vdl~~n w(' al'· ri'vt'd hUrlu: ~:hwt nlf~ht. h~~di!lwv:ercd H !lCfau::h, ~md ''''''f' !\f~(~I:iv~d !lound ~l ]CCltl!!'~~ ab{)u~ t,hlU, I: H~mt~rnhl~r "When thl~' d(~JI~Oml!Lr,ln,tion W,~i,~ J{o~I:l.:fIon the n.[~mml~l:nltorinllkt:'cl ml~ W ~~o 'Ull:! ~Ll.1.d hdlJ ~I;~r the ~pm~1iJc c"~k(" h,~lL' l'l!:'r: ~Iw al:~o Tl'wtle C'~[H.lr, The Jad~f~ij Wen" f~~I: l!·.'Mf'd nn pl,mnk,'1whkh ~
Wll~t~Q!!1in~{ to

and ,I wdlri::n.~crll Del' vdu::n ,(he D~"!'n1:m~U'~!f)'l' WI. My mot.h~~:r Jmi'~~~dIb~J' to ~.tr:Ly;u Ol,lr h(H.l~l(,.

S~ a ~ld!':i dj\W :E.1IM. W l M i.l\..~i~q i, C(nH~ t}' u.n







10. from a full an ,ncu,_emlyin [our :P.~-den:f; "e as

The wm:~
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or "he ,"'ome-n'


em. and hsdh


;Jj" 0 g '[hose at, 51: ape rhc c,estin_: rm on '" sound ..no

tutes has ke" of imeres~ ~o me since ,W: ,",,'OilS, a lfounggid_ I am r,O,filii i:r.! my e.igil[y-£i!"'-A: fear and a me .ber of S anbridge f.a bra. ch, If· ,emoii>;s of m ~ .. _mb :r.~ ho joined rhe\'r'l in 1911. are asvi "ld ,od.;;;y as d:u:-y were [hen. _- - Ag;;lQJal:U:' Boy .was born Oerober 4" I c -", _ he daughter f Perer -Boyd,

..ife. milts

hi Martha, Tilsoa, "They tired
., Sc




a OOU[, six

of' Cowansville. Her ~il: •. _ r was ;a wheeJ""righi:_ Here she grew- up and, 21 lhe 2e of eighteen. ,..,.~ married to Jas- .,Ic,"\<l.m ... a. Th:r,C'C' children were bo n to rhem. \\7"ru=nher husband's health was ot too gDOd. rheywere advised
a" '

of t te ch ildren died •• e feh <.!_ - at desire so reUl.m UJ he~parenral home, .. ': h s:."-'e' d:[d_ ]n I.&g.s ':__ married ,AI xan t':[ LeW!'''-'ho&: e f am]l:f h ad ,[lOme om fr IT.!. Scm land ""nd ;. rrled ~'t St _ Brigide, west of Farnham. He,' I:lC"O" ho ne '"'-asonly 3bo '1 three miles f m her' parent , :!T!d0 C!: i1Igain she rool 'P th life of a , .1'a1.farm .. ;:£c. H. I VI '. hom in I .~ ,2nd my sisrei in ElOO. This 2~ ",'as [ e_ ear dial our ho se burned. and my mot '~r J 0 ,;::a ,b.:mll ,_ [he move i, to ,'" nearhy hO-1.iH: a nd t he bu iIding' of 2 ne " one along' ..'i •hot"advenr of my siszer's hil" h. often lO:U .. -, randehildr about lif .on the farm when I -<>5 gror",'in up and ~O!!' '~-:.eocne":~ ~T arnusemen of our i'oung housewives of tad ..!" w, Q belong to he WI. I am ing ro dese ibe .'OOm,eth; n of t.his - nlI<!1 !ife _ [~O




[he most

ire porrant

r'O'OjTI r.JJ ~he bouse, i

as here


had ourmea "' studied our lessons an .entertained Q1J" f, iends, especiallyin (__",,'n er ~.$.h s '0\"<' ,. 2Ji used n : only for cooll;;;i. :'" bur also f· r heating. Of C01H'>e. every home: had a p;,:dou:r, b ·cchis -..as 1;1·ed for special occasions only, li_- T,;"t'cidi.n~, fune:r2ils and ,,",'h,-en .he girl~ er!le,· [;;!lined lhd. beaus. Our ttcheu. li~e most. n..dan adjoining hurrery or P';!,ilIry _, Here the pellS and. nans ..nd C"-.:''ii)"i_:;!: m~LJE'S .. rere Slon:a.1ilnd, scone crocksheld COOD~-es. doughnu 2 ';;0 on. 1 ~.broad sheh.. hd pies. whic\ r",,- re rhe roo • poPl.lhr dessert ,.~;,h the __ "cn"olh. In ~__ ki . -

Enhr:i'e$: 6138

Updated: _004- . 1-_4 02:H5:0_



As vith anyworkin progress. there may be en-IOI'S, therefore', additions and corrections gladly welcome, Please let me _ O\~- if you have any further Hall information so too: th~y can be added to thisgrowing tree .
•' Il):
.' 1

Clarl - Han


.' )_.-: M '. Birth: 17 .~ 1 .in Hancock.Berkshire, MA 1 1ar i.Death;' 8. JO'; 18'65 in Cowansville, Brame, PQ, Canada


., No e:

