Sunday night NBA fans all across the country watched as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook led

the Oklahoma City Thuhder to a 124-118 victory over the Denver Nu ggets. Durant led everyone in scoring with a NBA season high and career high 51 points. Westbrook also had a great game with a 40 point explosion. Social networ king and media sites all ranted about the duo, and some even tagging them as the best duo ever. We're talking in throughout NBA history. You have Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who teamed up to win 5 NBA titles. You have Kevin McHal e and Larry Bird, who won 3 championships together. John Stocton and Karl Malone , one of the best duo's to never win a tile but Stocton is the all-time leader i n assistans Malone is 2nd in all.time scoring. Now the best duo ever, in my opni on-Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. These two won 6 championships together and defined greatness through the NBA. They set the standard for winning, and made sure everyone knew of it. These NBA players had talent, poise, heart, hunger and a will to win. For Durant and Westbrook to be added to this list, they have a tall taskand a li st accomplishments ahead of them. They already know how to win. Both of them ar e great closers, they know how to take care of final possessions. They have chem istry and trust each other. Sometimes Westbrook takes the final shot, other time s it's Durant. The thing I am worried about is the times in the game where they need Westbrrok to be a point guard and he wants to be a shooting guard. Also, th e times when Kevin Durant should demand the ball, but doesn't. These are big pro blems for the Thunder. On dominant teams, you know who your go to guy is, withou t a doubt. He takes the last shot, has the ball in the most important moments an d is clutch. I think Durant needs to demand the ball more and become more of a l eader. He is already a two time scoring champ at the age of 23. He will go down as one of the purest scorers ever, but for him to be among the great, he will ha ve to take control more. I feel that Westbrook needs to facilitate more and get his teammates more involved.