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The Time is 1:40 p.m. Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Villa. Yes, and this must be Bien. He’s a good looking youth, you must be proud. Of course, if you please come this way, we could start the tour. Central Providence University is one of the nation’s fast-rising and successful private universities. It is founded in 2009 and funded by major corporations, among which are Macrosoft and Intell. We’re here to produce wave after wave of highly intelligent, technically able and skilled human resources who will be the foundation of the coming futures. Here we are, this is the bust of our founder- software giant and pioneer of wetware technology Job S. Teves whose motto is that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. He believed that essentially every human life has value and he wanted to build an institution that fully embodies that thought. So here at Central Providence University, we do not have standard assessment tests for entrance nor policies of selecting and admitting students. All we want are willing and open minds. Yes, its true that the University is not concerned of the academic performance during the primary and secondary education of the applicants. We do require a physical exam and a certified bill of good health. I understand that Bien is an athlete for the track and field varsity? Then I don’t see why his 77 grade average should be a problem. Here are the classrooms of our Integration Building. Most of the freshmen and sophomore years will be spent interfacing with our patented Meditation probes designed to refining neural pathways, identifying cerebral deficiencies for improvement, strengthening cellular brain tissue. Overall, realizing the full potential of your mind. Adverse effects? Only too few to mention. Memory can be slightly affected in the expansion of cerebral capacity and neuron activity. Emotions and Personality are also inhibited in order to promote rational critical analysis and efficient mental activity. Today’s job market requires top quality professionals, and we give them just that. Once you’ve undergone the preparative Meditation molding of your mind, you’ll be ready for your final two years of Melding. Here is the fun and crucial part because a student have to make a choice at which area of society he or she choose to be beneficial and effective.

The choice will guide us, the Mentors, to the required programs that to be uploaded, or melded. There will be basic programs like System Segregation, Data Identification and Protection, Anti-virus et cetera. But once the student decides his or her job field, let’s say in Finance— he or she will be melded with the latest editions of application wetware such as XCL, Locus, Abacus. Yes, yes, there were some issues concerning about the availability of artificial computer wetware, intelligent enough to compete with a human central processor but I tell you, what corporation would spend trillions on the creation and maintenance of such a hyper computer? With the education program of CPU, we’re able to produce top-market processors at cost effective rates. No, I assure you, your son’s opportunities will be limitless. Yes Bien? Oh you’re wondering about those dark holes on the back of their heads. Data ports. Sometimes one has to interface with hardware! Surprising that some corporations still function as if they were STILL in the Digital Age! Once a student becomes a graduate of CPU, he or she is immediately initiated into the Wetwork, or more popularly known as the Ocean™, having access to a Virtual Universe of data and information provided by the University, other wetware databases and alumni. The graduate will also receive regular maintenance wetware, updates, and upgrades. Of course the Ocean™, or Wetwork, is only accessible to graduates and affiliated companies of CPU. Security is top priority. We did have some trouble about hackers and cyber terrorists a while back but these illegal uplinks are easily identified and eliminated. Thank you. I’ve been working here almost 20 years and every day I’m still impressed with this place. You see, the institution is in constant progress with its think tank of the brightest and rational mental faculties of this age. Breakthroughs, Quantum leaps, Evolution. That is our way here. We are the pioneers of the future, and its endless. And we would be honored if you allow Bien to be part of the future. I understand that this is a major decision. Please if you have any more questions, I’ll be more than glad to accommodate you. I could uplink directly personal testimonials of our alumni and clients who are pleased to have a graduate of CPU in their payroll. No? Please take your time and when you’re ready to decide, we’ll be here.

You’re ready. The decision is, as I expected. Yes, all transfers of accountability is underway and we’re happy to have Bien with us. The decided amount of compensation will be wetwired to your account, Mr. Villa just as you affix your DNA and Bien’s on the tetragon… Thank you. The Time is 1:41 p.m.