Birth reeorded in Hancock, ~4 vital records, but ~m bably recorded by his father at a later dale. His, irth loeati on is mare like 1,.·10 'be in tl ..' vi cinirv of S tenhentown, _Iy. ,.'r ... ¥ Buried in
CO\'. 'ann-ilJe

Cemetery, [source: Angela- i a e-mail Dec ..08. 1998]

Note also on above mentioned e-mail; Youwill 11_ at Joioftbe records concerning your d HAL' family membe .5 in the Dunham Anglican. Church. reeo ss, She-fro: Anglican CbIhOCh ......cords ian~ Shefford Methodist, , Descendant of George Hall, provided by Brenda Birch. Gark. an Ii Susanna lived in Hancock for a few years after their marriage wbere their 1.,. three childr .... xere born, In IS06 they bought a .aree tract of land in E.Mt.Farnham n Township situatedwherethe Brome Center road is crossed y a north-south out of Cowansville. lt was here that theytoiled to carve a farm ou of the wilderne . It isthought that thi><: land. might have origjnaiUybeen bought by Susanne' father. The surrounding area Iaterbecame known as ~_e H.aU neight mood as several of I·· ir cbildre I grnnd hildren also settled inthis regie . Their SOil, :l\,{artjn TO\\'TISe!!'irl at], said that t!!: e 1M sch(l()]' a. he H attended. v. ._ in his father's ham. It was said that ClaIr Hal] was TO\1,11 Clerk in H ... oek, .M -e bUE could notfindno entries n signed by Clark although there were ffiruJYsigned by his fa.the, George Hall. Clark. was breveted Captain and ..later in life,,\vas made Lie' . Colonel by the govemm mt out of respecttor him, He was . Justice of the Peace for many rears and was greatly re.s_occ rd ".' an. After his death hi son. By, carried on the farm,


George Hall b: ..1\8 .. I '44 in ofCoventry, RJ I;]' • ro_~~· 1.. 'DiIi il<~'(}t'N:r': rs.; !!..~~ !Dnggs b ~_~',Iar I).) m I\.i;1Cu'!:;~ . 2~ If' '7-'"''' U~~H\i!; cUO;; v'· ~eril-;iu

.Marriage I


Tm\rTISeind b: ~9Apr 1 ,83 in. Hancock,

BerkShire, MA

.bttp.:ll11:\' tc.ancestry .eom/cgi -bJli,gm.cgi?o: ·-GET&db=jalcxmLlder:&·


&:p.rin er _ friendly


Some Descendants of William H,aU ofPortsmouth, RI
. . I

.... -;_ ~ ........

_ =::: ~ .= £


Aswith emy work in progress, there may be errors" therefore, ~. itiODS and correctio - e· dly welcome, Please ]e~me know if ._.;oo have anv further Hall information SO shatthev"" can be added. to this 2J'O'!ilolUI! you ~ ..."..

., Sex: M ., Birth: 3 Mar 18'~ ill E. Farnham, Brome, Canada 0 _, D lIth: 1'9 :; in E. Farnham, Brome, Canada

., ID': 10344 .' Sam. ..::\il:arf n T ownsend Hall

• Note: Martin TOVtTI£end Han lived on a. farm on Anew - lpef clipping: eEL .BR.,'\IESins Olst B'RTADAY
!\/~:r"To _ ... send Hall. East Famham, OldestMan in TOli.•nships Comes of ,a long line of,arrd: stock froml ·ew England East Farnham, .h. ar,6 (Special) ~' r. T ownsend Hall, whowesbom on Mar 3m; U:I 0, at East Farnham, son of Cap. Clark f Hallwhe settled in East Farnham. 1806, celebrated. his 1OJ sf birthday on Friday. Townsend Halllives in the home bought from Warren Townsend by his graJ.l'dIatner,;'\,farrin 10\\ nsend, of Williamstown, Mass .• and Hoosic, N. Y_.and inherited h~ hismotl er, Mrs, Clark Halt, from her father" Ifardn Townsend of 'illiamstown and Moosic. Mr. Clark Hall a dl -." vife and three children settled in East Farnham on lands now owned l Y his

me bjgJ.l""llY between

CoVi,<mS\111e Farnham, and

near Fordyce. They are both buried in Brigham Cemetery"

Tow . '"'0_ Hall is descend 'd from old New England stock.who have made theirname arnous in Church ani! stare in the Te\'io'Wodd. Hi ancestors Train.Dix, Townsend, coming 10 Bo ton in ]636.. settled in Westo-n and. Watertm\'ll, and\\; altharn, Mass-, till his , tOr, Jonathan Townsend sold his estate ['I].Wa!ertO'!;'l;n and was one efthe earlj· pioneers of Hebron and Andover, COLIn. Ason ofJonathaa.Mertin, \..ith his brother Amasa Townse id, were the pioneers of Willimnsto\J,ll,. Mass.Martin' son, Martin ofWilli.am;s1oiW~ Mass .• and. Hoosic •. : .Y.. the gran father ofthis aged centerian, whose daughter St:ISaI'iwith her husband Cl<L!.~. .!~W3-S .. H one of the pioneers of East Farnham, 10· his To\"1:L~ndHaIlihere are five generations of his 0'Ii\'TI. descendants living to celebre e his birt y .. This short s:"e· h of th ancestors of a quie L~ ...... ssuming gentleman of'a fam..iSy or pi oneers forthre ~. undred yearswill be of inte,w; - t to many readers. h

grand hild.Mrs. F. Strangle.

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