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“Safety NetWorx” has been formed by a concerned group of Health & Safety professionals to fill a gap in our communities.

Our intent is to combine resources, become more efficient, provide relevant and useful information to our communities, contractors and businesses in relation to health, safety and wellbeing. The information is delivered through FREE Safety Seminars and Workshops. Morning Seminars 9:00am – 12:00pm Conference style 45 minute presentations including questions and answers. Afternoon Workshops 1:00pm – 4:00pm Choose a workshop you would like to attend

March 2012 round of Seminars and Workshops include:

Kirk Hardy Alcohol & Drugs – NZDDA Managing Director and co-founder of NZDDA Kirk has been involved in the implementation and development of drug and alcohol testing policies throughout NZ’s workplaces covering a wide and varied selection of industry types from small companies to large corporate clients. Kirk is also a former Detective of Auckland’s Drug Squad was involved in a number of operations involving in the investigation of national and international drug dealing syndicates and New Zealand’s organised crime. Investigating the causes and not the symptoms! Pat Kirk’s previous experience as the National health and safety manager for a large multinational, combined with his role as an independent investigator, has meant that he has been involved in many investigations in a wide range of New Zealand industries. Pat’s approach is simple,” focus on the real causes and don’t get side tracked by the symptoms”. Pat aims to highlight some of the common failings and traps that investigators can fall into as well as techniques to help avoid them. Miranda Clark Find out how you can save money on your ACC levies and understand what ACC is all about Miranda Clark is a Relationship Manager-Intermediaries with ACC from Tauranga. She covers the Coromandel, Waihi, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Whakatane and Gisborne regions in her role. Miranda has a wide range of knowledge and experience in both ACC Levies, and ACC Case management and Claims. Miranda will provide information on ACC’S insurance products designed for employers and/or self employed or shareholder employees Topics: · · · · · Levies: What do you pay for Discount Schemes: What are they and are you eligible Experience rating: What is it and what does it mean for me Insurance Products: Which one is right for you Claims: Who can claim and an entitlement overview

Pat Kirk

Kirk Hardy Alcohol & Drugs Manager’s workshop NZDDA Management /Supervisor Training NZDDA has developed an exciting and dynamic management/supervisor training package called "How to Manage Drug and Alcohol Risks in the Workplace" At the end of this 4 hour training course the manager/supervisor will be armed with the practical skills and knowledge to confidently deal with issues that arise within the workplace around drug and alcohol use. (Limited seats, must be pre booked. Restricted to Managers /Supervisors & H&S professionals)

Pat Kirk

Incident Investigation 101 – Nailing the basics! Following on from this morning’s presentation Pat will detail the approach you need to adopt when undertaking incident investigations if you want to dig down and identify what really caused the incident. The goal of a good investigation is not only to identify the causes but to also implement effective initiatives which prevent reoccurrence. Unless you do the former, you cannot do the latter, simple as that! The approach and techniques are simple but effective, and no matter what the size of your organisation it will significantly benefit from adopting such an approach in terms of reduced injury, property damage, and financial costs as well as improved operational efficiencies. (Limited seats, must be pre booked) Are you getting the highest discount on your ACC Levies? There are a number of ways to gain a discount on your ACC levies, they include the Work Place Safety Management (WSMP) programme where a 10%, 15% or 20% discount is possible. The workshop is aimed at businesses who have 10 or more employees. This workshop is for companies who are considering entering the programme and/or those companies already in the programme but would like to gain the next level in accreditation. Experienced health and safety consultants and auditors who will provide guidance and indepth knowledge about the programme to help you add value to your business.

Greg Gillard Pat Heydon

Please email your registration to & include your choice of workshop. Venues
27 March 28 March 29 March 30 March Taupo Rotorua Tauranga Gisborne Owen Delaney Park (Grandstand Club Rooms) Rotorua District Council Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club The Gisborne Hotel, Cnr Tyndall & Huxley Roads