HRD holds the first LCC fashion show

LCC employees and talents at all levels and job positions are representatives of the organization and, therefore, their dress, grooming, and personal hygiene affect both the public s impression of the Company and internal morale. It is therefore imperative to conduct an educational event that would highlight grooming dressing and serve as model for all LCC talents. As such, a fashion show dubbed as Talents on the Runway was organized by Human Resource Division in collaboration with Department Store at LCC Malls in Legazpi, Tabaco, and Naga last June 27, 28, and respectively. and LCC LCC 29,

This event is organized in order to promote the LCC Talent brand; to educate and ensure awareness of talents of the LCC grooming and corporate dressing standards; to present a professional and identifiable appearance of LCC talents for customers, suppliers, and the public; and to promote a positive working environment and limit distractions caused by outrageous, provocative, or inappropriate dress. The Audition Each SBU and each of the divisions of SSU were requested to send at least one male representative and one female representative to the screening of participants who will model various notches of corporate attire and LCC uniform. Screening was held at LCC Legazpi last May 16. Out of the 27 candidates, 21 were selected to serve as models for the fashion show. The Show There were 3 modeling exposures for those who were selected. Various preparations were made through the support of the Property Management Division, Engineering Division, Safety and Security Division. The LCC event centers in Legazpi, Tabaco, and Naga were setup to be the runway for the fashion show. Over 600 LCC employees including guests graced the 3 events, not to wit the presence of SVP Administration, Mr Romeo Tan, SVP for Department Store, Ms Virginia Tan, and the various deputy SBU heads and division heads. Snacks were served to the attendees courtesy of the sponsors. The Sponsors Special credits for the event go to the following LCC units, suppliers, and business partners: LCC Department Store, LCC Supermarket, Jun Lee Fashion Designer, Virtual Box Digital Video Production, Jollibee, LCC Food Court, FC Bakeshop, LCC Malls, LCC Rewards Plus, Summit Natural Drinking Water, Refresh, EDD, and SSD. The Production Team LCC Talents on the Runway is produced by HRD as envisioned by the SVP administration, Mr. Romeo Tan, and supported by the head of HR, Mr. Paul Fernandez. The overall concept, scripts,

direction, audio visual presentation, lights and sound design, and stage management was created by the head of talent management, Mr. Fiery Agramon, and supported by various HR specialists Alex Ayala (production coordinator), Rose Copada and Mae Saboco (property and costume coordinator), Christine Cantal (set and sequence coordinator), and Jo-Ann Dancalan (technical coordinator).

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